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March 04, 2014





A.K.A. Second to none.






Damn! I'm 1st, 3 times on the same thread. LOL!


Bah! TJL got me.



Ahhhhhhh, now Nigerean!!


Beware the Nigerian Nightmare......now give me all your credit cards.

Dude on a Pale Horse

So who wants to start with politics on this thread? Lol

Dude on a Pale Horse


Hey hey, footage of practice.

Go Canes

@ByTimReynolds: University of Miami pitcher Javi Salas is perfect through six innings tonight against Villanova.

Terrance Sullivan

Let's Go Canes! Beat the Cats!


Beware the Nigerian Nightmare......now give me all your credit cards.

Posted by: NigerianCane | March 04, 2014 at 07:25 PM

VERY funny!


So who wants to start with politics on this thread? Lol

Posted by: The Dude | March 04, 2014 at 07:40 PM

Don't even think about it.

Go Canes

@ByTimReynolds: Javi Salas has thrown a perfect game for the University of Miami.


Big congrats to Salas on his PERFECT GAME!!

Dude on a Pale Horse

Can Salas play QB?

Terrance Sullivan

Congrats to Javi Salas!

Rand Stevens

Congrats to Javi!! A rare sight indeed.....like seeing bigfoot!!!


SECOND perfect game in school history. First person guess who the other is wins respect of the blog. IF U don't look it up.




27 up. 27 down.

Google "perfect game" and see what come up!


Good description of why the U's series vs. FSU wasn't a conference series:


I enjoy reading about U perfect games written about in Alaska:


As for the great trivia question by Ohio, it was in the late 80s by Kevin Sheary, I think vs. Illinois or Southern Illinois or some Illinois school. This win was just what this team needed to boost confidence after losing the rubber match game in Tally and going to .500. Hopefully they can build on this.


Salas joins UMSHoF member Kevin Sheary as the only Hurricanes pitchers to toss perfect games!

Sheary tossed his Perfect Game on May 14, 1987 in a 7-0 win against the Maine Black Bears.


The U loses a close one to Clemson on the hardwood tonight. Likely the U needs to beat Wake Forest later this week to get a bye in their opener of ACC tnmt play. Amazing to see Syracuse completely falling apart, blowing a game again to an under .500 team in Ga. Tech.

What I remember most about Sheary was winning the championship game vs. UTexas in 1985, taking two that day from the Longhorns when UT only needed to win one (back in the old double elimination 8 game tnmt. format). Good old Spidey, Rick Raether, closed out the game for Fraser's 2nd championship. Which of the two big wins stands out more for Sheary I wonder, the perfect game or the championship? Personally, I'd take the championship any day, but the perfect game is pretty incredible. BTW, Soup, I'm almost positive the perfect game was vs. the Salukis, not the Black Bears. Man, does this trivia go back a few for us old-timers. That would be when we were actually in undergrad...well, the championship, not the perfect game!

Rand Stevens

Coach L can't make shots for these guys. They had their chances but went cold AGAIN in the second half. Poor free throw shooting once more. I can't wait for next year when the cavalry show up.

Congrats to Javi tonight. The second perfect game I've ever seen in person....the other was in Nashville at a triple A game. No matter the level, it's always a thrill to see.


Soup, U ruined the quiz.... sheesh


Coach L can't make shots for these guys. They had their chances but went cold AGAIN in the second half.

Posted by: Rand Stevens | March 04, 2014 at 10:43 PM

Wait, wait, wait.... Coaches CANT make their players execute? Hmmmm


Best news we've had in a month...

" UM is cautiously optimistic Carol City's speedy Trayone Gray, a potential gem in this recruiting class, will qualify academically and coaches will give him a look at running back before deciding whether to play him there or at receiver. UM sees some Wildcat possibilities with Gray, who played quarterback at Carol City"

Dude on a Pale Horse

Lol O_C. Don't spin it. Coaches can make players execute. Chris Petersen does it every year. Look what Jedd Fisch did for Jacory Harris. Look what Norm Chow did for Carson Palmer. Look what the KState staff did for A. Brown. Don't try and compare apples to oranges.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Maybe execute is a poor choice of words. Coaches can prepare a team/player to perform to their maximum potential and teach them things that can give them an edge aginst other players. They can also create gameplans designed to hurt what the opposition does. Your boy Mark doesn't do that. Coach L does. Coach L can actually cry lack of talent. For Mark/Al, I beg to differ.

