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February 18, 2014



That was a bad choke by USA women. Up 2-0 with under 4 minutes left and it gets to OT then lose on the PK. Wow. Silver is still a medal, but Gold is much better.


Spring Preview: Quarterback
The Players

RYAN WILLIAMS ( R-Sr., 6-6, 223) - Williams is by far the most experienced quarterback that is returning in 2014. Williams started ten games as a true freshman at Memphis before transferring to Miami. Over the last two years, Williams has received action in nine games for Miami and has thrown for 456 yards with four touchdowns and one interception.

GRAY CROW (R-Soph., (6-3, 224) - Crow redshirted his first season at Miami in 2012. He received action in two games as a backup in 2013 and went 6-of-8 for 55 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

KEVIN OLSEN (R-Fr., 6-3, 200) - Olsen was one of the most heralded recruits signed from the 2013 class and ranked as a Top 100 player overall in his recruiting class. He acted as Miami’s third string quarterback while he redshirted during his first season.


The University of Miami will be looking for a new starting quarterback after Stephen Morris held the job for the last two seasons. The Hurricanes will hold an open competition between the three returning quarterbacks this spring and that competition will add two true freshmen in Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier when fall camp begins.

While Miami will definitely hold an open competition for the starting job, at this point Ryan Williams is the heavy favorite to win the job. Williams possesses all the intangibles and leadership qualities that coach Al Golden looks for in his quarterback. Williams has also earned the reputation of being one of the hardest workers on the team over the last two years.

Kevin Olsen

As the backup to Morris the last two seasons, Williams has prepared as a starter for each game and has logged hours in the film room. Williams also has made changes to his body and seen his arm strength improve. Over the last three seasons that he has been at Miami, Williams has been one of the most improved players on the Hurricanes’ roster.

Williams is a tall pocket passer and his strength is his understanding of the offense and desire to make the easy completion to move the chains. Williams doesn’t have the strongest arm and he doesn’t have quick feet to avoid pressure, but the speed that he sees things develop helps offset these deficiencies.

The player who will be pushing Williams for the starting job this spring will be Kevin Olsen. The Miami coaching staff was vocal about how they wanted to see Olsen show a stronger work ethic off the field as he learned the offense and adjusted to the speed of college football. With that being said, the coaching staff understood those issues can be part of a true freshman maturing.

Olsen has a very similar skill set to Williams. Olsen must improve his understanding of the offense and improve with his work ethic off the field this offseason in order to push Williams for that starting job. Olsen might be the most naturally gifted quarterback Miami currently has on its roster, but will he push himself to fulfill his potential?

Gray Crow must focus on continuing to improve this spring. He has made strides since he arrived at Miami in 2012. The area Crow must improve most is his reading of defenses and anticipation of throws to make. Crow is a very bright player, but he needs to catch up to the speed of the game.

Quick Hitters

The Leader: Williams is by far the leader of the quarterback group and will likely take on the role of one of the leaders of the offense this spring. Williams has been a leader by example during his three years at Miami. Now it is time for him to be a little bit more vocal and he should be ready to do that.

Improvement Needed: Miami needs Olsen to be much better and more focused this spring compared to his first semester at UM. If Olsen is able to push Williams for the starting job, that will only make the Miami offense better in 2014.

The Big Question: Can Olsen push for the starting job or will he be a level below Williams?

The Spring Is A Success If: A quarterback emerges as a leader going into fall camp. Don’t expect for a starting quarterback to be named after the spring game, but it helps during summer workouts if there is a quarterback who can be a leader and help push his teammates. If Williams continues to develop, he should be able to fill this role following the spring.

What To Watch At The Spring Game: How sharp can the Miami offense be? The spring game is typically a vanilla affair on offense, but how smoothly are the operations run by the quarterback and how is the rhythm with the receivers. The receiving corps’ only loss of significance was Allen Hurns and Miami has plenty of talent at the position to help the quarterbacks be productive.


Dude on a Pale Horse

Have we offered LB Tevon Coney? He seems legit, really good pass rusher.

VA Cane

I like that Dude....dog of the chain....a big mean nasty pit bull at that huh?

You have to attack an offense, go after them....when I coach my D....one of my favorite things is this.....
Why attack their weaknesses....you know what you got in that...

