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March 02, 2014







12% for life!

Terrance Sullivan

I am so looking forward to doing the Live Canespace Report from Tallahassee as our Lady Canes tennis team plays FSU. Thanks Soup for the awesome coverage of Canes sports. U rule.

Terrance Sullivan

On April 11th. These Ladies rock.




Thanks Soup for the awesome coverage of Canes sports. U rule.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | March 02, 2014 at 10:26 PM

This is TRUE.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Duke Johnson!


Cane basketball under Coach L will become the most successful Canes team sport over the next decade.

This current transitional team which, offensively, is mediocre to poor - has overachieved to a ridiculous degree under L's leadership. He has coached around the teams weaknesses and made them competitive in almost every game.

6 ACC road wins? Are you kidding me? I thought they'd get one win in the conference if they were lucky.

Posted by: Rand Stevens | March 02, 2014 at 02:46 PM

Great point.

Our B-Ball team just can not manufacture the points. I think Manu will be much improved, he is very young and his body will devolop and his game will develop with it. We have a big time scorer who is only getting better coming next year.

Tucker is fast but whoever thinks he has the talent of Adrian Peterson is on crack.


When we were at the UM baseball game and met a few members of the women's tennis team they were beautiful, graceful and friendly.

Terrance Sullivan

Well said Soup. I second your statement.


Walter Tucker RB/DE



Tucker is fast but whoever thinks he has the talent of Adrian Peterson is on crack.

Posted by: Hassan | March 02, 2014 at 11:01 PM

Hey, lol, that was me.

Tucker is about the same height, weight, and is as fast as AP was his sophomore year.


Would have been top 10 but a plug-in app wasn't working! Happy weekend, Canes Fans.




UM defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio sits inside his cocoon, focused solely on improving his unit while ignoring searing criticism from fans and former Hurricanes players.

Over the past three months, D'Onofrio has been subjected to scathing attacks from Warren Sapp, Eric Winston and Duane Starks, and subtle shots from others, including former cornerback Phillip Buchanon.

Buchanon thanked Sapp for ripping D'Onofrio on Twitter and then tweeted: "The truth about Al Folden."

D'Onofrio said Saturday he hadn't known about any of this. He said he wasn't aware any of these players had said anything about him.

"I'm not going to worry about that," he said. "The guys in the building understand what we're doing. I can only worry about coaching the guys here and trying to get them to execute at a higher level."

To refresh, here's what the former UM standouts have said:

### Sapp: "The D coordinator is killing my school. That looks like no Miami defense in the history of our school... Don't talk to me about Al Golden and whatever the d-coordinator's name is. You don't ever hire someone you can't fire. That's the golden rule."

### Starks: “Miami is being outcoached [defensively] every week. They’re predictable. There’s no disguising. It’s embarrassing. I would get rid of some people. If you can’t coach good talent, there’s a problem.”

### Winston said D’Onofrio’s “scheme is brutal. Too bland, too vanilla. No imagination on his part.”

He said UM’s defense looks unprepared and “I don’t think it’s completely a personnel problem. There are some X’s and O’s things that aren’t smart. Al better be willing to ride or die with the guy. You will get to a point where your assistants will take you down. It upsets a lot of people knowing how close [friends] they are. If [D’Onofrio] was a hell of a coach, nobody would care. That’s not the case.”

Do Golden and UM athletic director Blake James dismiss this D’Onofrio criticism from former players as irrelevant or does it genuinely both them? They answered this way:

### Golden: "They played here. They have a right to say what they want to say. But at the same time, we've had a lot of coaches and players here that have been through a very difficult period. I know they are passionate about the program and the defense, but we are equally as passionate."

### James: “We all want our team to continue to improve in all phases… I love the passion that our former student athletes have for their program and at the same time recognize no one wants to play championship football more than our coaches and current student athletes.”

