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December 06, 2013



There ya go.

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I'll take the 2 spot


Uh Huh.

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Good stats......Scoring is not our problem. If the D gets off the field we'd be even better...


Phillip Dorsett



Terrance Sullivan

Good stuff.


Oh my!




LB is on fire. Nicely done.


Enjoy our year...we beat Florida at home and the boys are going to a bowl game...ask yourself...do you know more about football and recruiting than Big Al??

Go canes!


Here's a stat for you:
Watching a college football show on Fox, the Tommy Bowden states that FSU in the last 4 years has signed 55 four & five star players and Duke has signed One. I wonder how many we have signed?


Go look for research like that anywhere else?

Clearly LB and VfB do their research and rock!

But there is much more to come.

Trust me...


I did NOT know Larry Blustein had a kidney disease. They're raising money for him at Bokampers on Wednesday.

Prayers to Blu


Nice digit analysis LB.

I'm not watch'n the ACC game tomorrow as it will make me sick!



Duke will Bowling Green FSU

orange 'n green in the vein

All of these averages are going down next year.

You also didn't account for the snails pace of snaps Harris was forced to run under Fisch the first year, in order to protect the guy calling plays on the sideline who was completely inept in every way as a coach.

SOUP's averages were off I think in the last blog, at hiring time, it was 90%/10% buying the Alverage Slogan press conference verbal diarrhea. After Maryland, 80%/20%, after year one 70%/30%, after year two 65%/35%, now going into the bowl game, it's about 50%/50%.

Anybody else telling you otherwise probably was in the initial 90% and has an agenda. Or didn't bother to show up to homecoming this year, one or the other.



Great work LB and VfB.

I love this place!


VA Cane

LB both articles were great. The numbers tell it like it is....no denying. We get that D straight.....keep adding the skill kids and big linemen on O....we are going to go somewhere to the top. We have got5 to get right defensively.....I was a defender all my life....I love D.....hitting...schemes new stuff...the 46 the Flex....I make stuff up just to try it.....great article.


This place is getting better by the day.

"Doing it by the numbers", as LB showed onece again, is especially impressive when the results counter one's intuition.
Most people wouldn't say they felt the offense improved under Coley. But according to LB's data it did - which is quite an accomplishent as
-- we lost Mike James to the NFL,
-- we had to put up with a one-footed QB for most of the season, and
-- we lost our top 2 playmakers on offense to regular-season ending injuries by game 6 (Dorsett) and 7 (The Duke).


As everyone else has said, GREAT WORK on the articles. Very enlightening.

Please forward these last two to AG.


Herbie, Miami had roughly half that number. Then you have to factor out transfers and those who did not qualify.


Thank you all.


Please forward these last two to AG.

Posted by: roachcane77 | December 07, 2013 at 06:51 AM

Don't worry, he gets it. :-)


Good morning Spacers

VA Cane

Keep up the good work LB you are awesome think you shed a lot of light on the situation; some people tend to think well that's just the way it goes or how it works. Its like a camel in the desert; let him put his nose in the tent to get it warm; pretty soon he's in the tent with you but you don't notice until it smells!!!!! Guess what folks? Our D smells to high heaven!!!!

Offensively we can score; my issue is how often we waste opportunities to really bury people by scoring more. Morris had an average year; if you like stats and J12 (good guy bad qb worse leader) then you may walk away saying Morris was one of the best. I do not put him up there with Dorsey....not even close. Gino, Vinnie, Walsh, Erickson Bernie were pretty good....and we did run more....and they were surrounded by a talented team in all 3 phases. Like SM17...if he learns to think through progressions take with the D gives him not force it...he may develop into a good pro. Good arm. Running the ball will get better if any of these kids that are coming live up to their hype. Duke will be back, and ready. I want to run that fullback more....right at people beating their AZZ. You have to develop an aggressive ground game not juke and jive every play. Run straight at them. The WRs are pretty good, Coley if he stays true has it all. Very impressive skills great fundamentals....he does block. Dorsett we know is good...hope he will catch everything.

