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January 09, 2014



In other news, my state is under a state of emergency due to a chemical leak polluting the water.

Water hoarders have already assaulted the grocery stores and they are SOLD OUT.



Damn that sucks.


Yeah it does.





Rusty Medaris


Bethel leaving = Who signing on? LOL


Bethel is a player he is small though

Go Canes

@DavidFurones90: Nigel Bethel tells me, despite his decommitment from Miami, Chad Thomas remains solid.

Go Canes

@JNGerhart: I was clear today about Powell: bad loss.

Let me be equally as emphatic on Bethel: minimal impact.


Look on the positive side...if our class shrink enough, we can take the 9 scholarship hit THIS year!




oy vay:


or as the Russians say: EBAT!!!!!



Dude on a Pale Horse

Is this recruiting class trending upward?

Go Canes

@PeterAriz: This should answer your questions on Nigel Bethel’s decommitment http://t.co/lp6Sl2y4x5


When I lived in Coconut Creek a few years ago I remember this news report where there was this big delivery truck that was driving down the street in the wrong Lane and headed South when it was supposed to be going North that ran head-on into a car driven by a Cook on his way to work in Miami at like 5 AM in the morning.

The Cook was only slightly injured but he hired some big time lawyer from a well known firm to represent him. Well needless to say the guy who was in the wrong Lane and ran into the Cook on his way to work enjoyed excellent representation from the Harris law firm and the parties agreed to come to a mutual agreement and settled out of court.

It made big news back in the day but today with all of the crashes and the Internets and all I doubt anyone would even pay attention to a story like that?


I guess the coaching circus has cost us a couple of recruits but if those recruits had second thoughts about being a Cane then they dont deserve to wear the U on the side of their helmets. Oh by the way, I would like my glass of kool aid served chilled...Go Canes!


I would like my glass of kool aid served chilled...Go Canes!

Posted by: Yoopercane | January 09, 2014 at 10:18 PM

On the rocks with a chaser is NOT a problem!



Jon Marcus UM '74

Golden's first 3 years have been right down the middle. Nothing good or bad, just average. I really wanted to like and support him fully, but when I heard this statement,

Heard enough Al, pretend I'm from Missouri and show me.


Im guessing you did not get the memo from management.

Go Canes

@Chris_Authentic: Coral Gables.


LB I heard about that on the news. Take care


So, three commitments gone in a week and no replacements on the horizon? Not. Good. At. All. It's awfully close to signing day and we're back to fighting with Western Kentucky and FAU again. FML.


I thought Bethel was one of those "Golden Patriots"...OK.

Da U N Houston

Did Powell sign a financial aid agreement with UF? I thought only schools that hey sign financial aid agreements can talk to the kids during the dead period?


Hold up, I thought Powell was already on campus, an EE...


Bethel has been wavering for a month or so. Wanting a Georgia offer, etc. Grades issues have been a rumor as well. Staff not pressing him since he began wavering is a bit of a giveaway.


After last weekend Powell said he was wavering. But after golden said that bs on Monday. . He said he was good to go. But the other day. . Tuesday said he wants to wait. Now UF offers and he wants to go there. To be young again...


Have no fear The Herb is Hear and just learned of the no negative comments, well let me give you the positive, losing Bethel, is no big deal, all 165 lb's of him and if he doesn't like our defense, I'm sure he's going to love defenseless Texas Tech. Say it ain't so that Brandon Powell is also leaving, well The Herb is not to distressed about that either, all 170lbs of him. My question is, if these guys were to small then why did we offer them ships? I'm beginning to believe that Goldie must have gotten altitude sickness on his flight back from the Nitty Kitty kingdom.
Without sounding negative, uh where are we going to get any CB's at this hour, assuming Powell was slotted there as well. I couldn't see him playing RB at that weight and you know us Redshirting would be out of the question. Playing special teams wouldn't help him gain any weight.
I guess during next season we will be hearing the numbers are off at Db, especially at CB. That a way to stack talent deep.
The last blog The Herb made a comment about going to spread option and UpNorth wanted us to stay as a pro style because of sending guys to the pros. The Herb's response to that is, when's the last time we had a draftable Qb? I'm all for sending guys to the pros but it's not like we are setting the world on fire with pro prospects here lately. I ain't worried about the pros, I'm worried about what we ain't doing at the college level. I guess we're going to have to wait until Jan. 15TH when the coaches can hit the trail again.


Senior Starting Linebacker + Senior Starting Defensive Line Man Returning (hopeful reports are true) > "losing" 3-4 out of 30 recruits. I use the term "losing" loosely because they are not really Canes yet. They "Say" they wanna be Canes. But they are not yet. McDermott, Berrios, Young ARE Canes. they are REALLY GOOD! Let the process playout.

Think of the positives, maybe we add Harris? Griffin tweeted he will be in Miami this month.


We'll see, 30, we'll see.


He's right tho. This happens every year. We find some good players late.

Stanadrd Shriver

y all the angst over Treon Harris? Why all the hysteria over the absolute requirement to get "South Florida" talent? Perhaps the fact that many of these SF kids cant get into the university or are high risk to not enter due to academic problems is the problem?

