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November 04, 2013


The Dude

I'm very concerned about this game against VT. Without Duke, we don't have a real threat at RB. Morris is as bad a 3rd down QB as Kyle Wright. Defense is a question again. Goudis isn't any good. I guess we cross our fingers and let Stephen put a few in the air and hope someone in green and orange comes down with it?


Not true, Dallas Crawford is a solid back. He lead us to victory before with an over 100 yr rushing game coming in as a back up. He's no Duke, but he's a solid runner.


We have gone from a superstar at RB to a couple of good backs and one who is still unproven. Having said that, I like Clements' chances of reminding us that he is still very good.


Two points....

1) If Malcolm Lewis can make it back, so can Duke.

2) Why not shift Corn Elder back to HB?


Morris and our WR core is good for at least 2 home run TD passes a game, regardless of the competition. I think we man handle Va-Tech. This team isn't going to fold.


Top notch tribute videos many of you would easily find, but surely enjoy.



He was a big bad man. If you look at the general size of our boys back then and their overall level of ferocity, makes me only dream of returning to those days. It's coming baby, 2015 Canes win National Championship.


"That's me telling the guys, it's on," Winston said. "We're not taking no prisoners. We don't care about those guys anymore. At first, we respected them because they're a great team with great players. But after that skirmish, it was over. All that nice stuff, all the 'GameDay' and that stuff of them being compared to us, it was over. We know we had one goal, and that was to beat them bad."

This is the mentality we need


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“When you’re fighting a Gorilla…you go up to that Gorilla and you hit him in the mouth.”

- Jimmy Johnson (how we should approach the FSU rematch)

F' the Hokies!


NativeCane...Mrs. 86 says she LOVES yo ribs!Best she ever had in fact. We chowed down on what was left over and there ain't nothing but bones now! LOLPosted by: 86Cane | November 04, 2013 at 08:36 PM

Best compliment ever! If Mrs 86 is happy Im happy!

RIP Sean Taylor



It's coming baby, 2015 Canes win National Championship.

Posted by: D4-Cane | November 05, 2013 at 03:49 AM

There IT is right there.


I had the opportunity to meet Sean Taylor several times since I date his auntie(sister of his step mother). The thing that amazed me the most is he was so soft spoken and humble the times I was around him however he transformed into a warrior when the bright lights came on. The day he was shot my girlfriend and I had taken my then 12 year old son to my hometown Pittsburgh to see the Steelers play the Dolphins on Monday night football for his 12th birthday. A 3-0 Steelers victory. My girlfriend received a call from her sister sometime early Monday saying Sean was shot during a home invasion however they did not know what condition he was in. Tuesday morning at 5AM as we were driving to the airport to return to Ft Lauderdale my girlfriend received a call saying Sean had passed. She became so emotional I had to pull the car over to comfort her. Several days later I remember driving to the body viewing with the family and as we left Pedro Taylor's house and made the drive to the funeral home in a police lead motorcade. I noticed as we got close to the site of the viewing, the streets were crowded 10 deep on each side of the road about a mile from the viewing site. The crowd was a rainbow of faces, black, white, Hispanic, young and old. Many of the folks wearing Redskins and Canes Sean Taylor jerseys. The tribute was very emotional. My girlfriend could not handle the emotions of attending the funeral so we sat in my condo and watched it on TV. A ex college friend I ran into at a college reunion last year told me he was Sean's high school at Gulliver Prep. He said before Sean's first practice Pedro Taylor told him "coach I think you are going to like having Sean on your team because he can play a bit". The rest is history!

RIP Sean Taylor


First time I post in a very long time since I finally bought a laptop and always used my iPad all the time which is annoying for me to type on.

I didn't expect UM to win. I would have loved for them to win and I will always want them to win every game but I simply knew that FSU was the better team. Hard to admit as a Canes fan but my blind love for the Canes days are behind me.

UM still needs to load up on their recruiting classes to reach the level of the top schools depth wise. There are some guys that just shouldn't be in a Miami uniform but are for numbers purposes.

I actually liked D'Nofrios gameplan. We did the best we could against WInston and unfortunately their running game killed us. Eventually their talent just beat us. How Shannon completely ignored Freeman is beyond me.

People in general act as if the season is over and nothing to play for. I think we rebound with a W against VT and soon the talent and depth will soon return to the proper levels to compete for a NC.


Steeler...great story, great comment.


I think we rebound with a W against VT and soon the talent and depth will soon return to the proper levels to compete for a NC.