Dude on a Pale Horse

I'll give the staff credit for Brandon McGee though. Nevertheless 500 yards of offense... smh.

Stanadrd Shriver

Javis perfect game was the Sportscenter play of the day. Nice.


## Ryan Williams, the front-runner for UM’s quarterback job, said his best chemistry is with tight end Clive Walford (out for the spring with an injury) and receiver Rashawn Scott, who said he regrets both the bowl game suspension and a lot of what he has done at UM. Offensive coordinator James Coley said Tuesday he likes "what I see" from Scott this spring. Al Golden spoke of Scott "letting go of immature things" and noted Williams has been a good influence on Scott. With Williams comfortable throwing to him, it's not surprising Williams predicted Tuesday that Scott will have a breakout season this fall....

Early feedback is encouraging on Gus Edwards, who has bulked up and is running with more power but still showing good speed, teammates say....... UM is cautiously optimistic Carol City's speedy Trayone Gray, a potential gem in this recruiting class, will qualify academically and coaches will give him a look at running back before deciding whether to play him there or at receiver. UM sees some Wildcat possibilities with Gray, who played quarterback at Carol City.... UM is using ballyhooed freshman KC McDermott initially at backup left tackle instead of starting right tackle, with Taylor Gadbois getting the chance with the first team on the right side. But McDermott will play some right tackle this spring, Coley said.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/#storylink=cpy


CORAL GABLES — After two sessions of no-pads, no-contact, Tuesday was UM’s first “thud” practice, meaning hard contact was allowed but tackling to the ground was not. The only “live” tackling situations, aside from the three scrimmages, will be goal-line situations.

“Good effort,” UM coach Al Golden said of the third day. “Good energy. Just a good group to coach right now. Lot of guys learning. Not a lot of yelling, just a lot of teaching, which is good. Good start.

Things seen and heard on the practice field:

Fig feeling good: One of the surprises of last spring was freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa, who arrived in January looking like a college player. By the end of spring ball, he was the Canes’ starting outside linebacker.

He started two games in September, but injuries took their toll. He battled a torn labrum and a slight tear in his AC joint, causing him to miss the final four games. He finished with 17 tackles (12 solo, one for loss) and one sack. He’s still wearing a brace on his shoulder, but he said his injuries have healed and it’s more for precautionary reasons.

Tuesday was the sophomore’s first chance to hit since last Nov. 9 against Virginia Tech, so Figueroa brought the wood to practice. During one drill he popped 235-pound Gus Edwards, a full-speed collision that caused one of his coaches to tell him to slow down and had Figueroa fired up when he returned to the sideline.

“I feel great,” he said afterward. “I’ve got a little more twitch in my legs. I’m feeling quicker, lighter on my feet. I’m excited for the future.”

Sunny outlook: Tuesday was a chance to catch up with massive right tackle Sunny Odogwu, a redshirt freshman who hails from Nigeria. The media had not been allowed to speak to Odogwu or other first-year practice squad players since last August.

Odogwu, one of the more interesting people on the team, is in the mix to replace outgoing right tackle Seantrel Henderson. He is currently working behind redshirt sophomore Taylor Gadbois, who at 6-8, 316 is about as large as Odogwu.

Odogwu, who had just two years of football experience when he arrived at UM, admitted he was overwhelmed at times last season. Not only did he battle a knee injury in camp, “everything was so fast for me,” he said.

“You hear everybody yelling. You hear the coach yelling at you. Your brain is telling you to do this but you have to do the other thing. It’s hot. You’re sweaty. You’re tired. You’re aching. It’s overwhelming. But you have to get it right. … Watching my film from last spring, I was saying, ‘Oh my god, what am I doing?’ But it’s so much better now.”

“Now it’s slowing down. I understand where I’m going and what I’m doing now.”

The strength is there. Odogwu (6-8, 320), said he had only lifted weights “three or four times” before he joined the Canes last summer. He performed a 225-pound bench press 17 times and his max squat was “300-something.” Now, he does more than 30 reps and squats close to 500.

