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October 23, 2014


The Dude

Posted by: laquinton | October 24, 2014 at 12:49 PM

That's what everyone keeps saying but the ball looked a bit overthrown to me, I guess I'll have to go back and look at it. Anyone have a link to that play?



And the bs blitz used against JV will get BURNT on Blacksburg. They will be EXPOSED yet again on National TV.

Posted by: LA3 | October 12, 2014 at 03:00 PM


I DVR ed the game..watching it now..im juiced

The Dude

Posted by: SOUP | October 24, 2014 at 01:13 PM

Never been happier to be wrong. Hopefully you point out some other guys on the bootlicker side that said the same thing. ;)

The Dude

Also, prior to actually whooping VT's @$$, there was no reason to believe we could. As most people will agree, Miami played its best game last night. They played how they SHOULD have played all year. We should be undefeated.


The only way to get better on the perimeter game is to put the reps in..qb and receivers got to do enough reps that they know what each other is thinking...got to make it almost automatic.


Per ESPN Beamer said, "I thought that (Duke Johnson) was one of the better running backs, maybe the best that we've ever tried to tackle," Hokies coach Frank Beamer said about Johnson, who had 29 carries. Beamer later called Johnson the best back he's seen in "forever."


I think we forget how special Duke is. Glad Golden decided to give Duke an opportunity on national TV to show the world how special he is. 


Like somebody else said, the games slowing down for Duke. You could see He started to get His mojo back in the NU game...He would've had a great game against GT if we got more possessions...had a great game against Cincy...and it culminated in last night's masterpiece...to be continued...

Terrance Sullivan

Enjoying the win and can't wait to see my Canesspace FAM at Sun Life next Saturday. Go Canes.

The Dude


This article praises the excellent job by the coaching staff.


Miami after eight games - record, PF, PA

1994: 7-1, 270-086
1995: 5-3, 225-151
1996: 6-2, 249-111
1997: 4-4, 225-202
1998: 6-2, 302-154
1999: 5-3, 239-151
2000: 7-1, 356-157
2001: 8-0, 325-072
2002: 8-0, 344-141
2003: 7-1, 260-138
2004: 6-2, 260-153
2005: 7-1, 240-086
2006: 5-3, 187-119
2007: 5-3, 203-173
2008: 5-3, 244-180
2009: 6-2, 239-192
2010: 5-3, 228-151
2011: 4-4, 227-178
2012: 4-4, 215-259
2013: 7-1, 291-165
2014: 5-3, 250-177

Offense: Throwing out the Savannah State-skewed 2013 season, this is the best start that the Canes have gotten off to since 2004. The 541 points scored in the last two years is the best two year stretch for Miami since 2002-2003.

Defense: While still high, the 177 points would probably be an improvement off of 2013 if anyone else than Savannah State had been scheduled. Still a work in progress, but off to a better start than the 2008 or 2009 Hurricane teams.


Andy Bitter @AndyBitterVT ·
Beamer asked about Duke Johnson being best RB he's seen this year: "Not only all season. Forever."

Posted by: CaneRock | October 24, 2014 at 08:43 AM

That's an awesome quote!

Then again, Willis McGahee might beg to differ.

Go Canes

Posted by: The Dude | October 24, 2014 at 01:17 P

This isn't the same team it was eight games ago., starting with the most important position in football, the guy under center.

Go Canes

Tony we have also given up 28 points off turnovers and a kickoff return.

I know that's factored into all the other seasons as well, but that's an inordinate number two have given up through seven games this season heading up to last night.


To anyone here that's purchased a #KellyTough t-shirt.

Are they running true to size, big, or small?

Thanks in advance


If Duke was running like He is now, we would've been 6-2 or 7-1 right now.

Go Canes

They looked pretty true to size. When I went to all canes they only had double XL, medium and small. They seem pretty much like they should.

They're printed on a regular Hanes tshirt.

1mg of Epi

If Duke was running like He is now, we would've been 6-2 or 7-1 right now.

Posted by: CaneRock | October 24, 2014 at 02:06 PM

Give the line some credit too... They pushed peeps around last night!!


They played how they SHOULD have played all year. We should be undefeated.

Posted by: The Dude | October 24, 2014 at 01:17 PM

You said that right!!


VT sucks, home or not at home. I refuse to accept a loss this week, whether it be on the coaching or the players.

U guys can argue afterwards who that is, if it happens.

I personally think we win CONVINCINGLY, IN Blacksburg.

Canes - 38
Chokies - 24

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 20, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Even I gave VT too much credit on O.

Or maybe our D not enough credit. Either way, CANES WIN!

Go Canes

This was so sick. Best stiff arm of any RB who's ever come through here.



