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February 10, 2015



CR... I can understand stacking coaches for recruiting purposes...but maybe a position their familiar with lol


Kevin Beard: Miami has to recruit south Florida differently than outsiders

By Chris Vannini, coachingsearch.com

Recruiting in south Florida is like no other place, and its location and history would seemingly give Miami (FL) the advantage, but in recent years, the Hurricanes have been criticized locally for their recruiting in the area.

Miami recruiting coordinator and new wide receivers coach Kevin Beard joined 560 WQAM in Miami to talk about recruiting in the area and explained that schools outside the area have adjusted by becoming far more liberal with their offers.

Of Miami’s 21 signees in the class of 2015, seven came from the Miami area. Beard says being local opens the Canes up to more criticism than other schools for how they recruit the area.

“Us being in the heart of south Florida, every school knows what they have to do to get into south Florida, based on what it’s always been, everybody wanting to go to Miami,” Beard said. “They come in and throw offers to everybody and then, at the end of the day, they back out of it, and they don’t get ridiculed for it. But we can’t do that. We can’t offer everybody to appease everybody and make everybody happy. If we back out, now we’re really the bad guy. Nobody understands this unless they were in this scenario.

“This is the hardest place in the country because it’s such a hotbed, and you have everybody in the country trying to come in and pluck out pieces until you have nothing left. With the way facilities are built now, the way stadiums are made, they have all kinds of ammunition against us. It all plays a part. At the end of the day, adversity creates opportunity to get better.”

Beard says a new trend is for out-of-state schools to offer high school sophomores. That gets them in early on the younger kids and can also influence the older kids.

“When you’re out of state, this has happened this year with at least 30 guys, where I can tell you an SEC school has come in their 10th grade year and offered everybody that looks like a player,” Beard said. “In this business, big brothers are the dominant figures in these high schools. The seniors that are being recruited is a big brother to the younger kids. If I’m recruiting the big brother, I want the younger kids to be happy also, so I’m throwing offers to all the young guys that can do something, too. The younger guys are like, ‘Yeah, go to that school, because they want all of us to play together,’ and it’s nothing but positive being spoken about those schools.

“It won’t be as harsh if you’re out of state, because you don’t have to live around here. … We have that mentality we can’t throw offers out there. That kid’s in the 10th grade, and he has 15 scholarships from SEC, ACC, Pac-12, Big 12, and now, Miami is the 16th offer. Guess what? As a kid, I’m like, ‘About time. Why did you wait this long?’ There’s a resentment that’s built up, because I was the last one to give you a look.”

However, Miami is changing its strategy a bit. The Canes already have 13 commits in the class of 2016, and they’re all from the state of Florida. 247Sports currently ranks it the No. 1 class in the country. Miami has given out 163 offers, which is the second-most in the nation.

“It’s hard for everybody to see in in the big scheme of things, but there’s so much going on in college football,” Beard said. “Once you identify what the problem is, you’ve got to address it. I think Coach Golden is doing it, and that’s why he’s the best guy for the job.”

Go Canes

Here's a funny joke, keeping with Soup's request.

Where is hiring a DL coaching with 30 years experience, including 7 in the NFL under the likes of our ex d-coordinator Schiano and four time Super Bowl champ Bill Bellichik ridiculed?

And that ridicule is because we didn't hire a guy with ZERO years experience or an ex-Cane with no NFL experience currently coaching at North Texas State.

This is the kind of shit I'm sure drives Soup to where he was last night. It's not the negativity, it's the negativity for the sake of it.

No one here has a SINGLE CLUE which one of these guys is a better coach.

None. Zero.

Yet the certainty in which they bash is absolutely hysterical.

Give me a freaking break.


Go Canes...some times you just need to STFU lol....everyone is playing nice this morning and they you go and drop that BS post to stir the pot, then when all the "Nancys" reply we get the blame...

Being critical of a guy that has fallen from the NFL to Temple and FIU is not being negative for the sake of being negative, thats a valid concern. He is also a guy who obviously will keep the same DL routine going under Goldens scheme, another reason for concern. While I think anyone is an upgrade over Jethro, in the "scheme" of things I dont think it matters..

I will abide by SOUPS wishes and by nice, but please do not try to stir the pot for no apparent reason.


