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November 20, 2013


Old Skool



Damn. Deon Bush


I'm trying to be more positive. I know nothing about what coach golden and Co do on a daily as far as coaching and preparing week in and week out for a W on Saturdays . I trust in the process as flawed as we may all see it I'll just wait and be patient . Been a canes fan since 03 and that was the tail end of a great ride. They are recruiting better players and the off season work out things will be better. Positive attitude nets positive outcome. Go canes, the the shit out of UVA


My thing is thus....

Why in da hell would anybody want a defensive scheme that takes 5yrs to work?????? That ain't a scheme I'm interested in


Laquinton what made you become a fan in 03?? Lol


A scheme that takes 5 years = we have no idea what the eff we are doing and it will take us some time to get half a clue.

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff Soup! Let's Go Canes!


Beer, I think you right. LOL


With an emphasis on SHOULD . . . .


Post your defensive solution for UM?


Good article Soup. Glad know that canespace will know how to fix the problem! The big question is will the coaching staff know? ??


My solution is....

Put EMPHASIS on total defense not scoring defense. When teams rack up yards they usually rack up points too.


WWIM...they are listening. That is all.


The Herb's solution, where to start, well for one, find an identity. Either we are a 3-4 or we are a 4-3. We obviously don't have what we need to run either one. We either don't have enough DT's to run a 4-3 and we don't have enough quality LB's to run a 3-4. Whatever they decide, go get the players to run it. From what I've seen in recruiting, we don't have the it LB's coming in to run the 3-4 but instead what they call hybrids, sometime DE's slash LB's.
If speed is the problem in the secondary, get some guys who have speed and are willing to bust someones azz. I see to many coasters, once again I don't see any it guys coming in in next years recruiting class, yet that is.
Dump this bend but don't break philosophy, it's breaking way to much.
Stop the merry-go round and revolving door of flip-flopping guys who start one week and the next week they're not. Find 11 dam guys that want to play and are willing to put forth the effort on and off the field to actually get better. Most of these players have become stagnant.
We have to make better adjustments at halftime, so we don't have reruns of the first half.
Play more of attacking defense and play to win not to lose. Stop being so paranoid of getting beat deep. The defense is playing to much like programmed robots. They look stiff.
The staff has to be better motivators and help these guys get better, which is not taking place. We should be gelling as a unit, not getting progressively worse. Injuries to key people is not the excuse, so what is?
Better personel will help but so will better coaching.


Soup, glad you got my initials right! Lol

I knew they wuz listening when he responded to the "Read and React" situation


TALLAHASSEE -- A DNA analysis completed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Tuesday confirmed that DNA provided by Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston matched the sample taken from the underwear of a woman who has accused him of sexual battery.

According to the DNA analysis report, a copy of which was viewed by ESPN.com on Wednesday, the Florida state crime lab determined that the chances of the DNA in the woman's underwear are a match for someone other than Winston was one in 2.2 trillion.


And brooms are out and ready to sweep his transgressions under the rug, at least until after the season.

orange 'n green in the vein

To improve the UM defense you'll need to fire anybody who ever played at Penn State on the coaching staff or coached at Temple, hire a new coaching staff, then give them a few years to recruit and re-implement the traditional 4-3, speed and gap penetration based front seven play that won UM those five national titles.

With the right hire it could be done in two or three years, or about the same time it took the current staff to ruin everything by doing the opposite.

Please, please, please, Pat Hayden, be really, really impressed at the copy of 'Deserve Victory,' in cardinal and gold you'll be receiving this off season and hire this total fraud, it's UM's only hope. He'll win the press conferences from Jim Mora Jr., nine times out of 10, I promise, and really, isn't that the most important thing in the Los Angeles TV market? Of course it is! You can do this Pat! It can be your legacy! Nobody remembers you played quarterback there now!


Speed & toughness ain't got $HIT! to do with our LBs "chasing the string"! KEY THE DAMN BALL!