Plus, “he runs like a deer,” senior left guard Jonathan Feliciano said.

Some of the South Florida activities Odogwu, 21, has enjoyed most: riding his custom-made mountain bike on trails – it is, most assuredly, a very large bike, “the biggest they got, they had to order it special” – and cheering on his girlfriend, UM golfer Leticia Ras-Anderica. Odogwu said his golf game isn’t that good.

“It’s awful,” he said. “I can hit the ball. When it hit it, it goes far and it goes in the wrong direction.”

How about putting?

“Pssh. That’s a good one.

“That’s golf. It looks easy, but it’s awful.”

‘Ice’ will help: Golden’s thoughts on the hiring of Tim “Ice” Harris, the former Miami-Booker T. Washington head coach who was re-hired by UM on Tuesday:

“I was really excited,” Golden said. “’Ice’ has meant a lot to all of us. After this season, he probably accomplished everything he can accomplish at the high school level. We reached out to him to see if he would be interested in coming back. Really, we didn’t want him to leave the first time.”

Harris, 48, will be Golden’s assistant director of football operations. He won’t be a coach and he won’t be able to fully recruit – he can’t make phone calls to recruits, for example – but his presence will no doubt help Golden’s staff, which as a whole does not have deep roots in South Florida, gain ground in its backyard.

According to UM, Harris may contact recruits through social media beginning Sept. 1 of their junior year and can be involved in their on-campus official visits.

Asked where Harris could make the most impact, Golden said: “The community, the relationships. Somebody that’s on the inside every day that can communicate what we’re doing, how we treat our student athletes, what our mission is, what we really believe in, I think certainly in those areas. He’s got a lot of wisdom.”

“Probably the biggest thing would just be, if you ever went to his practices, the discipline and the life skills that he was able to impart on those teams, we’re hoping he can do the same for us. He’s already started that process of getting to know everybody, making sure there’s discipline. Taking care of the little things every day – he’s masterful at it. We’re glad he’s going to help us with it.”

Hoping for a chance: He can lift. Now Larry Hope wants to show the Hurricanes he can play.

According to the Miami Herald, Hope broke Antrel Rolle’s program record for defensive backs when he squatted 445 pounds at a recent workout. Hope, a redshirt sophomore cornerback from Miami-American High, has been working with the first team in the absence of Ladarius Gunter, who will miss the spring with a shoulder injury.

“I’m mentally ready,” Hope said. “I’ve waited too long. I’ve got my shot now, so I’ve got to take control of it.”

In three years, he grew from 6-0, 169 to 190. He challenge now is transitioning from weight room to the football. He said he’s been trying to get faster and picks the brain of Gunter in the film room. D’Onofrio says he has the opportunity if he continues to work.

“Everybody matures differently,” defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio said. “We’ve given everyone fair opportunities. Nobody gets buried. … If you change your practice habits, you change your work habits, you come out here and perform, you’re going to get an opportunity to play. We all want to win games.”

Harris debuts: Tuesday was the college practice debut for defensive end Trent Harris (6-2, 230), an early enrollee from Winter Park. Harris missed the first two sessions due to a paperwork issue.

He jumped right in, rotating with a second-team defense and recording a pass break-up in drills.

“He did a good job. Really pleased with those guys, their approach. Him, Juwon Young, Darrion Owens, really been a pleasant surprise for us. Obviously Trevor [Darling] and Kc [McDermott] are playing a lot, Ryan Mayes has been a pleasant surprise for us, too.

“We knew they were talented, just their maturity, their ability to learn with everything else going on. They don’t know where half the buildings on campus are, you know? They’re learning in four or five classes, on top of what we’re giving them. The offseason program. New way to lift, new way to study, new way to watch film, new nomenclature. Pleased with them.”

Injury updates: Golden said injured defensive end Anthony Chickillo, receivers Malcolm Lewis and Herb Waters, and cornerbacks Nate Dortch and Corn Elder are on track to return to practice March 18, UM’s first session following spring break.

