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March 05, 2014


Terrance Sullivan

Tony I can dig it!



I see with those predictions, you have our defense actually holding most teams under 30. I guess DEno finally made got his point across.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I agree w/ SOUP Tony. You gotta get on the bus. Everyone get on the d@mn bus! I promise its better on the bus.

The Dude... 12% and riding that bus!!! Hahaha!!!

Old Skool

More Devin Hester info



I see plenty of gimmes and/or games we should win pretty comfortably on next year's schedule.

Looking forward to a great year next year.

Posted by: Go Canes | March 05, 2014 at 02:54 PM

Of course YOU do! haha... we have 4-5 gimmes max. I do think we will improve from a simple "addition by subtraction" situation, but this is not a team that is simple going to go dominate lesser talented teams. Havent you been watching the last years or more? lol Last year we lost to Duke and a BAD VT team.. in 2012 we lost to UNC and UVA, in 2011 we lost to UVA and BC, in 2010 we lost to UVA and South Florida, in 2009 we lost to UNC, in 2008 in we lost to UNC, GT and NC State, in 2007 we lost to UNC, GT, NC State and were embarrassed by UVA.

So while I think we will improve, this program has had a bad recent history of losing games it should win. They play down (or get out coached) to lesser teams. Maybe... just maybe this is the year we get over that hump, but Golden doesnt seem to have that killer instinct of old Cane coaches and it shows in his players.

Tony, I love what you bring to the blog, but 11-1 and holding just about about everyone under 30?? Aint happening. The D should improve, but IDK if we have the pieces yet to overcome D'Nos/Golden ignorance on that side of the ball haha

Last year I said this team could go anywhere from 8-4 to 12-0 since we had a soft schedule and anything can happen in rivalry games. Of course people jumped on me for it, asking "show me how we could lose 4 games"... and is the same reason as now, we always lose to a team we shouldnt. We have to get over that hump.


This year again could go 8-4 or 10-2. I do think we beat Louisville, but we go on the road to Lincoln and Blacksburg and have to still play FSU. Nebraska was 9-4 last year, so no gimme and its on the road. Cincy was 9-4 last year and wont be a gimme. We do catch a break with Ebron leaving UNC though.


If we go at least 9-3 and the D shows real improvement, I will get on the bus for the following season haha


### Ryan Williams remains the front-runner for the UM quarterback job, but Kevin Olsen is clearly improved from the player who seemed hesitant and erratic during a couple of early December practices that were open to the media.

“Kevin is savvy, playing with a lot more IQ,” offensive coordinator James Coley said. “If things break down, he knows where he’s going.”... UM has its fourth practice of the spring on Thursday, then goes on spring break.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


If we go at least 9-3 and the D shows real improvement, I will get on the bus for the following season haha

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 06:32 AM


If we match last years record, dont lose to a team we SHOULD beat like UVA, UNC etc and dont get blow out then we have improved... imo

Go Canes

I'm not adding by subtracting, though I do see superior athletes replacing every player who left on defense. I just see a steadier but less spectacular offense that will help keep an improving but incomplete defense.

We had a boom or bust offense that helped continuously expose our biggest weakness. I think that won't happen this season.

I also see wake forest, UNC, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech lost their starting qbs which is huge.


Go Canes...I agree with just about everything you just said (I know shocking)... but how can you say " I do see superior athletes replacing every player who left on defense" but NOT be adding by subtracting lol.... I do think the offense will be on the field longer, but if you're going to point out all those schools lose their QB's, you have to recognize we did also. But my problem is, this team plays down to less talented teams. We get out-coached by lesser teams and as a result we lose a game or two we had no business losing.



The line's average strength numbers took a jump up from last spring, going from a 409.1 squat to 439.1 and with the bench going from 355 to 366.7 pounds. The power clean was down on average, though, from 282.8 last spring to 271.4.

The individual results:

Ufomba Kamalu was very impressive in his first spring testing. He had a 545-pound squat, 342-pound power clean and 350-pound bench while having a 29.5-inch vertical.

Of Kamalu, Swasey said, "He's got more muscle mass but stayed lean throughout the process."

Corey King was also strong, putting up 515 pounds in the squat (from 430), 264 in the power clean (same as last spring) and 455 in the bench (from 430). His vertical went from 26.5 inches down to 22.5.

