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August 08, 2014



Good stuff today, all. Really good stuff. Praying these reports are accurate (at least mostly). :)





"He wants to play quarterback and Miami has offered him as a quarterback, which is why the Canes are still in the mix."

Gibson: Coach, I wanna play QB...

Coley: OF COURSE! you can play QB Torrance, nooooooot a problem!(With His fingers crossed behind His back)

Mountain Cane

I heard from a guy who heard from a guy who heard from a guy that kayaa looked really sharp today. Hope he earns the starting nod.


ESPN's somethin' else, ain't they... On the night before we host recruits, they wanna show the bowl game. Coincidence?...I THINK NOT!


Look for the canes to have a good season. I am concerned about the QB position, but all other positions are deeper and they are Golden recruits. Having seen many of the recruits play in high school, I can safely say that Golden got some really good recruits and did well in bringing a lot of talent to coral gables. I feel good about what I see and feel the canes match up well with all teams on their schedule. Canes will win the coastal.


I'm becoming less and less concerned about the QB as each day passes. Give Kaaya the ball and turn him loose. Kids got the goods. Glad it's translating to college speed.


BidWindy, you haven't been hearing all the good QB news????


Ohio, ikr. Kaaya has it. Just has to keep it up. But Heaps and those damn interviews though sounds just like Golden he is 23 though and is a Senior RS. I'm rolling with Trinidad Brad!


BidWindy, you haven't been hearing all the good QB news????

Posted by: Willie Will in Nashville | August 10, 2014 at 01:32 AM



No surprise here: Jake Heaps and Brad Kaaya are leading the UM quarterback battle. Heaps remains the front-runner because of experience, but Kaaya is at least giving UM something to think about.

On Saturday, Heaps threw an 80-yard touchdown to Malcolm Lewis, and Kaaya threw a 10-yard TD to Walter Tucker.

"A guy like Jake, he's very game polished," offensive coordinator James Coley said. "He comes in with a lot of experience. He's very fundamentally sound. He's a little older than the other guys. He's been fairly accurate, making great checks on the line of scrimmage. I've been very pleased with him.

"Brad Kaaya, I have no idea if he's a freshman or not --- he acts like he's a senior. Just very sharp. We threw the playbook at these guys and they've responded. ... Brad's been accurate. Throwing the ball really well. As the week's gone on both of those guys have got into a groove and got into a little zone right now. Those guys are competing extremely hard against each other."

Coley said Malik Rosier "has used his athleticism and he just has to get going with the other stuff that the other guys are ahead of him with right now --- just grasping everything with regard to the offense. ... Kevin Olsen has been consistent. He's getting better."

Al Golden said the quarterback competition would be cut to two after Wednesday's scrimmage.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/08/postscripts-notes-thoughts-from-dolphins-preseason-opener-pat-riley-delivers-firm-message.html#storylink=cpy


Receiver Darrell Langham, the final piece to arrive from UM's 2014 recruiting class, practiced for the first time Saturday.

### Golden said defensive end Demetrius Jackson has been a pleasant surprise; Jackson and fellow freshman d-end Chad Thomas had sacks on Saturday.


CCR Day QUATO!...Ay Vato, holla at amigo,an He gonna get them CCRs and wrap em' tighta than burrito, I'll let em' know I need it for the low He and need it pronto, He gonna ship em' off...PSSSSSSH!...TORPEDO!




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