Tom VanHaaren ‏@TomVH 14m14 minutes ago

Nick Saban and Alabama offered #ESPNJr300 LB Brendan Ferns (St. Clairsville) yesterday http://espn.go.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/188754/brendan-ferns

Been telling U guys about him


Ohio..I take it he is from your neck of the woods?

Go Canes

Al hired the dude from FIU/Temple, Randy Melvin.

It's like he's not even trying to be anything but a joke anymore. The closest thing I think of is if Tony Soprano started selling meth to hillbillies.


Posted by: LB | February 12, 2015 at 09:32 AM

I guess this one was meant to be funny UMIke?

And he went to the NFL after temple not vice versa. I don't have a clue of the guy was a good hire or a bad higher but when you're comparing resumes, there is no comparison. So anyone calling this hire a joke is doing so simply to bash


Go Canes... NO, it is not "simply to bash",, that is just YOUR opinion...We just hired a guy away from FIU so yes to me it can be called a joke. Im not personally calling it a joke, but there are many legit reasons this hire could be bashed. Maybe he will be better than the other options, but when a guy is fired from all NFL gigs and ends up at FIU it leaves it open to be called a joke.

Go Canes

Would you have been ok with Patrick?


Posted by: Go Canes | February 12, 2015 at 10:22 AM

C'mon Go, you know very well Nancies will always find an angle.

Be it too little experience, no ties to UM, coached at X school, from a small school, fired from the NFL, bounces around, yes man, no man, has a mustache, has a beard, bald, etc.

The current popular theme is this guy was fired from NFL jobs, but it's the same people who want another coach who was also fired from an NFL job and currently unemployed so the reality is....

Nancies gonna Nancy

Go Canes

Which one? Schiano, Butch or Chud?

Oh wait...


Jethro Franklin had NFL experience with 3 NFL teams prior to UM...and the general consensus after His tenure, is the D-Line recruiting & play sucked. But just to be fair, I can agree with hiring RM over KB because of experience, because I wasn't impressed with the results of the last guy we hired as a 1st time position coach...Clint Hurtt.

But coincidentally, guess what Clint Hurtt coaches now?...OLBs for the Bears!...in a 3-4!...LMAO!


but it's the same people who want another coach who was also fired from an NFL job and currently unemployed so the reality is....

Posted by: 30CINCO | February 12, 2015 at 10:26 AM

You can say the same thing about Pete Carroll, how's that workin' out for em'?


See this SOUP... the haters were just here minding their own business when these two slupers decide to stir things up...just like we "find an angle" you guys find an angle to make it look like Golden did a good thing...and for the record Im not saying its a joke.

I guess I would pf preferred Patrick, I prefer a younger, hungry coach... BUT...I would like that hire after this staff is gone. Whoever they hired/hire will just play his role in Goldens scheme.

My ONLY point here is that it wasnt a "home run" hired and understandable is subject to some ridicule...its not JUST to bash for the sake of it...didnt the haters praise the Beard hire? I know I did.

Any way, I will move along....30 weren we suppose to pick some players from this class for some things?

Dude on a Pale Horse

I see Cinco and Go Canes are up to their troll-like behavior this morning, after SOUP asked for some peace.

Go Canes

Agree CR. That was my point.


Pete Carroll, Bill Belecheat, Butch, Schiano, etc.

Sometimes it works out, other times it doesnt. Point is, being fired from a previous job is not really a big deal, it happens to coaches people consider sorry, happens to coaches people consider great.

Go Canes

The Beard hire is much, much more questionable than this one.

The guy has coached high school a few years and 7 on 7.

That's it.

I really hope that works out.

J'Ville Cane

Wow sounds like even Gary has had enough. LOL

By Gary Ferman

OPINION: Golden does it his way

Like he is for everything that he does these days, Al Golden is under the microscope yet again, being bisected and dissected, cut up, sliced and diced.

Coach Can't Seem To Do Right has executed some of those coaching moves you have been craving for.

One by one, some of the names you have been putting on the chopping block have started to fall. Receivers coach Brennan Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks. Defensive line coach Jethro Franklin to the Oakland Raiders. Good for them. They got out. You don't get labeled underachievers in recruiting in the National Football League.

Now there are only a couple guys left on your hit list and no, it is pretty obvious now that Mark D'Onofrio is not being fired, that he will be back in 2015 as your defensive coordinator in an apparent Charlotte-or-else season of intense pressure.