Olsen Pierre made nice gains (his bench went from 405 to 425, his power clean from 274 to 286 and his bench from 375 to 355; his vertical went from 25.5 to 23.5).

"He looks the part," Swasey said of Pierre. "He's not the strongest guy, but as far as leverage, knowing how to play, the whole point (of attack), he does a good job, is strong from that perspective."

Al-Quadin Muhammad had his first spring testing, and he put up 495 pounds in the squat, 257 in the power clean and 345 in the bench. He had a 29.5 vertical.

Anthony Chickillo only tested in the bench due to injury - he improved from 365 to 385 pounds.

Jelani Hamilton showed nice progress. He stayed the same in the squat at 405 but went from 225 to 264 in the power clean and from 345 to 365 in the bench. His vertical also jumped from 28 to 29.5 inches.

Earl Moore made some modest gains. His squat stayed at 525, his power clean went from 252 to 264 and his bench went from 365 to 385.

David Perry was up across the board. His squat went from 370 to 425, his bench from 335 to 345 and his power clean was up to 296 from 286.

Dwayne Hoilett stayed relatively flat in testing. His squat went from 405 to 400, his power clean stayed at 264 and his bench went from 320 to 315. He had a 34.5-inch vertical. Hoilett also lost two pounds spring to spring, weighing in at 228.

Freshman Trent Harris tested for the first time and was at 345 pounds in the squat, 264 in the power clean and 310 in the bench. He had a 26-inch vertical.

Fellow newcomer Calvin Heurtelou was at a 425-pound squat, 242-pound power clean and 425-pound bench while putting up a 25-inch vertical.

"Trent Harris more than Heurtelou (has work to do to get stronger), because Heurtelou is an older kid, already physical," Swasey said. "But the good thing is Trent is here. It's been real good."

Of the DL overall, Swasey said, "Muhammad, Kamalu, O.P. (Olsen Pierre) all those dudes are doing real good. That's a real solid group."


The linebacker group on average increased its power clean from 260.9 last spring to 271, and the bench went from 337 to 340 while the average squat went from 430 to 421.7.

Denzel Perryman is a major standout here.

Perryman tied the all-time record in squat at 600, which was set in 1985. He also tested at 308 in the power clean and 400 in the bench while putting up a 30-inch vertical. Last spring he had a 510 squat, 318 power clean and 425 bench with a 30.5 vertical.

Of Perryman bulking up to play inside, Swasey said, "It's just consistency over time. He came in 205, 210, now he's at about 245, 243. He's squatting 600 - his numbers are ridiculous. He's developed over time and he loves weight, training."

Tyriq McCord made one of the biggest jumps on the team, going from a 435-pound squat to 535. And his power clean went from 274 to 301 while his bench went from 330 to 350. On top of that his vertical improved from 35.5 inches to 37. And his body weight increased almost 10 pounds spring to spring, to close to 230 pounds.

Alex Figueroa also made some nice progress going from a 355-pound squat to 415, and his power clean went from 286 to 301 while his bench went from 310 to 325.

Raphael Kirby is also one of the strongest linebackers with a 535-pound squat (up from 500 last spring), 318-pound power clean (308 last year) and 365-pound bench (385 last year). His vertical went from 37 to 34.5.

Thurston Armbrister didn't test last year but this year had a 385 squat, 286 power clean and 315 bench along with a 31-inch vertical.

Jermaine Grace, in his first spring testing, had a 455-pound squat, 252-pound power clean and 380-pound bench while putting up a 32-inch vertical. He weighed in at 200 pounds.

"Jermaine Grace, we have to get him more size, lean mass," Swasey said. "He's definitely a strong kid who can run and play. We just want to make sure he's not undersized at that position. ... We have to continue to add weight on to him because he definitely has the total package."

Freshman Darrion Owens squatted 405 pounds with a 313-pound power clean and 350-pound bench along with a 30.5-inch vertical, and fellow newcomer Juwon Young had a 430-pound squat, 308-pound power clean and 370-pound bench along with a 33-inch vertical.

Of Young and Owens, Swasey said, "They're doing real good. Nice sized kids, long. We really got some good ones coming in."

Young is already among the top Canes in his position group.

"He's jumping in the mix, comes in a nice size kid, weighs about 239," Swasey said. "He has good weight, good size, some good strength."

* JaWand Blue did not test.


