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February 17, 2014





@UnderwoodSports: Emonee Spence finally got a 247 rating. 84.67. 3-star. Fair assessment.

Posted by: Go Canes | February 16, 2014 at 11:24 AM

Kid will be a legit 4-Star when its all said and done. The SFE exposure and camps etc, his stock will rise.


Me 3


It's going to interesting for our little brothers up north...



From Ariz :

DT Quentez Johnson caught off guard by Miami offer
Miami fans have lamented over the defensive tackle position over the past few recruiting cycles, but after a solid haul in 2014, things seems to be looking up. Interior line talent does not look to be a strength in South Florida this year, so Miami will be looking out of area for the 2015 cycle.

Last week, Jethro Franklin offered Quentez Johnson (6-3, 310) from Cedar Grove High School in Georgia.

“The defensive line coach followed me on Twitter and coaches follow me everyday so I didn’t think anything of it, but then he DM’d me and said they wanted me to be a Hurricane and I was like ‘whoa’. Then the Head Coach Al Golden came right in behind him,” said Johnson.

Two days after the Miami offer, Johnson tweeted, “So far this #Miami offer was my happiest one lol like bro its Miami.” The Georgia product explained what he meant by the message.

“It’s just that it's Miami. I don’t know, it’s just the Hurricanes. It was a big offer to me and it came out of nowhere. I’ve been getting offers, but not prestigious ones with history like Miami.”

How would Johnson describe himself as a player?

“I have good hands, which is what coaches love about me and I just do what I’m told and make plays. I’m great stopping the run, but I’d say I have better pass rushing ability than most defensive tackles.”

The recruiting process has picked up quicker than he had expected.

“I knew it was going to come sooner or later, but not this soon. I was thinking sometime in the spring, but not during winter break.”

Johnson mentions Alabama, Clemson, and South Carolina as other schools he has high interest in, but says that he is willing to move away from the South.

“It’s just going to be about who wants me the most. Distance won’t be a factor for me and I want to meet new people anyways.”

The versatile defensive tackle says he won’t be hung up on scheme when choosing a school.

“I’m a smart player so I can adjust. It really doesn’t matter.”

Johnson added that he will “of course” be seriously considering Miami and he is planning to visit over the summer. He also cited “academics, playing time, and loyalty of coaches” as factors that will play a part in his decision.


From Ariz :

2015 CB Davante Davis waiting on Miami
One of the breakout stars of the 2013 high school football season was Homestead’s Davante Davis. The 2015 corner bursted onto the scene last year, intercepting Sean white twice in a nationally televised game. The 6-2, 185-pound CB has since transferred to Booker T. Washington.

“It’s like a family. I though it was going to be harder, but it’s been easy. I used to live in Overtown, so it’s really not any different. I’m trying to win a championship,” said Davis.

Heading into last season, Davis played a lot of tight end and receiver, but made the full-time switch to cornerback and it seems to have been the right move.

“I’m very comfortable there (at corner) now. I’m physical and most receivers don’t like that. I plan on staying at corner. Growing up, I played both sides of the ball and on defense I played almost every position.”

Davis holds one offer from FAU right now, but that looks like it will be changing soon.

“UM always comes around. Florida State and UCF came down. I’ve talked to Alabama and Coach (Mario) Cristobal a few times. I’ve talked to Coach (Lamar) Thomas from Louisville too.”

Although he seems to have interest in the hometown Canes, Davis is a little confused as to why they have not turned up the heat on him.

“I don’t know about them because every time they come around it’s only like a handshake. They always talk about bringing in the hometown kids, but if they take forever to offer then you lose their interest in them. I haven’t been to any of their events because they haven’t invited me.”

Davis is very familiar with Miami linebackers coach Micheal Barrow, a Homestead product.

“Micheal Barrow and Coach (Brennan) Carroll are always coming around Booker T and they were always at Homestead for Lane. It’s a pretty good vibe from Barrow because he always seems excited to see me and I had surgery on my shoulder so he asks me about that.”