I say that only because from what we have been hearing it looks like Miami will have to shut down the football program if anything less than an ACC title game appearance is deemed acceptable. I don't say it because business is being conducted in Coral Gables as if there is any worry in the world.

Golden is getting demerits from all over now for the pedestrian way he has gone about filling those vacant coaching positions in the past week.

He gave former Cane Kevin Beard the opportunity of a lifetime, the career break you or your brother or best friend would kill for. He named Beard as Miami's receivers coach even though Beard's coaching experience consisted of a couple years as a high school assistant and some flag football camps. Score one for the little guy. Beard is an awesome guy with a magnetic smile, the kind of guy you pull for, a guy Golden hopes will solve his recruiting problems in Broward County. They make reality shows about guys like Kevin Beard getting their "Big Break."

And then Golden looked across town at Florida International University where journeyman line coach Randy Melvin, who spent a year on his Temple staff, was residing after being jettisoned by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Golden brought him across town to be defensive line coach.

Let's talk first about what I know you wanted to see. You wanted to see what could be packaged as major staff upgrades. After four years of mediocrity, you felt Miami needed a coaching and recruiting elevation and Golden was now being given opportunities to improve his staff without having to fire anybody.

You wanted to see him be Urban Meyer and Ohio State. The Buckeyes lost their running backs coach last week. Stan Drayton went to the Chicago Bears. So Meyer looked over at Notre Dame and poached one of Brian Kelly's top assistants and recruiters, Tony Alford, rattling the Golden Dome.

You wanted to see Golden be like Kelly, who is using that opening and two others to remake his offensive staff around Boise State's Mike Sanford, considered one of the rising young coaches in college football. You wanted to see Golden do the same thing with his defense.

You wanted Golden to be like Jimbo Fisher was when he lost one of his defensive line coaches, Sal Sunseri, in January. Fisher keeps top coaching targets on speed dial in his phone. He rang up Brad Lawing, one of the most highly regarded defensive line coaches and recruiters of the position in the country. Lawing has developed 11 NFL defensive linemen in the last five years at South Carolina and Florida. Fisher lured him to FSU in five minutes and they set off on a mission to improve the Seminole pass rush that will come after Brad Kaaya in October. The best made itself better.

You wanted to see Golden be like Charlie Strong or Bob Stoops and slug it out for former LSU defensive line coach Brick Haley, who was available because LSU hired an even more valued assistant, Ed Orgeron.

You wanted to see him be like Nick Saban, who fills his assistant spots with former head coaches and then goes out and competes for the national title and the recruiting national title every single season. Saban was the one who poached high octane recruiter and coach Mario Cristobal from Miami. Cristobal was just named National Recruiter of the Year.

You wanted to see Golden be like Gus Malzahn, who loaded up his coaching staff with elite and experienced guys this off-season to make sure he is able to compete against Alabama and others in the always competitive SEC. Auburn was a huge factor in recruiting this year because of those moves. For example, the Tigers landed the nation's top recruit, defensive lineman Byron Cowart from the Tampa area. Miami was the only school of the Big 3 in Florida that Cowart did not visit. Instead it was Auburn that got Cowart away from FSU and Florida.

You wanted to see Golden deem that horrible level of recruiting unacceptable and go out there and identify the top five receivers coaches/recruiters in college football and the five best defensive line coaches and go out and land one or two of them. You wanted to see Blake James give him the money needed to be successful, grant the multi-year contracts that it would have taken. You wanted to see some sign of urgency at Miami to get out of this quicksand that is 11 straight years of mediocrity and failure.

There was nothing wrong with what you wanted to see, absolutely nothing at all. Those are the guys at the top of Al Golden's profession conducting business in that way. They hire the best people with the prettiest of resumes, compete in recruiting for the elite recruits, take their boosters and fans to the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. They do it because it works, it undeniably works.

I am not saying it is right, I am not saying it is wrong. Results will speak for themselves. But Golden just doesn't seem to have any interest in being that, in doing business that way. Not that he is easy to figure out, because he is not, but Golden seems to choose comfort over sizzle.

Maybe he is the accountant who still does tax returns by hand rather than on a computer. The returns still get done, right? The IRS still gets its paperwork, just like Miami will still put a football team out there on the field this fall, regardless of who is coaching the defensive line or how many people choose to still be in the stands.

Maybe Golden is the butcher who still molds his hamburger patties by hand rather than by machine. When that burger shows up on your plate at the restaurant, do you know the difference?