The U and its fanbase mired in the 80s amd 90s need to probably recognize its 2014... times have changed. The ESPN 30 for 30 mythology of Miami football being an exclusive product of the Miami inner city distorts the perspective and outlook of those who follow recruiting.

This team needs more diversity....ethnically, intellectually, regionally and otherwise. We are way to busy trying to recreate a championship past that was never achieved the way ESPN claimed it was created.

The recruiting approach of the U is dated and needs to be reevaluated.


Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Brandon Powell now considering UF and tweeting "Gotta feed the fam. Been struggling for too long."
Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/01/dolphins-heat-canes-marlins-tidbits.html#storylink=cpy

I'm shopping ... I mean taking my talents to Gainesville LOL


And btw, Bethel's choice can not be based on defensive performance: UM stands at #69 in scoring defense and #83 in pass defense, TT at #89 total defense and #63 in pass defense.

So if he was looking for a destination with a D just as bad as ours, he has found his place.


"Why all the hysteria over the absolute requirement to get "South Florida" talent?"

Because we're the MIAMI HURRICANES!, NOT! the New Joizee Hurricanes!


Funny how some of you think losing Bethel is no big deal. A player is always all-world when committed, and then "not a big loss" when they leave. Bethel may lack size, but he has LEGIT track speed, I mean State Champion in 200M speed, which Miami lacks at the moment. Not to mention he is one of the best players on the best team in the nation which also happens to be a major local program. Bethel has influence. Do not be shocked when D. Jackson follows Bethel to TT. Bethel is already recruiting him and Jackson has a visit set.

This is how out-of-state schools get their foot in the door. FSU is already solidifying their spot at Central with Freeman, Jones, Cook, Brewton (2015) and most likely Phillips since he is close with Cook. They also a have 305 legend in T. Harris at our other major local school. If Miami is going to be successful on he field again, no matter who the coach is, we NEED these top local players from our major pipeline schools.

Dont kid yourself and act like losing Bethel means nothing, because it does. You can also expect to lose Powell today to Florida. Also, offering Harris this late as a QB is really a joke.

I'm starting to think that this staff really doesn't understand these South Florida kids and the influence some of them have. We took FSU's best South Florida recruiter, and we are still losing Miami area recruits to them. The changed their whole staff, and are still out-recruiting us. You can't just offer Treon Harris as QB at the last minute. Harris is a legacy and a local legend. His dad is the coach at the best high school team in the country and one of Miamis biggest pipeline schools. Tell me how players like Gains, Ambruster, Highsmith, Ray Lewis 3, Rosier, Crow, etc etc etc can get offers, but a 4-star play maker who made plays against the best competition in the country cant?

Although this will still be a solid class, it will struggle to be a top 10 class, when we SHOULD of had a top 3-5 class. It was great to get on all these kids early, but if we cannot close it really doesnt mater. The same day Golden announced he wasnt a candidate for PSU, Moten and Jenkins tweeted they got good calls from their coach. But almost a week later Ariz wrote and reported that Valentine still hadnt spoke to Golden.

SOUP, I do not mean for this to be negative, but REAL. You homers can defend this staff all you want, but the numbers dont lie....


This are just SOME of the talent that is leaving South Florida in this class alone.

Florida didnt make it to a bowl game, only has 20 commits and they already have the same amount of 4 & 5 star guys as us and will pass us when Powell flips.

You cant defend this stuff. The NCAA excuse is gone. I know the homers will come after me for this, but I wont even reply to any of their comments because their is no talking to them. Everything I said is REAL, not negative, not coach bashing, but real information.

Now back to staying away...

Go Canes

@mattyports: Giant (6-7, 230) WR Derrick Griffin, a '13 signee/nonqualifier, says he'll be at UM soon: https://t.co/vR1JsZuCQC #Canes fans hope so.o

Go Canes

@NashSports: Per @DerekTysonESPN, Plantation CB Chris Lammons has decommitted from Florida. #Gators


I can't stand when people make DUMASS!,MIS!INFORMED! comments like..."SF kids cant get into the university or are high risk to not enter due to academic problems is the problem?"

Tell me "Einstein", besides Gray, which SF kids can't get in because of grades, or test scores? ALL! the BTW kids are getting in...ALL! the MNW kids are getting IN!



Posted by: SOUP | January 09, 2014 at 10:18 PM

Oh I'm paying attention alright! I just thought that story had expired and was never to be told again?

Go Canes

Anyone see his "I need to feed my family" tweet last night?

Recruiting is dirty, dirty, dirty...


A solid commit who was an EE, gets an offer at the last second and flips (which he will)... Bought and paid for with that $EC money

Go Canes

Exactly UMike.

The kid was all Canes, all day, every day.

Then poof, he's gone.


The ONE and ONLY 4-Star commit TTU has just happens to be from Miami and flipped from Miami.. sad lol


Maybe we should also be worried that Darling and Yearby arent enrolled yet. Powell was "suppose" to already be on campus.

Account Deleted

As I predicted last week, the Golden Soap Opera will cost us a few recruits and probably a top 10 or 15 class ranking.

For sure we'll lose a few along the way, but the drama and bowl game loss didn't help.


Good Morning Spacers


Reasons to be concerned with this recruiting class, yes. Knowing for sure until NSD, no. We will find out..... There are some wildcards out there, too. If we have to compete with SEC $, it just isn't gonna happen.

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