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October 23, 2014


The Dude

So stormtrooper unis forever? Thoughts? Anyone?


Duke be like James for real give me the ball.



Tonight, I just want to hug you after this win.


Posted by: The Dude | October 24, 2014 at 12:06 AM

I'm I gon have to revoke yo "Horsemen" card?? Lol

The Dude

Lol WW.


We will beat FSU 137-13.

Posted by: SOUP | October 24, 2014 at 12:11 AM

You giving them 13pts too many tho!


Damn, UNC scores more points on the road (39.7), than they do at home (38.0). And they ain't played no chumps either...ECU,Clemson, & ND.


So stormtrooper unis forever? Thoughts? Anyone?

Posted by: The Dude | October 24, 2014 at 12:36 AM

I like em, but they don't look as good with black socks and black cleats. I would like em better with all white everything!


Whose the fine looking couple pimping those canespace tees on a rainy day at Animal Kingdom?


Rock, unc is no slouch!

P.S. F da cHeat


UNC ain't got no defense though, they're allowing 43.3 PPG.


UNC is having a 1984 Canes season. Score at will, pray you have the ball last. We have to just make sure we have the ball most of the time and especially last in the game if it comes down to it.


WWIM...I can't believe I had to watch Simmons & Rose ridin' Le?'s jock before I had to watch my Canes play. Kinda $h!t is that dawg...LMAO!



UNC is no joke on offense. They will also have an us against the world mentality. They also hate us, like pretty much all teams. This will be no cakewalk and if the defense takes a couple of steps back, game will not be easy.

Our team is not nearly good enough to let up. Need to get back at it on Sunday.

In the meantime though, let's celebrate!!!!!

The Dude

Nothing sloppy from tonights win. That was a effing good team win. The best an Al Golden team has looked since I can remember. We can never let up ever. Canes mentality is to dominate every snap. Make them hurt after defeat. Tonight Hokies are hurting and Canes are celebrating. Not just a win, a great win.


Posted by: CaneRock | October 24, 2014 at 12:48 AM

It's K-I-N-G J-A-M-E-S


The Dude


Canes win!

The Dude

My boy Dorsett didnt have the best night, but the threat of him was obvious, we also just missed on a 99 TD. Love when we turn things into a track meet outside. He and Perryman are the two Canes we'll miss most next year. As many great WRs as we have, only Coley can run like that. Grace will try and be our Perryman. Still need an Armbrister for next year. I kind of think Duke should stay for his senior year. I think he's completely ready for the NFL but we can have a monster year next and maybe be the 1st back taken. Flowers should stay too. He's almost there to be a top 5 guy. Our OL next year from left to right Flowers, Isadora, Linder?, Gadbois, McDermott. Young and talented. On D we lose 4 key players, DP52, TA34, AC71 & OP 91. Grace is the man to take over for DP. Maybe Owens can replace TA, does Kirby get another year? We have a slew of young talent to replace Chick and Jenkins may already be or most talented DT.

Mark: you have 4 more games, you'd better be this dominant in every one of 'em. Even now You still deserve to be canned. Coach like you @$$ is on the line because oh boy is it.

The Dude

That said Mark, great f@ckin job against Tech my man!

The Dude

On a Thursday night too in front of all of college football.


soup, was banned?


was i banned?

VA Cane

Tired but happy. Had to come home as I am in class taking Continuing Ed classes for my appraiser license. The guys played really well, big win. Very good solid simple game plan, Everything went well. I am not concerned about a shutout, a great win was what everyone....staff, players, fans.....needed.
I had a lot of fun at the game. It was cold....but left with lots of warmth.


Great that you could be there VA Cane! Stadium seemed to get pretty quiet pretty quickly.

Nothing better for a hostile environment than to jump into an early lead.


(PLEASE give Duke a rest when the game is on ice Coach Coley! Haven't you guys learned your lesson the hard way ONCE already?)

VA Cane

1. I would add run the ball effectively. The OL needs to provide Duke and Yerby some daylight. Give them light, they will do well. Like needs to be aggressive on runs, pick those feet up and drive people; the acks will hit holes that are there. I dont mean a 200 yard game, but a steady ground attack; get me 5 or 6.

2. Protect BK. Don't let him get sacked hit or pressured. You know they will, but keep him up as often as possible.Again the OL needs to step up.

3. No critical mistakes, especially in key situations. No false starts, offsides, face masks, personal fouls.

4. Get the run going, but keep Clive active, and do not be afraid to put PD 1 on 1 deep; take a shot.

5. Block and tackle; we wont be perfect but execute these fundamental aspects.

Well they did what I said they needed to as well as what Lurker said....and then some. We can play with most people if we execute solid simple aggressive game plan like last night!!!


Happy Friday! Indeed it is...I will be gloating all day today! Nothing like a bad hangover and a win to boot! Love it!

Go Canes

Time to rise and grind!

Lots to be happy about,obviously, about last night. Our guys played a complete game on both sides of the ball and with no disrespect to Gus intended, if Yearby got half his carries last night it could have been worse.

This is the team I saw when I thought we'd win the ones we had left. We got flashes of it, but they look like are finally putting it together for long stretches.

Next week will be a much bigger test. UNC can score and has adopted an out score and hope to win mentallity.

