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September 02, 2014



wonder what olsen is thinking....lost the QB job and has issues....

my guess is losing this past week will hasten his choice to move on...



Sarasota 'cane

But the insistence he'd automatically do that again is such a massive assumption.

I don't know how anyone can make it with such certainty

Posted by: Go Canes | September 03, 2014 at 08:21 PM

We can't make the assertion with Butch is true, but we can make the assertion with certainty that Al Golden will never win more than 10 games with these coordinators.

I like Al, but if he isn't going to make the hard decisions that are required of a head coach then he and his blind loyalty can hit the door with "his guys".

PB great that you're going to all the games. I'm hitting up the GT game and hopefully 1 or 2 home games, but if we finish this season the same way we finished last season then I'm done WASTING money on this crap. This isn't Little League, this is the Miami Hurricanes. There's no ribbon for showing up to a game. If nothing changes then nothing changes! Donna will continue to cash your checks as long as you continue to write them.

I was the RaRa fan until the end of Shannon's horrific tenure. I was afraid if all of us bloggers were too negative we'd lose recruits. The fact is this coaching staff can't coach them up anyway so it doesn't matter if we "lose" them. A 5 star stud would be a fool to come to UM with this crappy staff. We need a seismic change equivalent to what Auburn did.

And one last thing about Butch. Before the academic scandal at UNC he was poised to make a run at a 'ship. UNC is still ranked today in part because of Butch. I will also add that he was completely exonerated in said scandal. He is not the Messiah, but he would have won the game Monday night. Bobby Petrino would have beaten UL with our players if he had all summer to prepare.

If UM is going to fire Al this season or in 5 seasons it's not too soon to talk about who might replace him. BUTCH WANTS TO COACH THE CANES SO IT'S NOT DELUSIONAL TO DISCUSS HIM COMING BACK TO THE U! I didn't wake up last January and say "hey it sure would be cool if Butch came back"! I read an interview in the Miami Herald in which Butch said HE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIS JOB BACK! If not Butch then who? I'm all ears. The DC at UGA will most likely be a HC next year. Why not here? Why not run this team with the same swagger that that the players of yesterday played with? I'm open for anything EXCEPT the status quo.





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