... ATTACK their strength....seek and destroy their strongest aspect....usually the OL or QB.....I focus on all aspects I know their weaknesses (in todays game....most people do not run the ball well....they like the spread....so I know they think their passing will beat me) so they do not run it... I put that in the back of my mind and attack their strength....I put my bad ass man coverage on their WRs like a blanket coated with arsenic and glue...nobody open...I ATTACK their line with more than they can block....cats are skilled athlete/assassins out to do one thing....KNOCK the QB out of the game with a hard lethal clean hit....I want to see him helped off....then they bring in the 2nd string guy...and they are scared so they keep the backs in to block....and I am still in bad ass man and they still cannot block all of us.....then its just a shark attack feeding frenzy....blood in the water DEATH for their game.....I have attacked and destroyed their strength...their weakness cannot beat me cause I know they cannot do it but I don't forget the weakness...if they try to run it...we know they are not skilled at that...you really got to be bad to run it....you never want that WAR with my guys...we are SUPER TOUGH.... not little u weak sister.....to hell with passive read and react....We take what we want....your heart....and soul baby....

Forward that to AG and No D...that's where you got to be on D!!!!

Cane Since 1982

and I throw middle screens and beat your pass rushing D. unless you have smart athletic LBs.

Which we have not.


Have we offered LB Tevon Coney? He seems legit, really good pass rusher.

Posted by: The Dude | February 20, 2014 at 03:49 PM

Yes. Heavy UF lean right now.


^^ We offered when he attended Junior Day



Dude on a Pale Horse

How about Apopka FB Chandler Cox?

Dude on a Pale Horse

We have very athletic LBs on this team, how they make reads on the field is coaching.

Dude on a Pale Horse

The DL can't attack because they have 2 gaps to control. The LBs can't attack because they are playing safe. I say run whatever alignment you want on D, but send the DL full tilt after the ball, let the LBs clean up the spills.


Lose to Duke again and Al Golden 's will be hotter than 1000 suns


Al Golden 's seat will be hotter than 1000 suns


Any insiders in here know if their tailor the offense to suit Williams since he is not that mobile?


How about Apopka FB Chandler Cox?

Posted by: The Dude | February 20, 2014 at 04:26 PM

Yep. About 1.5 weeks ago.


Any insiders in here know if their tailor the offense to suit Williams since he is not that mobile?

Posted by: SinisterCane | February 20, 2014 at 04:40 PM

Did we ever use Morris' mobility even when he was healthy?


Did we ever use Morris' mobility even when he was healthy?

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | February 20, 2014 at 04:43 PM

I figured that they use a more traditional formation "I" to help with protecting Williams

Dude on a Pale Horse

There were instances last year where the OL just flat out missed blocks. They've gotta clean that up for Williams. Of course a OL's best friend is a QB that understands wtf is going on out there, makes adjustments and gets rid of the ball (Manning, Brady, Dorsey.) Hopefully Williams just plays savy which is something Morris rarely did. 3rd and 3 in FG range up by 7? Can't get sacked, can't turn it over, if it ain't there, get rif of it. Morris on the otherhand would either force it or throw a pick. Morris never quite understood the situation, which sometimes, even coaching can't fix. Some kids panic. Miami will win games if Williams really gets what the OL is doing, understands the game situation and gets the ball to playmakers. We don't need him to be Aaron Rogers and make plays, we need him to make choices.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Sinister, I don't think we have the FB to run the I. I doubt you'll see the downfield shots we took last year as often. Dorsett needs to get better underneath the Safeties. We haven't developed a toughness up front to run the ball yet. I expect lots of stretch runs with Duke, hoping he'll break loose. Lots of stretch throws and screens hoping the fast WRs break loose. Really not sure what to expect on 3rd down, cuz it was awful and uncreative last year, not to mention 1st and 2nd down weren't that much better often leaving us at 3rd and greater than 5.


I noticed when Williams was in he ran a lot of shotgun, I, and single back sets. However, they did a lot of fake bootleg stuff with him off the handoffs. I don't think anything changes with Williams.

Actually, I've heard and read that there will be more installed with him as the starter.

VA Cane

and I throw middle screens and beat your pass rushing D. unless you have smart athletic LBs.

