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May 04, 2014



Randy took over on Dec 8th, so not sure how many between Nov 28th and Dec 8th they got though.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | May 08, 2014 at 05:02 PM

Only 2...Daniel Adderley on 11/28/06, and Ojomo on 12/08/06. But Addereley & Ojomo were for sure RS gets.


And O_C, I don't know if you remember this, but there was a "cloud" over the program then. You had the Willie Cooper shooting, and Pata got murdered that year. Now that cloud didn't effect the program like the NCAA cloud (not trying to minimize gun violence), but I do remember a quite a few parents didn't want there kids going to UM because in light of those 2 incidents.


SMDH! So not only do they fire this teacher, but they wanna put child abuse charges on Her also:




If you are a high school football recruit and you aren't considered a four- or five-star recruit there is no need to panic. Your chances of being a future NFL first round pick aren't impossible.

Don't believe me? I spent this afternoon looking up the recruiting backgrounds of the Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects according to ESPN and found some intriguing information on how many stars they were given in high school.

Of the top 50 players expected to be taken over the next three days, Rivals.com rated 26 either 4- or 5-star recruits and 24 were 3-star recruits or worse according to the scouting website.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/hssports/2014/05/almost-half-of-top-50-nfl-draft-prospects-were-3-star-high-school-recruits-or-worse.html#storylink=cpy

VA Cane

I had one of the proudest moments of my life tonight. I actually cried tears of joy. The draft is on, and as they announce the invited players, I was a little overcome with the emotion of coaching a young man 7 years and seeing his 6'8' 350 pound frame cross that stage. Morgan Moses is a fine young man, and not only will he be drafted, but he is graduating with honors from UVA. It is Mr Jeffersons University, and a fine school.

I love the young man, and he sent me a text today to tell me he felt the same. Amazing how your players never seem to forget you when you make a commitment to them.

There are going to be haters in life everywhere. Racists, negative people, doubting Thomases...you name it they are always like little thorns in ones side.

Heck, we have a few people on here who hate to see others succeed, or question their approach to game, their schemes, their methods, their commitment to trying to coach kids into winners in Life Family School Football; The Life Plan!!! They always feel the need to try and make that cutting, snide remark. However, that is their right to do so.

Young men like Morgan Moses, who I coached from flag to 8th grade, is why I have been doing this for so long. He has reached the pinnacle in all 4 phases of OUR Life Plan Commitment. I am so proud of him and what HE has done, and I thank The Almighty for allowing me the honor of being part of this young mans life. He will go much further in life, and he will make big tracks on the land!!!



VA you are truly an inspiration! I have been blessed to have some great coaches over the years through city leagues and playing at St. Thomas but I gotta say my middle school lacrosse coach I still receive life lessons from and I will be blessed to have he and his wife at my wedding this year. In fact a big shout out to all the spacers who commit themselves to making an impact in there community!


VAC. Congratulations! Great story thank you for sharing. Many years have passed since you coached him but clearly the lessons taught have stayed with the young man.


Teddy goes #32 to Minnesota?



Louisville had 3 players taken in the first round.

UF had 1

VT had 1

UNC had 1

Pitt had 1

Clemson had 1

FSU had 1

UM had none.


Buffalo had one, too -- top 5. Damn how far the u (lowercase intentional) has fallen


Miami will have at least one next year(Duke)


Tony, RBs are as coveted as they used to be. He's no AP so wouldn't be surprised to see duke slip to 2nd rd

Terrance Sullivan

So Teddy "Throat Slashing the U" Bridgewater got drafted in the 1st round, I know some people are happy for him not me. I didn't care one way or the other about the guy and seem like he was okay but when he pulled that ish. He was dead to me. JMO.



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