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July 08, 2014



It's me! NEMO




Tracy Howard

Terrance Sullivan

Phillip Dorsett!


Jermaine Grace !!!

The Dude

I've been moving and busy with school so I'll be away for a bit longer. I don't even want to comment on those two scumbags but f*ck them. I hope they get very long prison terms.


I'm doing my best to come down for the florida state game. Being in washington sucks !! Not alot of cane fans.. (duh) and I'm super far away from the 305. You literally have to work til daily just to survive cause the cost of living is a well you know


TE Devonaire Clarington transferring to Booker T!


I will have to say that they might not have known how old this girl was cuz 17yr old girls look about 21-25 now. But rape is rape and they were 100% WRONG! But I do wanna know why she was on campus?


Scarlett announcing soon! This would be our biggest and best commit for 2015 if he chooses us


Here's hoping Denzel wins the Bednarik AND the Butkus! (He'll have to step it up and show his leadership and athletic skills now that Figs is gone.)


With Fig gone the light has got to come on for Kirby.. and Jermaine. Those are our linebackers until the freshman are ready to step up

The Dude

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | July 08, 2014 at 08:40 PM

Wrong! Cronkrite is better.


Cronkrite is our 4th best commit if Scarlett chooses us, IMO.

Scarlett > Williams > Walton > Cronk

The Dude

Cronk runs like an animal.


Welcome to the U!


Jordan Scarlett to UM!!!!!!!


Legoooooooo!!!! Bruce next!!!


Listening to wqam Sam Bruce sounds like an old ass man hahahaha

The Dude

Williams is the fastest w/ the most wiggle.


Barton Simmons ‏@bartonsimmons 23s

Jordan Scarlett after his commitment to #TheU. If today is any indication, they are getting a stud. @InsideTheU pic.twitter.com/52KxpyJAON

David Furones ‏@DavidFurones90 45s

St. Thomas Aquinas RB and former Univ. School RB Jordan Scarlett commits to the #Canes.

Safid Deen ‏@Safid_Deen 3m

Aquinas RB Jordan Scarlett commits to the University of Miami, wants SBB and Calvin Ridley to join him http://bit.ly/1oygjhY


Williams is the fastest w/ the most wiggle.

Posted by: The Dude | July 08, 2014 at 09:05 PM

Now, now, now young man do U really say that?

The Dude

The real question is: Duke Johnson, over or under 125 yards rushing in the first game?


Easy answer dude ... Over 125 easyyyyy

The Dude

It will be interesting. You know they will lean on him, but how much? You know he wants to bust loose too.



Feels good to hear a kid call FSWhoo his dream school and then picks UM!!!!!

How you like me now trailerhassee!!!

Go Canes

Two massively huge pickups.

Amazing what's happening when we operate on a level playing field.


That 2016 class looking scary as shytttttttt

The Dude

So does Cronkrite stick now? We have 4 RBs, you'd think 1 will drop. Cronkrite or Williams seem the likely suspects.

The Dude

Posted by: Go Canes | July 08, 2014 at 09:26 PM

Now if we can only operate a defense.


Scarlett says he's gonna start working on flipping Ridley & Burgess asap! Good luck Soup, sincerely, praying 4 u bro!


Perryman for President!!!! Gotta rep my boy he wifed up a girl from my home state!!!!


But I do wanna know why she was on campus?

Posted by: Willie Will in Missouri | July 08, 2014 at 08:13 PM


Willie...my daughter was 17 when she started college so it can happen.


KYCane...thank U SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for your very generous donation to the blog. It is MUCH appreciated!


Who is 12% I Am
I Am



She's a student.

Even if she wasn't, so what? Visitors are open game? Sheesh


It is MUCH appreciated!

Posted by: SOUP | July 08, 2014 at 10:03 PM

You are welcome and worthy.


Scarlett and Bruce just became our 2nd best recruiters. Hope they both stick!!


I love me some Canes! Great news today on the recruiting front even with some bad news on campus.



Bruce also talked about South Florida prospects and the idea of what would happen if the local talent stayed home.

“If all the talent from South Florida stays in South Florida like they used to, there is no reason why we won’t win a national championship. Myself, Jordan Scarlett, Dionte Mullins, we’re all in what we’re trying to do and hopefully we grab some other guys or switch some of them to come down.”