The averages here: The squat went from 367.7 last spring to 411.3 now and the average power clean went from 249.1 to 246 while the average bench went from 295.4 to 290.6.

The individual results:

Good news here is Deon Bush has put up big numbers coming off hernia surgery that bothered him throughout last season. Last spring Bush tested at 405 pounds in the squat, 264 in the power clean and had a 335-pound bench press.


He went up 90 pounds in the squat to 495 and had a 242-pound power clean and 345-pound bench press. He also had a vertical of 37.5 inches (he didn't test in that last spring).

"Bush is coming back and doing some great things," Swasey said. "e was a 435 squatter and now he's close to 500, is almost at the all-time record which is 500. (His vertical) shows you his explosive power. The things he's doing, he can really make a difference for us."

In his first spring testing Jamal Carter had a 475-pound squat, 301-pound power clean and 355-pound bench press with a 31.5-inch vertical.

"Jamal Carter I think is going to do real well," Swasey said. "He's strong, explosive. He's very strong. I'm real impressed with him."

Dallas Crawford went from 405 to 415 pounds in the squat and his power clean remained at 242 with his bench at 300. He has a 29.5-inch vertical.

Asked about Crawford's move to safety, Swasey said, "At the two spots you require the same body type. Just continue to develop his size and strength. I think he's going to be a great addition for us there."

Larry Hope had a nice jump up, going from 365 to 455 in the squat and from 257 to 264 in the power clean. His bench press went from 290 to 265 but his vertical improved from 29 to 33 inches.

"Larry Hope PR'd in the squats at 455 (for the position)," Swasey said. "He's really gotten a lot stronger. He's still kept a good lean size on him but got a lot stronger and is holding good weight which has enabled him to be in the hunt and help our depth even though we have a lot of guys in that spot."

Tracy Howard made decent gains across the board, going from a 355 to 385 squat along with a 242-pound power clean (up from 232) and 290-pound bench (up from 275). His vertical also improved from 28.5 to 30.5 inches.

Antonio Crawford went up from a 181-pound power clean to 220 and from 255 in the bench to 290.

Ray Lewis III, in his first spring testing, had a 450-pound squat, 220-pound power clean and 265-pound bench. He also has a 26.5-inch vertical.

Freshman Ryan Mayes had a 345-pound squat, 213-pound power clean, 225-pound bench press and verticalled 32 inches.

Nate Dortch only tested in the bench, going from 210 last spring to 235 pounds now, and the same held for Rayshawn Jenkins (he improved from 325 to 340 in the bench).

Corn Elder and Ladarius Gunter didn't test due to injury and Artie Burns didn't test because of track obligations.

"Artie Burns is doing two workouts - track and football at the same time, yet still competing at a high level in track," Swasey said. "Coming off an injury at the tail end of the season it's good to see him competing with track and running around, doing well."

Overall of the DB's Swasey said, "We want to be as fast, strong and powerful as we can, and all of them have continued to develop. Also putting on size, staying lean within our body composition and developing size and strength. They've done that, look good. They should be a real good group."


Matt Goudis is the only scholarship player here. And he made strides in the weight room with a 310-pound squat, 242-pound power clean and 240-pound bench press. Last spring Goudis put up a 295-pound squat, 232-pound power clean and 235-pound bench.

"I like Goudis as being Mr. Consistency," Swasey said. "He's a hard worker, great leader for us and does a great job."


Golden doesnt have the knowledge or killer instinct to just go out and demolish lesser teams. Even when we win against teams like UVA, UNC, Wake etc it is rarely a blow out. We should only have to worry about FSU year in and year out, some times VT. Miami should NEVER have to worry about UNC or Wake or freaking Duke!! lol


Jermaine Grace, in his first spring testing, had a 455-pound squat, 252-pound power clean and 380-pound bench while putting up a 32-inch vertical. He weighed in at 200 pounds.

I thought he came in at 200lbs lol... we need to get some size on that kid.


Great stuff Hassan

Go Canes

You might I would consider it addition by subtraction if I were saying anybody would be better than this guy or that guy that was here last year. But in the circumstances we definitely are adding better athletes, we just have to see if they can play at a higher level than the guys who were here before.


Go Canes... I understand that... but they really dont have to do much to play at a higher level than the guys before them lol... I mean I will always love every Cane, but it shouldn't take much for Carter, Bush, Hester etc to be better than Rogers and Highsmith or Grace, Kirby & Figs to be better than Gaines, Cain and Cornelius etc.


