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July 30, 2014



I thought ice Needed to be get a degree first before he could become a coach ? If Kevin beard becomes a WR coach then what of Brennan ?


Yea I thought he needed his degree first.. unless he got one lol


I have faith adjustments are being made and a big influx of superior talent will make the defense much better this year.

Posted by: Go Canes | August 01, 2014 at 08:32 AM

Oh course you do... cause D'No and Golden have proven the can make adjustments and improve the d lol


Love to see Ice able to recruit fully!!


LQ.. Beard is in a "quality" position.. not a coach... I think


Brevard.. yea this will be a major help for us imo


I think the D would play better if they just all got together and said "ok, ima cover that guy" like street ball haha

NY Trooper

Who are the recruits close to Barrow?


Who are the recruits close to Barrow?

Posted by: NY Trooper | August 01, 2014 at 08:55 AM

According to 247, Barrow was at least partially responsible for recruiting Chad Thomas, Joseph Yearby, Trevor Darling, Darrion Owens, Michael Smith, Demetrius Jackson, Chris Herndon, Juwon Young, Tyre Brady, Ryan Mayes, Terry McCray, and Trayone Gray. For 2015, he has his hand in with Claude George, Jamie Gordinier, and Charles Perry.

Charles Perry really sticks out for me.


Kevin Beard is Asst. Director of Football Operations, not a position coach.

Ice Harris to RB coach is big time. He can recruit now, I believe. Must have got his degree. I do remember reading he didn't have many credits left that he needed.


UM release.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Linebackers coach Micheal Barrow is taking a sabbatical from coaching to devote his time and attention to a family matter.

“As a proud University of Miami graduate, former football player and coach, it is with a heavy heart that I announce I'm taking a sabbatical from coaching this season,” Barrow said. “This was an extremely tough decision to leave my dream job. However, I have a very important family obligation that requires my full attention, and I would not have had enough time to effectively fulfill my coaching duties.

“With the 2014 football season starting soon, please know that I am truly sorry if my decision brings the organization any inconveniences. I would like to thank President Shalala, Blake James, Al Golden, the coaching staff, UM football players and the entire UM family for seven great years. During this time, my professional career has grown and afforded me wonderful opportunities on and off the field. I have enjoyed working alongside some excellent colleagues and privilege to coach some great kids. I will never forget my tenure at the U and I'm looking forward to watching them this year. Go Canes!”

Head football coach Al Golden wished Barrow and his family the best, and said the Hurricane legend will be missed.

“Coach Barrow has always put faith and family first in his life and this is clearly a time in his life where family needs him,” Golden said. “Micheal Barrow is the very definition of a Miami Hurricane - having given 11 years of class, service and leadership to the University and our community. We wish Micheal, Shelly and their children all the best as they enter a new chapter in their lives and we certainly hope Mike will return to coaching and mentoring young people in the near future.”

Barrow’s departure has resulted in subsequent promotions of two current Hurricanes staff members. Former running back coach and two-time national champion Hurlie Brown will move to the defensive side of the ball as linebackers coach for his 15th year of coaching. In addition, assistant director of operations and national champion Tim “Ice” Harris has been promoted to running backs coach. Finally, former Hurricane captain and national champion Kevin Beard will replace Harris as assistant director of football operations.

Brown, who completed his first season as Hurricanes running backs coach in 2013, will shift back to the defense where he spent his playing career in the orange and green as a standout Hurricanes safety.

“Words cannot explain how fired up I am about going back to coaching on the defensive side of the ball,” Brown said. “The defensive side of the ball has always had a very special place in my heart. And to be given the opportunity now in my career to be able to coach linebackers at the University of Miami is a dream come true.

“I have played on the defensive side of the ball all my life, safety, corner, linebacker and some defensive line. My passion and love for football has always come from a defensive mindset. Aggressive play, physical play and playing with a high motor are all defensive terms that have helped fueled me to love this game. I know I can help instill my love for the game and the University of Miami in the young men that are playing linebacker for the Hurricanes today. It is truly a blessing from God!”

Golden said Brown’s mentality is a perfect fit for his defensive staff.

“When I informed Hurlie Brown about the vacancy on defense he was sad to leave the running backs he coached and recruited, yet equally excited about the opportunity to return to the defensive side of the ball,” Golden said. “Hurlie brings with him 14 years of coaching and playing experience at four different defensive positions. His time on offense has made him a better coach, and Hurlie has always had a great rapport with our players, regardless of their position, so I know his transition back to defense will be a seamless one. We are excited to add Hurlie Brown and his attacking mindset to our defensive staff.”

Harris, who has more than 24 years of high school coaching experience and recently joined the staff as assistant director of football operations from nearby national powerhouse Booker T. Washington High School, was promoted to running backs coach.

