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October 21, 2014







Jammi German!

Dude on a Pale Horse




F'the Turds & $EC!


As this was brought up recently, I'd thought I'd look at the number of first downs allowed by the Hurricanes in the first 7 games.

First Downs Allowed:
Year, Pass, Rush, Total
2000: 78, 47, 146
2001: 48, 62, 127
2002: 35, 74, 131
2003: 37, 47, 100
2004: 59, 57, 127
2005: 39, 43, 099
2006: 57, 25, 099
2007: 52, 55, 118
2008: 53, 46, 115
2009: 51, 54, 118
2010: 49, 51, 106
2011: 72, 74, 148
2012: 76, 95, 188
2013: 62, 60, 128*
2014: 61, 63, 142

*only 8 first downs were given up against Sv. St.

Interestingly, the final team of Butch Davis gave up 2,541 yards in their first seven games. The 2014 Canes have given up 2,242 yards.


Please note that I did not include penalty related first downs, which would factor into the total first downs along with rushing and passing.


If U do not have anything to post about UM SPORTS or FOOTBALL do not post anything at all!

IF U want to post comments about each other they will never see the light of day.


There are things to be grateful for.

Seeing that picture of the gator hanging, makes mr grateful for being there when we beat the Gator.

That was very very pleasurable!


Hopefully, I think all of us just want to win. It doesn't matter if it is Golden, Davis, or whoever. I just want the Canes back to dominance and maximizing the potential of the program. I'd even take Lou Holtz or Bobby Bowden as coach if it would get us a national championship and back to where it belongs.

This isn't 2012, where the majority of the most talented members of the team are freshmen. So the excuses are limited. That said, the talent level is still not where it needs to be, and is literally half that of Florida State. And half of where it was when Coker was coach. It's at a level on par with Virginia Tech, slightly above Nebraska, and moderately above Louisville. I do have some cause for hope in that Butch Davis was losing games to East Carolina (twice!), Pittsburgh, Arizona State, and Syracuse in 1995 - 1999. Once the talent level got to a certain point, those "threats" fell away.

Hopefully the current coaches are evaluating everything that they are doing and making adjustments. They cannot wait for the talent level to get to the point where they simply bully a Nebraska or Louisville the same way that we pushed around Cincinnati or Arkansas State. That's 2-3 years of great recruiting away. And if they don't make adjustments, then that is on them. I lack the knowledge to criticize the Xs and Os, but I certainly do not like the results that I am seeing on screen.

However I have said several times this year that Miami would be a better team this year, but have a lesser record than 2013. The true freshman at quarterback was going to be a big issue, along with the much harder schedule. To me, it seemed a little reminiscent of the 1999 Canes vs the 1998 version. Ultimately, I want to let the season play out and see if the Canes get to the 8-4 regular season record that I anticipated.


Thanks soup, no idea what the bashing each other is about . I only wanna talk sports and mainly um sports.

Terrance Sullivan

Love the article Soup. Love the perspective. This game against Virginia Tech tomorrow night in Blacksburg is huge. I hope we can pull off the win. We need it. We gonna need a solid game in all three parts of the game. Offense, Defense, Special Teams. Go Canes! Beat VT!

Terrance Sullivan

TonyCane Thank U for the stats U provide it gives great context man. Go Canes!



No matter what you decide, it's been a great run, and an awesome blog.

Much appreciated brother...

Let's Go CANES!

Go Canes



Good article SOUP...but I will say, that coaching is harder, when you don't have your best players (ie last year when we lost Duke & PD4), and your best coach(es)(ie Fish). I think Fish could've Xed and O'ed, the Jimmies & Joes, to 1 or 2 more wins. I disagree with this notion, that we would've still only won 9 games with all those 3 on the SLs & on the field.

