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December 07, 2013



The good news: based on what I saw in the Pac 12 and SEC championship games, you really don't need to have a good defense to be good in this game anymore. But it does take an elite offense. We don't have that yet, but we're two to three impact players away from it.


j.w. hi ya - and I am close to having my horse in the backyard!!!! :-D


Lurker - but that's it - sometimes what is printed seems to come across differently than what is intended since you can't see the person. I have never met OGV, but I think alot of what he says is tongue in cheek with some reality. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don't like his opinions, you can always skip over them

LOL stop lurking and start posting!


DJ - if you were running for office I would vote for you


Chris Yandle ‏@ChrisYandle 43m

Latest #Canes bowl projections:
Yahoo! - Russell Athletic
USA TODAY - Russell
ESPN Schlabach - Russell
ESPN Edwards - Chick-fil-A


Chris Spielman ‏@chris_spielman 44m

Seeing Bo Jackson on TV last night reminded me of try to tackle a Volkswagen going 60 mph.



RT Booker T. Washington wins second consecutive Class 4A state title - http://MiamiHerald.com http://hrld.us/18ug0MB

Go Canes!

4 real you need to get real if you think we ever had a chance at any of those guys with the limitations this program has financially and who the coach was before Golden.

Do you really think we were going to pay Cristobal $500k to be an assistant here once Alabama and it's unlimited budget came knocking?

Instead of looking at it that way, why don't you commend this staff for not giving up a single player to the Crimson Tide after that hire, instead getting more super high impact players to commit here?

Why can't some of you see ANYTHING positive this staff is doing?


Go Canes...4 Real and Sinister are really Gator trolls pretending to be UM fans. U can try to counter them but usually I just ignore them as long as they don't cross the line.

Neither one has EVER posted anything even remotely positive. Heck even when UM beat UF they were silent. That tells U everything U need to know right there.


Go Canes...can we get RB Dalvin Cook and WR Ermon Lane to go to The U?

Terrance Sullivan

Soup I got my Russell Athletic Bowl ticket in the mail Friday so if we go there its gravy and I owe U 2 dinners and I owe KYCane 1 dinner to lol. Go Canes!

Go Canes!

Soup give me Dixon over Lane unless he's ok with a move to safety.

And I can't see Cook not staying with his boys. But I'm just a homer according to most of the doom and gloom crowd on here so what do I know.

orange 'n green in the vein

Oh, I see we have a few of the usual suspects who really enjoyed watching Duke, a team that blew Miami off the field, play FSU, the rival that blew Miami off the field, in a game that provided FSU a chance to win a national championship and simultaneously showed just how weak finishing in a three way tie for second in the division of the ACC that was a joke this year again is. Glad they got such joy watching that game. Wonder how many other Hurricane fans felt the same?

Auburn has no chance to extend the SEC streak, it's been running on fumes for a while now and the LSU rematch for the West title should have been Ok State but the voting system had become essentially rigged at that point against any one loss team not in the SEC. However, Gus taking a team that was in the ditch at 3-9, with no extra bowl practices, to the championship game in one year, that's one year, not seven or six or five or four or three or two, but one year shows just what a coach who is creative, flexible in his approach, oh and what's that word, oh yeah, competent can do when you hire them after they show a background of championship pedigree at their previous stops.

In fact, looking at yesterday's games, I count titles, national, conference, or divisional, in the past before this season for the coaches at FSU, Auburn, Missouri, Duke, Stanford, Ohio State, Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Fresno State and Utah State. Yes, I did just list all the teams with a chance to win their conference that played yesterday, thanks for noticing. Must be a sign of parity, right? Just like parity is apparent in either FSU or Auburn clearing out room on the shelf for yet another national title from this season, instead of Missouri. It's all one big sign of parity in college football which is a reason, one of many I'm continually reading as being told, why Alverage Slogan needs seven years and everyone totally ignoring his first three failures at Miami to win the Coastal division. Because, parity. And other things, none of which are his failure as a coach to implement a scheme on defense that isn't the worst UM has put out there on that side of the ball in its history, at least if you listen to some people, that aren't me.