What is Davis looking to work on over this offseason?

“I just want to be more of a shutdown corner. I don't want many balls caught on me.”

Davante Davis junior season highlights - http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/349775...ghts/112828376


Lurker just shows up to try to kill conversation. It's his routine here.

Posted by: The Dude | February 16, 2014 at 05:49 PM


Posted by: SOUP | February 16, 2014 at 07:54 PM

This is simply not true. I'm just stating what my beliefs are based on things we all know. I'm not trying to shut anybody down. The financial and logistic obstacles are insurmountable until someone shows me how the school can afford a stadium with a minimum of 45,000 seats, that has luxury boxes, and sufficient parking, etc

The only realistic opportunity that makes sense, is if the Marlins ever leave, and that depends on how much it would cost to reconfigure the stadium. But I could see that making sense. The rest doesn't.

Can you imagine that? After all the taxpayer money that was spent on the Marlins stadium, them leaving? There would be lawsuits flying. I don't think they'd do it, but who knows.


I wonder how much it would cost to leave Sun Life before the lease is up.. that could also lead to lawsuits.


Lurker...in general I agree with U about the stadium: NOT gonna happen unless the Marlins leave in the next 10-20 years and UM returns triumphantly to the OB site.


One last little word of advice on bear safety:

"Never ever, hike alone. Because remember, U don't have to outrun the bear, just your friends!"


“The Class of 2014 is exceptional,” Mastrole said. “This coming year will be very good as well, but I think what is ahead in 2016 down here has the chance to be very special.”

Here is a look at the six established South Florida quarterbacks who figure to make the most impact in 2014:

• Maurice Alexander, 5-10, 170, Miami Booker T. Washington: There are few who have a gift like this former Homestead signal-caller. His speed, arm strength and overall athletic ability separate him from the competition. This is an athlete who fell into the right position with the defending national champions.

• Tucker Beirne, 6-2, 235, Miami Columbus: If you watched him this past season, you could tell a lot about his growth and maturity. Has caught up to the speed of this game after coming from Colorado two years ago. He will be a huge factor this year.

• Torrance Gibson, 6-4, 210, Plantation American Heritage: If we learned one thing from watching this gifted prospect the past two years, he might be the best athlete in the country — at any position. He’s a big-time prospect who just seems to get better all the time.

• Hilton Joseph, 5-10, 170, North Miami: There are very few who will move the chains like this athletic and productive prospect who threw for more than 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns in his first season playing the position full time. A true run/pass player who has the chance to be very special.

• Ryan Stanley, 6-3, 200, Pembroke Pines Flanagan: Has taken more quality varsity snaps than any returning quarterback — coupled with the fact that he is capable of playing at another level makes this a prospect that everyone will be watching again this season.

• Deundre Pickett-White, 6-1, 180, Southwest Miami: His speed, athleticism and ability to make plays anywhere on the field has colleges watching and appreciating what he has meant to the Eagles.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/15/3938592_larry-blustein-quarterback-class.html#storylink=cpy

Old Skool

The attorneys for Jameis' accuser are in the catbird seat. You know the lawsuit's coming. They can drop the bomb when it'll do the most damage: right before a bowl game, at the Heisman awards or sit and bide their time until draft day. Then it could be a matter of asking. What's it worth to you to not be served on draft day? at the Heisman awards? etc. You know they'll be press and fanfare that goes with it.

Old Skool

After reading the prospect analysis above. I wonder why is the words 'special' used only to describe exceptional athletes and retarded kids.


No pictures of a famous Cane blogger being attacked by a bear? J/K. Good stuff as always, Soup!


No pictures of a famous Cane blogger being attacked by a bear? J/K. Good stuff as always, Soup!

Posted by: j.w. | February 17, 2014 at 10:07 AM

Danny Boy Cane???


This week’s NFL Combine will be important for UM's Seantrel Henderson after drawing mixed reviews at the Senior Bowl.