The BALL is always the best single key BECAUSE!:

1. There is ONLY 1! ball in the game.

2. Opponent can't score if ball doesn't cross goal line.

The only time you really don't have to key anything except the ball, is if you play MAN coverage. In that event your LB CANNOT lose site of the man he is ASSIGNED TO COVER!



Yeah... not looking good for jboo


I'm 25, I started playing football in jr high . Always like ray Lewis but I just kept seeing all these players on Sunday night football saying "the u" . Thanks to Google and looking into it I watched some games and became a fan instantly .


Tito workin...

2014 JUCO DL Claudeson Pelon was originally planning on being a Seminole coming out of high school, but his path got altered into a different direction on signing day.

“Coming out of high school I was verbally committed to Florida State and then I found out my GPA didn’t match my SAT scores. I ended up taking the JUCO route.”

While it may have been disappointing for Pelon to not be able to play college football right away, he does admit there are some advantages when players go to a Junior College prior to entering college football.

“It has it’s advantages like anything else, it gives you time to mature and become a man and get in the game more.”

Pelon is no stranger to the recruiting process and is being tracked from schools such as Washington, USC, Nebraska, Miami and Oregon State.

“The recruiting process is crazy man; coming out of high school it was almost the same. Now it’s just crazy, but I like the recruiting process and it’s fun.”

The Huskies are a school that have long been considered the favorite for highly ranked defensive linemen and he talked about what he likes about them.

“They have a great coaching staff, the atmosphere there is crazy. It’s a football town they love it and it’s a place where I can go an strive and do good things.”

Another program in contention for the 6’4 275 pound rush end is the USC Trojans who are playing what many consider there best football under Interim head coach Ed Orgeron.

“The Atmosphere there is crazy, the defensive linemen there are cool. I was there watching how the defensive linemen roll and how they get ready and on gameday. It’s amazing with the things they had going on that they bought into the program. It’s amazing to see them make a big change in a few day for the better of the program.”

While Pelon has visited both Washington and USC already, his next scheduled visit is a place he’s very familiar with: Miami.

“Miami was a team I grew up watching. They’ve always been a dream school of mine, playing in front of major fans and my family most of all and playing in Miami, it’s home and just going there and just doing what you do best.”

Pelon is originally from Homestead, so the Hurricanes are no stranger to him or his family. When asked if family will play a big factor in his decision, he clarified where he stands on that.

“It’s going to be play a big factor and my mom she’s kinda been talking to me lately about the schools and making the right choice for myself, but she’s letting me make my own choice.”

Pelon has been able to catch a couple Hurricane games on TV and has noticed like many other Miami fans that the need for defensive lineman is very evident. While most would think with the defenses’ last three performances would hurt their chances, it’s quite the opposite.

“Playing time is playing a big part in it. I got to watch their game against Duke and I can tell they’re in need of some bigger linemen. It’s just something I’ve been watching and I’ll definitely take that trip out there.”

When asked what will play a key role in his decision, Pelon laid it all out.

“I’m looking at the depth chart, the way players act with coaches, a place where I can go in and graduate. I know Miami the graduate rate is pretty high. I’m also looking for a place where I can just go in and be that guy and turn up and just get it.”



From Thread Killa @ CIS...

Dixon and Rudolph updates

Per Tim Watts on Bama Online


Watts says South Florida wide receiver Johnnie Dixon has been quiet since returning home from his official to UA. The biggest hurdle the Tide faces in Dixon's recruitment is that Dixon's mother must be convinced that her son would be okay by himself living that far from home. Watts previously noted that Dixon's mother doesn't like to travel and that poses a hurdle from Alabama's point-of-view. Dixon will take his fifth and final official visit to Tennessee this weekend before his planned November 30 announcement. Look for things to likely remain a Miami-Alabama battle heading into that date with the hometown holding the edge right now.


^^^ I have read his announce date is now Dec 3rd.


Believe it or not, this really does help...