As far as this season goes, I agree with Lurker, this isn't a very good team RIGHT NOW. We're playing a true freshman QB...the right side of the O-Line is either young or inexperienced...our OC is a work in progress, but He's getting there...and we're rotating true freshmen, in our defensive 2 deep. Those things gave me pause for concern before the season started, BUT!, I still think we need to go in another direction schematically on the D side of the ball.

That is all.

Go Canes

Lots of good info including our ACC crossover opponents for the next few years.

@mattyports: Who are the Canes' biggest rivals? Def. Notre Dame, which just added two more tilts w/ UM: http://t.co/sGAOOleVBt http://t.co/6bDO4iXods

VA Cane

Raining here and I have 2 appraisals to do. It very well may be damp in Bburg....it will be chilly. Guess I am a fan, I will be at the game. Since my dad knew all the security people trained them and as I kid I parked cars, I have had great access. Guess it did not hurt playing for Beamer in hs either! I have to take my classes to renew my appraiser license Thursday-Saturday.....but I leave Thursday at 4 with my VA State Trooper buddy....3.5 hr drive but we will make it lol! Will be in a nice booth high up....rare as I always was with my dad on UM sideline.

Got to be back Friday am, but it is worth it!
Go Canes need a big win!

Account Deleted

Need a win at VT to save the season..

Tough to do...Beamer will be ready

Go Canes

@ChristyChirinos: A shattered ankle. Broken fibula. Two torn ACLs. How UM's training & medical staff helped 4 #Canes get back in game: http://t.co/xcM5KNRoWd


Canez will beat the Hokey Chokies tomorrow night, VAULT IT!


They cannot wait for the talent level to get to the point where they simply bully a Nebraska or Louisville the same way that we pushed around Cincinnati or Arkansas State.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 22, 2014 at 12:18 AM

Sadly, I think that's what's goin' on. You CAN LOSE with talent (coaches get fired), but it's harder to win without it.


### UM defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio believes that not only are he and his defense getting a bad rap, but UM actually has played well on his side of the ball.

“I’m happy with our performance,” he said. “The coaching staff is pleased with the [players on defense].”

To support his assertion, he mentioned UM is seventh in yards allowed per play (4.46, not much worse than Alabama’s 4.38). That’s a fair point.

But what UM doesn’t say is this: The Hurricanes are 53rd in scoring defense, 56th in rushing defense, 69th in red zone defense, 71st in third-down defense, 61st in first downs allowed and 108th in tackles for loss per game.

Here's one problem: Because UM is subpar in third-down defense and poor in third-down offense, UM's defense is on the field far too much; UM's opponents are averaging 73 snaps per game, compared with 61 for UM's offense.

D’Onofrio is opposed to having his corners play tighter coverage because “we certainly don't want gamblers. The worst thing we could do is give up an easy touchdown on defense, right?"

UM would prefer a long drive against them if given a choice between a methodical march and a quick strike.

“We certainly can't have our [last line of defense safeties and corners] not be deep,” D'Onofrio insisted.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/10/a-look-at-how-dolphins-are-accentuating-tannehills-strength-dolphins-um-defense-heat-notes.html#storylink=cpy

I think I would prefer an occasional quick strike vs a long drive. IF their going to score either way, isnt it better the get the D off the field quicker and give the O another shot?


I'm not superstitious, but I'll try just about anything if it means we beat VaTech. It would mean so much not just for the season, but for the next week's game versus NC, the Kelly Tough game. I would love to see a decent crowd there. Whole family's got their Kelly tough shirts. We're ready.

dj moonbat

Here's something I really don't get -- and I mean I actually don't get it; it's not something I'm just saying for effect.

We've got a running back who's #15 nationally in yardage. The guy who's backing him up is averaging like seven yards a rush.

We have a QB who's #16 in the nation in passing efficiency, and #32 in passing yardage.

But the total offense is #54, which is kind of a weird drop. And then the third down numbers are just stupid bad: 124th in the nation, converting less than a quarter of its third downs.