#Canes are averaging 7.9 yards per carry over last two games. That's 699 yards on 88 attempts. Wisconsin leads nation with 7.38 per rush


Manny Navarro

#Canes Duke Johnson now 2nd nationally with 1,260 yards from scrimmage. His average of 157.5 yards ranks 8th


Vogel's the UF transfer right...kid's doin' a helluva job punting the ball.


Art Kehoe

Coach of the Year at this point of the season for the Canes. I've criticized him since last year and he has shut me up! Hat's off! 👏👏👏👏

O-Line is doing whatever to whoever with whoever!!!!

Go Canes

@espn: The Duke was loose for The U last night!

Duke Johnson ended the 1st half in style with this TD in Miami's win: http://t.co/CXyeU1lm69

Go Canes

@YahooSports: NCAA investigation into Syracuse reportedly involves extra benefits http://t.co/jOi8r2Dk0a


Two favorite plays from last night.

Kaaya pass to Duke on 3rd down.


Kaaya pass to Duke before the half


That was then this is now

Now that's what I'm talking about. Dam, we played to win for once. Deno finally caved in to the demands of the fans and actually showed some aggression for once.
Now, at this stage Tech is not very good, especially on offense, they actually looked how we did against Louisville.
UNC, will throw the ball al lover the field, so this will be no picnic. I hope DENO stays with the aggressive approach because if he don't, the offense better be in high gear.
For one week at least they looked like the Canes of old.
I still anti-Deno!


Your Miami Hurricanes are 15th in Total Defense

Go Canes

Every time I see anyone post something about our coaches doing something because fans, media or the AD have said or done something I honestly can't believe its a real opinion.

@Manny_Navarro: #Canes have forced 17 turnovers this season (tied for 11th most nationally). #FIU leads nation with 25 turnovers gained

@MiamiHurricanes: And the defense now ranks 15th in the nation allowing just 319 yards per game. http://t.co/LRzJlBEYle


Vogel's the UF transfer right...kid's doin' a helluva job punting the ball.

Posted by: CaneRock | October 24, 2014 at 02:35 PM
Punt that hit the half yard line was especially nice


Thanks GC


429 to be Miami's all time leading rusher and this is his first time having a 1,000 yard season... and he is #1 in all purpose yards. Wow... just amazing that Duke Williams er Johnson is amazing.


Every time I see anyone post something about our coaches doing something because fans, media or the AD have said or done something I honestly can't believe its a real opinion.

Posted by: Go Canes | October 24, 2014 at 02:52 PM

So you don't believe the coaches read Canespace, is that what you're saying??


Punt that hit the half yard line was especially nice

Posted by: 30CINCO | October 24, 2014 at 02:53 PM

Hell yeah CINCO, Vogel put some English on that ball.


And I must've missed it, but DAMN! that was a collision between Duke & Fuller...yeah, Duke's finna bounce.

Go Canes

If they're in the mood for a great laugh.

Because whether you are in favor of the current regime or against, there are some funny ass opinions on here.


I have seen a lot of running backs play in south Florida H.S. and at the U. I have seen them play live and I will say definitively that Gore and Duke were the best and I have said this on this blog since Duke was in H.S. The only difference between Duke last night and Duke earlier in the season is he got 29 carries instead of only 10-12. The Canes should ride Duke and see how far he can take us. Duke has a chance to be A.C.C. offensive player of the year or All American if he is allowed to. Beamer is honest in his assessment and I agree. Beamer is not the only coach with that opinion about Duke. Duke is that good


Anytime I see somebody post somebody's name, who didn't have anything to do with the banner, who almost had another poster confront a Marine, I just SMDH. Can you imagine if said poster would've got in that Marine's face in front of His family...$hit split to the WHITE MEAT!...at SLS!...at HIGH NOON!...TRIAGE UNIT!...GAUZED UP! LMAO!

SOUP ain't got no time to be scrapin' a Spacer off the ground, and getting His crispy #KELLY TOUGH t-shirt bloody LMAO!

Terrance Sullivan

Lurker the Kelly Tough shirts are running true to size.


Yeah you right, those comments that make the coaching staff look like the best coaches ever are hilarious! Lol


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Vogel's the UF transfer right...kid's doin' a helluva job punting the ball.

Posted by: CaneRock | October 24, 2014 at 02:35 PM

If it's one thing that Golden knows how to do, it's finding punters and kickers!

Now we just need to get it into the end zone on kickoffs!


Thanks Terrance. I ordered on Wed, and I didn't want to hassle with having to go exchange them. That's good news.

Cane Rock, what in the F are you talking about? VT victory not good enough for you? You and another guy on here sure love starting stuff. I'm just saying.