But we can beat them soundly by controlling the line of scrimmage, play mistake free football and win 3rd down on both sides of the ball again.

Posted the question after Louisville, would we beat them with game 6-7 version of Kaaya, compared to the game 1 version. Think that question was answered last night.

Finally, this amazing stat:

@ByTimReynolds: Here's my favorite Duke stat: He's averaged 9.2 yards every time he's been handed, kicked or thrown the football in his career.


Great win... dno did a good job of reading their plays and bringing guys up into the holes ...we didnt just stand there and hold the blocks...we were in their backfield the whole nite...our lbs were pit bulls...they cough the from the jarring hits.

I like Chick move to the middle ... we stunted him all nite long and got good pressure in the center of the pass play...dno is finally showing that he is a smart guy...but this time hes bringing the pursuit.

Sense Kaaya has had so much success with his passing stats ...teams cant load the box... so Duke had all kinds of room to roam last nite...

Its great to see old fashion football be successful. We played the pro style and showed that if you got balance ..pass run then your still gonna be successful.

I saw some pro talent last nite on both sides of the ball..it can only get better.


We missed about 4 home run throws last nite so they are lucky it wasnt 50 0...if we clean up the fly patterns we would be impossible to stop.




I've posted on here all week how big this game would be for Kaaya and crew. Huge win for the Canes! Kaaya had complete control of the offense and looked composed the entire game, mistake free football! O yea Duuuke!!! Best D performance of the year too! I like our D when we blitz!

Go Canes

@CANEINSIDER: Callaway has Canes in top 3 - Read More... http://t.co/L2K9yBMF4s #Canes, #TheUThis


"I don't always (b)eat hokie; but when I do, I like it well done. . . . Stay hungry my friends."

NEMO - The most interesting Canes fan in the world.

Go Canes

@mattyports: Next challenge for Miami: stopping UNC's offense (ACC-best 38.7 PPG, T-17th) and QB Marquise Williams (17th in total offense, 317.7 YPG).


@mattyports: Next challenge for Miami: stopping UNC's offense (ACC-best 38.7 PPG, T-17th) and QB Marquise Williams (17th in total offense, 317.7 YPG).

Posted by: Go Canes | October 24, 2014 at 07:44 AM


That could be a potential problem as we are not good against a mobil QB. I hope the team does a LOT of film study this week.

Go Canes

The extra days of prep time will definitely help Raize. They need to have the exact same game plan on offense and stay aggressive on D. A healthy Yearby will be huge.


We got a lot of quality players on d...if you just coach them to cause havoc in the middle they are gonna show their speed, strength and quickness.. i think we can dominate unc at the line of scrimmage.. it was a few simple things that had to change...pursuit and tackling..we doin it now.

Go Canes

BTW, I don't think there's any doubt Nick Linder has been the most pleasant surprise of our freshman class.

He and Feliciano looked awesome last night.


If d continues ..lbs scraping across the field...getting push up the middle and pursuing the ball al will go from a chump coach to possibly being one of the best Cane coaches we ever had... Al can recruit and build the progam.. thats his talent ..


Good games Canes. Especially in a game that was supposed to be tight. It was a pleasure. I like that Gus is starting to put it together.

Keep it up Canes!


I like the "attacking defense" a lot more than the "defensive defense".

P.S. Speaking of "attackers" on defense, does anyone know if AQM plans to retun to UM next semester?


I had to go to sleep at half time, but man did our Canes look like the old Canes while I watched. Looked like the Thursday night games I was use to. Im very happy Grace is playing more, kid is going to be a stud. Great win.

NY Trooper

So stormtrooper unis forever? Thoughts? Anyone?

Posted by: The Dude | October 24, 2014 at 12:36 AM

I love the StormTrooper uniforms!


AQM will be back.


Andy Bitter @AndyBitterVT ยท
Beamer asked about Duke Johnson being best RB he's seen this year: "Not only all season. Forever."


David Teel โ€@DavidTeelatDP #Hokies DC Bud Foster: "I was scared to death of Duke Johnson, and he proved why tonight."

1mg of Epi

Canes 34
VT 10

Duke 125 yards, Coley 5 catches 80 yards and the defense turns a corner giving up under 300 total yards, with the lone TD in garbage time. This will be the game we all look back on as the one where the U started to be the U again!!
Posted by: 1mg of Epi | October 23, 2014 at 07:39 PM

Dammit I was close! Actually meant to Tyle 225 for duke.


I predicted a loss and couldn't have been more wrong. Kudos to everyone but especially the coaches. This was the first time in loooong time that this staff had an effective game plan that was executed superbly. This was the best we've looked under AG IMO.

Not going to get much traction, but the D has improved this year and were very good last night. I know it isn't popular but there has been player development also, clearly Grace, Kirby and Bush have gotten better IMO.

Glad I was wrong, now the Canes must sustain and build on this, winning needs to become a habit again.


Bannerboi's are very quiet. You'd think they'd be happy like everybody else.

Not a peep from those fake fans. That's what haters do. Clam up when the team wins.


Who's a "bannerboi" Lurker? You heard SOUP, don't start that $h!t.


Hey, where you been, CR?

The guys that fly the banners, but you already knew that.

Seriously, CR. Please don't lecture - you of all people.

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