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November 10, 2014



Its amazing how the big plays stop when you are aggressive and set the tempo rather than sitting back waiting and hoping lol..looking forward to continued improvement this week.


Its amazing how the big plays stop when you are aggressive and set the tempo rather than sitting back waiting and hoping lol..looking forward to continued improvement this week.

Posted by: UMike | November 10, 2014 at 01:40 PM

Win or lose, I'm hoping this is our best complete game yet.


best, most complete game***


We need for PointShave #5 to start strong and fade fast. That way we get the win and he gets his legs broken for not paying quido.


Golden on Joe Rose today: http://wqam.com/2014/11/10/al-golden-23/


Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds 1h1 hour ago

Duke Johnson reiterated today that postseason awards mean "nothing" to him. Plays with hope of one day taking care of his family. That's it.

Christy Chirinos ‏@ChristyChirinos 1h1 hour ago

Duke Johnson was asked today if he circled FSU game because he knows so many of the guys on the other side. "I circled the date I got hurt."

Brendan Sonnone ‏@osfsu 1h1 hour ago

Jimbo Fisher said Dalvin Cook has a hip flexor, will have to wait and see how he does in practice this week to see if he plays vs. Miami

Go Canes

We had a bunch of defensive plays against Duke and Louisville early in the season.

Don't understand why our good defensive play is being considered such a recent phenomenon.

In hindsight giving up 28, basically their lowest point total of the year, to GT doesn't look terrible considering 9 games in they're droppping 40-50 on everyone this season.


Posted by: UMike | November 10, 2014 at 01:40 PM

You still don't get it lol.

It's the same defense since the Louisville game!


I pray to god Dumbo lets Cook play so that The Prezident could erase his ass!!!!


2016 WR Commit Bruce Jr. Updates the Latest
Tito Benach:

2016 WR Commit Bruce Jr. Updates the Latest
The St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders had an offensive outburst last Friday as they pummeled Deerfield Beach 45-7. 2016 WR Sam Bruce contributed along with fellow Hurricane commit Jordan Scarlett as they combined for four touchdowns.

“It almost feels fake because he plays off my energy and I play off of his and thats just how we play our game. All of us we come together, we pray together and we get the job done and thats how it’s been going all season.”

While many feel that Bruce and Scarlett headline the Raiders offense, Bruce is adamant about all the other players in the offense and how they help.

“We have a lot of weapons, we have Jawuan Harris. We even have young guys like Trevon Grimes and he does a great job in the offense. He’s definitely gonna be aspect of the offense next year; We got Jake Rizzo and he’s a gunslinger. We’re all contributing and making a difference in the game.”

Bruce committed to Miami this past summer and chose the Hurricanes over the Seminoles and Ohio State. With the Hurricanes and Seminoles set to face off next week, Bruce is excited to see the two in-state rivals clash.

“I know it’s going to be a great one. I’m definitely looking for an upset, I know a lot of people think FSU is gonna have this game out of the water, but I definitely think Miami can win.”

The 5’9 160 pound receiver has been impressed with the Hurricanes play of late and is specifically intrigued by the offense led by true freshman Brad Kaaya.

“I think they’re playing well, I think there in straight attack mode. That’s what they need to do against FSU, they need to play a great game. (On Kaaya) He’s getting experience right now and then when I come in he will be a Vet.”

Bruce has plans of enrolling early for his senior season in hopes to get a real connection with Kaaya.

“Things will be clicking and we can build chemistry during the offseason. I plan to get out of school early and get in time for the spring.”

Throughout the process Scarlett and Bruce have consistently vocalized their solid commitment to Miami and Bruce voiced it once again.

“I’m all in on Miami.”

So what’s Bruce’s prediction for the Miami-Florida State game?

“Miami by ten.”


In hindsight giving up 28, basically their lowest point total of the year, to GT doesn't look terrible considering 9 games in they're droppping 40-50 on everyone this season.

Posted by: Go Canes | November 10, 2014 at 02:39 PM

To me it wasnt the point total against GT, it was the staffs inability to adjust (or plain stubbornness) and we got beat by the same stuff over and over and over and never made an adjustment. This more aggressive defense/play calling is certainly a "recent phenomenon" imo


Canefreak2001 ‏@Canefreak2001 5m5 minutes ago

***NEW VIDEO*** FSU REVENGE HYPE WEEK VIDEO https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx9fjlGCpx8


Canefreak2001 is a baddass with these vids.

Here is another pump up vid:


That was then this is Now

Don't need no moral victories, like holding Ga. Tech to their lowest total, the fact is, we shouldn't be losing to Teams like Tech period! Had we been playing defense like we have been lately, then, you're looking at us being 8-1. We didn't play no offense against Louisville, to even justifying us coming close to winning that game.


Funny how Jameis and Chris Rabb went to the same High School and looks to only be separated by 1 year, re. point shaving scandal.


