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January 09, 2014



4-Real and Sinister....STOP with the negativity, and STOP now!


seems UM to get official visit from Damien Prince OT from maryland on Jan 24 . He is highest ranked ESPN 300 left un committed since LSU got the #1 R/B Furnette
today (from recruiting nation, ESPNU)


STOP with the negativity, and STOP now!

Posted by: SOUP | January 09, 2014 at 08:01 PM

Soup is negative about negativity.


I just posted Gferm's response to people calling him a fraud, had nuthin 2 do with Cane bashing. But i'll respect the rules like everyone else. But YOU can rest assure all the Pro-Golden posts will cease now that the supposed Golden lovers ain't got nobody 2 go back-n-4th with . Goodnight, God bless.

Go Canes

Twitter is buzzing that Brandon Powell may be decommitting.

To Florida??

That would be the ultimate head scratcher. That offense, a coach who went 4-8 and may be gone if he has one more bad year, they're having trouble keeping anyone from this class and thats where he wants to go?

Go Canes

Barry Jackson ‏@flasportsbuzz 28s
4-star BookerT.Washington CB Nigel Bethel announces he's dropping UM oralcommitment and committing to Texas Tech.CB now an issue in UMclass


I guess that's negative too.

Go Canes

Peter Ariz ‏@PeterAriz 6m
Miami has been aware that Nigel Bethel has been wavering and they haven’t exactly put a full court press on him.

Go Canes

Wonder if its grades.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Why is this class falling apart WITH Golden?


Nah we gotta wait til nsd to be negative guys.


Bethel said during the Louisville scrimmage that was no game. That he wanted to see a different scheme more man to man.. more blitzes.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Watching Heat game. There are WAY too many timeouts in this sport.


Bethel decommit -- Powell wavering--,y'all still believe n AL?? Sad part is he dictating his entire defensive staff coming back smh


Da U


No offense, but I don't want any high school player, no matter how talented, on my team thinking he can to say what type of defense we should run. This kid hasn't played one second of college football. Not one! If our offense was horrible I wouldn't want any player doing the same on that side of the ball. You are a high school player. Remember, the U is offering you a scholarship worth $50k a year. They are holding the cards. Not U.

Stanadrd Shriver

Why all the angst over Treon Harris? Why all the hysteria over the absolute requirement to get "South Florida" talent? Perhaps the fact that many of these SF kids cant get into the university or are high risk to not enter due to academic problems is the problem?

The U and its fanbase mired in the 80s amd 90s need to probably recognize its 2014... times have changed. The ESPN 30 for 30 mythology of Miami football being an exclusive product of the Miami inner city distorts the perspective and outlook of those who follow recruiting.

This team needs more diversity....ethnically, intellectually, regionally and otherwise. We are way to busy trying to recreate a championship past that was never achieved the way ESPN claimed it was created.

The recruiting approach of the U is dated and needs to be reevaluated.

Go Canes

@BFeldmanCBS: Freakish talent will be missed by #Noles RT @tomdangelo44 Breaking: Source close to Kelvin Benjamin confirms #FSU WR will enter NFL draft.

Go Canes

Are people actually saying this class is falling apart?!

Lord have mercy.

I'm not comparing regimes for better or worse but the funny thing about Bethel is randy would never have given him an offer because of his size.

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