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February 08, 2014






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TonyCane...your research is beyond compare.

Thank U!

Go Canes

Great stuff Tony, thanks.

dj moonbat

When we get back to the point where I don't have to sweat the Duke game, I'll start worrying about catching up with FSU.


Great article.you make an excellent point about FSUs roster cap and impending exodus of talent to the draft. However, I am not encouraged by the fact we have to look to/rely upon such an exodus before we can expect to overthrow them. We should be able to just look at our roster/talent, say it's loaded, and should be enough to get the job done. This is another reminder of how far off we are and the crap Golden was expected to win with. The good news is this program is on an uptrend, and I think he can get it done. And I do believe of we are giving up 500 yds/gm again next year his boy is shown the door. Hopefully it doesn't come to that though.




Canes offensive coordinator James Coley, who has been a great asset in UM’s recruiting efforts, wasn't available to the general media on National Signing Day but shared some thoughts on this recruiting class with UM’s web site (hurricanesports.com):

### On quarterback additions Brad Kaaya and Malik Rosier: "Neither one of them ever said, ‘Well, the other guy is coming.’ And you get that a lot," Coley said. ‘Tell me about the other guy that’s coming.’ That says a lot about the guy that’s coming. Those guys never said that.”

Coley said "Kaaya is a guy early who didn’t have a lot of offers but we knew he was going to be a guy that would be the best in the country and would get a lot of attention.

"We went into Mobile and went after Malik Rosier. I know he was a special player. He had a lot of toughness and understands the game. He has the ability to run and be a threat running but he can throw the ball.

"Two tough guys who are big-time competitors,... who are extremely smart. You want them to come here as freshmen and walk in with a little swagger, a feeling of, 'I can play here.' I think we did that."

### On offensive linemen KC Dermott, Trevor Darling and Nick Linder: "We felt those three are guys that can come in and not only play right away,… but they can go from being guards to tackles and smart enough to play center. They are flexible. We went into Dade and felt we got the best, went into Broward and felt we got the best, went into Palm Beach and felt we got the best."

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/02/saturday-notes-coley-on-um-recruiting-class-dolphins-canes.html#storylink=cpy


By the way, UM slid to 12th in Rivals.com’s final recruiting rankings, compared with 10th for ESPN. Both are very good but would have been better if Travonte Valentine, Nigel Bethel, Brandon Powell and Reilly Gibbons hadn’t bolted.

What hurt UM in the rivals.com rankings was lack of four-star recruits (eight), compared with teams ahead of them, including FSU (13) and Florida (12). In Rivals.com’s top 18, only Clemson had fewer four-star recruits. UM had one five star recruit (Chad Thomas).

Overall, UM finished behind FSU (fourth) and UF (8th) in the Rivals rankings. But Miami was fifth among non-SEC schools, behind only Florida State, Ohio State, USC and Notre Dame, which is pretty impressive.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/02/saturday-notes-coley-on-um-recruiting-class-dolphins-canes.html#storylink=cpy


Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 9m

RT @ESPNNFL: WOW! 21 of the 53 players on the Super Bowl Champion @Seahawks active roster came into the NFL as undrafted free agents.

Explain that. Lol

VA Cane

21 of the 53 players on the Super Bowl Champion @Seahawks active roster came into the NFL as undrafted free agents.

This gives you a pretty good idea about the flawed star system. I could care less about stars; I look at a players fundamentals first combined with his unique talent. I look at and see a lot more kids than the average fan as I am not a fan...I am a coach. I teach, I instruct, I develop and I mold young men on the field and in life. You have to have the ability to see the basics, develop and instruct to add to and greatly improve on said skills, and see it through as far into the future as possible.

Honestly, looking at the kids we have had since 2003, too many of them have poor fundamentals and apathetical attitudes. Stance, footwork, block, tackle, use of hands, catching, throwing, angles of pursuit, explosiveness, aggression....and thinking. I see it in some degree but not in depth. Perhaps more telling is the desire to learn, to grow and get better.

This tells me things about the Coker/Shannon/Golden staffs....they get good kids, but very few well developed kids...the great ones are getting away and the good ones are not being developed. They either do not know how it is done or they know it and cannot teach how it is done. A lot of our all time greats in the league....Ray, Ed Reed, ST (RIP), Reggie Wayne...AJ, Frank Gore.....Vince....none were developed by these guys. Now Sam Shields
Jimmy G, Olsen are good.....but not even remotely in the category as the first group...not close....and they got better after leaving UM. You can sign all the 5 and 4 stars you want....but if they are limited fundamentally, or you cannot develop them further, and cannot motivate them to succeed.....you do not succeed. Want proof?