"Great in practice, awful in interviews," said one NFL scout who met with him at the Senior Bowl. "He couldn't draw up formations. He just doesn't get it. Not very alert or aware. But he did very well in one-on-one drills and someone will take a shot at him in the second or third round."


Florida City is a little agricultural burg about as far south as you can go in Miami-Dade County. You drop any farther on the map and you’re probably headed to Key West. That makes Florida City about halfway to paradise, although it hasn’t always felt like that to the town’s police chief.

In Pedro “Pete” Taylor’s office you can’t miss the framed photograph of a Miami Hurricanes safety making a tackle against the Florida Gators, or the red and gold-painted football sent by the Washington Redskins.

Sean Taylor was killed a little over six years ago, at age 24, in a burglary gone terribly wrong. He’d be 30 today, likely still an NFL star. The football writers would be starting to wonder if he had a chance to make the Hall of Fame. He was that good.

The media tends to remember the notable dead only on major anniversaries. This isn’t one. To the loved ones, though, the remembering doesn’t wait for special occasions; it never stops. The pain changes, but it never quite stops, either.

Sean’s daughter was an infant when her father was shot and died the next day. Now she is 7. Pete Taylor still calls her “Baby Jackie,” as if time stopped and froze on Nov. 27, 2007.

Sean was as Miami as you get. Born here, went to Gulliver Prep and starred for the Canes before becoming a first-round draft pick of the Redskins. One night changed all that. Now he is buried near his Palmetto Bay home off Old Cutler Road.

Two months ago Pete sat in a Miami courtroom and heard his son’s convicted killer, Eric Rivera, Jr., sentenced to 57 years in prison. Three others still await trial. It took six years, but justice has finally begun to arrive to play its role in that mysterious and sometimes elusive thing called healing.

Of all the people to lose their son in a violent crime, a police chief! You’re inclined to imagine that would only make it worse, then you realize it already is as awful as it can get.

“There’s never going to be any closure,” Pete Taylor had said just before the sentencing. “I respect the fact that God makes no mistakes. But at the same time, there won’t ever be closure because it’s so big and my heart’s too big. When you lose something that big, it really leaves a pit inside you.”

But, two months later, “It does bring some closure,” Taylor said Wednesday, of the verdict. “This was devastating to both families. The pain of just not being able to talk to your child won’t go away. It’s still hard to even fathom me burying a kid. You should never have to bury a child. But He gave us some great years with Sean. That helps put your mind at rest.”

It was right around the time of the verdict and sentencing that, unexpectedly, Pete would be given another opportunity to continue his healing, to fill that pit. Time heals, maybe counseling helps and the legal system plays its part.

Now it turns out football might, too.

Two months ago the promoter/owner of the fledgling Ultimate Indoor Football League approached Taylor about coaching a new Miami team – about getting back to the sport that was his strongest bond with oldest son.

“Sean would be happy for me,” Pete said Wednesday.

Fittingly the Miami Inferno have arranged to play home games on the UM campus, in the basketball arena, catty-corner to the football practice field where Sean Taylor learned to be a star.

Will the team and league make it? The skeptic in me has serious doubts. The UIFL is a regional semipro league whose brief history has been wrought by instability. The league website as of Wednesday listed only three teams in addition to Miami: In Austin and Corpus Christi, Tex., and in Fort Myers.

And yet the season is scheduled to open for Miami at home on May 25. The team website is www.miamiinferno.com and the first of three open tryouts is scheduled Feb. 22 at Florida City Park.

Pete Taylor is not skeptical, he is excited. He coached Sean in Pop Warner and has coached football into the high-school level but this is bigger. He envisions a grass-roots, community-oriented team.

“Maybe superstars in high school who didn’t have the grades [for college] but did have the ability,” he said. “Or kids that played in college but didn’t have the ability to play in the pros. This is a small step of community bridging. Maybe the players can catch some people’s eyes while playing in front of fans they already know.”