Ohh I do....and then some....when you go 79-3 in 7 years and win 5 of the last 7 SBs....even for 13 year olds you are doing something right. I am covering your guys man to man like glue....I am beating you up inside your shirt from the snap....if you are 5 wide I got you....most of my victims are trying that..pro set? ..your backs are blanketed by gifted LBs...but they better be great blockers cause they are going to have to say in to stop the wave...they leave my guys got them....and your 5 are trying to block my 6 assassins coming like freight trains......my guys skilled in all fundamentals disciplined know assignments and love to hit and hurt.....your guys not so fundamentally sound....but are supposed 5 stars...LOL......BUM BUM BUM here we come.....play the death march as they carry you along!!!!!!!!

VA Cane

Who you gonna screen to? you cant put 14 on the field....in a spread with 4 or 5 I got guys who are on your ass we are fundamental kings....play man 4 quarters.....maybe Seattle is better...I develop corners....the Harris kid who lead the nation in picks....and got tossed against UM for a supposed hit on Morris....my guy!!! Go to a pro with 3....I still got you covered.....your 2 backs try to go....my 2 LB run like deer and I still got 6 against your 5.....but they wont....they gonna have to stay against this pass rush....and since they are not fundamentally sound.....they are just hind tets on a boar hog....

but see when you play u weak D like UM cause you don't coach em up like I do.....you cannot play that way....we CAN and DO impose our will on your strengths

We call it TEAM....we call it STRONG FUNDAMENTALS combined with SKILLS we call it COACHING

We call it DOMINANCE ANGER HATE PAIN DESTRUCTION....WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS cause its all that really matters....after good grades and clean lives JMO

VA Cane

Cane 82,

what I am driving at is a call to play an aggressive attacking potent defense that is disciplined assignment fundamental football....yet aggressive well grounded in fundamentals and skills.....and hits like a 9 pound hammer shot to the jaw.....a Tatumizer if you will....you know the lick that when you wake up there are train whistles blowing in your head and you would rather be in a Curling Match in Russia than ever play football again!!! u soft got to start being U TOUGH!!!

Dude on a Pale Horse

If we line up in the I, who's the FB?



VA Cane

Whats the tailback?!!!

Terrance Sullivan

I would like to thank Soup and KY for being totally awesome dudes and I am enjoying hanging out with them during the Canes 4 play.



Terrance Sullivan

Hopes our baseball team beat Florida tomorrow night at the Light. Looking forward to it.


Good points.. but we also simply missed a few kids like Skai Moore.. I do think the staff has learned to not put their eggs in one basket. If we win the talent will come. Cooper straight up said his desire to win outweighed his desire to stay home. D'No will be the key to a lot of it imo

Posted by: UMike | February 20, 2014 at 01:22 PM

All I ever hear about is Skai Moore. What about Lance Virgile? He won a state Championship at STA and is bigger then Moore. He will be starting this year as a RS Freshman at WF. Lance camped at Miami 3 times


UNC about to beat #5 Duke


I'm thinking to myself, boy oh boy the talent in Miami. Why aren't we a top 5 football team again?

Posted by: The Dude

2010 recruiting class - a third of the class is gone within 12 months.

2011 recruiting class - decimated and picked apart as the Canes collapsed in the 2010 season. 2 recruits left by December.

Then add the NCAA investigation, which emerged in Aug 2011. That hampers Golden's recruiting efforts in the 2012 and 2013 classes.

These three conditions left Miami with the weakest roster that it has fielded since 1997.

As I've said previously, only two 4-star players are guaranteed to leave after the 2014 season. The 2015 class has a chance to really improve the overall talent rating of the team. And this year's squad will be an improvement over last year.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Maybe TonyCane, but Miami's success has never been about stars. I know that seems like I might be talking out of both sides of my mouth... more than stars its been about not developing the players we've got as to the reason we haven't been very good.


Da U


Good points.. but we also simply missed a few kids like Skai Moore.. I do think the staff has learned to not put their eggs in one basket. If we win the talent will come. Cooper straight up said his desire to win outweighed his desire to stay home. D'No will be the key to a lot of it imo

Posted by: UMike | February 20, 2014 at 01:22 PM

All I ever hear about is Skai Moore. What about Lance Virgile? He won a state Championship at STA and is bigger then Moore. He will be starting this year as a RS Freshman at WF. Lance camped at Miami 3 times

Posted by: Hassan | February 20, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Just another example.. I said Moore because he is a great example. Staff put all their eggs in the MT6 basket and then tried to offer Moore 2 days before NSD. Moore started as a freshman at USC. Im sure their are others. I know we cant get them all, but some the staff simply missed.