Posted by: Meast | November 05, 2013 at 08:56 AM

There IT is right there.

Good to have U back on the blog Meast.


Chris Freet ‏@ChrisFreet 34m

Top three 2013 CFB games in terms of TV ratings:
3 - Miami at FSU (5.4)
2 - Notre Dame/Michigan (5.6)
1 - Alabama/Texas A&M (9.0)

VA Cane

As always the great Canesteeler has a wonderful story and way with words. Very touching my good friend you always add something that is remembered, thought out and well spoken.

He was a fine player, better man. I was at the rainbowl vs FSU....he was toying with those people, he played like he was the only man on the field. What a guy he was; so proud he wore the U so proudly. He was very proud of UM. My son loved him as he is a skin fan, but I tell him all the time you saw him play when he got his start: as a Miami Hurricane. He got robbed that year of being the top DB in the nation.....cause he was one of us....a Cane.

We could use a few guys who play that way.....all out at any cost for his TEAM to WIN.

The STs, Rohan Marleys, the Blades boys, Rusty Medearis, Ed Reeds, Bernie Ks, RL52.......that's is our mentality, that's our way of playing.

Ask any kid that ever played for me....and many are UM fans...Why? cause they hear about the U way every day......all out WFO for your team and team mates.....and lest we forget....we may differ on here....but we are part of this thing too.....we will always be here for each other our TEAM JMO

VA Cane

As always, thanks Soup for the article and remembering our fallen hero. Did you get my email? Thanks for everything buddy you are the best.....guesss what?

That's what she said!!!!!!!!!!!LOL several times!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry for the long post guys but i just had to get this off my chest.... why do we keep blaming lack of talent instead of lack of dc talent/skill?????

My biggest gripe is lack of aggression and this weak soft scheme, the point of zone is to send more pressure than they can block and u use zone so even if you don't have enough players to cover man for man U compensate by making them cover their zone. Our zone is like no pressure so it gets picked apart its like we play prevent from the first play. Why not play man under cover two on top? At least if he played that the players would be let to play and their athletic ability would be allowed to shine. For example Howard is used to manning up and balling againt the best south florida talent since he was in HS and we are wasting his skills sitting him in a zone. When was the last big time db that came from a mostly soft zone defense? Imagine if a guy like antrell rolle was asked to sit in a zone. U can't get in an opponents head playing soft zone. U remember how we shut down Fitzgerald and every big time receiver we faced? When in Dnos three years have we done that and that is not a talent issue, bc we allow wrs and qbs with inferior talent to constantly have career days. If the reason we play zone is bc were not ready talent wise what do u call the number 1 cb in hs. Why not tell him during the wake game you are sticking to their best receiver man to man the whole game and allow Howard to ball out. Sink or swim trust your player and let him play if Fieldes doesnt burn rumph and reed for that long TD pass where rumph slipped do you think they would have come back and became collectively the best secondary in the past 20 years? Teams with inf talent (if u go by rankings) like vt play aggressive man did u watch them man up and shut down Alabama? That final score was bc Logan is a guy who didnt even want to play qb and bamas returner went off but they shut down bamas offense. And do not tell me vt is close talent wise, the talent gap between bama and vt is much much larger than between um and fsu. But vt maned up and played. Talent is not the issue it's dno bc he never maximizes what he has if anything he under utilizes his players.

Take this for example:
1. Virginia Tech
2. Florida State
3. Georgia Tech
4. Clemson
5. Pitt
6. Miami
7. Wake Forest
8. Maryland
9. Syracuse
10. Duke
11. NC State
12. Virginia
13. North Carolina
14. Boston College

That is the total defensive ranking currently in the ACC. I chose to compare teams within the ACC only bc the schedules are relatively similar so this reduces confounding factors. As you see Miami is 6. Of the teams 1-5 only FSU has better "talent" and you could argue that clemson might have slightly better "talent" but VT, GT, and Pitt are not nearly as talented. But they do better than us. We need to finally acknowledge that our biggest problem is this staff esp dno and not talent.

our secondary has 4 possibly 5 legit nfl talent at this time. Even if bush isnt 100% u still have 3. Howard, Burns, Jenkins and potentially Gunter.

We have nfl talent at lb with Denzel

Our D line has Mccord, and Muhammad who show the potential to be big time. Even chick if used as a DT can make the NFL.

how many other teams can say they have nfl talent at ALL 3 levels???? So we need to stop saying its talent. Its the dc.