My biggest rub was the line. Yes they were big, or can I say portly. Linder was as good as it gets but could get more aggressive, NFL he has to. Henderson never lived up to his hype...can you say average or maybe Tony Mandarich. He is a woman inside...too many problems too much drama should go into theatre. The other were ok. We stand up way too much, are not aggressive enough, shuffle our feet instead of picking them up, when we pull we cruise not blast, we do not execute the stretch block real well, and pass block needs to fire out punch in mouth not back up. In short they need to get meaner leaner and much more agile.....and think more...too many false starts and holding crap.....bust the guys AZZ first knock him back bloody him....you do not need to hold. Snap count...Cmon just think like a football player.

If we take advantage of the things we have on O, we could score 5o a game.....I mean bury peoples ass big time. BUT....hard to do that if you are passive and nice and do not think.....and your D cannot get you on the field.JMO


Open Message to Al Golden:

If you need statistical analysis, my services are for hire.

No joke.

dj moonbat

"Doing it by the numbers", as LB showed onece again, is especially impressive when the results counter one's intuition.

Posted by: VfB_Cane | December 07, 2013 at 05:48 AM

There's a little bit of a gotcha here, as there often is with statistics. By just looking at scoring numbers, we don't see how the offense hurt in terms of ball and clock control.

A lot of Miami's scoring came on big plays. And Miami had trouble (bad trouble) converting 3rd downs. So although Miami was scoring more points, it was also giving opposing offenses lots of chances to score. This made the defense even worse. Add in some games with a lot of turnovers, and the picture sometimes got really ugly to watch.

I'm not one of the guys who says "they're both equally to blame!" They aren't. This offense, with tighter execution, looks to me like it's going to be OK. Assuming that one of the QBs in the wings can get the ball to the playmakers, things are looking up, because the offense definitely looks like it's going to have playmakers.

I have no reason to believe that Coley is any kind of offensive genius (but he might be). But he brought a system with him that clearly works if you plug in good talent, and that shouldn't be a problem.


If you need statistical analysis, my services are for hire.

No joke.

Posted by: LB | December 07, 2013 at 09:47 AM

U know I thought the same thing just the other day.


So who got next before we turn it over to RARA to wrap it up?

I have two that I am doing but we need at least one more.

Where U at Hassan?

VA Cane

Soup I write many reports as an appraiser (in my best Kiefer Sutherland voice from a Few Good Men) but have never written one on here. I will try and write a couple in the fall. Of course we know one would be Apocalypse Now football....LOL I am also thinking about another entitled Blood in the Water a key to Defense......I am a little leery but I will give it a shot!!!!!


U will want to read / watch this:



VA...I would LOVE an "Apoclaypse Now" article. I almost wrote one myself earlier this year. LOL


If like to see some time of possession statistics, 3rd down conversion percentages, number of possessions per game (ie opportunities to score per game), red zone efficiency and the like. Sometimes the best way to prevent the other team from scoring is to sustain drives and keep our sorry sieve of a D off the field. Intuitively, it seems like they were out there way too much, but I don't have the data.

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff LB no doubt albeit like Moonbat and I have said in the past being in the bottom in 3rd down conversion and time of possession is definitely needs to be fixed going forward but the offense was good overall and deserves props. Well with Northern Illinois losing last night that completely locks Clemson into the Orange Bowl and if their aren't any upsets I fully expect our Canes to play in Atlanta in the Chick Fil A Bowl against either Texas A& M or Georgia. Go Canes!


I fully expect our Canes to play in Atlanta in the Chick Fil A Bowl against either Texas A& M or Georgia. Go Canes!

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | December 07, 2013 at 10:59 AM


Once Duke beat FSU today 41-38 the whole bowl scenario gets blown up.