"Spence was Miami’s leading tackler in 2011 when D’Onofrio’s defense featured five current NFL players (Spence, DeMarcus Van Dyke, Olivier Vernon, Ray-Ray Armstrong and Brandon McGee) and finished 17th nationally in points allowed (20.1) and 45th in total defense (359.9). Spence said Miami’s woes are not related to scheme."

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/21/3767560/two-former-miami-hurricanes-defenders.html#storylink=cpy


So I should listen to Futch? haha


360..just so you know.. I agree we need more talent, BUT...the scheme and/or play calling are obviously flawed as well.


With Moten's commitment, Miami moved past FSU in ESPN class rankings. Miami is now ranked 3rd by ESPN with 13 ESPN300 recruits.


Also according to ESPN, Miami now has 15 4-Star recruits.


So when other players call out the scheme it gets ignored, but when players approve of the scheme and blame players, that proves our case? lol


Eric Winston On Miami Defense

A few quotes from a interview he did on ITU.

"The problem is everything-with scheme and philosphy and then it tricles down to what the kids need to do and how they're executing."

"Like i said they're not dictating the game to the offense. They're just trying to counter-punch the whole time."

"We run the same play over and over. It does not matter if the TE is gashing us, the Rb gashing us, the short passes.... we still line up in the same formation with the same play.... opposing OCs must have a field day. I wonder what they say to themselves."

"If AG is a former DC and the D is our major problem, why has he not stepped in? Friends or not, in the real world you have to worry about your livelihood and family first and foremost.... flat out, your product is not getting it done on the field. Talent or not, these guys don't play as a cohesive unit on D"

^^^^^^ that guy is a former player.., maybe he knows a little something too lol


4-Star Safety Dravon Henry released his top and Miami is in it. Says he will visit all 5. Louisville, PITT, West Virginia and Maryland are also there.



^^^^ top 5


So they let Winston formulate a defense for a year..now that the DNA matches and since he has never gave a previous statement he can just say it was consensual and its a "he said-she said" situation with no other evidence. He will have witnesses coming out of the woodwork at this point.


Umike the problem with comparing what Winston said and Spence and futch is that futch and Spence were coached and played under and his scheme. Winston is just watching and guessing. The real question with 5 nfl talented players our d was 17 in scoring.....with as of right now no nfl talent our d is poop. Also what I want to know is why was our d so much better. Talent, schedule played, scheme change? Very curious.

dj moonbat

Jordan Futch's aptitude as a defender is so strong that he's becoming a police officer.


Sorry we have one and that's Perryman.


Of course Spence and Futch are going to say good things lol...And if it is the talent, or lack thereof, that is still the coaches fault lol..I mean how long can you say "we dont have talent"..when its guys you brought in lol..or at least a good amount are. Like I said..I know and agree we need more talent on D...BUT, we have enough talent to not allow every QB and RB to have a career day against us. Since Golden took over they have brought in 12 guys on D rated 4-Stars or higher..unfortunately non were DT's lol..Miami missed big time on DT's last year and in the last 3-4 years..that is on the coaches. I know the NCAA..yea yea yea...but we were able to get explosive offensive players just fine while the NCAA mess was going on. The DT talent/depth has been low for a while now and has only been addressed in this class (although if we lose Valentine then the trend would continue)...that is on the coaches. Seems like some people (not saying you) hope to have a D loaded with 5-Star guys so the coaches dont have to coach lol


Since 2011 (Goldens first class), FSU has brought in 7 DT's rated 4-Stars or higher. They filled their void, we haven't.


Why would they have to say good things? Former players aren't just the ones who played under them.

dj moonbat

Since 2011 (Goldens first class), FSU has brought in 7 DT's rated 4-Stars or higher. They filled their void, we haven't.

Posted by: UMike | November 21, 2013 at 08:12 AM

Which is interesting. FSU's DL is certainly good, but with that kind of depth I would expect something scarier.


