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March 19, 2015



Goodbye Canespacers, goodbye...


Say it ain't so!


At least leave my post up long enough to say "Thanks for the memories". It was a great ride.... :-)


This was actually pretty funny if it were satire.

Thanks, SOUP!


Harry Miller

My heart is broken. In spite of all the hate and proving who is right and who is wrong, I loved Canespace. As roizercane says "thanks for the memories" I will truly miss Canespace




Have a great life


This sucks.

I really appreciate your hardwork Soup.

Man, this sucks.


Sad day.

Thanks for the work put in to make this happen, it is really appreciated.

Go Canes!!



Now what am I going to do at work!!

I have met some great friends here tho.


What in the......

Gin & Tonic

Goodbye Cruel Blog
I'm leaving you today.

Goodbye, all you bloggers,
There's nothing you can say,
To make me change my mind.


I'll need a 12-step program to recover from this addiction to Canespace


Is this for real? What am I supposed to read while dropping a deuce now? Sorry it came down to this soup. Been reading this since you made it. It was great while it lasted. Thanks for providing a place for real fans to come and support our canes. Good luck in life.


Still waiting for Soup to say "Psyche!"
But if it's really the end, thanks for a great time. It wasn't always perfect and I can understand what a pain in the arse it is for you Soup, but it was still better than most places.


This sucks.

I really appreciate your hardwork Soup.

Man, this sucks.

Posted by: trianglecane | March 20, 2015 at 09:39 AM


Soup if this is your final decision I'll respect it but despite all the back and forth, this is the best blog out there!


It IS all about the U.


"The Canespace blog ride has officially ended."



good job u angry, bitter nancies. I hope u like what you've done. I mean you jack-offs are not fans. you are fiends, enemy of the (U) state, the dark side, dooms day messiahs, 'if I cant win, lets burn it down' notion subscribers.
do you fuckers have any sense. you are not civilized. you are fucking monkeys; packed in a room, you cant work together, you wage war against each other. you can all go to hell on a one way ticket and you don't even deserve my wrath. fucking Neanderthals!!!!


march 19, 2015; a day that will forever live in infamy.


Appreciate the site. Not a frequent poster but a daily visitor. It will be missed.


Good luck.

I admire what you've done: successfully changing careers in mid-life. I know that's not an easy thing to do, but it is a testament to your character. Take care.

Best to you and your family.


I am depressed reading the last blog, but hopeful for the U.

Well, all great things come to an end Soup & wanted to say thank U for all your time, effort, & memories put into Canespace.

I will miss this place & bloggers!

One last time...

F'the Turds!

VA Cane

Special thanks to you Soup, you run a great place here!!!!!

Best of luck selling homes, keep at it you will do well. They cannot make you retire or get out!!!
Show them Bro!!!!!


Hey old buddy, thanks for letting me onto your playground, you have treated me like family and friend and I am grateful for your kindness to me and my family.
I hope this is not the end of Canespace but only you can know what is right for your situation, I know the negativity and bickering have to be stifling your life.
I want to give a shoutout to the many Cane fans I have met through this blog and say thanks for your friendship.
I knew enventually all the hatefulness would destroy a good thing, so all you hateful bastards out there can kiss my Native ass, thanks for spoiling our fun!
I look forward to fishing, scalloping, tailgating, and other adventures in the future with my buddy Soup!

Dem Canes!!!


Tom, I wish you and everyone here nothing but the best. It has been very interesting to say the least, good and bad. Loose lips sink ships, that is what I have learned in life. We have crossed that line here and there with our beloved Canes but never stayed across the line for very long, after all it is just a game, isn't it? GO CANES 4 EVER!


86 if this is truly it thanks for everything.



Been away from blogging with other life issues, but I have still been reading and catching up on the goings on, just not posting.

As you know I have nothing but respect for you, and the Canespace blog you single-handedly created and nurtured. Awesome dude, just awesome.

Best of luck to you and yours, and perhaps we'll run into each other at a U football game sometime in the future.

As a high school coach & teacher for 35 years I can relate to how you feel. It's very tough when YOU care more about your sport than your players seem to. But you know, just when you're feeling like nobody cares, and you've been wasting your time... one or two of your kids do something special to restore your faith in mankind, and spark a new wave of enthusiasm for doing what you love.

Perhaps when August rolls around you'll revive the "Space." (I know I'll be ready to frequent it regularly when football season returns.) You have my email.

Nothing but props and respect from me. From one Alum to another, you've done our Alma Mater proud. Job well done.

Fair well, my friend, fair well.

Let's Go CANES!


So this is it?


wow i had a great time here.... that is all




The deal is done and the blog will NOT come back. Some stupid, ignorant, negative non-fans did us in. That is all.

ML Alumni1970

I am also heartbroken. CANESPACE has gotten me through so many difficult times with health issues. But,the discord may have deteriorated during the last year or so.
But, the love and the feeling of having a special family who all love the U has been priceless.
My thanks and love go to Tom and Maria, who showed me such a wonderful time tailgating, a few years ago.



Nothing will ever change that. The blog is just an avenue we went down and it is done. But life has many roads to travel so stay tuned!


Soup, I don't know you, but thank you sir..long time reader first time poster..how much $ do you need to keep it up and running? This is where I get my inside info, etc..what's tonight's baseball score..only in south fl 2015 do I have get a UM BASEBALL score the next day..I'm sure i speak for many that you have never met, f -the a holes and keep up and running ..thanks again


It is NOT about the $$$, it is about the bloggers and the atmosphere. It is sickly polluted and I will not tolerate it anymore.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Be well SOUP. Be well all.


U don't move out of your house because of nuisance guest, u kick them out.
Common man!


I had a discussion the other day on the blog about how negativity is affecting the program, the recruiting. Some idiots here don't actually get it. Everyone that's not a fan talks about how bad the negativity is. The perpetrators r just so evil/callous/dumb/blind that they don't get or see it. Well guess what, if u can take down a blog with fellow fans, what do u think u r doing to future recruits. U guys r pathetic!!!


Or just let Ohio run it man!
Don't stop the blog. Let Ohio run it. He's reasonable.

Go Canes

I tried to give what I felt was pretty sound perspective and was bashed for simply hoping for the best and standing by our coaches, players and school.

You're right, it's gotten downright sad here.

Good luck, see you all this season.


Thanks for the years of effort and community outreach this blog has provided...Also pay the players

I an all seriousness, thank you to everybody involved!


86 - I can still recall the first time U floated the idea of Canespace on Omar's old blog. Good times. Canespace has been amazing. U did a fantastic job and a lot of people will testify to that fact. Wish U would consider taking a hiatus and coming back around July. But I cannot say I blame U for shutting it down - it seemed to be taking more out of U lately than what it gave.

Thank U for all the memories and the fun, unique, memorable people and characters I've had the honor of knowing thru Canespace. What a long, strange trip it's been...



I don't believe what I'm hearing. U guys r giving your good byes. How about everyone try to convince soup not to dump the blog. He might listen to our collective voices. Does anyone else want this blog to go on. Common!


Soup. Quit playing...

James Maison

My cousin is Marylou Daner.She taught me a lot about Canes football.Im from Michigan and our UofM i cant stand but they had a really bad season last year yet their fans showed up in droves to their fan meets. anyway Marylou will always be a fervent fan no matter what the ues record happens to be at the time.Fair weather friends are really stormy weather friends they run and hide like chickens ibises DONT run.



Go Canes

Canes men and women's basketball team, our baseball team and even the Heat all undefeated since the haters have been silenced.


I'm just saying...

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