Keep in mind D’Onofrio is running the system Golden wants. And Golden remains committed to that system and to D’Onofrio, who said Saturday that UM will run both a 4-3 and 3-4 this season. Linebacker Denzel Perryman said UM "may change a little something" in its defensive approach but "I don't think it's going to be anything major."

Some former and current Hurricanes praise D'Onofrio publicly and privately, saying they’re well prepared and that he’s not responsible for the avalanche of defensive breakdowns over the past two seasons.

But some players wish D'Onofrio would play more man-to-man defense, blitz more and be more receptive to player suggestions.

Some Board of Trustees members are unhappy with D’Onofrio, according to a high-ranking trustee, but the UM administration never asked Golden to consider replacing him. A person who has coached on UM’s staff during D’Onofrio’s tenure said he believes D’Onofrio’s system should be simplified.

Give D’Onofrio credit for being more creative and bold in the Russell Athletic Bowl, including a blitz from Deon Bush that resulted in a safety. But UM still allowed 554 yards in a 36-9 loss to Louisville.

And despite a strong start, UM finished in the bottom half of the country in every key statistical category in 2013: 65th of 123 teams in scoring defense (26.8), 77th in run defense (176 yards per game), 88th in third-down conversion defense (31.9 percent success rate for opposing offenses, 45 percent in the final month), 89th in total defense (426.4 yards per game), 90th in pass defense (249.8), and 108th in fourth-down conversion defense (14 of 21 successful).

Former UM assistant coach Don Soldinger said he sees nothing wrong with D’Onofrio’s system. What bothers him is this: “You don’t see guys swarming to the football. Guys are hesitant. Sometimes, they’re not taking the right angles. I question if the effort was there for all 11 guys. Al will fix it; I think the guy is special.”

But Soldinger said “criticism that will come after this year or next will be justified” because these are Golden’s players.

Said former UM center Brett Romberg: “Seeing the same mistakes and not being able to correct it is 100 percent coaching. Either [D’Onofrio] needs to adjust or he needs to go.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/03/criticism-from-standouts-follows-donofrio-dolphins-heat-marlins-chatter.html#storylink=cpy


Hurricanes linebacker Denzel Perryman was tying his cleats Saturday as he walked outside to Greentree Field. He gazed at the open green palette on which he mastered his craft the past three years, looked around at his “guys,’’ and said he realized right then, “I made the best decision.’’

The first-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference linebacker, a third-round NFL Draft projection had he chosen to leave early, instead decided to return for his senior year and get his degree in hopes of giving his fiancée and baby daughter a more secure future.

Sunday, his fiancée Cassie Stuart and their nearly 4-month-old daughter Ella Grace came to UM’s second spring practice to watch their favorite Miami Hurricane.

“He needed to get his degree,” Stuart said. “I’m happy he made that decision.’’

UM coach Al Golden, defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio and Perryman’s teammates were no doubt ecstatic when Perryman announced his decision.

How much will it help the program having him back?

“A ton,’’ D’Onofrio said.

“A lot,’’ said linebacker/rush end Tyriq McCord, who compared Perryman’s effect on UM to LeBron James’ effect on the Miami Heat. “He’s very vocal. When he comes out on the field his presence is known. He changes the game just by being there. He makes everybody else better around him.’’

Perryman, who was already a chiseled, physical specimen last season, is bulging with muscles these days and has built himself up into a 6-0, 245-pounder.

It used to be that coaches played him at weak-side when he was 208 pounds because they wanted to protect him, said Golden, but his size has warranted a move to middle linebacker. In the middle, Golden said, “it’s hard to say this, but his tackling production will probably go up even more. He’ll be able to venture sideline to sideline.

“He won’t be in the boundary as much in the pass game. He’ll be in the middle of the field and hopefully be the recipient of some tipped balls. He’s got great vision and breaks.’’

Last year Perryman started all 13 games on the outside and led the team with 108 tackles, including five for losses and 1 ½ sacks. He had one forced fumble.