Another example look at the Texans they went from bottom 5 to top 5 in defense in 1 year after wade phillips became their dc and that is without Mario who the year prior was their best defender cuz he was hurt the whole year. So yes my friends a dc makes a huge huge difference.

A recent example is Jacory Harris. Whipple refused to play to Jacory's strengths and just had him throwing bombs. In comes Jed and Jacory plays the best fb of his career his senior year bc Jed called plays best suited for Harris. Our offenses under Jed was never record setting or trend setting but he gets called up by the Jaguars bc he is a true coordinator and that is playing to the strenghts of your team. No one comes calling to take Dno away from us bc its so obvious he doesnt adjust. Hell make a good call 5% of the time but the rest 95% of the time he calls his soft soft zone which doesnt maximize his players strength. A guy like Howard and Burns should not be left in a zone. They need to be allowed to predominantly man up and abuse the wrs and get in their heads with some zone sprinkled in.

In my field of work we always say when you have a tumor you cut it out. We need to cut out dno before it gets worse. Or he needs to be made a position coach and a new dc must come in or we will never be elite again bc elite miami teams were always elite on defense even when our offenses were average our defense always elite


If our Dline had a #15 from FSU or a #2 from UF then you'd see that it's not D'No. When we have ballers like the ones mentioned above and our D sucks, then and only then will I ever blame schemes. You call what your players can do. What you see them do in practice and how they answer questions in film room. You don't just call a D for the heck of it in hope it works.

Soft zone is to give our slow ass linemen time to get to the QB. We don't have the speed on the DL to press man like you suggest. We press man like that, the scores would be 100-14.

I love cover 2 man but only when the 4 up front can get to the QB without an extra man blitzing. We can't even do that and we blame schemes. Here we go again...


I'm just saying the point of a zone is to bring pressure from multiple angles and cover the receivers with less players by playing a zone behind the pressure. Our zone drops 7-8 into coverage ala a prevent defense. If u can't generate pressure with your dline it's the dc job to invent creative ways to bring heat. Dno needs to see he has a guy like Howard who can take away a receiver and bush and Jenkins are ball hawks and adjust to the strengths of his team. If u truly feel that the guys in our secondary are better suited for 10 yds off zone then I guess my argument has no merit but I just don't see it that way.


I just don't see the NFL talent on defense yet. Saying a guy is NFL talent and actually making an NFL roster are different things IMO. You can be talented and get drafted to a team and then cut. To me it just seems you are good to possibly make the NFL but not good enough to stay in the league.

I love Chickillo, but he's not an NFL talent IMO. Maybe in a year. Right now, I think he's a guy that tries and gives 100% but isn't an NFL player. Outside of Perryman, Gaines and Armbrister or Cornelieous aren't NFL players IMO.

McCord and Muhammed are still young guys and situational pass rushers. If we have a true stud at DT or better DT play overall, then it would make a huge difference. They come off the edge but if the QB steps up and there is no rush up the middle, its a nice comfortable pocket.

I see the potential in the secondary but I would be terrified if we played man every moment with a very weak pass rush.


I agree with Sileo, PHUCK! Freeman! PHUCK! FSU!


My point is there are many dcs out there that get more out of their unit with less talent than dno. Over the past ten years how much "talent" has foster truly had that would just make u go wow he's a stud. The only guy who sticks out to me like that is maybe deangelo hall. But he consistently fields a top ten defense. Vt defense went toe to toe with bamas 5 star offense and shut them down and talent gap was huge. When was the last big time offense we shut down. A good coach makes his team believe u are good enough to compete with anyone. How can a player feel when dno runs zone all day bc he doesn't think he has the talent. What kind of message does that send your players? How can they play to their max ability with confidence and belief in yourself when your own coach doesn't believe in you.


Regarding our defensive approach to Winston/F$U...
Here's some fodder for the "blitz more/less" and "defensive strategy" discussions...

The conventional wisdom from the outset of the season was to blitz Winston, forcing the inexperienced quarterback into a mistake. But Winston has made defenses pay for such an unimaginative approach. Entering Saturday’s game, he was exceptional against the blitz, completing 70 percent of his passes for an average of 12.4 yards per attempt with 11 touchdowns and just two INTs, according to ESPN Stats and Information.

By the time Miami arrived in Tallahassee, the secret was out.

“They blitzed a little bit, but they did it more like fire zone, slanting the line,” tackle Cameron Erving said. “They were coached well.”

