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January 03, 2014



Levi's 501


Doesn't Al Golden's contract with UM contain an "escape clause" for him in the event he is ever offered the PSU head coaching job?


Golden may be exercising his soft defense rite now by not saying anything. So to me its 50 50 that he goes or stays... lol

i dont care what happens...i just want to get rid of the feeling after games where i say "What in the h#$% was that?"


Where Golden at?


If Al leaves and Cristobal is named HC, I quit.

Posted by: The Dude | January 04, 2014 at 02:05 AM


Where Golden at?

Posted by: SOUP | January 04, 2014 at 09:09 AM

He's on his way to the bank, laughing all the way.

Sarasota 'cane



Maybe Cristobal & Shannon to L'ville-they are another Kentucky without the SOFLA guys-they need that pipeline going


As WR coach, I would like to say we WILL be using Coley A LOT, Scott will be too tired from all of the windsprints I assign him to get into anymore trouble, Dorsett, Lewis and Waters will ALL get lots of action,
and Berrios will be a BLUR out of the slot on the quick slants!


NY Trooper

If Al Golden wants to increase his salary by a couple million a year and better his family, which I am not 100% sure he will do, who could blame him. The question which needs to be decided quickly by our President and AD is where do we go from here. This process hopefully should already have begun. This might not go over well on this blog but going after a former coach or player at the U to bring the swagger back should not be a priority. Hiring guys like Cristobal would be probably be the easy, quicker and cheaper route but it also would maintain the mediocrity around here. We need a coach that relates to the players, stimulates the fan base, is able to put together a solid staff without hiring his buddies, and is able to lock down the south Florida recruiting footprint. I am not sure after today who our coach will be, but the U is one of the top ten NCAA programs ever and we need to start acting like it.


Seeing that I didn't make the initial CaneSpace / UM coaching staff, I'd like to apply as European talent scout to make sure that talented German guys like Bjoern Werner don't end up as Seminoles (yuck).

In other non-news, it seemslike Al Golden & Co. won't go public before Monday's press conference.
So, depending on your point of view, it'll be either Mamas & Papas or Boomtown Rats.


Not sure what is gong to occur but I hope it happens quickly. UL will be looking for a coach also. If AG stays then I hope he parlays this into money for assistants and replaces some of his assistants, maybe the entire D staff.


Latest on Golden... Supposedly offer hasn't been extended yet... PSU set to interview AG on Sat and Franklin on Sun... Makes me think that if we don't know anything by the end of today then he's not going... Franklin seems like plan B for PSU... Also think that the fact they're coming to Golden could be because he's not as interested as many speculate... GO CANES



How pathetic would it be, if PSU offers Al Golden the HC job subject to the condition that D'No NOT be hired as DC . . . and AG accepts the deal?


However this turns out, if he goes we need to have a new coach in place just as fast as Penn St. or dragging it out will ruin this recruiting class and my prize recruit Valentine will be gone to LSU and Thomas will bolt to FSU.


Yeah… that would suck.

VA Cane

I feel fine either way. I do not think he is qualified to be HC of a major program like PSU, TX, UM, USC, LSU, FSU, Bama, Ok, Auburn, Mich, OSU, ND etc......he is young and really has not accomplished that much. Temple? that competition? Get real. I have seen enough of his style of coaching and think it is too mellow, laid back, and full of nepotism and cronyism. Some people coach that way and that's fine. I look at a mans demeanor and character. I want leaders of men, who are aggressive in all pursuits in life, and are able to touch both ends of the spectrum simultaneously....that is raise hell and strike terror and fear in your charges (without every cursing or spitting on them...its a learned thought out thing not a uncontrolled rant...gets you into trouble) yet at the same time have compassion and love for them. I see the soft side, and he's cool....but there is no attack mode aggression mode fear mode body bag mode....no Apocalypse Now....and I am sorry but it is my opinion that you cannot win that way. Our schemes on O, D and ST are not wired for that....have not been since Butch....we are nice and compassionate help you up guys. You do not win that way in this time. I have never been a nice guy on the field or sideline regarding aggressive football. I want to beat you down unmercifully its football not Dancing with the Stars or Show and Tell.