Former Hurricane star linebacker Jonathan Vilma, an unrestricted free agent who last played with the New Orleans Saints, came to practice Sunday and lauded Perryman’s decision.

“He’s a phenomenal talent big, strong and fast,’’ said Vilma, who also played four years in college. “It’s great for the younger guys to see a talent like Denzel stay for his senior year so they understand that it’s not just about how fast you can get to the NFL. It’s about everything — being a better student, better individual and better player.’’

Perryman said he wants to improve his pass coverage “and taking on linemen,’’ and that he and defensive end Anthony Chickillo, who also chose to return, are convinced this year will be special.

“Our attitudes coming back were like, ‘This is the year. There’s no room for errors,’’ Perryman said. “Some of the young guys feel the same way.’’

Perryman became a father in November and knows he’s playing for more than himself. He said he talked to his UM adviser on Friday and by altering his schedule a bit he can earn his degree in criminal justice in December.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/03/3970228/staying-at-the-university-of-miami.html#storylink=cpy



**This edition of The Work will be centered around the 7-on-7 event that I attended yesterday. Florida Fire, Team Strong Arm, Baller Nation (Palm Beach), and Glades Central were amongst the teams playing and it was stacked with talent. Here are some players who caught my eye.

**2016 Carol City WR Steven Newbold is one of the most exciting prospects I’ve seen in a while. A few people I spoke to at the event compared him to Stacy Coley and I wouldn’t say that is far off. He’s not as tall as Coley yet, but has the same fluidity and smoothness that makes it seem like he is toying with defenders. He also plays with the same nonchalant attitude that many people berated Coley for when he was in high school. Looks like he will grow a couple more inches and is about 5-10 right now. I will have a full story on him this week, but he says that Miami and Nebraska are already in contact with him.

**2017 Royal Palm Beach QB Toddy Centeio will be a highly recognized name by the middle of this season. The young quarterback has a huge arm, solid build, and very good athleticism for the position. His throwing motion can use some tweaking, but he is next in line down here.
Highlights - http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2985649/toddy-centeio

**2016 Northeast WR Binjiimen Victor is a freak. He is a long-strider at 6-4 and uses his body very well. He can go up and get the football ad then outrun his defender. High 4-star talent once he is evaluated. Miami offered last night.
Highlights - http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2936867/binjimen-victor

**Some people may view this as a ridiculous statement, but 2016 ATH Cavin Ridley might be better than his older brother Calvin, who is the #1 WR in the country for the 2015 class. Cavin is already bigger than Calvin and has not even hit the weight room. Not many people know about him because he did not play football last year, but he will be at Monarch this upcoming year. Can play receiver or safety, but many believe that running back is his best position, which is where he has dominated since optimist.

**I am a big fan of 2015 Glades Central ATH Jamarius Way’s potential. Way is about 6-4, 200-pounds and was playing receiver for his team on Saturday as he does during the season. He has freakishly long arms and is in the mold of an Alex Figueroa/Darrion Owens type once he gets in the weight room. Miami puts a high importance on length and they are aware of Way so he could be a target to be a camp offer.
Highlights - http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2751643/jamarius-way

**I won’t go on about how good Calvin Ridley and Shawn Burgess-Becker are because everyone knows about their ability, but I will share some notes that I gathered on them. Miami is still looking good with both, especially Ridley. Burgess-Becker still has the Canes up top (was wearing Miami shorts too), but he is not necessarily a lock. SBB was actually playing QB for the Fire for a game or two because he had a minor leg injury and could not run at 100%.

**2016 Champagnat Catholic QB Kato Nelson is starting to look the part of a big-time quarterback prospect. The question with Nelson has never been with his arm talent or athletic ability, but more with his size. Nelson is about 6-1 now and you can tell he has been hitting the weight room hard. He can fit throws into small windows and is well respected by his peers. West Virginia is close to offering him.