Booker T. Washington joined Coral Gables, Miami Carol City and Northwestern as the only Miami-Dade County teams to win at least three state championships in the playoff era (1963). Miami Central can join the group next week if it wins the Class 6A state title.

The Tornadoes’ victory also marks the fourth time that Miami-Dade County has had two state championship teams in the same season. Hialeah Champagnat Catholic won the Class 2A state title on Friday. Central (Class 6A) and South Dade (Class 8A) will try to add to that total next weekend when each plays for state championships.

Sophomore running back Mark Walton, an early University of Miami commitment, emerged as another explosive weapon in the backfield for the Tornadoes this season. On Saturday, Walton led the offensive onslaught running for 124 yards and scoring two first-half touchdowns.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/12/08/3805120_booker-t-washington-wins-second.html#storylink=cpy

Go Canes!

The future:



Soup give me Dixon over Lane unless he's ok with a move to safety.

Posted by: Go Canes! | December 08, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Now THAT is interesting!


By the way: for those of you who want a high-level explanation of why some people around here treat "read and react" as a horrible slur, and why D'Onofrio should be doing more to tailor his D to fit his personnel, go read this:


Also, Soup posted a link to an excellent NY Times series on the history and theory of NFL defenses.

Posted by: dj moonbat | December 08, 2013 at 10:31 AM


Great article dj. Very informative. I definately learned something new. With that said, they key to New England being able to run their hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense that is based more or 3-4 principles if having that dominant NT in Wilfork. Without Wilfork it doesn't work and I don't think Bellicheck would be running it. But it does show how you can tweak a defense to meet the needs of your personnell. I know one blogger said it was unreasonable and can't be done.

Go Canes!

Even though I don't like getting into point-counter point arguments with anyone, I will post this link for OGV:

Take a minute to see where Auburn ranks in recruiting over the last four seasons.

While we were facing year one with Golden scrambling to get anyone he could after Randy left us with virtually ZERO commits, then three straight seasons of dealing with the NCAA fiasco, Auburn has signed four straight top 10 classes. You can feel free to look at it year by year.

Don't you think that helped their HC come in and get things right a little bit? Did he maybe have more to work with than we had here going into this season?

I think it did, but what do I know.






OGV, didnt the Canes actually win the Coastal last year but self imposed a championship game ban?

Terrance Sullivan

Native Yes Our Canes did win it last year.

dj moonbat

Great article dj. . .it does show how you can tweak a defense to meet the needs of your personnell. I know one blogger said it was unreasonable and can't be done.

Posted by: RARA | December 08, 2013 at 11:42 AM

A thought experiment: inagine that next year, a new Offensive Coordinator arrives, and installs a new interpretation of the Wishbone. After a few pitiful showings, he begins to note that Ryan Williams is utterly lacking in mobility, our tight ends need to be bigger in order to block effectively, and we've got far too many WRs, and none of the WRs can block worth a damn.

If this guy were not a lifelong friend of the head coach (who is also a co-author of this new Wishbone variant), what would happen?


Native - that was by default as UNC was sanctioned and they actually won it

Jim Gallo

Wasn't someone on here going on about what a liar and scum our head coach was saying we were top 25?Just wondering.

“@ChrisYandle: .@MiamiHurricanes crack final @USATODAYsports #CoachesPoll at No. 25.”

Old Skool

Woohoo! Party at CGNC's new house
So will you change your moniker to CGFL?



Well Looky here folks. #Futurecane


Skool - LOL!!!! No, still be CGNC - the NC part can be substituted for National Champion :-D. I think big


Best part of yesterday was at College Game day someone was holding up a sign that said



Terrance Sullivan

Well then GT ended up in the ACCCG last year by default since we self imposed lol.