Miami still blitzed on roughly one-third of Winston’s attempts, but the Hurricanes prioritized coverage over the top, hoping to lull the aggressive Winston into a mistake downfield. In the first half, the plan mostly worked.

http://espn.go.com/blog/acc (See "Winston's 'bad' game still looked good")


When I watch players like Easley and Clowney and Jernigan...they are an entirely different species of football player. Just don't know if UM wants that attitude in its locker room or on the field anymore. Used to. Just a thought.


That was posted on CanesInsight


Look we use the excuse of lack of talent all the time and according to that logic we should have no problem with vt bc we have superior talent even without duke we have better stable of backs and even without 4 our receivers are better and thomas might be the only qb who plays as bad and streaky as Morris. But we know deep inside that foster will coach circles around coley. Do u truly feel dno will out coach the opponent have U ever felt he did?


I understand. It can be frustrating as well when our defense isn't aggressive. It really does suck. I'm not one to defend D'Nofrio because he had me fed up with his coverage of Michael Campanero when we played WF. How he had a LB until the very end was frustrating. I just think he had a a good game plan for FSU and we just lost on talent. I'm hoping for better days ahead with recruiting and filling up the depth.

I'm 10000% sure UM would want that kind of attitude or talent on the team. We haven't exactly been the spot to play at until Al Golden got arrived and finally had the NCAA cloud lifted.


With Jed there were a few games where u said wow that was a good game plan and he had better x and os than the other coach even golden I feel is a great CEO but have u once felt dno out coached anyone?


Meast yea man it's frustrating and I agree fsu was a game when we could honestly say we lost on talent but unc and wake was not bc of talent. Exactly against unc why not even try to press the te at the line and rough him up with Gunter or burns those are both big strong dudes belichek did it to jimmy graham with Talib, dude didnt have a single catch and graham is a true stud now. When we played wake why not stick Howard on camapnero with tight man rough him up and have howard get in his head. ESP on third downs so our DBS know where the first down mark is so they can position their bodies to keep the receiver away from the first and even if the qb does throw it he has a tiny window. Instead they run past the first down and just sit in an empty zone all day.


Nice comments about our pin-cushion defense or I think the correct thing to say is bend but don't break or as they do in the pros prevent defense, which really prevents nothing.
Meast, great analogy and The Herb agrees whole heartedly with your evaluation of our NFL potential on defense. Chick is a good player but would be better if he had some talent along side of him in the middle. Perrymen is the only NFL quality LB, that we have at this time. The secondary has 3 or 4 that could become good NFL-ers. Mohammed & McCord have that same potential but whit that being said, it doesn't bode well for us when you say that we have 2 descent linemen and both are Dee-ends and we have 1 good LB of NFL caliber. It doesn't make a recipe for a very good run defense & no pressure on the QB. I know with the talent DENO has to work with, his main objective is to give up field goals, well how's that working out? Your best unit is your DB's let them play bump and run, with 2 deep safties. To the Herb maybe if you can jam these guys up at the line of scrimmage, maybe just maybe these pedestrians we have playing DL can find their way to the QB. Hell Stevie Wonder plays the Piano, maybe if we close our eyes we might be able to bump into the QB.


In my opinion....the following is the reasdon FSU is currently ahead of Miami

FSU Coaches since 1980 - Bobby Bowden, Jimbo Fisher

Miami Coaches since 1980 - Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis, Larry Coker, Randy Shannon, Al Golden



From 1980 - 2000 u had Bowden vs Howard, jimmy, Dennis, and butch besides the late 90s with bad sanctions miami owned fsu
It's not the amount of coaches as long as u get the right one.

The problem is Bowden and fisher vs Coker and Shannon that was a two on two battle but it was all fsu and now golden has to play catch up


I agree with the bump and run. Except we are just starting to see Bush and Jenkins in the secondary as starters. We didn't exactly have "2 deep safties" with Highsmith and Rodgers. I think they are the worst safety duo ever and don't understand how to take angles or play a ball on a pass. Eg. Highsmith on Benjamin.

JSY: His defense is frustrating as hell most of the times, but during those games you mentioned, our offense didn't exactly give our defense a break. A lot of times it was a 3 and out or a quick 4-5 play series until the final drives where he had to sustain a drive. We sustained those drives when the defense gave us a stop we needed badly. Currently I consider our defense to be an opportunistic defense. But our offense needs to help and stay on the field instead of sending our defense on the field after a quick series.