**2015 Fort Lauderdale WR/TE James Gardner is an intriguing prospect because of his size (6-5) and receiving ability. He is a mismatch problem for defensive backs and has the frame to add weight and block down the line. Cincinnati has offered the versatile player.

**The rich get richer. 2017 WR Clevan Thomas, Jr. (father played at Florida State) is now at Booker T. Washington after playing his freshman year at Jackson. Thomas will flourish in the Booker T. spread offense. Thomas is already a legitimate 5-10, 183 and is three years away from his graduating year. He will be a high 4-star, 5-star kid very soon.



Good morning folks, its gonna be a sunny 83 degrees in Central Florida today as I take Mrs Native and 5 of my grandchildren to the Strawberry Festival Parade and Fair.

SOUP yall need to blast over here and enjoy some shortcake and fair food and help me represent the U in a sea of Gators and Noles!

Lots of good Cane news and great blogging, have really enjoyed reading all your comments, special thanks to UMike, Ohio Cane and the rest of U guys that bring the info!



UMike, D'Mauri Jones is lookin' like 2014's "Spring Warrior".

Old Skool

Have fun at the fair Native. Watch out for those fried Snickers


CR.. I actually havent been keeping up with anything with Spring ball. But with out WR group, that sounds like a good choice lol..once the season comes around we wont hear his name.


No offense, but I'm still weak at the knees from the Lance Leggett/Andre Johnson comparison.

Never laughed so hard in my life.

Posted by: Lurker | March 01, 2014 at 07:02 PM


Lance "Duck' Leggett


Who made a Legget/Johnson comparison?


Looks like Punter Austin Barnard transferred to Samford. Kid has a huge leg. Wonder what happened.


Skreetz has been praising D'Mauri since he was a Senior in HS saying he's gonna ball out. Maybe he actually will grow into that this year. Would be nice to see it.


Another reason the Canes should be optimistic about the RB position is Trayon Gray, if he qualifies and is given an opportunity to play the position in the fall. I saw Trayon Gray play for Carol City several times this season, and he always seemed to find a way to make big plays against great competition. It may sound wild, but I find that he is comparable to Dalvin Cook in size and playmaking ability. He cuts and sees openings. I don't know Gray's 40 time, but when he gets in the open field, I have never seen anyone catch him from behind, whether it be Miami Central or Northwestern.


lol @ Skreetz....


Tucker is about the same height, weight, and is as fast as AP was his sophomore year.

Posted by: Lurker | March 02, 2014 at 11:37 PM

Tucker runs a 4.48 40 and is about a 10.6 guy in the 100M

He put on weight this past year but he has been timed as fast as 10.4 in the 100M and 4.39 in the 40

Peterson is a 4.3 guy in the 40 and ran a 10.33 100M

Tucker does have a great HT/WT/Speed combo. His track times are near elite and he is certainly nearly as fast as AD in a straight line, but he does not seem to have much wiggle, I would love to see his 3 cone times.


I dont care how fast Tucker is or his size, he aint no AP lol



Tucker and Burns have to be the best Hurdler teammates in the country.


Hassan... you taking offense to the Skreetz comment? lol


I agree about Tucker and Burns and the track though


Looks like Punter Austin Barnard transferred to Samford. Kid has a huge leg. Wonder what happened.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 03, 2014 at 09:33 AM

Garret Kidd was awarded a scholly, so that makes 1 less for the 2015 class... correct?


AQM & Harris are the only DE's listed on he current UM roster. Obviously that will change come Summer, thought it was interesting that everyone else was listed as "DL", not a single "DT".


Skool dude they have chocolate dipped bacon, doughnut hamburgers, and fried butter!?!?! One bite coronary!

Excited about all the positive news coming out of Greentree
Dude, that was some good video.

Dem Canes!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Have Fun Native. UMike Garrett Kidd was actually put on scholarship at the tail end of last regular season like say the Virginia game so his scholarship is already baked into the cake lol. So we will have about 12-15 scholarships s to offer. Great Blogging these last several days.