I just don't understand how Kaaya and Duke can be racking up the kind of numbers that get them in the Top 20 at their positions, and yet the team a) almost never gets manageable third down situations, and b) frequently blows it even when third down IS manageable. Is Miami's entire offense just big plays on first and second down?

Go Canes

@smillerdegnan: Who's on board the Kaaya train? Tracy Howard is. (I'm on board a flight bound for Roanoke). My story: http://t.co/CqVaaAzRGD


Miami Hurricanes freshman RB Trayone Gray learning ‘tough’ lesson:
By Susan Miller Degnan, www.miamiherald.com
October 21st, 2014

Running back Trayone Gray, a 6-2, 215-pound imposing freshman out of Carol City High, has experienced the emotional gamut this season, scoring a 10-yard touchdown on his first career carry and fumbling on his lone carry recently against Cincinnati – the fumble recovered and returned for a 27-yard touchdown.

Gray, who also plays on the kickoff-coverage and punt-return teams, has six carries for 24 yards, and said he knows the playbook “very well now.”

“At first I didn’t,” he said. “I was still learning.”

Gray said fellow freshman Brad Kaaya, UM’s quarterback, reassured him after the fumble, which Gray said occurred when he didn’t notice the corner blitz. It wouldn’t have happened, he noted, if he had held the ball “high and tight.”

“After the fumble, [Kaaya] said he made mistakes before,” Gray said. “They all told me to keep my head up. Our team is a brotherhood.

“… Just move on and learn from your mistake.”

Said coach Al Golden: “That’s a tough lesson to learn. He’ll bounce back. … Hopefully, he has put that behind him.”


New technology, old strategies combine to get Hurricanes healthy again:
By Christy Cabrera Chirinos, www.sun-sentinel.com

There's been a shattered ankle, a fractured fibula and two torn ACLs.

During the past 11 months, four of the Miami Hurricanes' top football players have had to deal with serious injuries, injuries that sidelined each of them for months and could have derailed their careers.

But as UM continues its season with Thursday night's game at Virginia Tech, it will have Duke Johnson, Joe Yearby, Braxton Berrios and Ryan Williams back in game shape, each contributing in his own way as the Hurricanes continue to push for the Coastal Division crown.

It's been a remarkable stretch for the doctors, athletic trainers, physical therapists and strength and conditioning staff charged with maintaining the health of the Hurricanes and even long-time sports medicine veterans say they've been surprised by how quickly some of Miami's injured stars have been able to not only return to football, but play the game as well or better than they did before getting hurt.

"Was I surprised? Yes. Whenever you hear ACL, people say six, eight, 10 months, a year, but these guys' numbers are getting so much better in a short time," said Vinny Scavo, the head athletic trainer for the Hurricanes' football team who has also worked with the Marlins, Yankees and several South Florida high schools. "You have to be real careful because you don't want a setback, but what's happening with these guys, because of their determination, because of them wanting to get back, they've stayed the course and listened to the people who were working with them. They understood what had to happen."

Scavo and the four Miami's football players say there's been no secret formula to helping athletes recover from severe injuries, but there are several constants in Coral Gables they believe have made a difference during the past year — communication, collaboration between doctors, trainers and coaches, and the use of the Comprehensive High-Level Activity and Mobility Predictor (CHAMP-S), the sports-specific version of a mobility and agility test used by the military to determine if service members with lower limb loss are able to return to the field.

At Miami, the goal is for football players to undergo CHAMP-S testing after they've completed off-season conditioning and before two-a-day practices begin. It's during that window that most players are at peak condition, says Miami physical therapist Luis Feigenbaum and that's when the best baselines are gathered, numbers that later serve as benchmarks if an athlete gets hurt.

Because CHAMP-S does not require athletes to jump, it can be used relatively shortly after surgery, giving doctors, physical therapists, and trainers one quick way to measure the recovery process. Another reason staffers at Miami like the test? Because the athletes are striving to reach goals, CHAMP-S appeals to their competitive natures, adding a psychological factor to the rehabilitation process.