Take the guy running the corner drug store for 50 years in Small Town USA. Everybody shops there, pops in for an ice cream soda in the afternoon. Does he have to want to be Walgreens? No he does not - until Walgreens opens up across the street and drives him out of business, the fate many are now forecasting for Golden.

But the business world is full of corporate CEO's who go to work every day and make an honest living running the thousands of companies throughout America. They are good businessmen and provide well for their families. Their company stocks hang in there. Do they have to want to be Donald Trump any more than Golden wants to be Nick Saban?

Maybe Golden doesn't want to be like Nick and Urban and Gus. Maybe he doesn't care about sure-thing success, the conflict it creates with this small, but passionate fan base that just wants its elite football program back.

Golden doesn't run in those kinds of circles. He probably never even thought of calling Haley. He had Kareem Brown over here and Randy Melvin over there. That was the extent of the search for the defensive line spot. There was no receiver search. Beard was already on the football operations staff, the way that Golden hired Hurlie Brown two years ago. Brown, who played defensive back, has now bounced between the running back and linebacker spots.

Is the Golden way of running a program going to work?

I don't think so. It has not worked so far.

But that doesn't mean his right to run it his way has to be disrespected. Same thing for his right to be who he is and what he wants to be.

He didn't make Miami hire him. He didn't make the school pay him $2.5 million when he had no leverage to demand that kind of money or to give him a nine-year deal. What do you expect Golden to do now? Say `No thanks, keep the change'?"

Nope. Golden is going to ride this thing out and he is going to do it his way. He is going to hire whom he wants to hire and he is going to make sure his family is financially secure along the way, like any good man strives to do.

Golden is going to win, one way or the other.

It might not take you to Pasadena or to New Orleans. It might mean Christmas in Shreveport one more time.

But that small town businessman running that corner drugstore probably won't make the front page of the Wall Street Journal either. And his life will go on too.


Can Miami Hold off SEC Powers and Keep 4-Star DE Joseph Jackson Committed?

Miami currently maintains the top-rated 2016 recruiting class in 247Sports' national composite rankings, and local defensive end commit Joseph Jackson is a key part of the equation.

The 6'4", 229-pound prospect is one of three high school juniors who've pledged to the Hurricanes from Gulliver Prep of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Jackson is joined by fellow 4-star recruit Dionte Mullins, a wide receiver, and 3-star defensive back Cedrick Wright.

Despite his early pact with Miami, other programs remain motivated in their pursuit of the standout defender.

"It seems that other schools that I already had offers from have been recruiting me even harder," Jackson told Ryan Bartow of 247Sports.

Read More here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2361364-can-miami-hold-off-sec-powers-and-keep-4-star-de-joseph-jackson-committed


I preferred Kevin Patrick, because He's a 2 time NC Cane...can coach...and I'm assuming He knows the area better than RM. None of those qualities have to be exclusive, as is what's being suggested with RM, is that He's strictly a "technician".


Guys quick question.. What other program out there that you can think of or remember has wanted there coach gone as bad as we do with Golden. Lol because i swear it has to be 95% want him fired and 5 % want him.

AL Golden win more then 11 games or gtfo once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Canes

You know how hard it is to win 11 games in today's game?

Don't care if it's Golden or the next guy. There's a lot of work to be done here to get to that level consistently.


O I know Go Canes we haven't done it in forever but a lot of other teams have.

And with the talent in SFL we should be doing that consistently, Our coach and his lover just plain ol suck oo and not to mention their step child paul lame duck williams.


I will abide by SOUPS wishes and by nice, but please do not try to stir the pot for no apparent reason.

Posted by: UMike | February 12, 2015 at 09:52 AM

I believe LB ws the first to stir the pot this AM.


raize...LB's post was not directed at anyoneor any group, he simply posted his opinion on the DL coach hire.


My biggest problem with the hire is Golden/staff haven't recruited elite DT's at all and you bring in a guy who sucks at recruiting at that position


The new DL coach hiring sucks that is the truth, we bring in a guy who can't recruit when we just got rid of a guy who sucked at recruiting.

The hiring didn't have to an expensive one it had to be a smart one. Bring in somebody that can really coach, who is young, and is from the state so that we can get some damn dt's and de's to stay and commit to miami.


Amen sinister!!


