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August 10, 2014


Terrance Sullivan

With our depth and talent at Wide Receiver if we have a quarterback(s) who can be accurate and complete around 67-70% our Canes will be outstanding and will complete said goals I think we can reach. Go Canes!


CCR Day 4 for those who missed it:



if we have a quarterback(s) who can be accurate and complete around 67-70% our

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | August 10, 2014 at 10:29 AM

True...but the O-Line has to give em' time to accomplish all that. The left side's straight, it's the right side that concerns me.


God bless the dead, but Kevin Ward Jr. should've stayed in His car, or He'd still be here today.



Why did he get out ?? Rip tho


Apparently He thought Stewart ran em' into the wall...didn't look like it though. But at some point perspective has to set in...like dude, you just walked away from a crash, let bygones be bygones.






Tavares Gooden sighting in Houston this morning at breakfast. Wearing U gear.

dj moonbat

Seriously: how many teams out there wouldn't be featuring a Philip Dorsett or Herb Waters as The Guy?

There are probably a few, but very few teams have one guy at (or in Stacy Coley's case, above) that level, much less four.


BidWindy, you haven't been hearing all the good QB news????

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | August 10, 2014 at 01:32 AM


Posted by: 86Cane | August 10, 2014 at 09:52 AM

Yeah great news about Gray Crow BigWindy, they finally moved his @$$ to H-Back!!!!

dj moonbat

Man, I'm watching that video, and Brennan Carroll actually seems like a pretty likable dude.


Posted by: dj moonbat | August 10, 2014 at 12:04 PM

Few teams have 1 good TE nowadays, we have 3 or 4. No way we can't average 40+ this season.


Brennan Carroll actually seems like a pretty likable dude.

Posted by: dj moonbat | August 10, 2014 at 12:11 PM

Which is why he is the Recruiting Coordinator.


VA Cane

Heaps and Kaaya seem to have pulled away; Rosier is pretty good but think he will get RS. Comments on Olsen appear to be just for media sake. Comments to be nice as I think he has faded fast, and will not be part of that competition. Thats the way it has to be; we need to know who is where.

Here we are looking very good. Sharp crisp already have all our older O and D set and down. Adding some new things but these kids eat it up as fast as I get it out. They are excited to learn and do their old favs but at same time do new things. Key part of coaching...keep them hungry excited wanting to learn and grow.!!!!!






While the battle for the starting quarterback job remains one of the biggest storylines in Coral Gables, the other big news from Saturday’s practice is that every single member of the Hurricanes’ recruiting class is on campus and practicing.

Former Santaluces wide receiver Darrell Langham was the last signee Miami was waiting on and he participated in Saturday’s practice, though still in shorts and a helmet while his teammates donned full pads for the first time.

Miami coach Al Golden said the team will be cautious in easing the big receiver into action.

“We’ll get him caught up, just get him in condition, be careful with him in the beginning so he doesn’t pull anything or get an injury,” Golden said. “We’ll get him caught up between today and tomorrow. We’ll have him in tops by Monday.”


He was very responsible for them getting the stufs out of state when he was at USC.


Does anybody else think that Golden will start heaps and have kaaya as the #2 until williams is close to 100% . Olsen is a goner(transfer) and Rosier will redshirt.

Mountain Cane

I think if it is close, kayaa will start, in order to build some experience. Otherwise, same drill next year.


Lol WWIN and 86. I cannot intellegently comment on the QBs because I did not see them play live yet but I am exited about what I have read about Heaps and Kayaa.

I can comment on most of the other positions, and safely say that Golden got some really good recruits from the state of Florida,and the Canes are deeper at most positions. I think the Canes defended their backyard in recruiting and outrecruited Fla and FSU lately. Don't just pay attention to the stars, their 3-4 stars are really good and their 5 stars are all legitimate and have NFL in their future. Golden is turning this thing around.


Soup, are you checking yo emails these days or nah??

Dude on a Pale Horse

Kayaa will get experience every day he is here. If Golden is doing it right then actual game experience is a little overrated. Play the best QB period.


Got them out there playing dodgeball. Nice

VA Cane

I play the guy who gives me the best chance of winning each time he takes the field. Heaps looks good, and gives you some competition and stability; Kaaya is the real deal, and I think you start him. Get him going as he is your QB the next 4 years. Heaps is gone, R Williams, while a nice kid will get tested if you put him in, as good DC press the knee, make him run hit that leg. I cannot see UM wantiong Williams to request a 5th year by sitting out; there is no room for him. Rosier get the RS, show pretty boy KO the bench and/or the door. He needs to get life together transfer and do it somewhere else.