Elsewhere, cornerback and star hurdler Artie Burns, who will compete in NCAA Indoor Div. I Championships next weekend in Albuquerque, N.M., joined practice but did not wear pads. “We’re protecting him,” Golden said. “I don’t want him to turn an ankle before the national championships.”

Another track guy, Phillip Dorsett, participated in his first practice. Golden said Dorsett is completely over the slight MCL tear that hampered him in the second half of last year.

Backfield look: Sophomore running back Gus Edwards continues to impress his coaches. Edwards, who is 6-foot-2 and 235 pounds, looked strong in drills – he forced defenders to gang-tackle him on several occasions, and broke loose for a run of 40-plus yards.

“He’s fast, now,” Golden said. “Gus is a 4.5 guy that’s 235 right now, and he’s the end of his first year. He might be a 240-something-pound back before it’s all said and done. He doesn’t lose his explosion, he still has a good lateral cut. We’ve got to keep working on his stiff-arm. But [he] really showed patience.

“You know, that was the biggest thing I saw. Sometimes they don’t have patience, and they just run into the back of somebody. He showed really good patience, waited for his moment, and hit it. I was pleased with that.”

Golden added that sophomore Walter Tucker (6-0 and down 10 pounds to 218) is “really leaning out and showing how explosive he can be.”

Asked for another update on how former running back Dallas Crawford is adjusting to safety, Golden said: “Same old Dallas. Only have to tell him one time.

- See more at: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/caneswatch/2014/03/04/miami-hurricane-spring-practice-notes-figueroa-feeling-good-odogwu-improving-edwards-impresses-ice-helping-hope-gets-his-shot-whos-the-punter/#sthash.6ZF45fQt.dpuf


With all these guys out, I think Golden is treating the Spring, like an NFL pre-season.


I did not know we didnt have any "real" tackling during practice and only during scrimmages. IDK if I like that or not.


This is not to say anything about he coaching... just want to point out the talent we will have on D this year... obviously many are younger players, but still talented. All these guys were rated a 4-Star or higher by at least 1 of the major recruiting sites..

Kiy Hester
Demetrius Jackson
Anthony Moten
Chad Thomas
Trent Harris
Michael Smith
Cornelius Elder
Artie Burns
Alquadin Muhammad
Jamal Carter
Jermaine Grace
Deon Bush
Tracy Howard
Tyriq McCord
Jelani Hamilton
Raphael Kirby
Denzel Perryman
Anthony Chickillo
Dallas Crawford


What do u think is the football equivalent of a perfect game


Hester and Sean Taylor squated more then 455 as defensive backs at Miami


I did not know we didnt have any "real" tackling during practice and only during scrimmages. IDK if I like that or not.

Posted by: UMike | March 05, 2014 at 08:37 AM

I don't have a problem with it, less wear-n-tear on the body. Tackling drills are controlled, while game like scrimmages are somewhat controlled...you can make scrimmages "thud" also.

Old Skool

Hmm Football equivalent of a perfect game
No interceptions, no fumbles, no dropped passes, no tackles for loss, no missed field goals.

Go Canes

@ChrisYandle: Javi Salas thanking #Canes fans Tuesday after his Perfect Game RT @javisalas22: It's great to be a Miami Hurricane!! http://t.co/misTIU1TNK



Anywaaaays, new Canes Camp Report featuring James "Under The Bus" Coley:


Go Canes

@ChristyChirinos: #Canes linebackers want to key defensive improvement in 2014: http://t.co/YFlPsMduw8

Terrance Sullivan

Lol Coach Coley and Coach D gotta do better. Period point blank neither one deserves a pass do better or get out. No excuses.


But TSully... Coley had a cloud for half a year!!! haha

Terrance Sullivan

Haha UMike

Terrance Sullivan

The optimist in me saying we gonna kick some major arse and the whole staff will be back for 2015 because we are going to end this 8-11 year drought of no bowl wins, no 10 wins, and not playing in ACC Championship Game.


TSully... I want to think the same thing. I do actually think our O will improve. Duke will be healthy and we have another play maker in Yearby backing him up. Williams will run the offense smoothly and get the ball to the right people. We have more talent on D, but Im still not buying the scheme or that Golden/D'No can run a top defense. Hopefully they improve just enough to help us win

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