Terrance, LOL that is exactly what happened. Default all the way around ha ha


I have been critical of this defensive scheme and read and react, passive defensive philosophy and will continue to be so until things change either willingly or unwillingly. As of right now, not year 1 of Golden's era but right now, the philosophy of read and react along with the scheme is 90% of the problem on defense. This is not hating on Al Golden or not being a real fan, it is just pointing out facts. And as a real fan I want the team to improve and the last two years on the defensive side of the ball have been unacceptable.

With that said I truly believe that Al Golden has what it takes to get us where we need to be (Competing for ACC and National Championships on a consistent basis). He has gotten the players in better physical condition (bigger, faster, stronger), improved their stamina, and improved their mental toughness with the U Tough program. He has brought in better talent on both sides of the ball despite the NCAA cloud that was hovering over him. His players respect him. High school coaches respect him. He is very organized. The offense, while I'm not totally happy with, is improving. He has all the characteristics you want in a head coach/CEO of your football program. But...if he does not change his approach to the defensive side of the ball he will not fullfull his potential and get us where we need to be. And I'm sorry but I don't want to waste another 2 years to see if we can get it done when we have the talent now to have gotten at least to the ACC championship game this year. We will have even more talent next year, but the results will be the same if Golden doesn't change his approach to defense. And make no mistake, D'Onafrio is running Golden's defense (don't know how well he is running it but he is running it). So this needs to come from Golden (although if D'Onafrio were to be let go I would have no problems with this).

I am a fan who is reasonable, who knows the game of football more than most people, and I want to see the program improve. I never thought that Shannon was the man to get us to the promises land (although I hoped he would), but I think Golden can be that guy. I don't put a lot of my energy into blogging about a problem if I don't believe in a person's ability to turn it around. I believe in Golden, but I see the one thing that could be his ultimate demise...His dedication to this defense and defensive philosophy. He will not get the personnell in time to run this defense and if he gets canned in 2-3 years, and we've got players groomed to run this defense (mindset, size, frame) but then the next coach that comes in changes everything up it may take another 2 years to "right the ship" with other said coach's vision. I don't want to waste another 2-5 years when we can solve the problem now with the current players we have.

I guess what I am saying to bloggers like GO Canes is while the talent is not elite on defense, it was good enough for us this year to be 10-1 (10-2 after losing to FSU in the ACC Championship game). And 10-1 was not something I thought was reasonable at the start of the season. Golden's U Tough program took care of a lot of the players issues on defense. The issues now are that D'Onafio is being outschemed and our players are out of position (90%) of the problem. This needs to get fix and Golden has to make the call.


Go Canes, why don't u, 360 & Triangle try posting some of the positives that has occurred since Golden's arrival like the CEO asked u earlier? Better yet, name ONE, just ONE team Miami would beat that played yesterday including SMU!! Don't worry I'll wait....




Terrance Sullivan

LOL CGNC their were more defaults last year than a finals match at Wimbledon lol.




Terrance Sullivan

I know we didnt run a 4-3 defense to win our first championship and even though I prefer the 4-3 defense. As long as the defense works I could care less if its 4-3 or 3-4 or 3-3-5. Just execute and get the job done.

orange 'n green in the vein

Well, I had to 'enhance' my cable-less cable, but I'm finally watching the second half of the basketball game, great to watch the defending champs try and open the ACC schedule the right way, and they shot well in the first half and defended well also it looks like! Competent coaching, getting your pimping on! It's fantastic and refreshing!

orange 'n green in the vein

4-Real, thanks for reminding me that SMU and UCF were missing from my list of prior champion coaches playing for a conference title, even if SMU was only playing and failing to reach a bowl game with their starter out. Overlooked O'Leary, much like college football fans in the state of speed did to start the year, but not anymore!

