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December 10, 2014





damn. thought I beat u, Hawaii


Gimme back my bullets...

The Dude

4... As in the number of more years Miami gave Al on his contract.


For the love of Money lol.

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | December 09, 2014 at 11:06 PM

My jam, bro


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 09, 2014 at 11:12 PM

Tsully you are correct! Lol

Ohio, sorry try again!!!!!


Andre Smith made an early commitment to North Carolina.

Then after he started collecting several offers from other major programs he decided it was time to open things back up. Miami is one of the schools that immediately jumped into the mix.

He announced today that he will be making his final decision in two days.

"I will be committing this Thursday, December 11th at 11:30," Smith said. "I will be deciding between Wisconsin, Nebraska, Miami, and North Carolina."

All four schools have offered him a scholarship and have been actively recruiting him in recent weeks. He's taken official visits to Nebraska (for the Miami game), Wisconsin, and North Carolina. He hasn't been to Miami yet but he received an in-home visit from head coach Al Golden and linebackers coach Hurlie Brown a few days ago.

Miami is still actively recruiting two of his teammates who plan on taking visits here -- defensive tackle Kendrick Norton and safety Ben Edwards.

At 6-feet and 215 pounds, Smith lacks ideal size for a major college prospect but he's been very active on the outside for a Trinity team that just won another state championship on Saturday. He is very athletic and can be a three-down linebacker.

The Canes have just one linebacker commitment right now -- Charles Perry -- and they're still involved with a handful of others, including Smith.

Since he hasn't even taken an official visit here yet, Miami seems to be on the outside looking in. It's rare for players to announce final commitments without having visited. It's also rare for players to hold ceremonies to re-commit to a school. That likely means Nebraska or Wisconsin will be the school he chooses on Thursday.


While talent (*s) is important, so is production, and we haven't really been getting production on the defensive side of the ball. What may salvage Golden's future though, is what did Hoke & Muschamp in at of UoM & UF ...THE QB!. And Al isn't haunted by an INT problem like RS was...from 2008 to 2010, UM threw a whopping 64 INTs.

Old Skool

The process has become a processional - slow, deliberate and uninspiring.


Hope the admin doesnt see this article, they might go give Al another extension.

Go Canes

@mattyports: 2015 four-star DB Marcus Lewis, who visits Miami last. RT @THE_NUMERO_UNO: @RivalsFriedman TOP SCHOOLS http://t.co/ryF4nuodof


Come on down Marcus... come get your backpedal on!

Go Canes

@CanesFootball: #WelcomeToTheU, Jaquan Johnson! One of the best safeties in America signs on to join #Canes: http://t.co/yAtZsVZyDt http://t.co/TyCaPvkNuT

Go Canes

@mattyports: NFL draft analyst believes Al Golden steering underclassmen back to school, but UM policy may explain situation: http://t.co/3lZ2DcXbrB

dj moonbat

@CanesFootball: #WelcomeToTheU, Jaquan Johnson! One of the best safeties in America signs on to join #Canes: http://t.co/yAtZsVZyDt http://t.co/TyCaPvkNuT

Posted by: Go Canes | December 10, 2014 at 07:17 AM

That happened a week ago. And you posted it then.

Jaquan Johnson is one of the few really (really) good recruits I have no worries about losing.


dj, no need to worry there, he will no doubt be the best backpedaling safety to come of Miami in years.


dj, no need to worry there, he will no doubt be the best backpedaling safety to come of Miami in years.

Posted by: UMike | December 10, 2014 at 07:31 AM

Or 3 years down the road, He'll be like TH3, and say..."I don't know why I'm not playing", even though you have "a source close to UM" telling Barry Jackson He lacks recovery speed, He's slow...LMAO!

Go Canes

You don't like Golden and have posted it 20 times a day for weeks.

What's your point?


I think it was obviously in HS TH3 didnt have great speed, that isnt what made him one of the top CB's in his class.

Go Canes

Maybe he'll be like Gunter went from unknown JUCO to a player about to get drafted.

Or Denzel Who went from undersized three-star to potential first rounder.

I guess only time will tell.