Kaaya starts, Heaps and Williams back up and mop up respectfully, Rosier RS, Olsen the door.


Da U N Houston

Tavares Gooden sighting in Houston this morning at breakfast. Wearing U gear.

Posted by: BEERicane | August 10, 2014 at 11:40 AM

BEER are you in the Houston area? Anyone else in H-Town? We all should link up and catch some games.


WWIN...I do not have a single email from U?



BEER are you in the Houston area? Anyone else in H-Town? We all should link up and catch some games.

Posted by: Da U N Houston | August 10, 2014 at 04:25 PM

Sure am. Moved here from the 305 last year. I'm in the Montrose/Neartown area.


I have a problem with all u saying show Kevin Olsen the door. The kids brother went to the U & that was the main reason we were able to draw him here. How about loyal to the U family? Greg's kid might play football too. Do u think he'll be willing to send his kid here if we r going to mistreat little brother. I really don't think he's done anything that bad. He didn't seal. He didn't punch his girlfriend. He didn't fight. So he tested negative once for pot. I got news for u all. More and more states r legalizing pot. Then what?
Understood he might transfer for lack of playing time. But let him make that decision. Don't push him out I for one would like to see him remain a cane. What if kaya gets injured. Heaps get knocked of a game, Williams does not recorver? Even if he sits on the bench, at least he will still be a cane.


Yeahh. Well Greg Olsen and Poppa Olsen need to go talk to little Olsen (which Greg has various times I've heard) he ain't listening.

We didn't offer Chad Kelly and he got kicked out of Clemson months ago for good reason. Kid came in with baggage. The train doesn't stop for one person. The season hinges on the QB. Being able to distribute the ball effectively to the playmakers. An tbh #kaaya has none.

Williams is shaky with the knee.
Olsen is fighting himself and the weed man
Heaps has traveled the U.S so if he gets it now and he helps us for a year why not but Olsen you had your chance but Heaps is here cause I'm sure when the coaches sit at the table olsen has the tools just the mental side isn't clicking.. Robert marving it up right now



This is the deepest we have been at the DL, DB and QB in along time. I hope Golden realizes this and after Wednesday cuts it down to Heaps and Kaaya. And just because family played here doesn't mean squat. Ask Hargreaves, Burgress, amDJ Williams lil bro


@DavidFurones90: Practice viewing was closed to media today, but UM release says Kaaya had highlight throws to Waters, Malcolm, Duke and Stacy.

@DavidFurones90: Tracy Howard had a pick six today to wrap up an 11-on-11 period. Would've loved to see the defense's reaction to that.


The videos of them all going ham is hilarious

VA Cane

KO has not just tested positive for pot; he has had issues and has not been able to focus on the task at hand; it is called WINNING/LEADING. This is an important year for UM and someone has to step up.

Maybe you have some sympathy for the devil; as a coach for 36 years I do not. It is about putting a guy at QB who wants to and can win: Jimbo,Bernie, Vinnie, Walsh, Erickson,Gino, Dorsey.....stepped up and did the job. I could care less about his gene lines; Greg did a hell of a job; Kevin needs to find his bearings.

I like KO; he has had a run in with drinking and now a piss test failure. Thats your definition of a leader? Reality is an amazing concept. I cannot see wasting a ship on a guy who has issues with the law, pot and has not remotely worked hard or lived up to his potential. I would rather him leave, get sober and/or clean and and find success. Some people are satisfied with run of the mill, average, apathy 2nd place....hey if thats your choice go for it.
I want to WIN every year; win it all. We have won 5 of the last 7 SBs by teamwork, dedication, commitment, living in reality and honesty. My guys win in life, family, classroom, field: we give each all we have and succeed.

KO has not shown a willingness or commitment to these things; he needs to find himself and I hope he does. That being said I am not going to cry liberal alligator tears and continue to bend over backwards for a guy who is unwilling go by rules that others are going by and are committed to WIN. I would rather have someone else getting the ship that is dedicated to Winning and TEAM. Take 2 reality pills, drink some Apocalypse Now and call me in the morning!!!!