IDK if the hire sucks or not...I honestly feel it didnt matter who we hired they would be stuck teaching the same old stuff Golden wants. Thats my opinion anyway.


Umike the part of having to teach what golden wants is true, but if you get a young guy that's charismatic and the young kids like they will commit, i just don't think this guy from eastern Illinois brings that.


UpNorth..we were flipping FIU commits, so maybe he can recruit kids we want hahaha


Whats this guy gonna say? Hey kid i coached gerald McCoy and daquan bowers? All the kid has to do is look up the history on google and see that his ass was fired becuase the Dline didn't show any improvements.


Ill take Robert Knowles he was committed to FIu becuase his grades were up in the air but that kid is straight up baller 4 star recruit for the star gazers!!!

He is the type of kid that kills it in the league like T Y hilton.

but im sure he didn't recruit knwoles to FIu lol

Go Canes

We brought in three very good DT's, including a 5 star who was considered top 2-3 in the country last year. We got Moten and Hurtekou last year, not to mention Kumalu, who has played very well.

Getting AQM back this season, Jackson and Thomas will have had a year to develop. Wyche will be healthy and hopefully in the best shape of his life. Trent Harris has shown flashes of being a beast and McCord has been solid since day one.

We need a teacher at that position, someone who's instructed at the highest level.

Don't know if this guy is the answer but his resume dwarfs any other one I saw floating around out there.


<<< Is staying positive today


If Melvin can't relate to recruits how in the hell is he gonna relate to the current player who gotta feel let down by not hiring Kareem Brown. Dline player Twitter acounts have gone Zero Dark 30 since the hire of Melvin


From 2000 till present day he has not stayed at a place for more than 3 years. Its been basically 1 and done, now as an employer I would look at that and say umm ok why the hell are you going from job to job and how come you've never been promoted and before you answer that, don't give me that career advancement line.

IDk im just not happy until i see some damn results when the season is on its way.


Go Canes.. I 100% agree with you that we have talent on that DL that needs to be taught..not so much at the DT spot, but DE for sure....its just my opinion that he will teach the same stuff Golden wants and there will be no improvement.


UpNorth....in this case the "employer" wants someone familiar to teach his (Goldens) failed techniques within his failed scheme.

Its very possible someone like Patrick or maybe even Brown werent considered because they will want to be more aggressive..jmo


Ohio..I take it he is from your neck of the woods?

Posted by: UMike | February 12, 2015 at 09:55 AM

That's my HS. Where I graduated from and where I coach soccer at now.

Go Canes

How in the world do you know either of those statements to be true?

You don't. Plain and simple.

You don't know if he can recruit and you don't know if after meeting, will relate to the current players.


Jorge Baez @Coach_Baez · 4h 4 hours ago
Our guys are in GRIND-MODE PART#1
.#Utough #COMEPLAY4THE[]_[]







30...its good to see that...we have hungry kids, kids who will work... just being taught wrong.



It's already been stated that Mel in isn't known for his recruiting when it was first announced lol lol lol lol lol


We had "someone who's instructed at the highest level", and most people thought it/He sucked.


Big Ol' Melvin started work




Well at least that go, go canes and his accolades are all HAPPY and GIDDY about the new DL coach. SMH

Oh. It's a shame that the beloved Golden didn't heed the suggestive words of AC and hire Coach Patrick. I guess KP's aggressive, attacking, control-mode of playing on the defensive line ISN'T suitable for Golden and D'Onofrio. LOL

U Know. It's a Cane Thang, but Golden and D'Onofrio wouldn't understand and what not. LMFAO

VA Cane

I don't know if Ferman really knows anything about football and I don't care what he says, but he has a right to his thoughts as allof us do. I don't expect AlPa to be anything but I do expect him to kive up to what he claimed. He said he would turn it around via The Process....he has not. I may call him AlPa and shall always do so, but I have not disrespected hin as a man...I simply state he is not a big time college FB coach. .I believe it and the record shows it. So Ferman can stop crying the blues for AlPa and look at facts.
Go Canes you really do not know what you say on the blog. I have spent abot 50 years playing sandlot HS college FB....and coaching at the same levels. I have kids in college and pro FB. I am certainly qualified to opine on hires, as are many others on this blog. Fact: son, you were a twinkle in mommys eye when I started producing student athletes achieving at high levels.
Said in a nice factual way with all due respect.


I say we hold of critizing the hire until some work has been put in.

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