Go Canes

@SBNationCFB: Michigan has reportedly reached out to Les Miles: http://t.co/vSYyiz8Mzd http://t.co/QoBaIAThJQ


Or he could be like the many many 4-5 star players that go nowhere on draft day lol


Was only a matter of time before Michigan did that.


Brad Kaaya finishes 38th for total QB Rating with a 68.5 out of 129 quarterbacks. Winston finished 17th with a QBR of 76.3. Marcus Mariota finished first with a QBR of 91.9......sick number.


I see why Golden RSed Hamilton & Moore, DT/3-4 DE is lookin' like straight doo doo after 2015.


raize, I agree.


I see why Golden RSed Hamilton & Moore, DT/3-4 DE is lookin' like straight doo doo after 2015.

Posted by: CaneRock | December 10, 2014 at 08:18 AM

or cause both players are garbage lol


The process has become a processional - slow, deliberate and uninspiring.

Posted by: Old Skool | December 10, 2014 at 05:51 AM

There IT is right there.


Schnell's new book:



Just in case it hasnt been posted:

@CanesFootball: #WelcomeToTheU, Jaquan Johnson! One of the best safeties in America signs on to join #Canes: http://t.co/yAtZsVZyDt http://t.co/TyCaPvkNuT


^^ haha


Anthony Lawrence DUNKS ON 7'6 Tacko Fall!!



Dwayne Lawson update

Tampa Hillsborough High School QB and Cane commitment Dwayne Lawson has already taken a visit to Virginia Tech, and he's set to visit Miami and Mississippi in January - one will be the 16th and one the following weekend, but neither are set in stone yet.

USF is also in the mix for a visit.

"He's still committed, just wants to make sure he's walking into the best situation in June," Lawson's offensive coordinator, Max Warner, said.

Hillsborough High head coach Earl Garcia adds of Lawson that he is "solid to Miami."

"At Miami you have a true freshman (Brad Kaaya) that played lights out as a freshman, but Dwayne is going to be able to add a different dimension to the offense," Garcia said. "His strength is the read option, so he could have a package there right away to be able to help out in that aspect."

Garcia says Miami has a gem on its hands in his athletic QB.

"He's the best I've had, literally, in 40 years of high school coaching," Garcia said. "He's a state champions in the triple jump, which speaks to his athletic ability. He's had a great career, set school records in total offense and rushing for a quarterback, yards passing - he threw for over 5,800 yards and rushed for over 2,200. He's really been spectacular for us for three years. He has a great football IQ. Unless he gets hurt I see him playing on Sundays."

The comparison?

That would be to Cam Newton.

"I saw Can Newton play in college, and he's a young Cam Newton," Garcia said. "He really is. He's 217 pounds, a big kid, 6-5. He has a chance to grow into that position and he's the prototype quarterback that everyone's looking for in college at this time."

Lawson has offers from programs around the country including Auburn, Mississippi State, Mississippi, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Virginia.


Antonio Callaway

Miami Booker T. Washington High School WR Antonio Callaway spoke with Cane coaches over the weekend.

"They were talking about bringing me down for a visit, are working to set that up for me," Callaway said.

He also plans to visit Florida, Auburn and Alabama.

"I haven't set those up yet," Callaway said.

Asked where Miami fits in with him as of now, Callaway said, "I don't have any top. They're in there, though."

He says he won't make any decision until after he takes all his visits, and then he will wait to announce the choice.

"I plan to wait till signing day," Callaway said.

A good sign for UM is that Callaway is good friends with Cane commitment and teammate Mark Walton.

"We talk about going to school together, but we still may wind up at different schools though," Callaway said. "We say how if we go to the same school together we can dominate."

He says what he likes about UM is that "I can come right in there and play right away, and I like their offense a lot. They can be way better in the future. They have a No. 1 quarterback, guys to throw the ball to and we can have a running game too."

* Callaway is coming off knee surgery for a torn meniscus.

"It's coming well," he said. "I'm ahead of schedule. I go back to doctor Jan. 7 - I think they'll clear me for a full workout."


Jerome Washington in home

TE Jerome Washington, a Hurricane commitment, got an in-home visit from coaches Al Golden and James Coley on Tuesday.