Saturday night cant get here any faster!!!! lets gooo boys time to wake up and Become who we have always been. THE ONE AND ONLY MUTHAPHUCKING U!!!!!!


That 30 for 30 on Randy Moss should be pretty good. That dude would've been a B@D@$$! at UM.


JJ could've had Moss, to. Traded the damn pick and we end up with John FREAKIN'! Avery...SMFH!


Randy Moss shoudve gone to the U hands down.

Go Canes

It's not a moral victory, it's a comparison that's now based on a very large sample size.

That was a team loss, the Louisville game was on the offense and the Husker game falls on the D.

We're playing much better now, on both sides of the ball, going into our game of the year. Last year at this point was pretty much the opposite case. Can't ask for anything more than that.

Going to be a great night.


The History on one of the Greatest Rivalries in Sports: Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles

by dnordwall

The Miami Hurricanes and the Florida State Seminoles remains one of the best rivalries in all of sports, National Championships on the line, #1 and #2 ranked match ups, recruiting battles are some of the reasons why. On Saturday Night, The Miami Hurricanes (6-3, 3-2 ACC) take on the Florida State Seminoles (9-0, 6-0 ACC) on Prime time on ABC at 8 ET.

The game is massive game for the Miami Hurricanes not just for the winning the coastal Division, but for the program. The Florida State Seminoles, coming off a National Championship, are on 25 game win streak and a four-game win streak against the Hurricanes. The Canes fought hard in the first half last year, but the talent was simply not enough. This year, the Canes look to make history once again by defeating the undefeated Seminoles.

Read More here:http://caneswarning.com/2014/11/10/history-one-greatest-rivalries-sports-miami-hurricanes-florida-state-seminoles/


This whole point shaving thing is kind of suspicious! I guess the kid that put the $5,000 bet in played with Winston in HS and is his best friend. His buddy put the bet in on the first half (FSU -2.5) and took Louisville....Turns out that's when Winston had his worst half of his career. Where does a kid get $5,000 to place a bet? There's obviously a money trail somewhere that links someone to Winston.


Cane commit, QB Dwayne Lawson is ESPN's player of the week: http://insider.espn.go.com/blog/ncfrecruiting/on-the-trail/post?id=61189


FSU vs. Miami: Three reasons why each team wins

There isn't the same hype as a season ago, but once again Miami provides what is likely the last test for Florida State before the postseason. In 2013, Miami was a 21-point underdog and Florida State covered that spread, but Las Vegas projects this one to be much closer.

This season's revival of this once great rivalry brings together a Florida State team that enjoys being on the ropes and a Miami team playing its best football of the season.

Jared Shanker offers three reasons why the No. 2 Seminoles will remain undefeated, and Matt Fortuna makes the case for the upset-minded Canes.



The defensive scheme was just as responsible in all 3 losses as the offense was...I don't give a damn what the stats say. All three teams that beat us MANHANDLED! us up front.

I saw one play in the NU game, where an O-Lineman washed Kirby so far down the line, that Kirby knocked down Crawford...that $h!t looked like the 8 pin knocking down the 10 pin in BOWLING!

But the defense looks better now, defenders, particularly the LBs, are playing more downhill...HALLELUJAH!

Go Canes

The only thing that got manhandled in the Louisville game was our o-line.

They've played much, much better since then.


The D-Line got manhandled in the UL game...maybe not in the 1st 1-1 ½ Qs, but they got washed down to...SHOULDER TO SHOULDER!

Go Canes

This is being manhandled?

They did nothing until our D was completely gassed. Our offense had four plays or less on 9 of our first 11 drives that night and had only two possessions in that span go longer than even 2 minutes.

15:00 1 00:55 LOU 16 3 0 Punt
12:34 1 05:55 LOU 7 12 93 Touchdown
04:53 1 01:30 LOU 10 3 -3 Punt
14:21 2 00:14 LOU 10 1 -3 Fumble
13:57 2 03:51 LOU 13 10 32 Punt
04:51 2 00:14 MIA 0 0 0 Touchdown
03:02 2 01:55 LOU 17 4 26 Punt
00:19 2 00:19 LOU 26 3 14 End of Half
12:54 3 00:12 LOU 28 1 -20 Fumble
10:54 3 03:44 LOU 25 6 24 Punt
06:06 3 02:32 LOU 49 6 51 Touchdown
02:20 3 04:09 LOU 50 9 39 Field Goal
09:30 4 07:47 LOU 33 14 67 Touchdown

Go Canes

One score in their first nine possessions, sandwiched by five punts, two turnovers and the half ending.

By the end of the third our defenders had nothing left.