Taylor wants to give second chances. Wants to offer hope.

“I always liked to teach kids,” he said. “Coaching means imparting wisdom to young men, becoming a father figure to them. Right follows right all day long. I want players to be a part of what Sean came through and what it took to get Sean to where he was. They’ll hear it first hand. We can touch lives.”

It isn’t far-fetched that Sean’s example would continue to inspire. It already has, and does.

Newly minted Super Bowl champion Kam Chancellor, the Seattle Seahawks safety, spoke of honing his craft by studying film of Taylor. Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson, 14 when Taylor was shot, so looked up to Sean that he wore his photo inside his helmet along with the words: “When It’s All You Have, It’s No Longer Just A Game.”

Now the father who helped inspire Sean Taylor hopes to keep passing that inspiration forward.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/02/13/3930899/greg-cote-new-coaching-gig-part.html#storylink=cpy


Posted by: UMike | February 17, 2014 at 10:46 AM
Pulling for him, hope he puts it together. A lot of money to be made if he does.


<<<<< Really Believes 30 is D'Nofrio and Go is Golden....



Chris Freet ‏@ChrisFreet 10m

Small Ball College Baseball era produces 2014 opening wknd where 17 of top 25 teams AND 6 of the top 10 teams LOST a game.

Go Canes

Good friend of mine who's pretty well connected told me the QB at Heritage is an absolute freak but can't hit the broad side of a barn throwing the ball.

Said he is as raw as raw can be but has great upside.


Where are those pictures from? That black bear is humongous, looks like double the size of most black bears.

Go Canes

@mattyports: #Canes spring sked is out. Prax closed to public, but 3 scrimmages open: 3/29 (noon), 4/4 (6 p.m.) at UM & 4/12 spring game (6, Sun Life).


So Torrance Gibson who is a legit 4/5 Star QB "can't hit the broad side of a barn" haha.. good one...He completed almost 60% of his passes last year and had 19 td's to only 3 ints. He is #49 in the Rivals top 100 as a QB, not an athlete, and has offers for just about every big school in the country. Im going to go out on a limb and say coaches from Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Florida, Clemson, FSU, ND, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, LSU, OK, Ole Miss OSU etc believe he can hit his WR's.


Posted by: Go Canes | February 17, 2014 at 11:31 AM

(in my UMike Blogging)


Stop Lying on Your Friends...



Posted by: Go Canes | February 17, 2014 at 11:31 AM

(in my UMike blogging speak)


Stop Lying on Your Friends...That's Not Cool


Go Canes

Why on earth would I lie to anyone about anything?

Whatever man. Keep thinking what you think and I'll just post what I hear if I believe it to be credible.

Go Canes

I've been told he is dominant physically but very erratic throwing from the pocket and on the run.

I'm not saying he's not an elite prospect , he obviously is. But he's far from polished.

Go Canes

Btw he's playing wide receiver for his 7 on 7 team, not QB.

That shows what an incredible athlete he is.


Go Canes if I posted that same info you would be the first one to attack me saying how I know nothing and I know just as much as the rest of us... or ask me some BS like "are you a coach" etc... but now all of a sudden you "know a guy" hahahaha.. well your buddy might be off a bit. Im not saying you lying, not at all, but your "source" is wrong on this one


We all know the athlete he is, he could be a 4-Star WR if he wanted to.. kid is a beast

Go Canes

Ok if you say so.

Because heaven forbid a kid who's played QB exactly one season is erratic with his accuracy.


Posted by: Go Canes | February 17, 2014 at 12:30 PM


And I will keep debunking your shenanigans..since U like catchy phrases here is one that fits Torrance Gibson "Trending Up" sound familiar?

RCCF12%trending......patiently waiting for "Flying Around"


Go Canes.. its not so much about the kid as you acting like you have a source. You cant give me shyt about my opinions and say that I dont know anything, that I have know inside information and that I know just as much as everyone here etc etc.... then a week later act like you got some inside information. if you're going to act like you "know a guy" at least know one with real info


have no inside***

Go Canes

What exactly are you debunking by posting that?