"I think it helps that once they're off the crutches or braces and they're already being tested. It gives them an extra bump in their motivation," said Feigenbaum. "With CHAMP-S, the kids are almost immediately engaged in reaching their goals and that's a huge advantage for the kids and for us."

But as much as Miami has relied on new technology like CHAMP-S and the advances in the surgical techniques used by team doctor Lee Kaplan, players say some old-fashioned strategies have also made a difference.

Johnson, who missed the last five games of Miami's season last year after fracturing his ankle in November, smiled and used a surprising word when describing his journey back from injury.

"The process was fun," said Johnson, who has rushed for a team-high 787 yards since returning from a shattered ankle. "The strength guys and Vinny and his training staff make you want to come in and get better so you can get back on the field. They come in, they have to be here earlier than we do and they're excited to be there for you. . . . Everybody's having fun."

Said Williams, who tore his ACL in April but returned to play in Miami's win over Cincinnati earlier this month, "It helps when you enjoy the people you work with. . . . They're really themselves. They don't lie to you. It's kind of tough love in there in the beginning until you understand the type of process you have to go through for the rehab. But they earn [trust] that way, just being themselves."

Ultimately, though, those charged with helping the Hurricanes get back on the field say the biggest factor remains the athletes themselves, their willingness to fight through pain and put in the work needed to rehabilitate from a potentially-disastrous injury.

"It starts, number one, with the players," Kaplan said. "Those guys are national-caliber athletes in terms of their speed and ability to function and that all helps the process. Then there's their hunger and their desire, along with a lot of hard work."

Added Miami coach Al Golden, "It's commitment on the part of the young men, volition on the part of the young men in terms of their sacrifices, their choices, doing treatment on weekends and during spring break, first class facilities, a great medical team, them working with [strength and conditioning coach Andreu] Swasey and his team so when they do come back, they're in great condition. It's a team effort. . . . It's been unbelievable."


Miami Hurricanes Football: Have The Canes Improved In Areas Of Need Thus Far?

By Justin Fessenden, caneswarning.com

Before the 2014 season I wrote a post titled, “5 Areas That Need Improvement This Season.” Now that the Hurricanes are just past the halfway point of the season, I’d like to take a look and see how the Canes are doing in those 5 areas as well as some new areas that are of concern.

Total Defense

Last year the Miami Hurricanes finished the season ranked 89th in total defense. They gave up 5.75 yards per play and 426.4 yards per game.

Seven games into this season the Canes are ranked….wait for it…. 22nd in total defense. They are giving up 4.46 yards per play and 327.4 yards per game.

This is where numbers are a bit deceiving. I don’t believe the Canes can maintain these numbers, although, I would love to be wrong. The defense is still not where it needs to be, however, I do think that they have improved from last year. The toughest offenses’ the Canes still have to face are North Carolina (ranked #37 in total offense) and Florida State (ranked #43 total offense). Looking at the positive, the Canes have already played 4 opponents who are ranked in the top 50 of total offense, they are: #14 in Nebraska, #29 in Georgia Tech, #38 in Arkansas State and #42 in Cincinnati.

Passing Yards Allowed

Last season, the Canes finished 90th in passing yards allowed. The defense allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 60% of their passes along with 249.8 passing yards per game.

So far in the 2014 season the Canes are ranked 10th in passing yards allowed. Yes you read that right, 10th! They are allowing quarterbacks to complete 53% of their passes along with 175.9 passing yards per game. Again, numbers are deceiving. The Canes have not faced many offenses’ that are pass heavy, most have actually been pretty run heavy (Nebraska, Georgia Tech). The pass defense did do pretty well against Cincinnati who is ranked #12 in passing offense. Not to rain on the parade but the next best passing offense the Canes have matched up with is Arkansas State who is ranked at #68 (yikes!). Much tougher tests’ are yet to come.

