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May 25, 2014



Me no NEMO.


Cheese snacks.

The Dude


Terrance Sullivan

Let's go Canes! The Drive for 5 starts on Friday!


Four Square?


I'll second that TS!

The Dude

Anyone else think the refs are job'n San Antonio?

The Dude

Btw, the title of this blog is one of the best Beatles songs. Paul McCartney is one of the most underrated musicians ever. John gets all the credit and it makes my head hurt.


Per CIS, Jaason Lewis has named Miami as His leader.

Alos per CIS, Trayone Gray SAYS He'll be here in June.

Terrance Sullivan

I wish we were a national seed but I do love our draw. Go Canes! Drive for 5 starts Friday night.


Right on, TS


Hosting Texas Tech, Columbia and Bethune Cookman in the regional sounds reasonable enough, although with this team one never knows...and Texas Tech is overall pretty tough. However, Texas Tech has been anything but great on the road, with a 40-18 overall record but 7-9 at away games and 2-5 at neutral sites. I'd say with decent play, this is a nice draw.


Thanks, JC.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Birdman inactive for tonight's game. Bosh needs to play well tonight and REBOUND! I'm not feeling a Heat victory tonight, but we'll see.


Great start for Bosh.

The Dude

Yeah, Bosh is playing like the best SF in the NBA, lol. Nah, his D has been good too. With Birdman out, this is a Chris Bosh game. Let's see if James, Wade and Bosh can all hit 20.

The Dude

I would be so mad if Wade did that pump fake sh*t on me.

The Dude

Bosh follows me on Canespace.



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