Look at the record since 03....how many titles have we won? 0. Howard, JJ Erickson (he really lived on JJs talent but that's another story...I did not like him) and Butch (great coach and recruiter) were leaders, put together great staffs that could recruit AND TEACH/DEVELOP GREAT PLAYERS....many of whom were not 4 or 5 stars!!!! Those guys won our NCs...and lost about 5 more....but were always in the hunt and did not make excuses.

Now you can give me all the excuses....as a coach I hear them all....more competition in and out of state, university standards, NCAA sanctions, Twitter, SEC money, texting, stadium.....add to the list I know someone will....but the bottom line is this Show me the record....wins losses......and TITLES of any kind

Clappy, Onionhead, and Al Pa got and are getting good kids now.....whats the record say? Howard, JJ, Erickson and Butch (he won the last title we earned, Clappy lost the next one be real)whats the record say? I rest guys.

Lombardi said chasing perfection impossible but catching excellence possible....Parcells...you are what your record says you are....we now are an average mediocre run of the mill program.....its a fact.

However, the sky is the limit and I hope we get there. I am not saying anything bad about anybody.....all are good people. I am doing just like Tony.....the facts speak for themselves. I want to win and it takes everything you got to do it consistently.

"The truth will set you free!".

-Aunt Esther Sanford and Son

Go Canes

Cane taking care of Cane:

@AdamSchefter: Colts announced they hired former Browns HC Rob Chudzinski as special assistant to the head coach.


Awesome article! The perfect storm is on the horizon and it will take 2014 by storm.
Go Canes


Now the with the 2014 Recruiting class behind us it’s time to change our focus to the upcoming 2014 Spring Game and Season. The debate over enough defensive talent or lack thereof has been beaten to death. Most Elite Freshman make some noise coming in and sometime go through a sophomore sump or injuries but by year 3 with the same coaching staff you’re the players should look like the players we hope they would be, so let’s focus on elite defensive recruits: 4*Deon Bush, 4*Anthony Chickillo, 5* Tracy Howard, 4* Tyriq McCord, 4* Jelani Hamilton, 4* Jermaine Grace, 4* Raphael Kirby, 4* Alquadin Muhammad, 4* Jamal Carter and 4* Artie Burns. With 10 players on the defensive side of the ball who are a 4* player or better per Rivals.com, should we expect a much improved defense in 2014 with a scheme that has been in place for 3 years? Al Golden stated that we’re trending upwards on defense, so why we are still last in the ACC in total defense for the second year in a row? It’s year 4 and it’s time for Al Golden defensive scheme and development of his players to speak for itself because if it doesn’t now, then when? If we’re still seeing more of the same in 2014 with the addition of 5* Chad Thomas, 4* Kiy Hester, 4* Anthony Moten, 4* Demetrius Jackson and various other 3* defensive recruits then Al’s philosophy/scheme has FAILED. Which such already bad track record from the past 3 years on the defense, 2014 will hold the key for future Elite defensive South FL recruits. If the “total defense” doesn’t start trending upward you might as well bring back the NCAA cloud. IMHO I think Al is trying to implement the New England Patriots defense which is not a bad thing if you have the personal to run to it. It’s time to win and show what your defensive philosophy made of, GO CANEZ

VA Cane

I really do like AG.....I have no problem with him checking on PSU job.....the man went to school there and he's from that part of the country....I am sure his parents and wifes parents live there. He showed a lot of character by working through a tough time. If I had an opportunity (I do right now)to double my money as an appraiser, I would leave my current position yesterday....and if they offer I am going....been a tough 4 years. I would never want to hold anyone back if it betters them.

Coker was a very nice man...very kind. Randy was a very good man, came up against a lot of odds.....he did not like people or society very much....but I liked him.

It is very hard to get a good coach and keep him. JJ was destined to move on....however he still considers himself a Cane first. I look at guys like him and Howard......if they only made more of them if the middle word in life! Butch was pretty damn good, but hard to pin down as he developed 2 championship teams here....one lost due to no fault of him....but he never made it in the NFL and UNC was never a powerhouse so to speak. Good coach. Erickson.....yes he won but it was handed to him on a silver platter just like Coker......and he really never understood how to keep the ship on course.....very undisciplined....but he did win.

Its a tough job. Lombardi, Noll, Walsh, Belichick, Bryant, Parcells, Gibbs, Halas, Madden, JJ, Howard, Saban....they know how to coach, to get the best out of what they have. Carroll has done very well...Urban...I do not care for him but he recruits and he wins....no denying. The bottom line for me is you have to know what it takes to WIN. I hate losing...HATE it.