Terrance Sullivan

Great point Beericane!

orange 'n green in the vein

Gee, apparently Heisman campaigns can be stopped by a coach teaching his team to get better every year instead of staying the same or getting worse and allowing them to be launched off the backs of playing a team? Who knew!

DETROIT – Jordan Lynch wasn’t going to win the Heisman Trophy. He probably won’t be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Now he might not even make it to New York. But at least his ride at Northern Illinois has been a whole lot of fun.

The Huskies’ senior had arguably his worst game of the season, throwing two interceptions as Bowling Green upset No. 14 Northern Illinois, 47-27, at the MAC championship in Detroit on Friday night.

“You begin to see that people are still human,” Bowling Green senior defensive back Aaron Foster said. “A lot of the media people like to hype them up as being that they can’t be stopped, can’t be tackled, can’t be contained. We took that really personally. We wanted to make sure you guys knew he was still human.”

With how steady and consistent he was all year, it reached the point where if Lynch wasn’t rushing for 300 yards or engineering a 99-yard drive, he disappointed. Late in the first half against the Falcons, he threw his first interception since the Oct. 9 game vs. Central Michigan, and he threw another early in the fourth quarter down 34-20. The Falcons capitalized and tacked on a game-sealing score on the ensuing possession.

While many of the other top-tier quarterbacks in the nation aside from Florida State’s Jameis Winston and maybe Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater had clunkers here or there over the course of the season, Lynch was consistently good-to-great … until Friday night. There was an expectation that against MAC opponents he would always shine. Bowling Green had him figured out, holding him to 21-of-40 for 219 yards, 126 rushing yards and three total touchdowns.

Any buzz of Lynch as a darkhorse candidate for the Heisman Trophy is gone, and it would take an upset of unprecedented proportions to keep Winston from winning at this point.

“I never turn the ball over,” Lynch said. “I think I had six turnovers on the year going into this game. Two turnovers is unacceptable. I expect a lot out of myself. I just didn’t live up to my expectations.”


None of this is to discount what Bowling Green was able to do in Detroit. Amidst rumors of their coach’s name being attached to jobs like UConn or Wake Forest, the Falcons looked like the more complete team. Sophomore quarterback Matt Johnson threw for 393 yards and five touchdowns, including four touchdowns in the first half. He should have plenty of connections with receiver Ronnie Moore over the next couple years. The freshman caught four balls for 145 yards and a touchdown.

Northern Illinois seemed uninterested in playing defense over the middle, leaving BGSU receivers uncovered for easy scores. Whether it was blown assignments or Falcons coach Dave Clawson exploiting something he saw on film, the Huskies couldn’t figure it out, allowing 574 total yards on the day.

Playing from behind forced NIU out of its game plan, and the Huskies had to go away from the ground and pound style of play they used to win 24 of their last 25 games coming into Friday.

Clawson has built Bowling Green from the ground up, just as he did at Fordham and Richmond. If he opts to leave for another shiny happy job after this season, the next coach is stepping into a really good situation.

“You can build for seasons or you can build programs,” Clawson said. “People were trying to run us out of town three years ago because we were 2-10. At that point we were redshirting players and we were trying to lay the foundation because when we got good we wanted to stay good. A lot of people aren’t allowed to do that. I’m very fortunate I have a president and an athletic director that allowed us to build a program the right way so it can sustain itself. We’re good this year. We just won a championship, and I think we’re built to be good for a long time.”

Bowling Green is one of four teams to increase by three wins or more between the 2010-2012 seasons and was the only one of those teams to improve again in 2013. The team ranked first in the conference in just about every defensive category, including scoring defense, total defense and red zone defense. And whoever takes over for Clawson would also be able to use a brand new MAC championship trophy, the school’s first since 1992, to aid in recruiting.

If Clawson opts to stay, the conference’s East division – and the conference as a whole – is in a lot of trouble. If he goes, both he and Northern Illinois’ dynamic quarterback have left their undeniable mark on the MAC.


orange 'n green in the vein

Oh, here's the money quote from a winner from the MAC who will be a home run hire for whoever snatches him up. In other words, DEFINITELY NOT THE AD AT TEXAS TECH!