"They came to my house in Elizabeth at around 9:45 in the morning, we sat down and talked," Washington said. "It was me, my mom, my grandmother and my trainer who has been training me a couple of years.

"They were here 45 minutes, then they went to go talk to my dad at work in Newark. Coach Golden, he was saying how excited he is to have me come to the school, asked me a lot about my story, how I wasn't really getting looked at by colleges prior to this year, wanted to know a lot more about where I come from."

Washington says his family didn't have many questions for the coaches "because they answered them all for us during my official visit."

Washington says Coley "was saying he definitely likes the way I play, thinks I can really help out the team. He was just saying he wants me to come in and play hard."

Washington attended Mercer County Community College this past semester even though he was fully qualified - he wasn't recruited out of high school and got notice playing for a club team.

He says his understanding is he'll arrive at Miami next month as a redshirt freshman.

With Clive Walford leaving UM, Washington says he hopes for an immediate role.

"Coaches said they want me to come in and compete, coach Golden saw that I'm in really good shape right now," Washington said. "He said after I sign (Dec. 17) he wants me to start learning some of the plays so it'll be a lot easier when I actually get to school."

Washington says he will report to Miami Jan. 7.

Does he still pinch himself that he's a Cane?

"Now not as much," he said. "But before the Miami visit I sort of did. then once I went on the visit it was kind of like the reality of it, yeah, I'm going to school finally."

Go Canes

Awesome! #1 Juco in the country!

@CanesWarningFS: Top JUCO TE, Cane commit Jerome Washington got an in-home visit from some Miami coaches today RT“@Jwash44_: http://t.co/AmPQOodKgT”


Just going off His HLs, I don't see how Lawson is a 3*.

dj moonbat

You don't like Golden and have posted it 20 times a day for weeks.

What's your point?

Posted by: Go Canes | December 10, 2014 at 07:52 AM

I actually think if I hung out with Golden, I'd like the guy waaaay better than most football coaches -- certainly better than, say, Butch Davis. But liking him isn't the point.

I also can't really fault the BoT or Shalala for behaving like a responsible academic institution, and simply doing the RoI numbers of a firing/hiring vs. the status quo, and seeing that it's better for UM (at least until the ACC gets fed up) to just stay bellied up to the trough with a bad team. But it would be insane for me to have an emotional investment in the 'Canes success if they won't.

And I can't fault you for having that emotional investment, I guess. I don't really get it myself; I paid my various educational establishments their money, earned my degrees, and don't feel any responsibility to go on loving them forever. But I totally understand that there are people who are going to give 'Canes football fanhood the Old College Try until they're six feet under or the U disbands the football team.

So, I'm sorry, you're right: you should go on being excited about all these recruits who -- for God knows what reason -- are committing to continue Al Golden's Reign of Error. I just hope you'll make a little effort to have a little more empathy for those of us who just don't see anything exciting there.

Also, I rarely post anywhere close to 20 times a day.


I would definitely like to get Callaway, kid is a legit burner

Go Canes

@ChristyChirinos: Their seniors. An SEC opponent. A chance to end season on positive note. #Canes say they're plenty motivated for bowl http://t.co/nGvbvY90UQ



Hurricanes chatter:

### Freshman Brad Kaaya closed his first regular season with some impressive rankings: 20th among all quarterbacks in touchdown passes (his 25 were more than FSU’s Jameis Winston and UCLA’s Brett Hundley, among many others), 21st in passer rating (three spots ahead of Winston) and 33rd in passing yardage.

But after UM’s bowl game against South Carolina, more work awaits the studious freshman. UM coordinator James Coley has started formulating a plan to help transform Kaaya from good to great.

“I’m going to wear him out this offseason as much as I’m allowed to,” Coley told me. “The biggest gain happens in the offseason for freshmen. In their sophomore year, if they remain the same, the game catches up to them. And people now know, ‘Hey that’s Brad Kaaya. This is how he plays.’

“You’ve got to elevate your game, so that when you go out there, you’re not the same guy. You’re better than you were last year. That’s the biggest part and that’s where guys fail their sophomore year: in the offseason.”