Tito workin...

2015 Westminster (Fla.) running back Jordan Cronkrite’s recruiting process got a lot more hectic once his junior film came out. While the recruiting process has become out of hand for him, he’s still trying to keep a level head.

“It’s been real crazy, there’s schools coming from every direction so I’m not trying to jump the gun or anything and still seeing what comes my way.”

The 2015 prospect has recently picked up offers from Florida, Miami, Ohio State, and Kentucky.

Cronkrite got the chance to see Coral Gables this past week as he was in attendance for the basketball teams performance against Notre Dame.

“It was a nice experience; I got to be around the coaches more, just to see some of the players that were coming in. I got to see the campus at night time and if I had to rate it, it would be an 8 out of 10.”

The Westminster product got a chance to talk with multiple current players and get some good advice from them.

“I got a chance to hang with Deon Bush, he’s the one that gave us a tour. He was telling us about how he feel at home and he told us to go where ever you feel comfortable and where you can see yourself out, to work hard and it doesn’t matter where it’s at, you just gotta ball.”

The 5’11 200 pound running back also got the chance to hangout with other Miami running backs Duke Johnson and freshman Joe Yearby.

“I know Joe (Yearby), he’s kinda cool and Duke seems pretty cool and they were just telling me I have good size and stuff.”

Cronkrite was talking with the coaches consistently throughout the day and they were emphasizing how bad they want him to be in the orange and green.

“I talked to all the coaches really, they were pretty much saying that they want me to come to Miami, but they were also saying they’ll let me take my time.”

An interesting scenario for Cronkrite is the possibility that he could join 2 other good friends at Miami with Jaquan Johnson and Tim Irvin. While it is a possibility, Cronkrite assures it’s not a done deal.

“It would be nice to play with those three guys, but I’m not really sure if we are. We haven’t really sat down and talked about it , but it would be nice to play with those two because we all have chemistry.”

The Florida State Seminoles are a school that have been on Cronkrite’s trail for quite some time and he’s looking to make it up to Tallahassee to see the campus again.

“I’ve been talking with coach (Tim) Brewster and he was excited for me to visit this weekend, but since I’m not it’s fine. When I went up, I met some of the coordinators, players and I like the campus; It’s a great place to be around.”

The Gators are another school that recently entered the ring for Cronkrite as they recently offered and it looks as if he is planning a trip to Gainesville.

“I’m still looking through their depth chart and I think I might head up for a spring practice, because I can’t head up for junior day because of practice.”

it looks like it will be a battle until the end for the South Florida speed back, as he doesn’t plan a decision any time soon.

“I’m probably want to have it by the All-Star Army game next year, around there.”

Cronkrite will be looking for two key factors in his decision, the school that can get him the most ready for the NFL and offer the earliest playing time.

“It would be just a place where I can go and play early and be seen because I’m just trying to go and get ready for the NFL.”



More Tito...

Hurricane coaches weren’t expecting Manatee (Fla.) defensive tackle Ryan Fines to make his pledge, but he had been planning to do it for quite some time.

“Me and my family had been doing quite some research over the past few weeks into the university of Miami and the more we researched, the more we loved about it. We were kinda leaning towards me committing yesterday. All it was, was just me seeing the campus and when I went there it felt like family there.”

The 6’3 292 pound tackle felt at home in Coral Gables and cited the family feel as one of the main reasons for his commitment.

“Just the family atmosphere, pretty much the whole campus was super nice and I felt really comfortable with talking with anybody there.”

The Hurricane’s staff was caught off guard by Fine’s commitment and were excited to see him jump on board this early.

“They were thrilled, I think some of them were a little surprised because they didn’t expect for me to commit this early.”

Fines recapped the experience he has while on campus and what he rated it.

“Well first I would rate it a 10 out of 10, it was unbelievable. I got there around 9:00 or 9:30 with coach Kehoe. Pretty much the entire day he showed me around campus, and I met all the coaching staff and people from the school of business and communications because that’s what I’m going to school for and I just saw pretty much everything.”