Third Down Conversions

The Hurricanes offense ended the 2013 season ranked 96th in third down conversions with a conversion rate of 35.2%.

Just when you think this ranking couldn’t get worse, I inform you that the offense is currently ranked 124th out of 125 FBS teams with a conversion rate of 24.7%. This is terrible! There are too many playmakers on offense to be this bad at converting on third downs. James Coley needs to fix this problem and fix it quick as it will lead to other problems such as a tired defense and poor time of possession, which all go hand-in-hand and negatively affect the team.

First Down Defense

Last year’s defense was ranked 97th in the country in first down defense. They gave up first downs in abundance with the majority coming from the pass.

This year’s first down defense is ranked 61st with seven games played so far this season. They have given up 63 first downs to the rush, 61 to the pass, and 17 first downs due to penalties. Here is yet another area of improvement for the defense, hopefully the upward trend continues for the rest of the season.

Offensive Time Of Possession

In 2013, the Canes ranked 118th in offensive time of possession with an average of 25:58 minutes per game.

Not very much improvement here as the Canes currently rank 113th in time of possession with an average of 27 minutes per game. Again, this goes hand-in-hand with the poor ranking in third down conversions. Also, as the time of possession improves the efficiency of the defense will improve as well. In order to tally up wins in the second half of the season, the Canes need to find ways to sustain drives.


I personally found it interesting that the defense has improved in areas that were very poor last year, yet the offense has not. Sure, there is much more to the game than these 5 areas but not all of the blame should be put on the defense for the losses this year.

Areas For Concern
While looking at the current team rankings for the 2014 season, I wanted to make a brief list of areas that the Canes are ranked very low and that need to be improved in order to have a successful second half of the season.

Penalties- ranked #105, 57 penalties for 547 yards
First Down Offense- ranked #84, 137 first downs, 19.6/game
Kickoff Return Defense- ranked #111, 23.78 yds/return, 1 TD
Punt Returns- ranked #85, 6.63 yds/return
Team Tackles For Loss- ranked #108, 4.6 per game
Turnover Margin- ranked #84, -2 margin
Redzone Defense- ranked #69, opposing offense scores 83.3% of time
Redzone Offense- ranked #74, offense score 82.1% of time

Go Canes

Umike normally I'd agree with you but our offense has been so inconsistent the thought of the other team hitting a long one then being back out there four plays later kind of worries me. We are explosive at times but can't fall back 2-3 tds to anyone.

I do say with confidence that I speak on behalf of all canes fans when I say Mark really needs to just stfu until his defense shuts down a real good offense.

It's had moments, and so far is light years ahead of last years abomination, but really, just shut up and keep getting better and more consistent results.


Go Canes.. I guess you have a good point.. but it just seems wrong to me. Its like D'No has already accepted the fact teams will score and he just prefers to let them take their time doing it lol... I guess my thinking is I would rather see a shoot out then our offense sitting on the sideline forever while the D just gets more worn down.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Good morning canespace.

dj moonbat

From an article excerpted above:

To support his assertion, [D'Onofrio] mentioned UM is seventh in yards allowed per play (4.46, not much worse than Alabama’s 4.38). That’s a fair point.

But what UM doesn’t say is this: The Hurricanes are 53rd in scoring defense, 56th in rushing defense, 69th in red zone defense, 71st in third-down defense, 61st in first downs allowed and 108th in tackles for loss per game.

Here's one of those situations where averages can be terribly deceptive.

If you're a head coach, your job is much, much simpler if you're getting 4.46 yards per play by getting 3-5 yards almost without fail. If you're getting 0-2 yards, and then occasionally busting a big play, you might still end up with a 4.46 average (or even more), but the four-down structure of the game may mean that you have to punt before your next big-play moment strikes. The sharply limited number of consecutive attempts (typically first through third downs) means that 3.4 yards a play is perfectly fine, as long as your variance is low.

