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March 17, 2014


Terrance Sullivan

Four of the Greatest Days of my life were had with 2 of the greatest guys in the world. Canespace rules.


Duce & nice pics

F'the Turds!


Yeah baby!


Streeter to the Buc's


The Herb has to share this story of my one and only time, I saw the Canes play at the OB, I believe it was in 2004 against FSU, in which the game went into overtime, the first thing that happened is a Hurricane postponed the game from Labor Day to a Friday night, so we had to change our flight dates. Then when we got to our motel, the dam thing was closed because of supposed Hurricane damage. I didn't mention they didn't notify us that they were closed. They left a note on the door telling us to go to another motel but gave no directions. We started asking people where this motel was but of course nobody spoken any English. It took us an hour to find the dam place. It was around 12 before we finally got everything taken care of ( midnight). The next day comes and we are going to the University, so we ask the people at the hotel the quickest way to get there and you would of thought we had asked a foreign question. Finally we got someone to give us directions, so we headed off from South Beach, after an hour of driving, I told My girlfriend this can't be right we're going North, so we stopped and asked someone at a gas station and once again they acted like I was asking a foreign question and I said the "U" and this big shyt eating grin came over his face and he said Cee, I know where the "U" is so once we got the directions, guess where this moron sent us, To Florida FFing International. To almost wrap this saga up, once we finally got to "U" it was 4:00, I ran into the university store for about 20 minutes, picked Miami gear up and headed to the OB. We left at 11:00 and it took us 5 hours, when it should of taken us 20 minutes. The last bit of this story, only gets better, we started looking for a grocery store to get beer, but for some reason Miami has grocery stores, like no where! We finally find one, get the beer, finally find a place to park, in little Havana start making up for lost time pounding beer and get to the stadium and Lo and behold The Herb eyes light up, they sell beer inside the stadium, what a sight!
I had great seats the game sucked for the most part but the worst part, my girl friend got a little tipsy and needed to go the bath room about the middle of the 3RD qt. 30 minutes went by and I went to look for her and she was leaning against a post, tore up. They're was about 3 minutes to go in the game and we threw an interception and I said we're done, so I take her back to the car. We were parked about 700 yds from the stadium and about 3/4 of the way there I heard a big roar and I asked some dude in his car what happened and he said we scored and we were going to OT. I hurried up and got her drunk ass to the car, ran drunk all the way back to the stadium and to cap this shyt day off, they wouldn't let me back in. Naturally we won the game and I didn't get to see the finish. All that way, and didn't get a chance to see the campus and didn't see the end of the game, what a bummer.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Wow herb, that's quite a sh!tty story. My only game at the OB was West Virginia in '03... I think it was '03, Winslow's catch. Just drove to the game with my Dad and drove home after. I never did get to see another. I moved to Idaho in '05. Saw the last bowl win in Boise and that's it.


LMAO! @ HI! Trust me dawg, I feel ya' on the language part. No offense to Latinos, but even as a born-n-raised Miamian, that crap pi$$e$ me off! I remember going to a parts store, to get something for my car. I go to the front counter, and ask the clerk where can I find such-n-such...and she looks at me, like I offended her by SPEAKING ENGLISH! So she gets another guy to help me, and whaddya know, He looked at me, like I offended him by SPEAKING ENGLISH! I had to go all the way to BACK! of the damn store, before I found somebody that could SPEAK ENGLISH! PHUCKIN' MIAMI! man, but I still LOVE IT! LMAO!


Funny, a year ago A LOT of folks were calling D Jax a project. Then he has a monster year and BOOM!!!

When Allen Hurns signed he was a "project" 3 star, P. Dorsett 3 star and so on, and so on....

Stars are just projections some come through and some don't. Let's not consider anything a "waste" and trust the coahing evalutions.


Posted by: Da U N Houston | March 17, 2014 at 04:27 PM

While I agree with the idea of this post, I think you are comparing apples and oranges in regards to the players mentioned. I actually remember many thinking D. Jackson was a gem. The coaches got to see him up close and personal, not just tape. They had Ice Harris's endorsement, plus he is a local kid and a products of Liberty City Optimist up until High School.

To me, 3-Stars are not "project players", at least not the majority of them. Hurns was a 3-Star, but not a project. He is a local kid coaches got to see up close. He had offers from Ole Miss, WVU,, UCF, Pitt etc. Same with PD4. NO WAY was PD4 considered a project. He played on a powerhouse STA team and had offers from everyone including Clemson, UGA, Florida, OSU, ND etc etc. Comparing those guys to a JUCO guy whose only legit offer seems to be from Alabama State or a kid whose only offers where from UAB and Weber State, isnt fair.

