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January 07, 2014




Harry Miller

soup, I will email you, had something bad happen.


And a very funny article!


Harry...email me and I will do what I can to help?

Old Skool

Good article Soup


I'll lower my expectations when we stop getting blown out when we lose!


Lower expectations?


12%er tried and true through thick and thin, black and blue!



Skool...thank U Sir!


12%er tried and true through thick and thin, black and blue!

Posted by: NativeCane | January 08, 2014 at 12:25 AM

RCCF and WWIM...looks like U got another bus rider?


Barry Jackson:


Five four-star recruits on offense are enrolling at UM in the next week, led by Miami Central running back Joseph Yearby. But as far as numbers, UM’s recruiting class (28 strong at the moment) is tilted more toward defense, with 16 players orally committed on that side of the ball, including three January arrivals: three-star linebackers Juwon Young and Trent Harris and defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou.

With a month to go before National Signing Day, UM has assembled a defensive recruiting class with several high-quality defensive ends/outside linebackers, tackles and safeties, but questions at cornerback and uncertainty about a key tackle recruit who decommitted last weekend.

A look at UM's class on defense:
### Defensive tackle: UM’s biggest need, and the Canes are adding a solid group with four-star St. Thomas Aquinas standout Anthony Moten (rated the No. 6 defensive tackle), emerging three-star New Jersey based Courtel Jenkins (“great quickness for his size,” according to Rivals.com) and two junior college players who had other major offers and should help immediately: Michael Wyche (he has signed a letter of intent, but is awaiting an ACC decision on an obscure rule involving junior colleges before he’s cleared to enroll, as detailed in our last post); and Heurtelou, who had 14 tackles for loss and four sacks at Scottsdale, Ariz. Community College despite getting double- and triple-teamed a lot.

But this group needs Hialeah Champagnat four-star tackle Travonte Valentine to be considered exceptional. Valentine recently de-committed, but his coach, Mike Tunsil, told my colleague Manny Navarro on Tuesday that Valentine “loves UM” and might end up there but wants to meet with Al Golden to “make sure everyone is on the same page….

"For coach Golden to go interview for another job was unsettling. He wants to find out why [Golden] interviewed and if he is really planning to be there for the long haul.”

Valentine, who also plans to visit LSU, previously dropped oral commitments to Louisville and Florida.

“Valentine is key because he’s a guy you would have to double-team, the first big guy who can move that they’ve had since Antonio Dixon,” local recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein said. “You really need him. People around him, his family, want him in Miami. [But] I like Moten, also. And I have a scout who works for me in New Jersey who loves Courtel Jenkins. He thinks he’s a big-time player.”

Said analyst Tom Lemming: “I love Moten: long arms, quick feet, can play end or tackle in college. He plays against the best competition in the country. Four-star player with five-star potential.”

Also, UM is among 22 schools that have offered Plantation American Heritage defensive tackle Edgar Cerenord, who had 75 tackles and five sacks last season. He has said UM has ground to make up.

### Defensive end/3-4 outside linebacker: Might be UM’s best position in this class presuming the Hurricanes can hold on to five-star Booker T. Washington end Chad Thomas (rated the No. 1 defensive end and 26th among all prospects, by Rivals.com); his teammate, four-star end Demetrius Jackson (14.5 sacks this past season); Miami Northwestern three-star defensive end Mike Smith (16 tackles for loss, 10 sacks); and Winter Park’s Harris, who had 39 tackles for loss, 16 sacks and four forced fumbles in 2013 and whose high-school coach who has compared him with former NFL great Michael Strahan.

Golden expects Harris to play linebacker. So will Young, who had 141 tackles last season for Albany (Ga.) High. “Both those kids are 6-2, 6-3, have range, length,” Golden said.

Thomas, who had eight sacks, has never wavered on his UM commitment. “Explosive, game-changing speed,” Lemming said. “But he needs to put on a lot of strength.”
Smith said he is planning a late-January visit to Louisville, which has five Northwestern players on its roster. Contrary to perception, Blustein insists Smith is the “most impactful defensive player they’ve got in this class,” even more than Thomas. “He’s like Tyriq McCord as a pass-rusher but faster and better.”

And Blustein said Jackson “has unlimited potential. Once he puts weight on, he’s going to be a beast. A pure pass rusher who plays off instincts. He’s just learning how to play the run.”

### Inside linebacker: A concern, with largely unproven players (Raphael Kirby, Jermaine Grace) expected to assume major roles.