2009 was the last class to have a DT ranked 4-Stars or better and that was Luther Robinson lol


dj..a few of those DT's are freshman..I'm just pointing out that they went and got talent at places they needed, and the one big place we need it, we havent.


pbc...that was their coach, I would think they would have good things to say since there is a personal relationship there. I mean.. I could be wrong obviously, but just because 2 former players say the scheme is fine, doesnt mean they are right lol


Here are the DT's we have brought in since 2011

Corey King - 2 Star
Darius Smith - 0 Star

Jacoby Briscoe - 3 Star
Dequan Ivery - 3 Star
Earl Moore - 3 Star



"A scheme that takes 5 years = we have no idea what the eff we are doing and it will take us some time to get half a clue."

It took D'Onofrio five years to pitch a shutout at Temple.

He has yet to have one at UM.

Eff the stars.

Va. Tech and Boise State rarely gets one of the lauded prospects, and they're annual contenders and bowl teams. More often than not, they've got 10 wins+.

Coaching. Again, D'Onofrio's history DOES NOT LIE.

Fire him. Today. Else you'll be waiting another two years for a shutout while losing meaningful conference teams and watching Duke and Va. Tech represent in Charlotte.

Count me out of that group.


Well no offense but I think they would know better than us. Not saying he doesn't desrve blame cause he does, but to say there isn't more to this issue than coaching your wrong. They recruited these players well from soph down. The juniors/red shirt soph imo don't count. Why because he started recruiting in December. So really to blame this on recruiting is wrong. Our best d players are soph or younger. Howard Jenkins bush McCord aqm. Again and maybe I will ill look into why the d has dropped so far.


I also think those 2011 results are a little flawed lol.. We didnt play anyone that year...we gave up 32 in the opener to Maryland, but the beat an very overratted OSU team without Miller or Pryor 24-6. We then gave up 28 to KState (before their good year), followed by a 45-14 win against Bethune Cookman. We then gave up 38 and 24 to VT and UNC, but did manage a good 24-7 win against GT which we immediately followed with a 21-28 loss to UVA. We gave up 14 to a bad Duke team and then gave up 23 to FSU. Then finished with a 6-3 against a very very bad USF team and a 17-24 loss to BC.

We didnt play any elite or really good teams that year, so we didn't get exposed as bad. And the teams we kept to low scores were really bad teams..minus GT.

Once we got into 2012 you could see the real truth. We gave up 31 to BC in the first game. and then got blown out 52-10 by K-Sate. We then gave up 36, 37 & 41. So you can almost say the 2011 results were a bit of a fluke. lol


Ok but that's my point you have to look at everything last year we played those teams with nothing but boys out there. I mean you had pretty much your whole d with soph freshman. Look all our top players on this team is from al first true recruiting class and last year. That gives me hope that something is going right. We all love butch. How long did it take butch to build UM? When butch started everybody hated him till he won. I don't know if golden is butch or Ron zook. What I do know is I give a coach 5 years before you cut the cord. That gives a coach time to have his first full recruiting class as seniors and have depth behind it


pbc..maybe the know better than us..but they also played a very week schedule that year and we werent exposed like we have been the last 2 years. I know he came in Dec..but we have either no commits or a couple..so that class is all Golden.

Anthony Chickillo
Thomas Finnie
Jalen Grimble
Eddie Johnson
Antonio Kinard
Gionni Paul
Denzel Perryman
Olsen Pierre
Ricardo Williams
Thurston Armbrister
Corey King
Darius Smith

Whatever amount of time he had..those are all Goldens kids. Obviously most have left the team already. I am not trying to blame recruiting really..jus pointing out that if the coaches (and former players) blame the players...well their blaming players they picked lol

On defense....

Kelvin Cain
Tyrone Cornelius
James Gaines
Kacy Rodgers
Shayon Green
A.J. Highsmith
Curtis Porter
Luther Robinson

Those are Randy guys.....everyone else is Golden's and his staffs. So if you want to blame the lack of talent, they only have themselves to blame.

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