I do think a guy many considered a project player was O. Pierre. And Im not against the idea of hidden gems, but my beef is with the limited amount of numbers we need talent, not just bodies.


As long as Miami wins some games this year, 2015 should be a GREAT class.

Looks like you fellas had a great time.


Winter Haven to Daytona Beach.


Terrance Sullivan

2014 Goals must win ACC Coastal, Win Bowl Game, and win 10 games. UMike it was a blast bruh.


TSully...if those things dont happen, I bet "the cloud" will be to blame haha.. the "young" excuse will be in full effect. Hopefully it doesnt come to that.


After 11 days off, the Hurricanes are back in action at 9 a.m. Tuesday with spring football practice session No. 5 at Greentree Field behind the Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence.

For any of you not working tomorrow, remember that the practices are open to the public from beginning to end.

Unfortunately, the first two scrimmages (March 29th and April 4th) are closed to the public. The spring game, which is open, is at 6 p.m. April 12 at Sun Life Stadium.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2014/03/football-back-in-action-tuesday-morning-at-greentree-baseball-drops-12-spots-in-rankings.html#storylink=cpy



2015 Miramar (Fla.) wide receiver Kahlil Lewis had two goals while at the Miami NFTC on sunday. The 1st was to try and garner an invite to The Opening and the other was to gage where his body was at following an injury.

“I’m trying to get to The Opening, I’m trying to see where my body is at because I just had problems with my hips, just trying to get back 100%. The main goal though is to get to The Opening.”

Lewis was one of the many Miramar prospects out on the field on Sunday and it speaks to the high caliber team that the Patriots are ready to show this year.

“It shows that our school produces great players like Geno (Smith), Stedman Bailey and all of the rest.”

The 5’11 179 pound receiver made an early pledge to the West Virginia mountaineers, but is still in contact with a handful of schools.

“If I had to rate my commitment from 1 to 10, I’d say it’s a 7. I’m hearing from UCF, Syracuse, I like Clemson and Miami is one too.”

The ‘Canes have been pressing hard for Lewis as of late by bringing him on campus as well as staying in contact.

“I like the hometown, I like the swag. They tell me I’ll be a difference maker and that they need me.”

The Miramar product was in Coral Gables for the ‘Canes Junior day and enjoyed the great environment.

“It was great, first time on campus. It’s a great view and they have the new student center. I like how you can focus on school and graduate.”

As far as when a final decision will be hammered out, Lewis is looking to take his time all the way down until Signing Day.




More Tito...

2016 Fort Pierce Central (Fla.) offensive linemen Stewart Reese may not be a very popular name as of now, but he’s hard to miss in person.

Reese, who stands at 6’6 315 pounds, was at the Miami NFTC on sunday looking to compete and show off his skills.

“I’m trying to get a feel for where I’m at amongst the other linemen in the state of Florida because you never know what’s out there and I’m just trying to prepare the best way I know how.”

During the offseason, Reese has been doing a plethora of other activities such as working out with his own football coaches and he plans to hit some camps.

“Training with my football coaches in the offseason, I’m gonna hit a few camps. No camps in specific, but just football camps.”

The 2016 monster offensive linemen is hearing from three schools at the moment, but is excited to hear from more.

“FSU, Miami and FAU.”

All schools stand even for the Fort Pierce Central product as of now, but went into detail on what he likes about both Florida State and Miami.

“Florida State, as everybody knows they did win the BCS championship. Other than that I had some family members that went there, but I really don’t know much about them.”

“Miami, I know somebody that goes there. They did pretty good this year; ranked in the top 10.”

Reese doesn’t have any visits booked for either school soon, but he does plan on seeing both schools in the future.

Playing time will play big into Reese’s decision as he understands how valuable it is in today’s football world.

“I’m trying to look for playing time because you never can go any farther than that if you don’t play and second I’m looking for the best place that fits my personality and also the best place that has the best athletics as well as academics.”




HAHAHA.... saw this on CIS... its E. Lane and Chad Wilson going back and forth...

Ermon Lane lll ‏@_MoneyLane 4h
@Lammons_1 the only cornerback that ever gave me a challenge when I was actually going forreal ... Watch he do numbers at the next level

Chad Wilson ‏@GridironStuds 3h
@_MoneyLane So FSU is getting a player that doesn't go hard in games, combines & competitive situations? I know that @TravisRudolph5 does!

Ermon Lane lll ‏@_MoneyLane 2h
@GridironStuds did I say that ? #fallback

Chad Wilson ‏@GridironStuds 2h
@_MoneyLane no clearly I said it #deleteyourtwitter

Ermon Lane lll ‏@_MoneyLane 23m
Grown people hating BUT ion really care tho 😂

Chad Wilson ‏@GridironStuds 18m
Youngsters acting like babies but want be treated like grown men. Start being accountable for what you say. #SinceWeSubtweetingNow


From Thread Kila @ CIS and 247...

