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December 01, 2014


1mg of Epi

Posted by: Go Canes | December 03, 2014 at 09:10 AM

It's definitely a confluence of circumstances but the bottom line is the admin has not made a commitment to this team. The truth is that the buyout of Golden's contract is peanuts at $10mil. A lot to us, but for a major college program it's not.

In 2013 they sold 8,000 more season tix than 2012. How much is a season ticket worth a year when include concessions, parking, donations etc. maybe $1000? So that means gross revenue went up by $8,000,000 with $0 increase in cost of goods sold. Maybe I'm off by 50% in either direction but the fact remains that enough revenue is there when people want to see the product that we shouldn't be in this situation.

I wonder what the opportunity cost is to keep golden... Sounds like 8000 season tix is reasonable.


Zo is ahead of U guys:

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 11h11 hours ago

Remember this grassroots effort isn't about coaches hiring or firing but only about giving our athletes the best!

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 2h2 hours ago

Well Miami fans we have 15,000 dollars in potential donations when the trust fund is properly set up! "We will Build the U"


Triangle... Gotcha. Had no idea what U were saying. I read it like 5 times lol


LMAO! @ comparing us to "Nebraska, Penn State, Michigan, South Carolina, Texas A&M and many other schools".

Nice try, but those schools ARE the local economy in their respective towns...but UM could drop football today, and the local economy wouldn't lose an ounce of sleep!


Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 13h13 hours ago

1st ever grassroots football fundraiser for the univ Miami sports program by the athletes. I think we can raise 25 million :)

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 13h13 hours ago

Doesn't look like the school is going to do anything of significance for the sports program so we will do it ourselves !

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 13h13 hours ago

We built the school into a national brand and received basically nothing in return so we will build it ourselves !

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 12h12 hours ago

Just had a guy message me and willing to donate 5,000 bucks when we set up the Build the U private fund!

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 12h12 hours ago

Former Miami athletes will be on the board of directors and already several have volunteered :)

Alonzo Highsmith ‏@alonzohighsmith 27m27 minutes ago

All you gotta do is use Baylor & TCU as models and both private schools I think.


It's sad because Miami has so many natural advantages, you have to actually try to not win there to get where they have fallen to.

Posted by: The Dude | December 02, 2014 at 11:11 PM



Ok.. so its the coaching.. but only because the fans? Gotcha

Go Canes

Posted by: CaneRock | December 03, 2014 at 09:34 AM

What in the world does that have to do with anything? If anything you're making a point completely contrary to the one you're trying to.

dj moonbat

I've said it before. 0-11 or 11-0 I'm there. Golden stays, Goldrn goes I'm there.

But if you guys think him leaving is going to solve the problem, you haven't even figured out what the question is.

Posted by: Go Canes | December 03, 2014 at 08:50 AM

I think I've finally got an idea about why you (Go Canes) and many of the rest of us keep talking past each other.

You're like a Big 10 football fan, or a Cubs fan, even. Good, bad, it doesn't matter. Supporting The Team is just what you do.

A lot of the fans of UM were created during the Schnellenberger/Johnson/Erickson/Davis run, when the team rose to greatness in large part because it embraced a different paradigm. We weren't going to expect our players to behave like coal miners or riveters; we were going to expect them to be (and allow them to be) superstars. The flip side of that new paradigm was that a team that mailed in .500 seasons was going to do it in empty stadiums.

1mg of Epi

Posted by: Go Canes | December 03, 2014 at 09:10 AM

Then why not start a fundraiser specifically for sports, example: better living quarters, weight rooms, etc.

Posted by: SinisterCane | December 03, 2014 at 09:24 AM

We have this! We just opened new facilities that experts agree are Not embarrassing! It's the coaching!!


We have this! We just opened new facilities that experts agree are Not embarrassing! It's the coaching!!

Posted by: 1mg of Epi | December 03, 2014 at 09:45 AM

Uh huh. And IIRC, didn't UM raise money for a new practice field in less than 2 years...

Go Canes

Posted by: dj moonbat | December 03, 2014 at 09:45 AM

You're absolutely correct about part of what you've written. What I don't agree is that I don't demand excellence.

I, like everyone else wants his team to win every single game they play. Until this year I haven't felt we had the talent to get anywhere close to that, for a lot of different reasons that aren't worth getting into again.

This year I did. We failed miserably.

The difference is when that happens my allegiance to my team does not fluctuate based on wins and losses, my frustration level does.




I don't understand how goldy can look at the film, and say second half adjustments are good.



What a phuckin' flip flopper. Not too long ago, the same person blaming the fans today, said that it didn't matter if we went to games or not...said that the TV money, & conference revenue sharing, would take care of lack of attendance.

But now since Captain .500 is doing Captain .500 things, it's the fans fault




Tonye Jekiri, odogwu, ufumbo, the freshman wide receiver from NJ, the 5-star DE-ude wee trying to recruit.
What do they all have in common? They are all Nigerians.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I will be taking donations by using your credit informations to get CCs.
Not the state of Miami. It's the state of Nigeria Biichies!!!


So please do me and everyone else a favor and stfu up about how I should or shouldn't spend my money, especially when you haven't spent a thing ever, win or lose, to support this team or program ever.

Posted by: Go Canes | December 03, 2014 at 07:07 AM

Do you not realize that people are tired of hearing your over the top jock riding EVERY DAY? If your talking about me, I sent UM a player, you send people to fsu, I buy PLENTY of UM merchandise!

You be like... Golden better not lose another Coastal game or I'm done.

Then after he gets his @$$ handed to em again like always, you be like... Unacceptable but the next day you post a bunch of dumb $h*t supporting him! GTFOH

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