And what shenanigans are you so knowingly saving everyone from?


Does this "well connected" guy have any info on Sony, Mcfadden, mcKenzie or Cerenord? Cause we have talked about those names a TON and nothing was ever said about this guy... but now you got a source haha.. Im moving along.. as SOUP would say, nothing to see here


well I typed it but typepad so No...

GoCanes bottomline U are a Golden Homer and that is fine..but to be blind to facts and to spew inside info with no merit is like Cmon Son....Why??

RCCF..."Flying Around"

Go Canes

Ok UMike I don't know anyone.

Just woke up this morning and decided to make up something about some quarterback out of the blue.

It is absolutely impossible to trust the opinion of someone you know about one specific player, while others here seem to know everything about 50 different players or a kid they've never had a conversation about with anyone.


Go Canes

And there it is.

I did all of this because I'm a golden homer.

Now that one makes perfect sense.


GoCanes tho you do know that your info would be taken with a grain of salt as you are well.......spotty? and I am not jabbing but most of us have been here since the Omar BrownBag days from leaving tht PaperBlog so the info we read is not refuted because these guys have given GREAT info for years...then all of a sudden when the dust storm comes to town on Golden you and tht other blogger pop up and we have Golden Cheerleaders its like WhaaaaaaaaaaT...like I posted many times you bring life to the blog its just your ideologies are off the wall..

RCCF12%...."Hitting With Bad Intention"

orange 'n green in the vein

Watching a willfully ignorant apologist get exposed as the know nothing they are =


Thankfully, Twitter won't go uncopied or pasted after Alverage Slogan and his incompetent college roommate got blown the fuck out in the bowl game to lower himself back to .500 as a coach where he'll remain until he's dismissed from UM in a year though thanks to his bravery of exposing his uselessness to the conversation here.

Still not in blue either three months later . . .

Go Canes

I don't talk ideology on here ever, other than to say this staff deserves time to succeed or fail on an even playing field.

Yes, that is truly off the wall talk.


GoCanes they have had time to show and prove...they took an above average Defense and made it WORST by all means...now if you continue to ignore the fact that the Defense was light years better when he received the keys then you are not only fooling yourself but you are being just flatout silly....numbers and all have proved you wrong but yet you still scream give more time...more time for what Swiss Cheese...NO THANK U....Miami is not a SwissCheese sit back and let it happen type of Defensive Team and if you can't digg that my friend I can't help ya.. (and I knw U won't digg it)..

RCCF"no Swiss Cheese"

orange 'n green in the vein

Ah, a trip down memory lane except somebody gets exposed as yet another example of dripping hypocrisy;

"Tony I know that and so does anyone else looking at this program objectively.

I never bring up Randy until I see posts like OGVs that are so slanted it should be answered with an equally slanted position.

Posted by: Go Canes | January 11, 2014 at 09:41 AM"

Remember, he NEVER brings up Randy until he sees posts that reference facts about the difference in the coaching records between Alverage and Randy, which makes this tough to explain now;

"Good to see CaneRock starting our day off with a completely off the wall comment.

So just for fun...

What "Goldenite" says we should be ashamed of our past?

Isn't he the one who undid all of Randy's efforts to distance the program from it's history?

Posted by: Go Canes | January 14, 2014 at 08:01 AM"

Or, how about this, again, no mention of the person they NEVER mention, unless you state the blowout loss to Duke and related stats first, which didn't happen here either (edited for brevity and to remove Alverage Slogan apologies for getting blown out by Duke amongst other average programs):

"(. . .)

True recollection, of which you have none, will show Shannon agreed to recruit only one QB, Teddy Bridgewater.

(. . .)

Shannon put all his eggs in the Bridgewater basket. When he got canned and he decommmited, we were left with two QBs on the roster and 90 days until signing day.