If he does go to PSU I cannot fault him; he's from up North played there and that is his dream....cannot fault him one bit...more money is great. He has my best wishes. If he stays it MUST change. I am not a fan of nepotism cronyism and being nice...on the field. The aggression, anger and rage with a cool head must come out on the field. We need to stop being meek and mild and start attacking our opponents....I mean hard fast quick relentless and fatal...JMO

VA Cane

If he is smart he does take the deal....he needs to wean himself from Dno.....he is a terrible defensive coach....probably a nice guy, some of you know him...Soup? but as a defender he is just not good...too soft too nice his personality shows in his approach to defending..JMO




Higher level employee at my office is friends with Coley (they went to high school) and his wife is a UM doctor. He travels on trips with the teams at times.

I asked him what Coley said early Friday. This was what Coley sent him.

"That's only in the press since their is an opening there"

He (my coworker) didn't know that PSU was flying down Saturday. So I know it's not much but take it however you want.

VA Cane

I do like the man but.... "all the snow has turned to water, Christmas days have come and gone, broken toys and faded colors, are all that's left to linger on".....the shine is off the ornament so to speak.

It was exciting when he came, a lot of fanfare and that's cool....but its the same old product that Fester and Onion gave us....bland offense not an attack D and its no different after 2003.....about the same middle of the road average football team who does not show up in key highlight games. we have been embarrassed way too many times....Louisville I and II, LSU, ND a couple times, KSU,FSU repeatedly, Duke VT....and UVA at the OB....talk about a cherry on top of the cream...ouch.

I get up in the morning first in my house....pretty much at 5 I got coffee on...cause I want to be first want to win. I got to do the best most complete appraisals cause I want to win...I comb the places most people don't go cause I want to have a fantastic record collection, I go to all my kids school things cause I want to be a good parent....I cater to my wife cook do little things cause I want to be a good husband...and when I coach I give it my all, cause I want to win....but I want my kids to learn to want to win in all aspects of living. I am driven to win in all things I do not lie cheat or steal....I drive myself I will myself. Winning is not a part time hobby or a process.....it is a full time job that demands commitment......dedication sacrifice. I am tired of being cut rate second hand news and losing so damn much. I am not used to it with my guys....we might lose a game or two, but we don't like it...we fix it. The Raiders and Hurricanes are my teams.....but they just do not will themselves to win....I think they want to win....but they want it to be easy. It is not and never will be easy it takes pain!!!

Dale Earnhardt...when you finish second, you are just the first to lose....It drives me man...JMO


Yeah, the fact that it's so snowy up there in PA, (they probably can't fly in today), and Al's wife is out sunning by the pool, probably leads to a "thanks for considering me meeting," and I appreciate the salary increase the U will now be sending my way now.


Good morning! I think it is time to revive this


LOL!!!! Hang in there Canes fans. Nothing we can do about any of it



Those rumors will be ALL OVER the "InterWeb" now!


He's gonna decline the job because PSU will demand that he not wear the tie.


It's ok Roach. We'll just tighten up our tin foil hats this time



dj moonbat

He's gonna decline the job because PSU will demand that he not wear the tie.

Posted by: Ftmcane | January 04, 2014 at 11:13 AM

"And would you be okay with wearing these Coke-bottle glasses on the sideline? It would mean a lot to the fans..."


James Coley is a good recruiter the new UM coach needs to keep him. If Golden leaves. If offered he will leave it makes since for Golden. I do believe the program is now attractive for a new coach. Thanks to Golden. Duke and S. Coley are program changers for sure! There are some pieces in place already and along with a top 2014 recruiting class the future is bright...

This time around I feel Miami can get "there guy"!




I'm actually leaning to the belief that Golden stays and after listening to Penn St's pitch will eventually end up using this to leverage more $ for himself and his assistants. If this is the case can't knock the hustle. If he leaves for HIS Dream Job and gets a lot more $ and he and his wife are comfortable with this I'm fine with it.

If Golden does indeed bolt he will have left me next coach in good shape as he has recruited very well (we have good but not great talent), the players are bigger, faster, stronger, and better conditioned, and he has repaired relationships with high school coaches. He's also laid out the template for how to run football camps for the next coach, which helped with recruiting. So if Golden leaves I will be disappointed but grateful for all he did at the U. Will post the next part very shortly.


Butch Davis!!!!



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