I got to admit, I would of liked to seen what Green could of done with a full healthy career here.


Grace was like 205 last year.....

He must he a hard gainer, he already is strong though give him that.



The averages were down across the board here from last spring, in large part due to Stephen Morris (292 power clean, 280 bench) departing.

The individual breakdown:

Ryan Williams' testing remained the same as last year in the squat (325) and bench (285), but his vertical made a nice jump up from 25.5 to 27.5.

"The body composition with Ryan Williams, you can tell he has a lot of overall size and strength," Swasey said. "His body looks the part. He has good size, good weight (228 pounds). He's looking good. The thing with him is continuing staying quick and sharp, overall be relatively strong pound for pound.

"He was at 236 (when he arrived at UM) and we had to change his body composition. Now he's looking real good. He's more leaner as far as body fat."

Kevin Olsen is in his first spring, and he tested at 315 in the squat, 208 in the power clean and 255 in the bench. He also showed off his athleticism with a 29-inch vertical.

"He's on schedule," Swasey said of Olsen. "Looking at his blood line (with Greg his brother) he's a guy that is definitely going to continue to develop. He'll be a nice-sized kid. He's at 206 (pounds)."

Swasey said Olsen's goal weight for the regular season is 210 pounds.

Gray Crow went from a 375 squat to 395 pounds, and his power clean improved 10 pounds to 230 while his bench went from 260 to 275.


Overall the backs position improved its averages nicely, from a 375-pound average in the squat last spring to 392.1 now and from 243.0 to 258.9 in the power clean and 311.3 to 315 in the bench press.

The individual numbers:

Duke Johnson was still able to test coming off injury, and overall he's ahead of where he was last spring. He tested at 405 in the squat (from 385 last spring), and his power clean went up from 248 to 269 while his bench went from 300 to 340 pounds. He had a 31-inch vertical after showing off at 36 inches last spring. He's also put on around 10 pounds since a year ago.

"Duke went up in his weight, is at about 205, 206," Swasey said. "He's already back around (pre-injury) numbers, so that's very encouraging. He's got his upper body strength back an everything else.

"What he has done is from Day 1 once he was cleared to do everything (post-injury) he worked his tail off throughout the bowl time and continued. He hasn't taken a lot of time off. Even when they are supposed to be off he wanted to keep working. It really has paid off for him and showed."

Swasey said that Johnson is using the time off this spring "to get as thick as he can and pad up and be ready to go."

Gus Edwards' first spring results were impressive: A 425-pound squat, 323-pound power clean and 300-pound bench. He also had a 33-inch vertical at 235 pounds.

"He can run a 4.5 (in the 40)," Swasey said.

Walter Tucker's first spring numbers were impressive. He had a 335-pound squat, 264 power clean and 330 bench. Tucker has run a 4.48 40.

"He's explosive, very powerful," Swasey said. "Him and Gus fall in that category of Najeh Davenport as far as speed (and being a bigger back). We're starting to look real good with depth and size (at tailback)."

Freshman Joseph Yearby is coming off injury, and he tested at 365 in the squat, 164 in the power clean and 260 in the bench.

"Duke is a little bit ahead of him (in the recovery from injury stage), but he's squatting, doing everything in here, just not all the running," Swasey said. "But he's on schedule, is strong."


Overall the wide receivers group had a big jump in one area - bench press, which went from 265.0 last spring to 280.9 now. The squat average went from 343.5 to 339.0, and the power clean went from 236.6 to 222.6 (Allen Hurns' departure and Phillip Dorsett not testing this spring hurt the numbers).

The individual number breakdown:

Stacy Coley's first spring testing was impressive - he had a 275 squat, 196 power clean and 225 bench while verticalling 31.5 inches.

"He's up, weighs about 185 now from 170 (when he arrived)," Swasey said.

Herb Waters went from a 335-pound squat to 345; his power clean went from 252 to 237; and his bench went from 265 to 295. His vertical made a nice jump from 33 to 35 inches.

"He's doing well," Swasey said. "We have a deep group (of receivers)."

D'Mauri Jones made nice increases spring to spring, going from a 335-pound squat to 375 pounds, moving up in the power clean from 210 to 247 and increasing his bench from 260 to 265. He also had a 30-inch vertical (29.5 last spring).