Not everything stated is done so to defend Golden. (. . .)

Posted by: Go Canes | January 21, 2014 at 11:39 AM"

Here's a bonus round, because Valentine is laughing at this one big time as well as the EE that couldn't get in and took off for UF on the class, maybe Ohio should offer some prediction pointers for next year to up the percentage correct and lower the level of ignorance on display;

"There is no way last year's class late defections could have been predicted.

From Ice Harris on the radio to Randy Shannon to Alex Collins' coach, that class was sabotaged late and from multiple angles.

I don't expect anything like that this season.

Posted by: Go Canes | January 31, 2014 at 11:52 AM"

New blog, who's going to mention the person they NEVER mention unless prompted by Duke blowout loss comparison statistics, you know it Canespacer's, if the conversation turns to getting a competent coach, set your blog watches to chime in on it in 3, 2, 1 . . .;

"If all they wanted was seven wins and seven wins, why did they fire Randy?

They were getting both of those things from him weren't they?

Posted by: Go Canes | February 02, 2014 at 03:24 PM"

And now that the topic they NEVER bring up has been brought up first by someone that isn't them, won't they stop beating a buried horse? Of course not, Alverage Slogan apologists aren't wired that way:

"Yes DJ, a 25 year veteran Herald reporter quoting a person in the innermost circle of Miami's athletics is the same thing as an anonymous guy who knows some kid whose cousin's nephew is maybe being recruited by UM.

That comment is up there with the whole we ate $3 million of Randy's contract so we can hire another coach who speaks better but will give us the same results.

Posted by: Go Canes | February 03, 2014 at 09:05 AM"

That doesn't include the copy/paste TL;DR other message board apology for the .500 coach in the lead up to signing day that just had to be re-posted here that mentioned the NEVER mentioned person unless provoked by the outlandish comparison of how many times Duke blew UM out and who was on the sidelines as the time and the very interesting fact that the coach they NEVER bring up was given four years to coach a football team before he was replaced by a worse coach with more experience who started in an infinitely easier conference alignment for the team he was coaching. Man, you only get that kind of hard hitting analysis one place in the Hurricane blogging arena.

Couldn't even go a week without letting that agenda slip through, now got smoked like a Alverage Slogan coached football team taking the field against a team that will lose four or less games out of 13 by some long time loyal Canespacer's, too funny today.


Who ever keeps saying a 40 to 55k stadium wouldn't work doesn't get it. Blake James even said that a smaller stadium would be ideal for UM. Avg attendance for non big games is a little over 40k. That's sold not showing up. Than once a year you get a big home game that you can sell 75k plus. So you need a bigger stadium for one game a year? James said it best. A smaller stadium would mean a decrease in supply which in turn means you can raise ticket prices and for the huge game really raise them and you'd still sell them. Also your stadium now is sold out for every game which on tv looks great to recruits. Lurker what are you talking about. This is coming from a season ticket holder of 7 years so I go to the games. The economics of it I don't get, really? This deal if done would hinge on the cost on breaking their lease. The story already said UM wouldn't pay top build it, just to play in it which UM is already doing with Sun life. What is there not to get? Again not saying this will happen but to me as a season ticket holder I would love for this to happen.


The only bad thing depending on where the site is would be tailgating would all but be died and that sucks. But man what a strong selling point on tv packed stadium off the bay with that view I'm in.


Posted by: pbcfrcane13 | February 17, 2014 at 01:53 PM
It would be hard for UM to leave "money on the table" by cutting the number of seats available. Tho your comment about supply and demand with a smaller stadium is def legit, as a season ticket holder, I would hate for prices to be raised.


PBCFR13...the issue is that there is a BIG difference between a 40K seat stadium and a 55K seat stadium. U can NOT lump them together, they are simply not the same thing.

A 55-60K seat place would prolly work, anything under 50K is a non-starter.


I would to again I don't think it will happen I'm just saying it's not as crazy as people are making it seem

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