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January 27, 2014



Ohio_Cane, Scarborough is in the same league as Fournette. Even Weinke said..."He can go to an NFL training camp, and not blink an eye."


Yep. I wouldn't put him with Fournette, but there are similar comparisons. Fournette could go to the NFL right now. This kid needs a year or 2, but he'll be a starter there one day. 1st round pick in a few years if he continues to develop his game

Dude on a Pale Horse

Thank heavens that these HS players can't jump straight to the NFL. It makes CF so much better.


Bama, is stacked at RB already with 3 5-star guys and Scarborough is verballed their? If we can flip him, we'd put him at FB and never give him the ball.


Here we go again, just like last year, trying to find another RB at the witching hour. A whole year to recruit and evaluate and it's down to 3 guys, Scarborough is a prayer, McKnight is down to us, So. Miss & mighty Louisiana Laffaytte, And Solomon Hunter, is being recruited by power house Sam Houston St. & Houston Baptist. This should never happen but this is 2 years in a row. I'm sure there are plenty of capable alternate Rb's in the State of Florida but we have some how by-passed them all and I'm not even counting Scarborough. You want to know why we don't have depth of talent, well here is a good reason, Geeze!


Fournette might be better, but Scarborough is FREAKIER! Not only can He tote the rock, but the kid has some MITTS! You rarely ever see a kid that's a 5* TE, and a 5* RB all rolled into one...SCARY!


CSM...U are 100% correct. FSU fans I know VERY well wanted Fisher gone from FSU before this past season. And I mean GONE!

Posted by: 86Cane | January 27, 2014 at 11:59 AM

So the answer is...

Be negative about Golden and hope he's gone and he'll eventually win the Ship!!!


Again, one day a recruit will either expose on smart phone video the enhanced Recruiting, or a friend will. It will bust out on social media and will be a huge story.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Bama is stacked at RB for a reason. Ingram, Richardson, Lacey, next is Yeldon and Henry. All getting/will be getting paid on Sundays. Plus they are paying players, as far as we know, we are not. Scarborough will get touches anywhere he chooses to commit to. Scarborough is a freak as O_C said. I will be shocked if we land him, but super happy. Still hoping we get Valentine and Jackson and Harris as I feel like they are guys we're supposed to get. I'd take Jackson over Bethel any day. But Bethel might be really good in the right system. Scarborough would take the sting out of Powell, Cook and Michel a lot.

Dude on a Pale Horse


That's funny and I think true. Diamonds are made under intense pressure. I like that people are putting pressure on him as he's yet to deliver, but the Florida win makes me really happy. Ultimately, Golden would be golden had he fired Marky No'D after the season, but Golden decided that he's the smartest guy in the room and that BFFs come before winning. He deserves all of his heat for sponsoring and making excuses for his DC. Then he flirted with Penn State on top of it. It kills me when people act like he's done us a miracle job here. He's had moments where you can see greatness and moments where you can see complete failure. He's learning on the job. The admin is cool with it, they just want to go bowling and graduate players, so Golden will never get pressure from them to be great. It has to come from former players (who are starting to question him) and the fans.

Dude on a Pale Horse


That kind of talk makes me think you're a Hurricanes fan, not just an Al Golden fan. You nailed it in your post. Very well written my friend.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Go Canes you are right about the offense, the big plays for sure hid much of the problems with Morris and his inconsistancies. Plus the play calling was very questionable. Like Duke up the middle on short yardage when you have Gus and Hagens on the sidelines. Waiting to get Walford involved. Bubble screen after bubble screen. We will know more about James Coley next year, as of right now consider me unimpressed. Whoever the starting QB is next year will have plenty of weapons. Duke, Gus, Coley, Waters, Dorsett & Walford. But they need a commander. A guy that demands more and leads them in preperation and on the field. I don't think Olsen has that makeup in him. Not sure about Williams. There is no reason why this team should be so awful on 3rd down next year, really they should have been much better in 2013.


Just to prove the accuracy of SOUP's "dumb and dumber" article, here's another prime example featuring our in-state rivals:


Old Skool

Pete Seegar RIP


Remember folks, we are not here defending or arguing why Miami is not great or why we cant be average. People are here actually defending and making excuses as to why its ok to be this bad! I have never seen this

Posted by: Jiggafras | January 27, 2014 at 10:58 PM

I think U are reading or interpreting some of the comments the wrong way but it was an impressive post nonetheless.

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