"It's hard to find good players," Clawson said. "It's easy to tweak a system. We try and be flexible with our system that can incorporate the best players on our team."

Well, he should try recruiting in the three hour drive area around Coral Gables, he might be able to find some 'good' players a little easier down there, just maybe.



Auburn didn't bother waiting until after the Southeastern Conference championship game to give football coach Gus Malzahn a new six-year contract worth $3.85 million annually.

Athletic director Jay Jacobs announced the first-year coach's new deal Friday night, the eve of the third-ranked Tigers' game against No. 5 Missouri in Atlanta.

Malzahn has led Auburn to an 11-1 season after taking over a team that won three games and lost all eight SEC contests in 2012.

"As I've said before, we want coach Malzahn to be at Auburn for a long time," Jacobs said. "The new contract includes a raise and extension and is our statement that Auburn is committed to coach Malzahn for the long haul. While this season has been remarkable, I'm eqfually excited about the future of our program under his leadership. The future of Auburn football is very bright."

The present is pretty bright, too.

Auburn hired Malzahn last December and gave him a five-year contract worth $2.3 million annually. The new deal represents a $1.5 million pay hike and includes a $250,000 raise each year. Malzahn will make $5.1 million in the final year of the contract.


BEER: Ask and you shall receive.

According to football outsiders' FEI rankings:
* UM is No. 6 in explosive drives with .252 (the percentage of each offense's drives that average at least 10 yards per play.)
* UM is No. 88 (!) in methodical drives at .126 (the percentage of each offense's drives that run 10 or more plays)

2013: Ex .252 (#6), Me .126 (#88)
2012: Ex .181 (#21), Me .134 (#73)
2011: Ex .171 (#20), Me .162 (#32)
2010: Ex .117 (#69), Me .124 (#75)

2013: Ex .125 (#67), Me .105 (#105)

So yes,our offense is somewhat to blame for our time of posession problem, but at #108 out of 125 schools in allowing drives with 10+ plays, our defense is the key to the solution.

And finally, Defense in recent years ...

2012: Ex .132 (#62), Me .209 (#118)
2011: Ex .105 (#40), Me .248 (#119)
2010: Ex .075 (#18), Me .096 (#19)

Something must have happened to our D between the 2010 and 2011 season, if only I could remember ... LOL #deadhorsebeating


OGV...for the record I watched Bowling Green's agressive, attacking defense last night and was IMPRESSED. So I dug a little deeper and guess what I found out about the BG defense?

NCAA Total Defense Rank: #7

NCAA Scoring Defense Rank: #5

That is getting it done!


U will want to read / watch this:


Posted by: SOUP | December 07, 2013 at 10:17 AM

I have no idea if he did something wrong. I hope any judicial system would not be swayed by big time college sports but this is plain wrong. This was an alleged rape, lack of evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen. This looked like the good ol boy network in full effect.


VfB...nice work there! Not bad for a soccer fan from Germany. LOL


USAF...the State Attorney is being HARSHLY criticized for literally LOL during the press conference to announce that no charges would be filed in the Winston rape case.


Thanks SOUP.
Incidentally, VfB just won their final home game 4-2 (which I didn't attend because I have tickets to a basketball game tonight. Wife is more into BB than into soccer and son doesn't like the cold).


At the first bowl practice open to the public. Nice weather at Cobb stadium. Soup not sure if I can get some nice pics but I will try.


VfB, great stuff! Thanks for the info


This was an alleged rape, lack of evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen. This looked like the good ol boy network in full effect.

Posted by: USAFCane | December 07, 2013 at 11:33 AM

You need to read the FDLE report, pages 63 & 64 in particular. I believed it happened like His teammates said it happened, Winston didn't rape this girl, if anything, she needs to be brought up on charges!



Hey Soup. Just e-mailed you part 2 of my series.

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