This is why D'Onofrio HAS to stop his single-minded focus on not giving up the big play. If you make it too easy for the opposing team to get short-to-medium gains, they'll never NEED a big play to beat you.


Random Stats...

PPP (Points Per Possession):

VT has scored 199 points, on 101 possessions, averaging a lil' less than 2 PPP.

UM has scored 220 points, on 94 possessions, averaging 2.3 PPP.

UM has scored on 37 out of 94 possessions, averaging 5.45 points on possessions that result in a score.


Good morning spacers!


DJMB...against teams like FAMU,ASU, & Cincy, & Duke...bend don't break don't matter.

But against Louisville,NU, & GT, you need a change-up.


I guess my thinking is I would rather see a shoot out then our offense sitting on the sideline forever while the D just gets more worn down.

Posted by: UMike | October 22, 2014 at 10:20 AM

IDK about a shootout, but I do agree those long drives against the defense, does something psychologically to the offense...it effects rhythm.




31-30 CANEZ


Beating VT tomorrow, on the road, at night could mean we possibly turned the corner. At least for this long one way street. Is this a "must win" for AG and his crew? I believe it is......

Dude on a Pale Horse

I do say with confidence that I speak on behalf of all canes fans when I say Mark really needs to just stfu until his defense shuts down a real good offense.

Posted by: Go Canes | October 22, 2014 at 09:47 AM

Certainly good advice in my opinion.

Dude on a Pale Horse

This is why D'Onofrio HAS to stop his single-minded focus on not giving up the big play. If you make it too easy for the opposing team to get short-to-medium gains, they'll never NEED a big play to beat you.

Posted by: dj moonbat | October 22, 2014 at 10:24 AM

As SOUP says: There IT is.

Go Canes

I don't think he's accepted teams will score. I think his philosophy is on a long drive we will get a sack, tackle for loss or other negative play that will get us off the field.

For the most part it's worked. Against GT they needed a fake punt and connected on a 3rd and 17 to sustain drives.

But against Nebraska and other times in the GT game, it didn't.

When you couple those moments with an inability to convert 3rd downs offensively late, you lose games you have a chance to win late.

That's been the recipe of all three four quarters in games we lost.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Colin Cowherd always talks about situational football. He'll say you don't have to be great running the ball, you have to be situationally great at running the football. You don't have to be great on defense, you have to be situationally great on defense. Pretty much the two or things you need to be great at are QB, protecting your QB, kicking FGs. We have a great but young QB, our OL does an okay job protecting him, this will get better as Brad improves (you ever get the feeling that your mom could protect Peyton Manning?) and FGs we've been inconsistent but Al's track record there says that's an area he can improve. Its the situational stuff though that scares the absolute BEJEEZUS out of me. 3rd downs, goal lines, clock management, oh my! Lets hope some how he can improve.


Random Stats...

Posted by: CaneRock | October 22, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Looks like we got us a barn burner coming up


2015 LB Tevon Coney set to announce his college choice tomorrow at 9:30 am. Looks like ND. We're up there with them and UF, but UF is a mess and he hasn't said much about us.

Unless he's just been coy recently, he's not picking us. It's possible, though.


Good morning spacers!

Posted by: CGNC | October 22, 2014 at 10:59 AM

Good Afternoon. Will I have the honor of meeting you at the UNC game?? Last I heard, you were going.


As in life where are many that r failures, so r there failures in football coaching. But in life, when I make my plan and set my goals, my ambition dictates that I only associate with or look up to people that r winners. I couldn't give a chicken isht about those who fail or how many of them there r. So likewise I couldnt gives rhino's piss about failed coaches and struggling programs. I'm selfish to only give a damn about my team. I want them to be winners and I want results yesterday. It's all and only about this U!


So this head coaching thing is hard?

That's what she said! Lol

Go Canes

@DavidHaleESPN: #Miami QB Brad Kaaya leads #ACC in completions (13), comp% (52%), yards (493), YPA (19.7) & TDs (7) on throws of 20+ yards.

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