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December 11, 2014



Glad to see the blog running like normal today! Lol


1. For starters Spurrier, Strong, Beamer, Kelly went 6-6 ot 7-5 this year. As did the BIG time coaches at Tenn and TAMU.

2. Hoke and Muschamp got fired for going 5-7 and 6-5. But neither had the NCAA thing for 3 years as pointed out.

Posted by: 86Cane | December 12, 2014 at 03:19 PM

1. Soup are you really counting Strong in his first year? Spurrier is over the hill now and it won't be long before he retires. Kelly and Beamer have never been great coaches to me, they have had good years at times tho. Jones and Sumlin just took over their teams and shouldn't be included.

2. Both got fired so they're irrelevant.




Soup, any word on how LB is doing? I been praying for him!


The recruits want to make it to the NFL. The Canes are doing a better job at producing draft picks than wins. 6 wins and 10 draft picks. Seems to be a trend. 2 first round picks? Another 2 or 3 second and third round picks? Here is the recruiting strategy - just sell the recruits on the fact that the U gives you a better chance at getting drafted.

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