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November 07, 2014


Go Canes

@PeterAriz: On recruiting speculation today, I'm told - "Nothing going on."



Laura Jackson ‏@lpjack86 52 minutes ago

@HurricaneTennis @steph_wagner1 Wagner cruises to victory over Chi (Cal) 6-1, 6-3 to fight another day! #lovemiami


Could it be Condi Rice as President ? Or Mark D gets both Head Coach in waiting and a raise ?

Terrance Sullivan

Soup Thank U for our Lady Canes Tennis Updates I appreciate U!



Mortgage Rates Regain Lost Ground After Jobs Report / November 7, 2014

Mortgage rates made a strong move lower today, erasing the entire week's losses and regaining levels last seen on October 30th and 31st. In fact, for both Treasuries and mortgages, rates improved more today than on any other day since October 15th. 4.125% had been increasing in prevalence this week in terms of the average quote for top tier borrowers on conforming 30yr fixed loans. Today's improvement tips the balance decidedly back in favor of 4.0%.

There's reason to believe that pricing will improve next week even if underlying trading levels merely hold steady. Of course rates can ALWAYS go higher or lower, but today was important in that it at least gives us a fighting chance to reverse the trend.


Aquinas 7
Deerfield 0

Jordan Scarlett is a beast!


Aquinas 14
Deerfield 0

Yep, Scarlett scores again!


Next up for Miami, which remained a half-game out of first in the muddled ACC's Coastal Division: Florida State on Nov. 15. The Hurricanes have won 13 of their last 14 home games, outscoring opponents 546-260.

FSU kept its playoff hopes alive with its 24th consecutive victory last week with their win over Louisville.

FSU at Miami Saturday November 15th at 8:00pm prime time on ABC.

Some facts about the FSU Program:

Academic cheating scandal

In Spring 2007, several FSU athletes including football players were accused of cheating in an online music history class. The NCAA ruled that Florida State was guilty of major violations, announced that it would reduce scholarship limits in 10 sports and force Florida State to vacate all of the victories in 2006 and 2007 in which the implicated athletes participated and placed the university on probation for four years.[73] Florida State appealed parts of the decision.[74]

On January 5, 2010 the NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee denied FSU's appeal and ruled that all penalties, including vacating up to fourteen wins during the 2006–2007 seasons, would remain in effect. FSU officials responded that they were surprised and disappointed by the NCAA decision and felt that their own investigation and self-imposed penalties were sufficient. The NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee responded that "the cooperative efforts of the university in the academic cheating scandal involving 61 Florida State athletes failed to outweigh the aggravating factors in the case."[75] The games to be vacated will be determined by certifying in which of the 14 games any of the 25 ineligible players competed.[76] A total of 12 wins were eventually vacated in all.[77]

Sexual assault allegation

On November 14, 2013, it was announced that the Florida State Attorney’s Office would re-open an investigation involving freshman quarterback Jameis Winston with regards to a sexual assault that was originally filed on December 7, 2012.[78] The incident involving Winston was originally investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department and closed in February 2013 with no charges being filed.[79][80] On December 5, 2013, it was announced that the State Attorney's Office completed their investigation and would not be filing charges.[81] In April 2014, the New York Times published a lengthy article on what it called "a flawed rape investigation".[82] According to that article, Georgia Cappleman, the chief assistant state attorney, said "I have personal concerns about what happened in that room that night, but that’s completely separate from whether I’m able to prove a crime occurred." Florida State has begun an inquiry into the incident.[83] On October 11, 2014, FSU made a public statement in the case, in the form of an open letter sent to "members of the Florida State University community" and the media. According to CBS Sports, Winston's relationship with the FSU administration (except the Athletic Department) has become "adversarial", and head coach Jimbo Fisher has resisted pressure from above to suspend Winston. Winston is facing a hearing to determine whether four sections of FSU's student code of conduct have been violated — two for sexual misconduct and two for endangerment.[ According to Fox Sports, if found guilty, the penalties could be as severe as expulsion. Fox Sports also reported that FSU gave documents concerning the alleged sexual assault to Winston's attorney before giving them to the local prosecutor's office, and stated that FSU is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, concerning whether the university’s administrators complied with the requirements of the federal gender-equity law known as Title IX.

Law enforcement accusation

On October 10, 2014, an in-depth article in the New York Times stated that what happened with Winston was "far from an aberration" at FSU, because "the police on numerous occasions have soft-pedaled allegations of wrongdoing by Seminole football players". The Tallahassee Police have opened an Internal Affairs investigation.[89]

Domestic violence allegation

On October 27, 2014, Tallahassee police announced that running back Karlos Williams was under investigation over an accusation of domestic battery.[90] Head football coach Jimbo Fisher canceled his previously scheduled news conference that day, and called this "another false report" and said that "that is about as far from the truth as there is".[91]

Linebacker Ukeme Eligwe dismissed

Florida State has dismissed linebacker Ukeme Eligwe for a violation of team rules, coach Jimbo Fisher announced yesterday. Fisher did not specify what the violation was...


Aquinas 21
Deerfield 0

50 yd td pass to UM commit Sam Bruce!


NativeCane TEARING up the blog? LOL


32 yd rushing td for Scarlett, wow, love to watch him run!


Bruce X 1, Scarlett X3!!!


Hey, apparently Im the only blogger that doesnt have a night life! LOL

That and Im on the St. Thomas Apopadak liver renourishment program in preperation for next saturday!

Terrance Sullivan

FYI there will be a Pep Rally at Titanic Brewery next Friday night from 5:30-midnight. There will be food and drink specials. Go Canes! Beat FSU!


Is DE Richard Mcintosh from STA?



As the lucky recipient of the leftover Cowboy Candy, I just want to say that is some awesome stuff. If my schedule works out next week I will be in your neck of the woods and would like to get some more to:

1. Take to the FSU game for the gang.
2. Support your lovely brides enterprise.

Once I know, I will email you.


Nice blog you have here.


So tonight I'm leaving the FL Mall thru the hotel exit and just as I reach the end of the lobby, there are 2 gypsy looking women standing by the door with tambourines. One of them looks at me dead in the eye, walks right up and says:
"I have something to tell you."

Now I'm thinking crap, Hari Krishna, and at that time she leans in and says.

"You are a Miami fan - you all are going to beat Florida State"
I'm sure I looked a little surprised but then realized I had on my UM dress shirt. Turns out they were Nebraska fans on their way to a 60's costume party. Their husbands walked up about that time and we chatted for a minute. They were at the game in Lincoln and felt like the Cornhuskers survived one they should have lost. All 4 spoke very highly of our team.
I took some pictures for them and we parted as they said how much they were looking forward to making the trip to our house.


KYCane...U are spookin me out!




Great story, KY

<------------- Anybody hear who our favorite Twitter troll and douchebag was talking about?


The ladies are picking up our slack

Balanced Attack Leads CanesVB Past Louisville

Read more here:




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