“I am so excited to be the running backs coach at the University of Miami. Having been born and raised in Miami and also a high school football coach in Miami, words cannot explain how I feel about this great opportunity, “Harris said. “It’s a dream come true. I have a great passion and love for the game of football and developing young men to help them achieve their maximum potential every day and also be great in the community.”

Golden is excited to shift Harris into his new position.

“I’m extremely happy for Ice Harris and his family,” Golden said. “Ice has been a winner, teacher and mentor to young people in South Florida for more than 20 years and is excited to share his wisdom with our student-athletes here at The U! Coach Harris brings a championship mindset founded on discipline and toughness to the running backs room. Born and raised in Miami, Ice is an excellent recruiter and is excited to continue the many relationships he has formed here in the Miami community and throughout the state over the years. It is with great respect and admiration that we welcome the National Champion Ice Harris to our staff as running backs coach.”

A member of the Hurricanes team that won the 2001 national championship, Beard will join the staff from his most recent position as coach on the University School (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) coaching staff.

“I am truly thankful for this opportunity. I understand that this opportunity does not come around often. To come back to my alma mater, a place that has shaped me to be the man that I am today is truly a blessing,” Beard said. “I am excited to get started with this new chapter in my life. I hope to pass on the legacy that was passed on to me during my tenure here to bring a national championship back to the Miami Hurricanes.”

Golden is excited about welcoming a member of the Hurricanes community back to the football staff in Coral Gables.

“We are very fortunate to add Kevin Beard to our staff. As a former team captain of a national championship team here, he truly understands what it means to be a student-athlete at The University of Miami,” Golden said. “His diverse background as a player, teacher, coach, and trainer enables him to contribute in a unique way, and we’re looking forward to him sharing his experience with our team. His work ethic and personality will be welcome additions to our staff. I am excited to have him rejoin the U Family.”

Go Canes

UMike, you have laughed at anyone who mentions the NCAA investigation as a reason this team has struggled. You have said these coaches are incapable of getting this team to perform better. You have continuously said our coordinator has no clue.

Let me ask you this, have you noticed any difference in the caliber of recruit we are getting commitments from and the timeframe in which they are doing it?

Are we now getting the best of the best locally now and in a timely manner?

Is it only because of Coach Coley, or can it be part of the bigger picture. The university is now able to operate on a level playing field with everyone else.

Why do you just refuse to believe that perhaps adjustments, changes, and the caliber and maturation of our players and staff can also occur just like the recruiting improvements have?

Can can you not see the overall direction of this program is light years ahead of any place it's been in the last 10 years, or are you only able to continue to reference the VT and Duke games as the only thing this team is ever going to be capable of.


Go Canes... I will continue to reference VT and Duke etc until this staff shows otherwise hahaha.. I know you will never admit your boy D'No is a horrible DC, but hey with the cloud gone maybe he can field a team full of 5-Stars so his deficiencies dont matter as much... and they would STILL give up 40 to a mediocre team.


Posted by: Go Canes | August 01, 2014 at 09:13 AM
its just an attempt at humor/trolling at this stage, imo

Go Canes

Okay UMike. 30 at this point I have to agree with you.


I dont see how the direction is "light years ahead of any place its been in the last 10 years". RS fielded a 9-4 bowl team and #1 recruiting class also, so lets not act like Golden is working miracles here or doing something never before seen.

I know Golden has improved a lot of things and I have given him credit for that, but his stubbornness with either his or D'Nos defense will hold this team back imo. I know you like to compare Butch and Golden, but Butch knew when to let a bad DC go.

Hopefully they will make changes and make my eat my words, I would LOVE for that to happen.


30.. come on now man lol.. although a lot of it is just humor, just like our defense


And for the record, I do believe the NCAA mess hurt with recruiting, Im not THAT dumb, but it is my opinion that we had enough talent STILL, to not be as bad as we have been.


Excited to see Ice out recruiting.


Blame the Players


Go Canes we can chill at the FSU game and talk all about it.. hopefully by then the D will be playing awesome and I will be eating crow


Siniser, its blame the players, blame the cloud, blame talent, blame injuries or blame the offense, but whatever you do, do NOT blame the coaches lol


As beloved as Barrow is by Canes fans, i dnt think we will suffer on the recruiting front when you now have Ice Harris and Kevin beard capable of recruiting.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Coach barrow and hope the best for his mother/ family.



On a more positive note, I get to go get my fingerprints taken to day for my new job. Cant wait to meet these young men.. getting excited


I think if the D plays with the fire and motivation it had in the Florida game, there would be a huge difference in our season. We have been missing that "hate every team" mentality for a while.


@mattyports: 2016 WR Sam Bruce on #Canes hiring his mentor Kevin Beard RT @_QUICK6: I got KB down there w/ me, I definitely ain't going nowhere now! 🙌🙌 💯



Ohio.. I was thinking he would have a quick impact.. should help with Scarlett also



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