Coley’s mission for Kaaya will include improving his footwork --- “we want to make sure he’s at a good base so when he gets ready to throw, he’s not fading,” Coley said. UM believes that will improve his accuracy, just as his improved footwork has helped Ryan Tannehill's accuracy this season. That's important for Kaaya, considering his 58.6 completion percentage ranks just 69th nationally.

Coley also wants Kaaya to build up his body: “I can’t wait for him to get into the weight room to get stronger." And he needs to improve throwing on the move.

And Coley has an interesting homework assignment for Kaaya.

“One of the biggest things I’m going to do with Brad is I’m going to have him mock game plan every opponent we have next year and let him give me the scouting report,” Coley said. “Here are their top three coverages, here are the top three blitzes. OK, so how are we handling those blitzes? What’s our best protection versus it? What’s our best runs versus it?

“Then when we get to that time during the season I can say, ‘Hey this is your idea. Or remember when you thought this? You were right.’ It will make sense to him. Every player deserves a little ownership.”

Kaaya said this year’s 6-6 record is “everyone’s fault. Next year we have to flat-out win. In tight games, we have to be able to handle adversity.”

### What former UM quarterback was most helpful to Kaaya this year? He said he hears from Gino Torretta the most (“he sends me texts, with tips, before games”) and Stephen Morris also stays in contact.

### Coley said he wants to develop a special package next season for Malik Rosier, who will be the backup quarterback provided Ryan Williams isn’t granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA. (Williams has said he’s trying but doesn’t expect it to happen.)

“We could use Malik in the Wildcat and he can throw it well enough where we can do more out of that with him,” Coley said.

The challenge for Rosier this season was learning to play some under center, something he didn’t do as a dual-threat quarterback in high school in Mobile last season.

“Brad just had such a jump on him working underneath the center and the gun, doing both,” Coley said. “And when you just do [shotgun], you hurt these kids. When you’re coming into an offense like this, you have to be multiple.”

### So what reasons are there for hope next season beyond Kaaya?

A UM football staffer (not Coley) pointed to the belief Stacey Coley will be motivated to be very good after his falloff this year, the return of receiver Rashawn Scott and safety Rayshawn Jenkins from injuries, a deep secondary, a strong collection of running backs (two already here and others on the way in this recruiting class) even with the likely departure of Duke Johnson, and a skilled group of young pass rushers and offensive linemen.

But defensive tackle and linebacker remain serious concerns and neither has been addressed well enough yet in the 2015 recruiting class. Though UM has oral commitments from 10 four-star prospects, only three play defense: four-star Killian safety JaQuan Johnson, four-star Alabama-based cornerback Michael Jackson and Bradenton-based defensive end Scott Patchan, who is coming off a torn ACL.

UM has no top recruit committed at its biggest need positions. Three-star prospect Ryan Fines, UM’s only defensive tackle oral commitment, has only one other reported offer (USF).

Neither of UM’s two linebacker commitments are rated in the top 35 at their position: New Jersey based Jamie Gordinier and Royal Palm Beach’s Charles Perry, who is reportedly considering UF. That's troubling, because UM loses its best linebacker (Denzel Perryman) and another starter in Thurston Armbrister.

UM's fortunes aren't going to get appreciably better without upgrades at both defensive tackle and linebacker. The hope internally is that all four new tackles improve, especially Michael Wyche and Anthony Moten.

### Newcomers have helped fuel UM basketball’s fast start, but don’t overlook the growth of sophomore guard Manu Lecomte (who has gone from 7.7 points and 42.5 percent shooting to 12.1 and 55.3, including 24 for 47 on threes) and junior center Tonye Jekiri (from 4.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 0.9 blocks per game to 7.4, 9.7 and 2.2).

Lecomte said he took 1000 three-pointers on some days this past summer and “I’m playing more off guard so it’s easier to get open shots now. I love playing with Angel [Rodriguez].”

Jekiri has gained 30 pounds (to 245) but is “more agile and mobile,” Jim Larranaga said. “We asked him to develop a jump shot and now he has good arc on it, can shoot it up to 15 feet.”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/12/coleys-plan-to-make-kaaya-even-better-um-recruiting-dolphins-news-big-heat-problem.html#storylink=cpy


All I want is for D'no to get the boot....We need to go to a attacking style of a defense!!!