Rashawn Scott saw his squat go from 355 to 385, his power clean went down from 264 to 252, and his bench went from 305 to 265. He increased his vertical from 32 to 33 inches and he gained five pounds spring to spring.

"D'Mauri came on and Rashawn is doing real good," Swasey said.

Garrett Kidd impressed with a 345-pound squat (325 last spring), 220 power clean (213 last spring) and 215 bench (205 last spring). He also improved his vertical from 32 to 33.5 inches.

"Garrett is a 4.6 (in the 40)," Swasey said.

Freshman Braxton Berrios is injured and only tested in the bench (295).

Malcolm Lewis didn't test.

"It's a good group, for the most part a real good group," Swasey said of the receivers.

* Dorsett arrived at UM as a 168-pounder; he's topped out at 185 pounds but has now lost some weight competing in track.


The averages at this spot are about the same as a year ago (418.3 average squat last spring to 421.7 now; 276 power clean to 281.9 now; and a 342.2 bench average last year to 335.0 now).

The individual numbers:

One year in the system has made a big difference for Standish Dobard. He came in with a 315-pound squat; that's now up to 405. And his power clean went from 247 to 274 while his bench went from 310 to 320.

"He went up from 315 to 405, just ridiculous on his numbers," Swasey said.

Beau Sandland also made huge strides in the weight room. He saw his squat go from 350 to 415, and his power clean went from 264 to 308 while his bench jumped from 310 to 370. His vertical also went from 29 to 30.

Jake O'Donnell saw his squat go down 10 pounds (to 425) but he pushed up his power clean from 286 to 296 and his bench went from 315 to 325.

"Stan has been good, we're expecting good things out of Beau - it's been a lot of good development with those guys," Swasey said. "That's a good solid group."

Clive Walford didn't test due to injury.

"He's doing well (in recovery)," Swasey said.


The offensive line's average strength testing made a huge jump from last spring. In 2013 the average squat was 403.1; now it's 455.0. And the bench press average went from 367.7 to 377.5; the power clean decreased slightly, from 285.0 to 276.2.

Individual movers:

Jon Feliciano went up 50 pounds in the squat from last spring, to 485, and he went from a 337 to 364 power clean. His bench also made a big jump, from 355 to 405.

Ereck Flowers likewise made a big move up in a couple of categories, going from a 370 squat to 445 while improving his bench from 375 to 415. His power clean went from 252 to 230.

Danny Isidora saw his squat go up from 425 to 455; his power clean improved to 342 from 320 and his bench went up 20 pounds to 435.

Sunny Odogwu only tested in the bench, and that saw a huge improvement from last spring, jumping from 320 pounds to 395 pounds.

Taylor Gadbois only tested in the bench (395) and vertical (30) this spring - that's up from a 360 bench and 25.5 vertical last year. Gadbois had struggled with conditioning in the past but is doing well in that category now.

"Over time it's just confidence, repetition," Swasey said.

Freshman KC McDermott put up big numbers coming in with a 380-pound squat, 242-pound power clean and 355-pound bench while verticalling 21.5 inches. Fellow freshman Trevor Darling also showed his strength with a 365 squat, 242 power clean and 315 bench press. He also had a 22-inch vertical.

"They're some of the biggest (freshmen) we've had come through here," Swasey said of the two linemen. "With all the lifting, high school training, a lot of kids are coming in pretty developed."

Of the overall offensive line group, Swasey said, "They look solid. It's a good group. I'm real impressed."


Yea Hassan, I thought he was already around 200 when he came in. DP is a dam freak, hopefully teams think twice about sending the TE on the underneath route this year lol


It seems to be since Golden has taken over we have way less weight room freaks. he preaches size and strength but we only have a few guys overall that really impress me in the weight room.

Denzel, Bush, Jamal Carter is impressive, Grace for his size and darrion owens seemed good. McCord and Kamulu, that is about all the impressive weight room guys. Combine that with us not having a lot of elite speed on the roster it seems we have been shaped into a big ten school.


Hassan, it was probably because the cloud we were under, we lost all the fast guys haha


it seems we have been shaped into a big ten school.

Posted by: Hassan | March 06, 2014 at 08:04 AM

Meanwhile, FSU has shaped into Miami


What criteria has to be met in order to be considered a "weight room freak" ?