Go Canes

@laurakeeley: Chick fil A: Georgia-Miami. Russell Athletic bowl in Orlando: #Duke vs. Louisville


4 real you need to get real if you think we ever had a chance at any of those guys with the limitations this program has financially and who the coach was before Golden.

Posted by: Go Canes! | December 08, 2013 at 11:23 AM

"With the limitations this program has financially"?

^^^^^^^That's FUNNY!

FUNNY!, because we had about $50K to hire a guy, to find a guy to hire, and we hired that guy (RS), and we turned around and fired that guy (RS), who found the same guy that got FIRED!...then we turned around and hired the same guy who found the previous guy to hire and fire, to find ANOTHER GUY! who was lookin' to get hired!

Gee, talk about throwing bad money after bad money.

And you know what else is FUNNY!, you putting person who was responsible for thos personnel moves, at the top of YOUR LIST!...COMMON DENOMINATE LATELY!

"Guarantee you I'm not.

Cause if you think people that matter aren't ecstatic with the way Golden has run this program the last three years you haven't been listening to anyone who makes a difference.

And to me the people who make a difference are:

A) President Shalala"

But you're so full of "optimism"...you're so "positive"...how cute.

Terrance Sullivan

My guess is Miami vs. Georgia in Chick Fil A Peach Bowl and Duke vs. Louisville in Russell Athletic according to Duke beat writer and its being retweeted around. we shall see

Go Canes

Thank you CaneRock!

I haven't been called cute in decades.


After watching BTW in the title game and a few other times this year, I am starting to think Miami is making a mistake by not offering Treon Harris as a QB. I would at least give him a shot, he is to talented not to imo. Bethel is great in coverage and has expectational closing speed. Bethel was 2nd in the state in the 200m and part of the state champion 4x100 relay team. D. Jackson will need to RS and Thomas might need to add some weight if he wants to play as a freshman.

As of right now Miami has 5 commits (including 2016 Mark Walton) who are State champs. Look for that number to rise soon. Also, Miami should get Dixon today.

Terrance Sullivan

SMH what a collapse by our bball team. Man we got to get it together. Go Canes!

orange 'n green in the vein

Well, they blew that one. When Kelly went to the bench with four, it's was the end of the offensive efficiency for the day. Give credit to VT for knocking down some tough threes to get that to overtime and then making the stops down the stretch to pull it out but UM gave them that game with bad free throw shooting by Adams and then poor pressure decision making to help them out. Oh well, that's life as the defending champs taking everybody's best shot in the toughest league in the game!


Johnnie Dixon ‏@JDStandAlone 9m

Will not be deciding tonight. My team and state championship is more important right now!!! Still having the party so come thru.

Go Canes

@laurakeeley: Giant power struggle with the Chick-fil-A, with Swofford himself trying to force them to take Duke


I wonder what kind words OGV has to say about our BB team, after they blew a double-digit lead in the final minutes and lost in overtime 61-60.
Had a chance to tie it in the final seconds, but missed the second of 2 free shots, got the offensive rebound and finally missed the buzzer beater.

Coach L has his work out; I'd start with teaching ball control and clock management to these kids.


NigeianCane...U should write an article about what is RIGHT with the UM football program?

Posted by: SOUP | December 08, 2013 at 09:57 AM

its interesting people consider my rant/opinion as positive. that talks a lot to how much fans/bloggers have gone to the dark side. I want dominance, relevance, A-team, championship. but I renounce the negative, complacence, 'cannibalism,' repetitive chatter about how much we suck, lack of perspective, blind demand for immediate results without considering the state of the team or possible negative effect constant change might have on our situation, irrational thinking.
Judgment day will come for Golden & Co. I just don't believe its now, or next year.
I am however, planning a blog titled 'allow me to introduce myself.' I think I have said enough about our team that people know my point of view, which I hope its not the eternal cane optimist that some people think, AKA a Homer.


Coach L is s dinosaur.

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