Three-star Pompano Beach Ely inside linebacker Terry McCray has told Rivals.com that his UM oral commitment is “between solid and soft” and that LSU has piqued his interest. McCray had 25 tackles for loss, 16 sacks and blocked a punt for a touchdown.
“One of the most underrated players in this class,” Blustein said. “Great tackler, reads plays well, very quick.”

Lemming said McCray “has a high ceiling, can really run, but not a great player yet."

USC oral commitment Olajuwon Tucker, a four-star end/outside linebacker, from Gardena, Cal., plans to visit UM Jan. 25, but it will be difficult to get him to flip.

### Cornerback: How this group will be rated will hinge entirely on whether UM can lure Immokalee’s four-star J.C. Jackson (a soft UF oral commitment who is considering UM, UF and FSU) and whether it can hang on to oral commitment Nigel Bethel, the four-star Booker T. Washington cornerback who said he wants to see the Hurricanes change their defensive scheme.

But Bethel told me Monday he “more than likely” will end up at UM, though he earlier told others he will consider Georgia and Arkansas if they make him offers.

“The one thing about Bethel is he will challenge you, wants to go against the best guy across from him,” Fishbein said. “Miami needs more kids like that in their program, who are around successful programs.”

Three-star Miami Northwestern cornerback Ryan Mayes appears firmly committed, but “Ryan didn’t have the year Miami expected,” Fishbein said. “He will end up having to play safety." Carol City receiver Trayone Gray, a UM oral commitment, could play cornerback if needed.

### Safety: UM looks in good shape here after adding four-star New Jersey-based Kiy Hester (five interceptions in 2013 and rated by ESPN as the 196th-best player overall), Lake Worth Park Vista’s three-star Marques Goyat (32 career interceptions) and Orange Park Oakleaf High’s three-star Darrion Owens (three sacks, interception, forced fumble).

“Hester is a major catch,” Lemming said. “He can play corner, receiver, kick returner. I see him as a corner.”

Fishbein: “Gayot is more of strong safety, a will linebacker, can play the run, not as good in coverage as he is against the run… I like Darrion Owens. He may grow into a linebacker.”


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 08, 2014 at 12:22 AM


Lol, this won't end until they hire someone...

@ByTimReynolds: NBC station in Philadelphia, citing multiple sources on its 6pm and 11pm broadcasts tonight, said Al Golden remains in mix at Penn State.

Harry Miller

Soup check your email


Now that FSU won the ship, might as well forget about JC Jackson, so I guess you can say we are done for this year at CB. I guess we live or die with Bethel.
Still have a shot at Ramond Minor at LB. Think the kid really wants to come to the "U".


Lower What?? 12% 4-Life..

No Swiss Cheese..



I am sure Jimbo will be offered a HC job in the NFL. Will he take it?


I'm turning 50 this year (in complete denial about that) and I fully expect to see five more national football championships, at least one basketball championships and at least one championships for my beloved tennis team, men and women. The anticipation makes me happy.

orange 'n green in the vein

I expect the basketball team to upset UNC today.

My expectations have been raised (not raized, though) after their last loss and UNC is as bipolar as a name brand there is this year.


Just looked back at what Cane news was shaking the blog a year ago. UM had just hired Cristobal as assistant head coach and tight ends coach....


Sarasota 'cane

Al Golden still in the mix for PSU! #believe

Dude on a Pale Horse

I posted 20th and I feel happy.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Looks like Munchak is in talks with Detroit Lions. We just need Franklin to turn them down also and Penn State will have to reopen the door to Golden.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I guess some Vandy coaches have started following some Penn State recruits on twitter. Help me Daniel Snyder, you're my only hope.




I woke up and saw another sunrise.

I feel happy!


Golden is still a candidate for PED U. Someone hide the rope and knives from Go Canes

Account Deleted

As long as there is Canespace I can be happy....


I took a shower and did not slip, fall or break my hip. I am happy!


Are there supposed to be new players on campus today?


I am going to work and am greatful I still have a job. I am happy!


Been down so long it begins to look like up.


I logged into CaneSpace and learned NOFENSE might be leaving

I'm Happy




Golden can not be that dumb.

If he left to PSU, after saying he was committed to Miami.

Rest assured he and his family would never be allowed to visit South Florida again...


Are there supposed to be new players on campus today?

Posted by: LB | January 08, 2014 at 08:13 AM

Yes, 8 of them. Maybe 9 if we get very lucky and Whyche's appeal goes through.