We have kids on the team that run in the 4.2 / 4.3 range and we don't have elite speed guys?


30... having a couple of kids that run in the 4.2/4.2 range doesnt mean we had elite speed as a team. I think that was Hassan's point.




I think our speed is getting better though, but as a team we do not have elite speed... imo


and is the same reason as now, we always lose to a team we shouldnt. We have to get over that hump.

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 06:16 AM

AGREE 100%.

To me this has been the MOST frustrating thing the last 5 years or so. Leaving Sun Life after losing to a junk team we were supposed to beat after spending around $500 is no way to spend a weekend.


30... having a couple of kids that run in the 4.2/4.2 range doesnt mean we had elite speed as a team. I think that was Hassan's point.

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 08:53 AM
By a couple do you mean 2? Because I am pretty sure we have more than 2 that have elite speed.

So if not 2, how many guys are needed to be considered "a lot" ? Who are we comparing this to?


If we go at least 9-3 and the D shows real improvement, I will get on the bus for the following season haha

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 06:32 AM

Fair enough.


WHOOPS! Forgot to go blue.


30.. we have more that 2 4.2/4.3 guys? And I dont think its about the numbers as much as the positions. For example, if your team had 5 sub 4-4 guys, but they are all in the secondary, then you have a secondary with elite speed, not a team with elite speed.

Go Canes

Come on, shaping us into a big 10 team?

I love this place and the different perspectives, but are we now accusing this staff of training guys in ways that make them slower?

And we don't have elite speed? Really?

A ton of it is 1-2 years in here but we have speed everywhere on this roster now.

Other than QB and o-line which don't matter as much, is there going to even one starter next year who isn't faster than the guy he's replacing?


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 5m

#UM #Canes DL David Perry quit the football team yesterday, per UM. He was listed as sr


How did I know Go Canes would come to the rescue haha... No one said the staff was training guys to be slower lol and NO, as a TEAM we do not have elite speed. We have some guys like PD4 and Burns, and a lot of fast guys, but overall we are not on par with FSU, Oregon, Bama etc in overall team speed. IMO


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 5m

#UM #Canes DL David Perry quit the football team yesterday, per UM. He was listed as sr

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 06, 2014 at 09:12 AM

YES!!! 1 more scholly lol


Dorset, Burns, Coley (4.4), Elder, few others I am missing. I know I said 4.2/4.3 but 4.4 aint no joke either. Just for comparison, Andre Johnson runs/ran in the 4.4's.


30,.. I am not saying we do not have some fast guys, or guys with elite speed... my opinion is we dont have elite speed as a team.


YES!!! 1 more scholly lol

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 09:13 AM

Lol, we're not losing anything by him quitting. ST player in 2011-12 and played in 1 game last year vs Sav St.


For example, the fastest guy in the backfield is the 4th string RB and perhaps he starting FB. So while we have great talent and quickness at the RB position, we dont have elite speed. We also dont have elite speed in the LB core like say and FSU or Alabama. I do think we have speed in the secondary, but not the starting CB's.


YES!!! 1 more scholly lol

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 09:13 AM

Lol, we're not losing anything by him quitting. ST player in 2011-12 and played in 1 game last year vs Sav St.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | March 06, 2014 at 09:27 AM

I guess since he was a senior we actually dont pick up another scholly for 2015... right?


I guess since he was a senior we actually dont pick up another scholly for 2015... right?

Posted by: UMike | March 06, 2014 at 09:29 AM

Correct, but could use another one on a new guy for this year. Spring, Summer, or Fall addition that Golden is looking for.


Ohio.. I was thinking that, could be used for a late addition.


Denzel's numbers are sick. Just imagine him with another year under Swasey, then at the NFL Combine.


LB.. I agree.

Who is all going to the FSU game? It falls on my bday so I think Im going to try and make it down.


Tracy Howard and Artie Burns run sub 4.4's.

Doesn't Duke run a sub 4.4 as well?

What's elite speed for a LB? #52 runs a 4.5. Figs runs a 4.6


30... Duke and Howard do NOT run sub 4.4's lol

DP is fast for a LB, but as a whole unit, not elite.

Go Canes

I'm not coming to the rescue. But when you say were training to be like a big 10 school the connotation is slow and lumbering. Then in the next sentence someone says wow FSU is training to be Miami.

What other conclusion can be drawn by those two statements?

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