Vince said" winning isn't everything, wanting to win is the only thing". Earnhardt "when you finish second, you are just the first to lose".

You have to be able to convey, to teach winning. From a perfect stance to the most complex aspects of the 46D and the modern passing game, it has to start with you. You build a foundation on correct fundamental football....and you build it for a long time.....then you add the ornamentation. From an appraisers point of view.....a million dollar home is only as good as its foundation, cause it holds up all the fabulous array of color and ornamentation. Its how you build a dynasty, a legacy.

As a coach, I am nowhere near any of the great I mentioned....all I have mentioned...every one. I will say that my kids are fundamentally sound, learn my way and execute it, do as they are told and succeed in life. I try to convey the lessons we learn on the field to the HUGE game off the field that is much harder. My kids have won a lot of games and titles...both on and off the field. They did it so 100% credit to them. I am proud to say I coached them....and I think I did a pretty good job teaching....and I am not finished my lifes work by far. These are just my opinions; if I got a toe or two please forgive me...and I apologize for the length I was just thinking aloud...


BTW...I wanted to make a comment about all of the GREAT blogging on Canespace lately. Many have contributed and I am really proud of that. At the same time we ALL have to be careful about the personal attacks which have NO place here on Da Space.

It is entirely possible to state your case and make your point without having to discredit another's point of view. In fact I would offer that if the only way U can make your point is to discredit another then your position is weak.

If your argument cannot stand on it's own merits without having to bash another blogger then maybe U need to reconsider your position and make a more valid argument or gather more facts to support it?

The Canespace Way: Attack IDEAS, not each other! IJS


Grading what we got:

DT = B+
DE = B+
LB = C
S = B
CB = D+
QB = B+
RB = C+ (only because we didn't get more depth)
WR = C
TE = C
OL = B+

This concludes my evaluations.

Posted by: herbieibis | February 06, 2014 at 01:55 PM



Vacane no need to apologze everything you say followes what my sons heard while exceeding their physical ability with great effort @ age group coaching in Miami Lakes and then Cooper City high school one in football one in baseball & soccer.
Appreciate all "U" do
Fran in debary


The new stadium will get loud and crazy too, but the team has to perform better for people to want to go and see them.

Posted by: CGNC | February 07, 2014 at 07:03 PM

There IT is right there.

Posted by: SOUP | February 07, 2014 at 08:12 PM

Yeah was there for a night game we won against V-Tech - Sam Shields was on special teams then - it was LOUD!!!



• Jamal Adjamah, RB, Hialeah Mater Academy. If you told anyone when he was a freshman that this would be a player that would not be inking his name to a scholarship on NSD, nobody would ever believe it. Grades, talent and so much potential when he began at Southridge. If you watch him play, he still has everything he had before.


Dude on a Pale Horse


What if Gray gets in as a RB? Then would you like the depth at RB?



Nathan Kirchmier, OL, American Heritage – Plantation: Here is a very surprising NSD prospect without a place to land. If you’ve watched him perform, you understand that someone is missing out here. At 6-3, 300, he has plenty of size and athleticism. Won a state title this past year and has a 5.2 GPA. What are we waiting for, here?


Dude on a Pale Horse

It would be hard to give a good grade at RB and WR considering the talent pool in S. FL this year. We missed on some really talented guys.

Go Canes

If a consensus top 9-12 class gets a C average, I'd hate to see our GPA if had ranked 15-20.

Terrance Sullivan

Great stuff as always TonyCane. It's really puts things in perspective.

VA Cane

TY Fran, I appreciate your support. I love this site; it is the only place I have blogged on that you can talk about our Canes....and life. There are anxious moments....and I know I have stepped on toes more than once....but we do regulate ourselves fairly well....with the gracious help of The Boss.

I am 55 years old, and football has been a huge part of my life. Dad, Uncle Godfather all were pros....sadly I never made it....I was a Rohan wannabe....about 15 yrs too early...my first baby pic my Pop had a football in my hands. Fortunately for me my Dad was not a monster like Todd Marinovichs dad....I learned the fundamentals and skills...but school was always first. I guess I been at it for that long....well I started playing at 7....so 48 yrs....sadly I only played 11 years my career was over at 19...but 36 years of coaching has been grand....and I can say that my KIDS have been the ones who have achieved mightily; (Together Everyone Achieves Mightily)I have been very blessed by The Almighty to have been along for the ride....its been wonderful.

This place is so great; each person contributes to our TEAM.....and while I err and slip up with my words...everyone welcomes me and allows me to speak. You do not find that in life very often....hence I am grateful to each of you for being part of my CS family. Blog on wonderful people!!!!