While Bruce still has two years remaining of high school, he sees it as a positive. The extra time will allow him more time to recruit other top prospects.

“Definitely Tyrek Cole, mainly guys that are older than me: Da’Vante Phillips, Devante Peete and I already know we have a strong quarterback in my class so I’m not worried about that. I’m definitely going to try and get Brandon Boyce and Rodrick Archer and have them join the University of Miami tradition.”

“Of course, I bring a wind of energy to the game. I believe that my teammates will play off of my energy and if they see me get rallied up, they will get rallied up. I hone my skills, I stay in the weight room and I bring a lot of energy to the game and that’s what I can distribute to the University of Miami.”

Bruce’s message to Hurricane fans:

“You’re going to get a great guy, I know I have two years left of high school, but I know these three years will go by fast. I’ll blink my eye and I’m done tomorrow. They’re getting a great athlete and anything the coaches tell me to do and I’ll do it and a little bit more. I’m a hard worker and I have a passion for the game, when you have a passion for the game they’re nothing you can do to stop that.”


WELCOME TO THE U! Bruce & Scarlett!



Tito Benach ‏@TitoBenach 1h

Miami’s recruiting efforts in this past month have been impeccable. The definition of locking up top talent. #Canes


He will not like that, he will not like that at ALL.

#The Cloud


And WOW!...Germany San Antonio'd Brazil today...SHEEZ!


After Scarlett’s announcement, Cronkrite said “I’m good right now,” while hanging out with Killian safety and UM target Jaquan Johnson. Cronkrite said he didn’t really have a reaction to the news and is just going to wait things out.

Williams – who is being heavily recruited by Florida, USC, Tennessee and OhioState – told 247Sports on Tuesday his commitment to UM “is high because that's the place I want to be.” Williams also said he’s not concerned with Scarlett’s pledge adding to the Canes’ running back competition because "It's football. You're going to have a couple players there that you're going to have to beat out for the position.”

Walton told the Miami Herald on Friday: “It doesn’t matter how many running backs are committed to the University of Miami. That’s where I’m committed to. If Jordan [Scarlett] decides to commit to us, too — if all four of us go in — at the end of the day I’m still going to be a hard worker when we’re all out there.”

Scarlett, who said "It's all about the U. It's just Miami. And I love it," when asked if he had any upcoming visits to other schools in the works told the Herald he has tentative plans to visit FSU during its camp on June 16-18, and South Carolina on June 25. Scarlett said he’s visiting the other schools that missed his cut so “I won’t have to worry about it later on in the process.”

Scarlett and Bruce were heavy FSU leans at one time, but Scarlett told 247Sports on Monday he had fallen out of touch with the Seminoles’ coaching staff.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/hssports/2014/07/st-thomas-aquinas-duo-jordan-scarlett-sam-bruce-expect-to-set-off-some-fireworks-with-commitments.html#storylink=cpy



He will not like that, he will not like that at ALL.

Posted by: SOUP | July 08, 2014 at 11:08 PM

OH!, I'ma tell em' SOUP! LMBO!

VA Cane

I am disappointed in these 2 guys, they know better. There is no excuse for this type of behavior especially when you have such opportunity ahead of you but you choose the wrong route. I certainly expect conviction and maximum jail time with no early release. Marve punching a mirror or Cookie being drunk are foolish incidents made by young people. This is no mistake this is animal behavior; you cage dangerous animals.

As far as Bruce and Scarlett, they are great additions to the class; remember it is 2016 and they are kids. Take it with a grain of salt.

I am not concerned with a class; I want to win now not some smoke and mirrors 9-4 with a 2-4 finish getting wasted. Some people say it was a good season and record. Well on paper and telling yourself a lie is fine. In reality it was a huge breakdown and cannot happen again. To keep these kids you have to win. That is the only fact. Good job by staff in recruiting, now show me you can coach who you have.


SLEEP is not over-rated.


And Terrance & Lurker, I hate to carry this to the new blog...but like I said, I'll wait for more facts to come out.

Terrance Sullivan

Rock Have it your way my friend.


Good day for th future of UM football. Enough said, those who are no longer with us proved they couldn't be counted on, so good riddance.
Asked this question earlier, but Soup, why te career change? Does this mean you're now "hosting" UM parties to grow your new business? Just kidding, best of luck with the new venture.

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