Good blogging today by JSY and Meast.

jsy...remember the Canes defense is STILL much improved over last year and the reality is YES, FSU is that good. And calling for firing Coach D in the middle of the season is silly IMHO and you don't know how the season will turn out in the end so hold that though until December.

And BTW, the reason D'Onofrio ain't going anywhere IMHO is that he is really calling Golden's defense, not his alone. In other words Golden would have to change his philosophy for Coach D to change the defensive scheme.

I think that they will become more agressive as they continue to improve the talent on defense via recruiting, espcially in the front 7.


Currently I consider our defense to be an opportunistic defense. But our offense needs to help and stay on the field instead of sending our defense on the field after a quick series.

Posted by: Meast | November 05, 2013 at 12:06 PM

There IT is right there.


Good job guys ! This debate is worthy of '1st take.' Both arguments r so compelling, I cannot honestly pick a side. Maybe u r both right.


I guess I'm easier on the offense bc coley is in just first year and has time to grow and he's a great recruiter but dno has been here for 3 years and its still the same soft soft zone and from most accounts he's not even a good recruiter so besides dno being BFF with golden I don't see what warrants more time with him. Teams fire coaches in season all the time. Let barrow call the plays for rear of the year and see how things go. But soup your right unless golden goes we will have dno it's just wishful thinking on my part.


Food for thought:
If D'No can get 3 years to prove his worth, Coley should definitely get as long to prove his. Fair is fair. So the call for his head is both unfair & pre-mature. And I trust he will produce stellar results because he inherited a 'bag of treats' on offense, in comparison to the bag of tricks D'No got on defense.


The Associated Press ‏@AP 11m

AP VIDEO: Sources tell the AP that Dolphins' Richie Incognito sent racist texts to teammate Jonathan Martin: http://apne.ws/1aCxUSY



I feel your pain JSY. I would LOVE to see us be aggressive as hell like we used to be. But I also believe that the coaches don't trust every player on defense. If there was more talent to mask those mistakes, I'm sure they could live with that. If the players ran a simple zone defense without a breakdown, the coaches would trust them more. When they decide to run man, a breakdown occurs all the time. At least with a zone, you can recover from your mistakes. Once you get burned on man, it is a bigger play given up. Players have to do their job, and do it right.


So do we get rid of Golden too? D'Ono is running his defense...then we are starting from scratch again with a new staff.


Chris Yandle ‏@ChrisYandle 33m

Duke Johnson had successful ankle surgery Monday by Dr. Lee Kaplan and UM Medical Center. Expected to be back on campus Thursday.


Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS 1h

RT @NFL_CFB #FSU junior RB James Wilder Jr. tells recruit he and Devonta Freeman likely leaving for NFL. http://on.nfl.com/17K60lG



Posted by: SOUP | November 05, 2013 at 12:23 PM


The guy was a punk while at Nebraska and Oregan and nothing has changed since. He needs to be kicked out of the league.


Let me get this straight...

We lose 1 game out of 8 to the #2-3 ranked team in the country, with a very strong Heisman candidate QB, 3 NFL-bound recievers, 4 NFL-bound OL, 2-3 NFL-bound RBs, at THEIR home field, and we want to fire our OC, DC, and head coach?

My goodness.


On the contrary, you play zone when you HAVE talent. We play a lot of Cover 3, which means, both CBs, and the FS have to cover their 1/3s OF THE FIELD! Whereas in straight man, if an eligible receiver runs say 10 yards, then the man covering him runs 10 yards. Now tell me, which one is harder to do, cover an entire section of the field, or, run with a man for 10 yards...

And frankly, zone defense is better against the run, why?...Because you have all 11 pairs of eyes on the ball.


Ohio, I nearly spit my coffee all over the screen when I realized that people were seriously saying that! Perspective, people! Our D was atrocious last year. Now it's at least average. Our O is inconsistent this year, and that's mostly because our QB can't make the plays that he made last year when he was healthy. F$U didn't even bother defending against his running ability because it was obvious enough to them that he can't do it. And the ankle/achilles hinders his throws as well. Despite that, we're 7-1, likely to win 10 games again, maybe 11. In the regular season.
People ragging on this coaching staff must have forgotten the Shannon and Coker regimes.

Terrance Sullivan

Ohio Cane yes its crazy. If I didnt know any better peeps acting like we that team in Gainesville that was preseason ranked in the top 10 and is now currently 4-4. Peeps have no perspective.

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