Tim Irvin update

Ran a 4.62 40 and a 4.21 shuttle at the recent NFTC held at American Heritage
Notable claimed offers: Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio St., LSU, Alabama, Clemson, USCw
Says Miami is coming after him real, real hard
Says Golden is a good guy and they talk almost everyday
Says Miami is showing him the most attention
Says the attention means a lot to him and his family that the hometown school is after him hard
Says the coaches tell him he can be the Duke Johnson of this class
Says they tell him he can be a good safety and help the defense
Says the players tell him there is no place like Miami and it's great to play for your hometown
On Miami: Says it's the hometown...says he likes the environment and the atmosphere...says the coaches are real cool
Clemson and USCw recently offered and both schools want him to visit this summer
Planning on visits over the summer
Says he's looking at the environment, the culture, and the weather
Says he plans on taking his time with his decision, after he takes his summer visits then he'll see


haha... I seen a Vine of this on Twitter and had no clue it was Freddie Booth-Llyod...



^^^ Thats a DT running the 2nd leg of his High Schools 4x100 team.


Lol, the goofiest looking recruit in years. Athletic kid tho, and quick.


That is true Ohio... very odd looking.. and shaped lol


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 20m

I've never seen Greentree look this nice. #Canes pic.twitter.com/B4jlvEZy19

Go Canes

Christy Chirinos‏@ChristyChirinos·2m
Some of today's black jerseys on D: Denzel Perryman, Olsen Pierre, Tracy Howard, Raphael Kirby, and Alex Figueroa


Freddie Booth's a hybrid...1/2 DT, 1/2 LB. But I concur, He has quite the unique build. Also, I thought He committed to some school in Louisiana, didn't know He was going to Temple...


He was a Tulane committ


RT @mattyports Gotta say, Kevin Olsen looks great. In 11-on-11, play-action strike, 20-yds over the middle with lots of zip


Seeing as to how Bruce & Cronkite didn't make The Opening, what exactly are the criteria to make The Opening...


@JDotLeezy: First team LBs are Perryman, Kirby, and Figs? Pardon me while i swoon

@JDotLeezy: That would be 6'3" 242, 6'1" 235, and 6'0" 242 at linebacker.


CR... I think they knew ahead of time they were only selecting 8 kids


TG needs work as a passer:

Torrance Gibson wants to be recruited only at quarterback: Florida athlete planning visits



TG isnt the most polished passer in the world, but every school will recruit him as a QB. He said when schools talk to him about playing WR "it goes in one ear and out the other" lol

Go Canes

Matt Porter‏@mattyports·11 mins
Gotta say, Kevin Olsen looks great. In 11-on-11, play-action strike, 20-yds over the middle with lots of zip.


Here's to hoping that our combined 18ft 700lbs LB can read and react.


TG isnt the most polished passer in the world, but every school will recruit him as a QB. He said when schools talk to him about playing WR "it goes in one ear and out the other" lol

Posted by: UMike | March 18, 2014 at 10:35 AM

No he's not. Needs a lot of work. But man, this kid at WR... He'd be an All-American at that position. We'll see how his arm develops over this coming season.


Yea, he actually looks more natural at WR. But with a good QB coach, or in the right offense his talent will blossom.


Here's to hoping that our combined 18ft 700lbs LB can read and react.

Posted by: trianglecane | March 18, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Or cover a TE


Maybe the trending up was meant to be the weight


I like the speed those LB's should bring, will be a good improvement.


Maybe the trending up was meant to be the weight

Posted by: jsy | March 18, 2014 at 10:59 AM

I think that since we had become accustom to giving up 40 or more, giving up only 36 to Louisville was an improvement, so we were trending up :)

VA Cane

I think I'll crash the gates and see if I might be allowed to help with the Defense? Couldnt hurt....I would enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully Kirby can put it together this season.


If Im not mistaken, isnt Kirby suppose to be pretty fast?


Kirby will be an improvement in talent and speed from Gaines. Can he read and adjust the D as a MLB? We'll see. I actually thought Gaines did a decent job at that last year.


Gaines was painfully slow though, he must be doing ok if they leave Perryman at the outside spot.


Ohio_Cane, I agree, Gaines was a smart ILB. But MAN! that Duke game though...SHEEZ! LMAO!


Like I said, Kirby will be an improvement in speed and talent. As long as his head is right, he'll be a big step up


I love our LB's if Kirby can make quick and correct adjustments. Figs and Perryman will reek havoc.


If Kirby and Figs live up to the hype, could be the best LB group we have had in a while


I thought DP52 was moved back to the inside? did something change?



triangle... I just meant he is not in the middle anymore

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