I hope Gray qualifies because he is a beast. Graycan play RB, and can play right away and contribute. I saw him play against the best, and he cannot be stopped.


Mine based on what we GOT not who didn't come:

DT = B+
DE = A (the 2 Booker T guys make this an A)
LB = B
S = B+
CB = C (only one with suspect speed)
QB = A (only for Kaaya) Its astounding to me we go to Bama and get a 3* with NO SEC offers and we don't offer 4* Winky Flowers from Jackson. We also screw up the recruitment of Treon
RB = A+ (got a 5* nuff said)
WR = B
TE = B-
OL = A (the three best in the tri-county area)


As far as the grades for the positions, I would agree with TJL.

We had positions at DT, OL, LB that needed to be addressed, we did. The guys that wanted to be here, I like. Grade on meeting needs A-.

Lots of guys can contribute early in ST or as backups. Quality guys that can be starters in the future.

Overall grade for class : B++


You do not find that in life very often...hence I am grateful to each of you for being part of my CS family. Blog on wonderful people!!!!

Posted by: VA Cane | February 08, 2014 at 01:39 PM

There IT is right there.

VA Cane

I think you guys have the grades pretty close....what may interest me more than grades/stars is who will be able to come in and contribute immediately and will there be a change in O/D scheming.....to an aggressive attack mode (vs the Charmin ass wipe mode u soft) that will allow young talent to contribute.....we brought in good talent....but can we refine and sharpen their fundamentals and fit them into a dynamic attack and get positive contributions resulting in major success? We will see


Thanks for the comments, all.

Whatever ranking the player has, each one needs to come in and play to their maximum potential. Looking back at Bridgewater for instance, he was an (upper) 5 star player, yet came in ranked as a 4-star quarterback. And Manziel I believe had a 3-star ranking.


I must say I feel waaaaaaaaaaaay better about our LB play even before they have touched the field…I really believe that they make HUGE strides and what is so wrong with putting DP52 in the middle besides height he is the smartest LB we have why not take advantage of it?

DL- I am thinking Chick permanently moves inside bulks a little more and the additions will help I still think maybe one OL may need to flip to DL…

DB- Did a GREAT job adding kids here way2go CANES
Offense didn't need a grade because well they are not the issue if Seattle's SB win proved nothing it proved that DEFENSE is what U need the Offense will shine in short positioning via DEFENSE…

small steps I mean I feel we are getting better but it starts with being honest with the deficiencies of the coaches and kids…put kids in position to win nothing else..if the 3-4 (swiss cheese) doesn't work Hey Genius the 4-3 wasn't broke…

12%Bus is ready to ride Optimism over All Love Winning Expect No Loses…

also shameless plug Esquire Network Friday Night Tykes GREAT show… I pick the NE Colts to take it all..(all the winning teams mock the U)..


Go Canes

@mattyports: #Canes (11-12, 2-8 ACC) have lost seven games by five points or less.


Go...IMHO Larranaga is working miracles just to keep this team in the games until the end with a chance to win.

Go Canes

@OS_Recruiting: Orlando Lake Nona WR Deondre Farrier gets offer from #Miami #Canes #UM

Go Canes

Agree 100%. He's one of the best.



Posted by: SOUP | February 08, 2014 at 12:54 PM


IMO - giving out grades now is like giving a student a grade on a homework assignment before they turn it in. I will give my grades AFTER they have put some work in.


I am not confident we will get terrence gibson. He would have to wait three years before he would play. For this reason I think uf, fsu, or osu would be more attractive. Hope im wrong.


IMO - giving out grades now is like giving a student a grade on a homework assignment before they turn it in. I will give my grades AFTER they have put some work in.

Posted by: raizecane | February 08, 2014 at 05:22 PM



On another note...ya'll don't think it's funny that Buffalo ended up with Khalil Mack, and we ended up with Jimmy Gaines...


If Torrance Gibson doesn't go to UM or OSU, he's heading to Auburn.


2015 QB Nick Tiano offered


Nick Tiano, Tenn, 6-5 228

We're his first offer.


From CIS:

2015 DE Russell Ude

2015 4* SDE Russell Ude from Georgia is planning on visiting Miami soon according to Rivals.

"Miami has been showing a whole lot of love lately," Ude said. "Coach Al Golden is handling my recruiting along with Coach Franklin and they're staying on me every day. I hear from at least one of them every day."

Article: http://miami.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1607516
Film: YouTube Video:

Looks like he plays in an odd front in high school. I saw him at the 3, 5 and he stood up a few times. I would imagine with the lack of big bodies in South Florida in 2015 we are going to have to recruit nationally for our d-line.


Tony cane

how does our stars match up against duke, vt, and Louisville?



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