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January 12, 2014





Have a nice few weeks off SOUP. Hope you get a chance to play!

Let's Go Canes!

Bring on the new recruits!


SOUP is O U T.


Oh snap! Now maybe a can get some stuff done, LOL! Go Canes!




Well, I'll still be posting recruiting info. Lol

In between hanging with my kids like I do every day. Haha


Happy Sunday party people


Ya'll see that top picture...welllll, the sixt person, to the far right...well she's lookin' at me, she likes me ;^)

Account Deleted

Top Ten on a Sunday morning.




Great day today in Central Florida (sunny with high in low 70's)…..I am taking the advice of the CEO and heading outside. For you folks up North, hope the weather is better for you as well.


Do this mean what I think it do! We can say what we want, do what we want? While the cats away Da mice will play?
The Herb hasn't anything to say, alas! For the time being, I'm worn out from bitching!


One complaint that UM players have raised about defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio is the players don’t feel they can give him suggestions about what they can do differently on defense. “He doesn’t want feedback,” one parent said. Conversely, offensive coordinator James Coleyasks players for suggestions, a player said. In fact, Coley is open to feedback during games.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/01/early-look-at-possibilities-in-miamis-draft-range-fins-heat-canes-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy

Well folks. Not trying to be negative. It's broke and they ain't fixing it


After factoring in transfers and those who never qualified, below is Miami's strength of roster for Week 1 of each year, starting in 2007:

2006 6 ***** 40 **** 23 *** 7 **
2007 5 ***** 40 **** 28 *** 8 **
2008 4 ***** 38 **** 31 *** 11 **
2009 4 ***** 38 **** 25 *** 6 **
2010 4 ***** 36 **** 35 *** 10 **
2011 3 ***** 25 **** 40 *** 9 **
2012 4 ***** 24 **** 49 *** 5 **
2013 3 ***** 20 **** 41 *** 6 **

When looking at why Al Golden performed as he did, just look at the trends on the roster during the NCAA investigation. These are hard headwinds to go into.


And also the effect that the collapse of the 2011 recruiting class had on the overall strength.

Go Canes

Great stats Tony.

VA Cane

We go out several days a week my players and I, cause football is 24/7 365...8 days a week ...thanks Beatles!!!!!! I like baseball and basketball.....but they are non contact sports. We go at least 2x a week to stay on top of our skills, our fundamentals. Hmmmmmmmm.....thinking coaching and training like that......maybe that adds up to 79-3 5 SBs 4 Hopewell Bowls in 6 years.....just maybe.

Arod er Ahole may have given $ to UM.....but its nice to see him get it given back to him....cheater loser go away....he deserves every bit of his punishment....Shame...


It is beautiful outside today! Thanks Soup, can't wait until signing day! Until then Jedi worrior out......


Ya'll see that top picture...welllll, the sixt person, to the far right...well she's lookin' at me, she likes me ;^)

Posted by: CaneRock | January 12, 2014 at 10:09 AM

CR..she was askin' me who this CaneRock stud she'd been hearing about was.


It's even somewhat warm and sunny here (48). Going running and then to see the pony. LOL at Kuechly trash talking Boldin. My money is on Bolden LOL


By the way..

While much of the discussion is focusing on the head coaching news at Louisville, Penn State and Vanderbilt, you should also know there is a new head coach in place at Massachusetts. In similar fashion to Bobby Petrino‘s return to Louisville, UMass is welcoming back a familiar face by naming Mark Whipple their new head coach. The news was first reported by Marc Bertrand of CSN New England via Twitter.



TonyCane - very eye opening, great post.


Tony, I think that's bcuz we upped our number of 3* players, which is more of Golden's preference. You know he likes those diamonds in the rough


I can't go outside it's too cold!!!


Posted by: CaneRock | January 12, 2014 at 10:09 AM

Well the fif one wants me!! Maybe we can go out on a double date?


Pompano Beach

Go Canes

Tony, I think that's bcuz we upped our number of 3* players, which is more of Golden's preference. You know he likes those diamonds in the rough

Posted by: Willie Will in Missouri | January 12, 2014 at 02:15 PM

Is this a serious comment?


