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November 04, 2013



I would be happier if we lined up with 8 in box with men over the gaps....not just position players so O-line can engage them every play. And that WEARS out D-line.

Posted by: LA3 | November 05, 2013 at 04:10 PM

We played 8 in the box damn near the whole game.

PS...the next time you watch a UM game, and you see the FS rotate to the MIDDLE OF THE FIELD, AND!, the CBs are bailing...THAT'S 8 IN THE BOX!

And that's exactly what we were doing damn near the whole game...that's how Bush got that 1st INT!


CaneRock....1st Qtr they tried. But by 2nd QTR the were in BIG BOX...5+ yards off.

And I was speaking "general terms"....We never line up like aggressive NFL or College team! STACKED at the LINE and then bail LB out!


FWIW FSU's results thus far;

Pitt did better than us... must be a whole lot of bad DC's out there.

Posted by: CalgaryCane | November 05, 2013 at 04:17 PM

This is good stuff here, and proves a point.

However, one thing to note, Pitt did not do better than us. Almost exact same, but not better. It was also AT Pitt, not The Doak.


Just as another point....we have base scheme we run all the time.
Our guys don't run mult sets and run them often enough to be good at them...
So, against #3 team in country that is on fire...you have GUYS that are not comfortable or sure. So, they can't play at full speed!!!! Over thinking and not reacting!

Like I said, LET EM PLAY!


Seriously... if our Offence did get going, FSU would have been shaken.

Posted by: CalgaryCane | November 05, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Ahhhh, the old IF word shows up again. I mean I agree with your statement, but IF doesn't make it so. U know what the Queen said right?

"If I had balls, I'd be King!"


Some folks just think that man to man is a panacea...IT'S NOT!

You don't get the big hits in man to man, that you get in zone...matter of fact, I would be willin' to bet that biggest hits in UM history, have come from zone coverage. Case in point, look at the catch that the FSU WR made just before that skirmish, if Jenkins would've timed it up better, then He could've either picked it off, or jarred the ball loose from the WR...that's got NOTHING! to do with talent, but everything to do with timing and experience. Now I'm not saying that zone is a panacea, but we would've been lookin' STUPID ASS HELL! out there chasin' their WRs.


U know what the Queen said right?

"If I had balls, I'd be King!"

Posted by: SOUP | November 05, 2013 at 04:47 PM

And IF a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump it's a$$ when it hopped.


I don't like the defense we play and I think the majority of ex canes don't like this current defense. How in the hell does your DB's make plays when they give 10 yards of cushion every play. Short yardage plays our LB,s are 7-8 yards off the ball. I know we don't have FSU talent but how do we expect to attract elite defensive talent when the philosophy is to sit back and not attack? The soft zone with no pass rush is a completion waiting to happen.


Jsy I agree with your post. I know the NCAA has hampered our recruiting which means we don't have the talent we need. I think AG is the man for the job but I have doubts about DNO. Our D will struggle this weekend against a QB who has looked horrible the past two weeks. Load the box and make VT throw the ball. Go Canes.


The soft zone with no pass rush is a completion waiting to happen.

Posted by: canesteeler | November 05, 2013 at 04:53 PM

Oh STOP making so much sense!


TH3 INT against UF...ZONE!
RJ26 INT against UF...ZONE!
DB2 INT against FSU...ZONE!
RJ26 INT against FSU...ZONE!
TH3 2 INTs against UNC...ZONE!
DP52 INT against BC...ZONE!
RJ26 INT against GT...ZONE!
LG37 P6 against GT...ZONE!

It's no panacea, but ya'll get my drift. LMAO!


We are ALL CANES fans.....and we all want same thing. BEAT VA TECH!

I think the DEF will play better. I think some of the things we tried against FSU can be built on and run against VA TECH or other future foes.
I am GLAD we tried....Now lets build on it and use it!

If the STAFF can start running different things off of same sets, then we can make other team guess or doubt. We need to do that more on OFF and DEF....never seems like we come back to formations or plays to set teams up.

We are 7-1. I thought we would be 6-2. Are we going to win out or are we going to lose to teams we should be. There is still a lot to play for and rematch with FSU would be NICE!!!!




What is going on here today? Smart, balanced blogging with opposing opinions and no name calling or personal attacks?

Man, U guys are GOOD!


What is going on here today? Smart, balanced blogging with opposing opinions and no name calling or personal attacks?

Posted by: SOUP | November 05, 2013 at 05:29 PM

j.w called jsy jysm.


Lmao @ Calgary!!


Scouting opinion of FSU vs MIAMI




Shannon didn't have bad defenses under his DC under his HC yes but under his DC Shannon I believe was always top10...



j.w called jsy jysm.

Posted by: CalgaryCane | November 05, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Well, with that ONE exception. LOL




I got your back jsy.

Football is about match ups. Put a 6'2 Gunter on Benjamin & Howard on Green man to man. Now you can really get creative on covering everything else. This is just an example. Nothing is easier than 3rd & 5 with your LB's & DB's all with 10 yard cushions.

I ain't mad at No'd anymore. This is Golden's defensive philosophy. He has said since day 1 he runs a soft zone defense. He will not change it. He believes this scheme will dominate when he stocks top notch South Florida talent in it. I am here to warn you. Even with the #1 recruit at every position this scheme will not dominate. It lacks aggression & the ability to adjust to a players skill set. The 2 main ingredients a system needs to dominate. Limited man coverages & the lack of a wide variety of blitzes is because there ain't much in the fukkin playbook. It's a SOFT ZONE. All of you that keep saying the defense will get more aggressive with better talent & pass rush, you are delusional. GOLDEN RUNS A SOFT ZONE. I don't care how good your pass rush is, 3rd & 5 will get picked up with 10 yard cushions 90% of the time. Every week our defensive rankings drop. Watch it continue...

Fukk giving Coley a pass. This offense only lost Mike James. He wasn't even the best RB! The offense is obviously worse than last year. WARNING: If the offense got worse after returning 11 starters, next year will be a rude awakening...

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