The Manatee product got a chance to actually talk football with defensive line coach Jethro Franklin and what he would be doing in the Hurricanes front four.

“We talked about the defense, how I fit in their defense. I’m pretty much a 2 gap player, but there’s times where I charge the quarterback too. I also talked about how him and the rest of the coaching staff are fathers because sometimes our parents are half a country away and they’re the people we go to for advice.”

When asked to describe his style of play, Fines used only one word.


As far as goals go for Fines, he said it’s rather simple.

“It seems like everybody says this, but to bring it back and get a national championship because the Hurricanes are on the rise right now and I want to be apart of the group that brings it back to dominance.”




Tito puttin in work...

There is no question that former Head Coach Damon Cogdell did wonders for the Miramar football program, but now that he is coaching at West Virginia skeptics are doubting the Patriots. 2015 Miramar (Fla.) cornerback Tyrek Cole is looking to prove them wrong.

“The team is looking great,we have talent everywhere and we’ve been working everyday in the weight room and outside. The message we’re trying to send is that basically we’re still a great team even though our head coach left. We have a new head coach, we want to prove that we can keep the program moving and be the same Miramar.”

The 2015 Florida State commit made his pledge to the Seminoles back in January, but is still being courted by multiple other schools. When asked if he’s still entertaining the pitches from the other schools Cole responded, “Of course, of course, of course. Absolutley!.”

One of the main schools that is drawing the attention of Cole is the hometown Miami Hurricanes, who happen to be showing a great amount of interest.

“Everyday I communicate with all the coaches from Miami, Miami is a great program. I was actually down there last night and it was great.”

The 2015 shut down corner was present at Miami’s basketball game in which he got a chance to tour campus, watch basketball and hangout with the coaches.

“When we first got down there, we got to eat. Then coach D and coach Paul (WIlliams) took me to go watch film and then we went to the basketball game. I enjoyed it and we also got to try on the jerseys.”

When asked for a rating of the visit, Cole responded with a “10 of 10.”

The Hurricanes are making a big push for Cole and it seems to have made a big effect on his commitment.

“It’s basically a tie, but I’m still committed to Florida State.”

When asked for a better understanding of where Miami stands Cole said, “ Florida State is my leader, then comes Miami, then South Carolina and then Florida.”

During the offseason, the Miramar product plans on seeing Florida, Florida State, Miami and Ohio State.

With all these schools still recruiting Cole vigorously, what’s it going to take to possibly flip the blue chip corner?
“I just gotta see the facilities and see them in person because anybody can tell you anything, so it’s better when you see it in person.”



2015 Lakeland Christian (Fla.) quarterback Christian Alexander thought that his team did pretty well last year after going 7-3, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop there.

“We had a pretty good season we went 7-3, my stats I threw for about 1863 yards passing, had 22 touchdowns and 4 interceptions along with 4 rushing touchdowns. I just want to work on my mental part of the game and just keep leading my team to get better.”

Alexander has been working with his team during the offseason by both lifting weights and running as well as building chemistry with his receivers.

“Hitting the weight room definitely and every day after school I’ve been throwing with my guys, working on our timing and just making sure the routes are crisp and just getting ready for spring ball.”

The 6’3 205 pound prospect has a number of schools contacting him at the moment.

“Miami, USF, UCF, Washington, Northwestern, Texas and Penn State.”

Alexander’s lone offer comes from the Hurricanes and he spoke a little bit about his interest in them.

“I like them a lot, when I went down there coach (Jethro) Franklin and coach (Al) Golden seem like great dudes. I have a great relationship with coach Franklin, we talk every week and I spoke with him last night and I told him I’m going down on the 25th to see the campus and everything.”

The Lakeland Christian product speaks mostly with coach Franklin and has a tremendous amount of respect for the defensive line coach.

“He’s a great guy, he’s a great father figure and he’s a guy I can imagine being around for my four college years.”

Miami has made quite the impression on Alexander as they have made his top list of schools.

“I would say Miami, Auburn and UCF.”

The Knights are the closer option for Alexander and he has built a relationship with offensive coordinator Charlie Taaffe.

“I have a good relationship with coach (Charlie) Taaffe and everything. I’m just gonna keep working on my game and worry about my team and everything will come.”