Somebody posted this on CIS, and I agree. The running game has gotten much better since we've Dobard more PT. Couple of posts from that thread:

DMoney: "A few thoughts:

- We ran a ton of 12 and 22 personnel. About a month ago, WestEndZone told me that he felt we played best with two tight ends on the field. Coley must've seen the same thing, because we've been heavy with Dobard and Walford lately. Both guys are big and powerful at the point of attack while still being receiving threats, and it's no coincidence we've been so successful running the ball with them on the field. I'd like this trend to continue against FSU."

dg151: "6.9 per carry in 11 personnel, 7.8 in 12 this year (excluding FAMU).

Both at 8.7 last 3 games, 11 actually a bit more consistent, 12 had a few big plays. 15/37 went 10+ from 11, 12/51 went 10+ from 12.

We're definitely running more from under center than earlier in the year. Probably a bit too much inside zone on under center plays from 11. We almost exclusively run inside zone at the TE in that formation. Hopefully see a nice counter from that against FSU."

The Dude

Was listening to Doug Gotllieb. He was saying that everyone should be taking FSU. He said "Florida State, you're welcome America." I hope he's eating crow Saturday night and we can all tell him to go to hell. I hate his show but ESPN was on break.


Just saw a clip of PTI, assclown Wilbon said that FSU will see that 2 point spread, wake up, and "CRUSH" Miami on Saturday


If this is substantiated, its been nice knowing you UNC, and Butch. This isn't the first time I've heard that quote attributed to Butch, either. One of those things you just don't say, no matter if it is true.

Alex D

The Canes should breakout the 80's jersey for this game. That's the type environment it should be minus the Orange Bowl.


Yes, the offense and running game is even better with Walford and Dobard on the field. Duke is going to beast of them. fsu may look down but their linebackers can't cover quick outs to Duke and co. We got this.. Saturday will be the best game coached under Al Golden #trusttheprocess

Go Canes

@CanesWarningFS: One of the top JUCO LBs, 26 offers RT“@JUCOFFrenzy: JUCO LB Caleb Potter has been offered by the Miami Hurricanes. http://t.co/SNkwkrCCXv”

Go Canes

@JoshBrandfon: The @UMiamiSCC is ready for #BeatFSU week! http://t.co/BDCciz1Z3s


Boy how times have changed...we used to make Fswho our dog...beating them every year to get into the championship game...its time to take back what is ours.

Go Canes

@ByTimReynolds: Miami eager for the challenge of facing No. 2 FSU ... http://t.co/vqWZPPSWZh


Win or lose, I'm hoping this is our best, most complete game yet.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | November 10, 2014 at 01:46 PM

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



This Date in Hurricanes History...November 10th, 2001 Brought to you by the UM Sports Hall of Fame....

UMSHoF member Ed Reed may have saved Miami's season with a 91 yard lateral return after Matt Walters' interception of a Boston College pass in the last minute of the game to send the Hurricanes home with an 18-7 victory over the Eagles before a Chestnut Hill crowd of 44,500.

With Miami leading 12-7, under 30 seconds remaining and Boston College at Miami's 9 yard line, Mike Rumph deflected a Brian St. Pierre pass, that Walters caught and began returning, before Reed ripped the ball from his hands and outran a BC defender to the end zone to preserve Miami's victory...and most likely, it's 2001 National Championship season.

UMSHoF member QB Ken Dorsey had an unusually sub-par game, only 20 of 41 passing for 222 yards and 4 interceptions. Kicker Todd Sievers gave the Canes a 9-0 halftime lead with three 2nd quarter field goals, and added another to tie the school record with 4 in the game. UMSHoF member Clinton Portis had 160 yards on 36 carries.


Posted by: 86Cane | November 10, 2014 at 08:14 PM

I remember that game. I was on the east side of orlando watching my son play soccer...listening to the game on the radio...actually i missed the first half but was on the edge of my seat when Reed got the hand off and put the game out of reach... good old days


I just want to say Thank You to all those out there in Canespace Land that serve, have served or intend to serve in the armed forces of this great country.

Some of you I have met, some not yet...all are respected.


Let's put mikes all over the band of the hour and blast the sound everywhere in the stadium just bury the war chant in our home.

Make it feel like a home game in our house!

Find something to make some noise and triple the number of the band members...do something with the audio Blake James...Lol...

I just can't stand the FSU war chant in our house...Bury them with loud music...Rock you like a Hurricane! Everytime they do their stupid war chant.

Go Canes!!! F__K You FSU!



Go Canes

@TitoBenach: Full Story: 2016 OL Boudreaux Has Over 50 Offers

Link: http://t.co/Z3DeBPbTZX

#Canes @CanesInSight


This blog is for Canezilla.That is all.Posted by: 86Cane | November 10, 2014 at 07:06 AM AT MY OFFICE NODDING MY HEAD WITH A SLIGHT GRIN ON MY MUGPosted by: canezilla | November 10, 2014 at 09:41 AM

When you first meet Zilla and his Krewe they look at you like you owe them money $$$$$! LOL

Dem Canes!!!

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