Miami Hurricanes Football: Brad Kaaya Became First True Freshman to Beat Virginia Tech since 2006; First to Win in Blacksburg since 1998:
By Juan Toribio, caneswarning.com

Thursday night, the Miami Hurricanes did something that they hadn’t done all year: win on the road. Not only did Miami beat Virginia Tech, they dominated them and almost shut them out in front of a sold-out Lane Stadium crowd. It was also the first Hurricanes win since 2005 in Blacksburg, Virginia and it was a much needed victory for Al Golden and the team in the ACC Coastal Division race.

Duke Johnson ran wild and Gus Edwards also eclipsed the 100-yard mark. It was the second time this season that Miami had two players rush for over 100 yards.

True freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya only threw for 92 yards last night, and even had more incompletions than completions, but he managed the game well; didn’t turn the ball over and found his playmakers when he needed to.

The win in Blacksburg was also Kaaya’s first road victory in his collegiate career, and winning in Lane Stadium is something very few freshman’s (true or redshirted) have done.

How difficult is beating Frank Beamer’s teams as a true freshman? The last true freshman to beat Virginia Tech: Matthew Stafford in 2006. And that came in a “neutral site” when the Georgia Bulldogs took on the Hokies in Atlanta, Georgia in the Chick-Fil-A bowl. So it was more of a home game for Georgia.

Stafford is now a pro-bowl quarterback and went on to have a very successful career in Athens before being drafted first overall by the Detroit Lions in 2009 draft.

Since 2005, redshirt or true freshman quarterbacks are a combined 2-12. Aside from Stafford, the other quarterback to be successful against the Hokies was Florida State’s redshirt freshman Drew Weatherford in 2005. That game was played in Tallahassee.

The win in Blacksburg put Kaaya on a short-list of freshman quarterbacks that have beaten Frank Beamer. Especially in Lane Stadium.

In 1998, True Freshman Devin Scott beat Frank Beamer’s Hokies in Lane Stadium with a 28-24 come-from-behind win that shocked everyone around the nation. Until last night, that was the last time a true freshman stepped into Lane Stadium and beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Who did Scott play for? The Temple Owls. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The freshman season of Brad Kaaya has been a success through 8 games and he’s drawn high praise from pretty much everyone around college football. He threw for a career-low 92 yards, but he’s doing things true freshman quarterbacks haven’t done in almost two decades.


WWIM...don't pay them no mind dawg, it's clear their instiGATORS. I mean for somebody to bring up something that we started joking around with at 9:00 AM!, at 2:52 PM!, that person is clearly instigating.


First, the overall picture:

- A GREAT win. Remember, Va. Tech beat Ohio State. Quality win. It's also the first time in a LONG time that UM held a quality team to under 10 points. GREAT win. Thursday night in Blacksburg is hell.

- Golden saved his job tonight for the moment. However, if he doesn't make the ACC title game... he's gone. Too much heat.

With that said, here's how Golden can save his job and the season:

"If" UM wins out (including FSU):
- Ga. Tech must lose again in conference. They look very vulnerable lately, losing two straight conference games (and they still have Clemson to contend with).
- Duke must lose again in conference. Despite losing to us, they've won two straight conference games. We own the tiebreaker here. Unfortunately, Duke's schedule doesn't look too bad (Va. Tech the exception).

If we get another conference loss (FSU being the logical choice):
- Ga. Tech must lose in conference twice. That looks like a tall order given the remainder of their conference schedule, but the Coastal has been known for its wackiness.
- Duke must lose twice. This is an even taller order given that Duke's schedule is pretty easy and they are continually improving.
- Virginia, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina must lose an additional conference game besides vs. us. UVA still has a terrible time left and Pittsburgh stinks. UNC is a different matter. They were very competitive vs. Notre Dame and almost beat Ga. Tech. They have the easiest schedule remaining.

It's almost certain that UM won't make the title game if we lose again, given that our remaining four games are all in conference. So every week is huge, and every week Golden is fighting for his job. If you want a playoff atmosphere, this is it.

But we essentially advanced out of the first round.

Regardless of me being the realist, I'm enjoying the right now. If only we could have played like this against Louisville or Ga. Tech...

...GREAT win. Great, great win. Given the circumstances, it's the equivalent of beating a top 15 team on the road.


Posted by: CaneRock | October 24, 2014 at 03:24 PM


The blog seemed fine till about 5-6 months ago when 3 people showed up and now most of the DAY 1 VETERAN Canespacers are gone!


Canes right in the middle of a wild, wacky Coastal Division race

The Hurricanes' 30-6 blowout in Blacksburg Thursday night keeps them very much in the race to win the Coastal Division with four games left to play.

Here's a look at how the division stacks up the rest of the way from a Canes perspective:

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/#storylink=cpy

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