Hell yeah!!! You know how he gets when he's in $55 summer camp mode!

And what difference does it make? You trying to make it look like his hands are tied, but it's other teams with LESS than us that are doing MORE.

Hint, we not losing bcuz of talent!!!


That's a good way to lose recruits , Thanks Al and Dno.


Troll alert, troll alert!


I love to see Frank Gore out there. I'm not a Niners fan, but if Frank came away with a ring after this years Super Bowl, I'd be really happy for him.

The Dude

Real bad roughing call against the 49ers. Then no late hit call against the Panthers.

The Dude

How long before the NFL just says f*ck it and puts the red jersey on the QB?


Three straight trips to the NFC ship, Go Niners/Gore!

The Dude

Look up bonehead in the dictionary and see a picture of Panthers CB Thomas.

The Dude

So NSD is Wednesday, February 5th. So if CS is closed until the week before, does that mean that the next article will be on the 29th of January, or like on Monday the 27th?

The Dude

Also, cant Ohio_Cane and OGV post articles?


Go 49ers!


If OGV writes about the basketball team, I'm all for it. Football, not so much.

And once something significant happens on the recruiting front, Ohio will let us know, I'm sure.


A few more things on the numbers:

Going into Week 1 of this season, we had the following on our roster:

5 Star Players: 3
4 Star Players: 20
3 Star Players: 41
2 Star Players: 6

Barring any early departures, we will be replacing the following players going into the 2014 season:

5 Star Players: 1
4 Star Players: 4
3 Star Players: 9
2 Star Players: 3

That will leave us with the following for our squad:

5 Star Players: 2
4 Star Players: 16
3 Star Players: 32
2 Star Playess: 3

The 2014 recruiting class thus far grades out as:

5 Star Players: 1
4 Star Players: 9
3 Star Players: 16

Unless we see Chad Thomas and 5 or more of the 4-star players depart, on paper this will be a more talented squad. Thus we would project us next season to be:

5 Star Players: 3
4 Star Players: 25
3 Star Players: 48
2 Star Players: 3

And next year's departing class, again barring any early departures or transfers, has only 1 four star player. If Golden can get 10 or more 4-star players in the 2015 recruiting class, suddenly the numbers begin to approach what Shannon had and what FSU CURRENTLY HAS.

It's about coaching, but also about the numbers!

Go Canes

So I guess the answer is to charge more for his camps.

That way only the great players come.

Man it's impossible to follow the logic behind so much of what is written here.


TonyCane - You sir, deserve a helmet sticker for that.

Go Canes

Tony please stop using logic, facts, numbers and well thought out points.

Especially when the logical answer is to start charging more than $55 for our camps because it attracts so many 3 star kids and not the real good ones.


On a totally separate note, went to the movies and heard an awesome piece of music used in one of the trailers. Would love to see this set to a Hurricanes video for the 2014 season - Audiomachine's "New Beginning". Epic.


So I guess the answer is to charge more for his camps.
Posted by: Go Canes | January 12, 2014 at 04:22 PM

Or do it the SEC way: Hand out money to those who have to provide for their family LOL

The Dude

Posted by: Go Canes | January 12, 2014 at 04:24 PM

You are getting the wrong message that WW is putting out there.

The Dude

Posted by: 30CINCO | January 12, 2014 at 04:22 PM

Agreed. I picture TonyCane up until the wee hours of the night, madly typing away and going deep into a rivals and scout ranking hole. Nothing but a man, a computer and a 24 pack of Mountain Dew.


Dude, actually did that the night after the bowl game (at least most of it). I had been woken up just after falling asleep and it had the effect of a refreshing nap. Tried going back to sleep and finally decided to go on the computer. A couple of hours later, had most of the stuff.

And it was caffeine free!

The Dude

Posted by: TonyCane | January 12, 2014 at 04:55 PM

Haha! So I was almost right.

The Dude

TonyCane, How are you determining X Player's star rating?

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