UM players in healing process before resuming practice for Independence Bowl

By Susan Miller Degnan, www.miamiherald.com

The Miami Hurricanes, off from practice since ending the regular season a week ago Saturday with a loss to Pittsburgh, say the several days to heal their minds and bodies from the rough season are vital.

This week, the Canes (6-6, 3-5 Atlantic Coast Conference) are studying and taking final exams. They resume practice Friday to prepare for South Carolina (6-6, 3-5 Southeastern Conference) in the Duck Commander Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana, at 3:30 p.m. on Dec.27.

Several players made available on teleconferences the past two days seemed happy to be playing an SEC school and ready to grind again.

“Your body is going to take some bumps and bruises, so rest is crucial in this violent game that we love to play,’’ senior safety Nantambu Fentress said Tuesday.

Fentress said “having these past couple weeks to get back in the weight room and sort of step back from the season and look back and reflect … and say, ‘What can I do to the best of my ability for this upcoming game?’ was important. We’re obviously trying to get better as individuals and players.

“It’s just a fun matchup,’’ he said of the Gamecocks. “We’ve got a great opponent and it’s going to be a good one.’’

Linebacker Raphael Kirby said the break, during which players are still lifting and conditioning, is “crucial.’’

“We had a long season and some of our guys had a lot of reps on them, a lot of strain. I’ve sort of watched a few [South Carolina] games and am just trying to move forward and prepare.”

Defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou said he was “a little fired up’’ when he learned of his bowl opponent.

“We’ve got to put everything that happened this past season behind us and look forward to who we have right now. We have to come out with the mentality to dominate.’’

True freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya said he is “grateful’’ for the rest.

“There were a whole lot of tough games we played in,’’ Kaaya said. “This whole season was a grind for us. A couple weeks off isn’t too bad … just to rest and recover, get finals done and have a clear mind for the bowl game.’’

Regardless of how much he appreciated the rest, Kaaya, the ACC’s Rookie of the Year indicated what he really wanted to do last weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, was to be dressed in a football uniform, not a suit and tie to receive his award.

“It was a huge honor, but at the same time it was bittersweet,’’ Kaaya said. “I would much rather have been playing the ACC championship game.’’


HS coaches "hurting" their QBs by playing em' exclusively in the shotgun is system specific. It MAY hurt UM who plays mostly UC, but not a coach like Malzahn who's exclusively SG. At the end of the day, HS coaches have to do what's best for THEIR team, not UM.

Go Canes

Dj I have never told anyone to feel any way they want. And over the last two games of the season I was really upset at how flat the team played. To me having your team do that is the cardinal sin of coaching.

But some on here feel when I separate fact from total made up bs, that is somehow defending this staff.

It's not.

But there's no way I can't be happy when perhaps the top safety in the country commits here, or the top JUCO TE, or when an alumni athlete gives the school a $1.5 million endowment.

Because whoever the coach is here going forward is going to benefit from that. That's a good thing in my book.

Rooting against that, or wins, with whoever is the coach just makes no sense to me.

Go Canes

And when it comes to kids wanting to play here, for the only time in my life I've seen the recruiting process up close, for a few kids.

They want a chance to play early, they all believe they are part of the solution and are influenced A LOT by what their parents feel and think.

The obsession some have on here with what the scheme is and what people on message boards think is miles down the line. They care about depth charts, if their family will see them play and if they connect with the coach.


Please, these kids are making BUSINIESS decisions...the scheme, and who's coaching the scheme, MATTERS! FOH with that relationship BULL$H!T!


I think all of those things matter, different things matter to different kids.

Go Canes

Business decision?

Whatever you say.


Go Canes, why is your opinion of why a recruit picks schools the only one that is right? Why wouldnt it be a business decision for lots of kids?


1. Al Golden's Reign of Error.

2. Also, I rarely post anywhere close to 20 times a day.

Posted by: dj moonbat | December 10, 2014 at 09:11 AM

1. That's good. Did U make that up yourself?

2. No, but your 1-3 comments are so good they often seem like 20! Seriously, I read every comment on here but your comments I sometimes read twice.

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