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January 22, 2014





Willis McGahee


Marcus Maxey! Beat Duke nem!




Gary Ferman is at The Titanic.

He just reported that word on the street is that Barack Obama will be playing point guard for UM tonight.


Ferman also reported that allegedly Kobe has one year of eligibility left and will suit up for Duke tonight. LOL

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff 86 and U are cracking me up at the same time great job. See U in 4 weeks bruh!

Terrance Sullivan

Every Miami Hurricanes fan should make the pilgrimage to the University of Miami Campus in lovely Coral Gables. Thats just a rites of passage ya dig.

Account Deleted

top ten...a 3peat!!


top 10 !!!


More superstars show up to Canes BBall than football. Tonight has LBJ, Wade, KOBE, Battier. Should tell you quite a bit about the State of the U. We are a BBall school. Down yr this year. Back up top next.

Old Skool

Duke 37 Miami 21 in the 2nd


Come on Canes!

Terrance Sullivan

Come on Canes.


Wade shot over the back half court shots at half time with the Ibis. Fun stuff!


They are all courtside, Kobe at opposite end.


Duke is too good, up18 over UM with 7 minutes left.


Canes down 18 with 4 minutes left.

Old Skool

58-42 Duke

Terrance Sullivan

86 well minus the score I hope you are having a blast man. our Canes are being beaten badly on the boards and we can't buy any 3's to make up the talent disparity. go Canes.

Da U N Houston

Why did we not recruit Madre London from St. Thomas? We needed a big back he's 6'1" 205? He is no committed to Michigan State. Folks on the inside, any idea?

Go Canes

@Lakers: Kobe throws up the U with @UM_Sebastian at tonight's @CanesHoops vs. Duke game in Coral Gables. http://t.co/7nAEe2eHLl


Calvin H, DT from Arizon is reporting to UM tomorrow ?


Calvin H, DT from Arizon is reporting to UM tomorrow ?

Posted by: laquinton | January 22, 2014 at 10:07 PM

Correct. Word has it that Heurtelou got in!


Back in the 954 after a long day in the 305.

Game did not go our way but a good time was had by all. Especially me!

Terrance Sullivan

86 glad you had a good time man.


TSully...U know how we roll.

Ohio...6 AM, new blog.

Old Skool

Woohoo only and hour and ten minutes until the new blog. In the meantime, there may a replacement for beernuts on the horizon

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The company opted to pay homage to its German ancestry with a Hefeweizen-inspired ale flavor that “is clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness,” and an aroma that is “mildly bready,” according to Jelly Belly.

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