Dave DiBattista ‏@InsiderPSU 57m

James Franklin turned down #PennState. #Munchak also said no. #PSU to announce Rich Bisaccia within 24 hours per sources


Some more bad news for us Canes fans..

Louisville will hire someone from this good group of coaches that have interviewed...

1. Bobby Petrino
2. Derek Mason ( Stanford DC)
3. Patt Narduzzi
4. Chad Morris


It's called the biggest fair weather fan base in America.

"Folks wanted to run Jimmy Johnson out of town early on, writing him off as a mid-level Big Eight coach who couldn't beat the likes of Nebraska and Oklahoma. When Dennis Erickson arrived, he was chastised for running a one-back offense, as Miami had proven success with two backs.

Still, nothing tops the turbulent ride Butch Davis took over six seasons at the helm of the Hurricanes."

35-29 BEFORE the Golden one got here. And we were suppose to be 13-1 this year. smdh


Dave DiBattista ‏@InsiderPSU 59m

Next OC expected to be Mark Whipple, father of current #PSU walkon QB


Stanadrd Shriver

there's low expectations and delusional fanbases entertaining blog readers an entertaining mix of chronic depression one day then whip sawing to unfounded bravado the next.


Trent Harris ain't no Strahan, more like Olivier Vernon. And where does Mike Smith play into the 3-4, unless we're using Him exclusively as a 4-3 DE, or bulk Him up into a 3-4 OLB/DE.

Old Skool

Cnn doing an expose on the poor academic skills of public college athletes

Good line from a UGA professor ...

"A lot of them are majoring in eligibility."

Here's the college breakdowns



Just caught some good news from another site in regards to Wyche... Will be coming to the U at the worst a semester late, but waiting to hear back from ACC about appeal. At least the kid is coming in one way or another and that's a big deal.


Al Golden still in the mix for PSU! #believe

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | January 08, 2014 at 01:59 AM

#fingers crossed


Just caught some good news from another site in regards to Wyche... Will be coming to the U at the worst a semester late, but waiting to hear back from ACC about appeal. At least the kid is coming in one way or another and that's a big deal.

Posted by: UpNorthCane | January 08, 2014 at 09:35 AM

Yeah, that's been said on here since he signed his NLI. His grades are fine. He's in. Just a matter of now or summer.


If Golden is offered the job, he's gone!!.....I have mixed feelings about this but if it means D'no will be gone, I'm 110% for it.

Bring back Butch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter 2m

Two four-star DT recruits decommitted from Texas last night with their position coach leaving for USC.

Let's get them too!! MOAR DT'S!!


If you are paying for tickets and buying Canes gear, going to road trips, sitting through ten years of bad football and finally being feed up after a horrible bowl game! I guess I qualify as fair weather! Note, college and pro teams need to earn our entertainment $. Shitty performance or not the head coach still has big bucks in the bank.


It sad reading the admission standards for FSU. The piece they had on outside the lines just makes you shake your head....They were saying that several players had a 2nd grade reading level and I think it was Comartie (9 kids by 8 different women) who couldn't even read at all. Pathetic!!!!!!


Final BCS Poll:

1. Florida State, 14-0 (1) [11]
2. Auburn, 12-2 (2) [NR]
3. Michigan State, 13-1 (4) [NR]
4. South Carolina, 11-2 (8) [6]
5. Missouri, 12-2 (9) [NR]
6. Oklahoma, 11-2 (11) [16]
7. Alabama, 11-2 (3) [1]
8. Clemson, 11-2 (12) [8]
9. Oregon, 11-2 (10) [3]
10. Central Florida, 12-1 (15) [NR]
11. Stanford, 11-3 (5) [4]
12. Ohio State, 12-2 (7) [2]
13. Baylor, 11-2 (6) [NR]
14. LSU, 10-3 (14) [12]
15. Louisville, 12-1 (18) [9]
16. UCLA, 10-3 (17) [21]
17. Oklahoma State, 10-3 (13) [13]
18. Texas A&M, 9-4 (20) [7]
19. USC, 10-4 (NR) [24]
20. Notre Dame, 9-4 (25) [14]
21. Arizona State, 10-4 (16) [NR]
22. Wisconsin, 9-4 (19) [23]
23. Duke, 10-4 (22) [NR]
24. Vanderbilt, 9-4 (NR) [NR]
25. Washington, 9-4 (NR) [NR]


Pete Ariz:

HUGE news on the JUCO DT front

I was just told that Michael Wyche will be here in May and Calvin Heurtelou is expected on campus in a week or two.

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