Whenever Alexander does end up making a decision, it looks like it will be done before the year ends because he plans on being an early enrollee.

“I plan on making my decision this summer or early in the season because I want to be a mid-year guy. Chemistry with coaches, the players and if it feels like home and Miami definitely feels like that.”



Per Thread Killa @ CIS and 247

Jacques Patrick update

Top 10: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, and UCF
On Alabama: Says Kiffin and Cristobal are recruiting him to Alabama. Says Cristobal tells him about the offensive line and tries to sell him on that. Cristobal told him that (running backs Kenyan) Drake and (T.J.) Yeldon are probably leaving after this year so they tell him that role is going to be ready for somebody to step in. They are trying to sell him on that
On Auburn: Says Auburn’s offense, the thing about that, is that they get their players into space. They allow their players to use their skills the best way that they can. He likes how they get their players into space, isolated and one-on-one. They spread everyone out so it isn’t always eight guys in the box. But they still run the ball, a lot
On Florida: Says he talks to (running backs) Coach (Brian) White all the time. He talked talked to him (Monday) night. He went up there and spoke to (head) Coach (Will) Muschamp during the junior day. They are still one of his top schools
On FSU: Says their situation at running back is pretty appealing. They are going to have (running back) Karlos (Williams) out of there after this year. They will still have (running back) Dalvin (Cook). They like bigger types of backs so that is good for him. That situation there is a good one where he can walk in and compete for time
On Miami: Says he talked to (running backs) Coach Hurlie (Brown) (Monday) night. It is like an everyday thing, him and Coach Hurlie talking. Says their relationship goes beyond football. Says they can talk about anything, life. Coach Hurlie is a really good guy. He likes the camp and the education that you can get there. It is a private university. He likes the city. They had a pretty decent season last year before (running back) Duke (Johnson) got hurt. When Duke leaves it is just going to be Joe (Joseph Yearby) down there so they are going to need somebody to step in
On Michigan: Says his brother (Javonte Seabury) signed with Western Michigan. He likes Michigan a lot. It is like a family environment. (Head) Coach (Brady) Hoke is a family guy. Everything there blows you away, from the stadium to the facilities to the strength coach, the guy you are going to be around most of the time. He just fell in love with it
On Ohio State: Says he likes Coach Urban Meyer a lot, (running backs) Coach (Stan) Drayton. He has a good relationship with those guys. With Coach Meyer, he talks to me all the time on Twitter. He talks to Coach Drayton a lot too. So it is just the relationship with Coach Meyer and Coach Drayton
On Texas: Says he likes (the new staff) a lot. When (former head coach) Mack Brown was there, they were kind of acting funny with offering kids. When Mack Brown was there, he doesn't think they really recruited outside their state. But (former defensive coordinator) Coach (Manny) Diaz came over to see him and got him on the phone with (former running backs) Coach (Larry) Porter and they were telling me that they were going to offer him. Then Mack Brown stepped down and Texas got pushed to the side. Then (new head) Coach (Charlie) Strong got the job and he really wants him to come be a part of the program at Texas
On UCF: Says they are the hometown team. Plus, his running backs coach went there. He is not persuading him to go there, but he went there and knows all of the guys there pretty well. So it helps him have a good relationship with all of those guys that offered him
Says Florida State, Miami, and definitely Florida are recruiting him the hardest
Plans on announcing in October


Also from Thread Killa..


Alleged STA insider on Noles247 claims Devante Peete is all Canes right now, while Damon Arnette and Sam Bruce are heavy FSU leans



Not trying to imply anything, but speaking of Ryan Fines...has UM ever won a NC, withOUT one of those toughass, nasty, dirty white guys on the DLine...ala Kevin Fagan, Matt Walters & SOUP?


Miami now officially has five 3-Star commits. Four are from the "State of Miami". I fully expect Spence to end up a 4-Star and perhaps Feder too... but with limited room we need to start snatching up the elite guys now.


### Here’s another: Philbin must identify players who like him enough to tell him the truth about what’s going on in his locker-room. A UM player said he believed Al Golden had an offensive lineman on the 2013 team who would tip him off when something was amiss.

Former UM assistant Don Soldinger said if Jimmy Johnson wanted locker-room insight, he could summon Alonzo Highsmith, among others, “and Alonzo would give it to him straight, wouldn’t hide anything.”





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