Go Canes

@smillerdegnan: Sunday in Coral Gables -- last afternoon #Canes practice for a long time, maybe all season. http://t.co/WJQ6HqSIk1


I don't have an issue with the pot, but it's a time for that $H!T! Didn't Sapp have a weed-n-coke problem, how'd that turn out. And I don't think Kosar's drug & alcohol problems started after He retired, He could've very well had those problems at UM!


everyone here knows im one of if not the biggest Kevin Olsen supporter on the blog. I hope for the best when it comes to him and hope e puts it all together and goes out there and challenges for the starting QB spot. Everyone has their demons as a university and more importantly as a football program they must help him through it. The U is a family! And you just dont abandon your family.


The U is a family! And you just dont abandon your family.
Posted by: UpNorthCane | August 10, 2014 at 09:55 PM

I agree. If KO can get his sh!t together, he deserves a fair shot. HE needs do it though... the U cannot be an enabler. (Which I believe, is how it's being handled... )

KO needs to step up, man up, & grow up... and FAST!

VA Cane

I support him 100% for getting clean sober etc; I have neither the time or patience for a guy not doing as he is told, breaking rules, and taking a soft easy lazy gentle way approach to QBing a fallen from grace run of the mill average program trying to work its way to the top.

There is no room for apathetical lackadasical narcissistic entitled approach to winning; you do it 110% or get the F*^k out of the way. You don't put that kind of money out for a kid to go to school and play football (both privileges not rights) if he is not willing to make certain sacrifices. I dont need a guy like that on the field or team. Get some help get straight and go back to walk on or paying student status but do not take another persons opportunity away by being a lazy entitled slug getting in the way of winning.You don't abandon your family, but you don,t bow down and worship them as if they are God Almighty. Get him some help, get him out of the way and get him somewhere he can get an education and perhaps play.


13 cents


VA, he's not lazy . Golden has Heaped praises on him for the work he put in in the off season.


Well we should've been "family" to Gabe Terry, the same we're being "family" to KO.


And at least Gabe contributed on special teams while He was here...KO?...not so much.


LQ, u r making my point about family exactly. Many generation players have dissed us and u mentioned some of them yourselves. This one fact is reason enough not to ostracize the ones that come here because they make little mistakes that people their age are known to make. I really appreciate pachan little bro now remembering what big bro did to us by snubbing us. Besides Olsen is a redshirt freshman. U guys want to give him a chance to develop? Not every kid is going to come in like Kayaa with their heads properly screwed on. That's y they are 'kids.'


***Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio was asked how much more advanced he could now be with his defensive linemen, considering many of them are veterans.

“Last year we did make a schematic change,'' he said. "We adapted to more of a 3-4 package that evolved -- still a hybrid package. We’re playing a lot of 4-3 concepts and all that kind of stuff. So now this is year two of that, with the type of guys that we’re looking for. So, you know, I think the guys, what we’re asking them to do fits their skillset.

"Certainly you have to be multiple, you have to be multiple for the different teams that you see. Some teams are going to try to pound you, some teams are going to try to spread you out; we have to play Georgia Tech with the option. We just try to recruit really good players and put them in position to do things that they do well. That doesn’t exclude anyone in the recruiting process. We can find a place for Jermaine Grace at 200 pounds at Will, and Nantambu Fentress at 195, then we have Denzel playing next to him at 245. It doesn’t exclude us from anybody in the recruiting process.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2014/08/the-hurricanes-had-a-closed-practice-sunday-for-the-first-time-this-camp-as-they-hosted-recruits-on-campus-for-much-of-the.html#storylink=cpy


If Susan only knew:

Susan Miller Degnan @smillerdegnan

No new injuries for #UM #Canes (find some wood and knock 3 times) - UM - MiamiHerald.com hrld.us/XbTBFg

2h ago


Why do I never receive insider emails?

I will be at the Game Sept 6th and Sept 13th


Morning Spacers... good stuff coming out of UM over the weekend. I know we didnt get a commit, at least publicly, but look for us to pick up Davis tomorrow. Kid is a beast and very underrated imo.

I know Golden as had some history with giving seniors the nod even when their clearly less talented, and I wonder if that thinking will effect the QB spot. Although Heaps hasnt been here with Golden through the years. Im starting to think Kaaya will win out, he is Coleys hand chosen guy.

Go Canes

@mattyports: Al Golden noted on @560WQAM this morning that five-star freshman DE Chad Thomas is strong enough to play on 1st & 2nd down as well as 3rd.

Go Canes

@mattyports: Tracy Howard said QBs Jake Heaps and Brad Kaaya look good, but it doesn't matter who the #Canes start vs. Louisville: http://t.co/9Vs6PwWJ7p


Lamar Thomas is already talking smack and shyt on Twitter... I hope these players HATE Louisville and want revenge. No friendly shyt!!

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