Brandon Odoi ‏@Brandon_Odoi 1m

And there's the #Boom moment we've been waiting for, Tim 'Ice' Harris heads back to the #Canes as Asst. Dir of FB Ops pic.twitter.com/VZ5NQ5wAE5


^^^ Sweet


Brandon Odoi ‏@Brandon_Odoi 1m

And there's the #Boom moment we've been waiting for, Tim 'Ice' Harris heads back to the #Canes as Asst. Dir of FB Ops pic.twitter.com/VZ5NQ5wAE5

Posted by: SOUP | March 03, 2014 at 10:35 AM

This is interesting. It will help us in recruiting.


Ohio... I agree.


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The head coach of the reigning high school football national champions is returning to the Miami Hurricanes football program.

Tim “Ice” Harris has resigned his post as head football coach at Booker T. Washington High School (Miami) to join Al Golden’s staff as Assistant Director of Football Operations. Harris will be the primary liaison with high school coaches. He will also assist in coordinating community service events for current student-athletes.

It is second stint as a member of the Miami football staff. He spent three seasons from 2008-10 as the assistant to the head coach, coordinating the football team’s community relations projects as well as assisting in other day-to-day operations of the football program.

Harris has more than 24 years of high school coaching experience and returns to Miami after a second successful stint as the head coach of Booker T. Washington (2003-07, 2011-13), where he compiled a 99-10 record in eight seasons. He was named Florida Dairy Farm Florida Coach of the Year in 2012 and 2013 after guiding Booker T. Washington to back-to-back Class 4A state championships. Booker T. Washington finished No. 1 in the final MaxPreps national football rankings.

He also led the Tornadoes to the 2007 Class 4A state championship and a No. 8 national ranking. Harris was named the 2007 USA TODAY National Coach of the Year, Miami Herald Coach of the Year and South Florida Touchdown Club Coach of the Year. He also earned 2003, 2004 and 2006 Florida Dairy Farm Coach of the Year honors.

Harris worked at Miami High School from 1986-96 where he coached wide receivers and served as the offensive coordinator. He served as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at Northwestern High School from 1997-98 and 2001-02. He was the offensive coordinator and assistant head coach at Miami Central High School from 1999-2000.

A native of Miami, Harris played three years as a defensive back at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis. He and his wife, Chonita, have two sons – Brandon and Tim Jr. The Harris family has Hurricane ties: Brandon is a member of the Houston Texans and Tim Jr. was an All-American and ACC champion for Miami’s men’s track and field team.

The University of Miami has launched the $7 million Football Victory Fund to address the most important needs of the football program. There are a variety of ways to contribute to the Football Victory Fund as well as to Hurricanes Athletics. For more information on how you can donate and details of the pending projects, please call the Hurricane Club at 305-284-6699 or visit umvictoryfund.com.


Glad 2 Ice is back. Golden finally starting 2 cook with grease.


"Harris will be the primary liaison with high school coaches."

Ok, I was wrong, this will REALLY help with recruiting.


Isn't Treon also his son?


Pete Ariz: This should just confirm that Ice was never pushing players away from Miami. This guy has built and maintained the top high school program in the country. Huge


Isn't Treon also his son?

Posted by: 30CINCO | March 03, 2014 at 10:47 AM



Isn't Treon also his son?

Posted by: 30CINCO | March 03, 2014 at 10:47 AM

This is why some of us felt good about Treon Harris coming to Miami for a little bit there... Ice to Miami rumors were started a while ago. 2 out of 3 Harris boys aint bad lol


Isn't Treon also his son?

Posted by: 30CINCO | March 03, 2014 at 10:47 AM


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 03, 2014 at 10:54 AM
That's what I thought. The article says he has 2 sons, Tim Jr and Brandon, no mention of Treon. Guess no turds allowed

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