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March 20, 2015



MaryLou...we love U!!!

Be well and breathe deep.


Be well Canespace


Hate to see the blog ending. Living in N.Fl. we try to go to one or two UM events each year. Sorry we couldn't make the four play, but time and money were a problem. I've enjoyed CaneSpace and wish you luck with future endeavors. It's still all about the U!


You can take this blog from me but you can never take the good people I've met from my life.


This blows...


Come clean Soup. You know it's because the real estate business is taking off! Who's got time for a blog. ;-)

Good luck to []_[] and we'll see you at a game! Yes, season tix renewed...regrettably. Lol


She was over 70 years old and traveled from MICHIGAN just to attend a game with Canespace. Half of you fools live in South Florida and NEVER go to games?



She was over 70 years old and traveled from MICHIGAN just to attend a game with Canespace. Half of you fools live in South Florida and NEVER go to games?


Posted by: SOUP | March 21, 2015 at 09:20

Soup - you don't need to post this, I just personally wanted to say:

THIS times a million.

There's a big difference between saying you're a fan and being an actual supporter. While we may very unhappy with current football coaching results, real fans never stop supporting the teams and the kids.

You understand, and LIVE, the difference. Yet some people think that not attending games, constantly sniping and bitching, and generally making the fan base look like ignorant, negative, entitled jerks, is what real fans do. Recruits have taken notice of this.

Anyway, as a supporter of the program and the school, thank you for everything you've done to support Hurricane Athletics. I think you've done more than any one single person, blogger, journalist, etc to get the word out and try to keep things realistic yet upbeat.


Terrance Sullivan

Soup, KYCANE, and my Brothas that attend games and events see U this fall. I will be at all the home games this year Bethune Cookman, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Virginia, Georgia Tech. Much Love.

Terrance Sullivan

I echo KYCANE thoughts. KYCANE, Soup, and others that attend Games and Events look forward to seeing U all this Fall at Sun Life for all Home Games. Much Love.


Yearby tearing up in the scrimmage today. So is Kaaya

VA Cane

Best wishes to all....we got a clear warm day...just finished looking at a house....going to see my guys as we work on those darn fundamentals!!!!!


1mg of Epi

You have elderly people upset because they think you are actually going to shut the blog down.

For shame, soup. For shame! Lol


@TheStateOfTheU: 23-18 #Canes lead, under 8 timeout


That dude wit the tattoos is the real Canes fan! I can proudly say he's a bigger fan than me lol


You can take this blog from me but you can never take the good people I've met from my life.

Posted by: KYcane | March 21, 2015 at 08:51 AM




go canes ...winning is everything


Our MBB 3 minutes from a good win over Alabama!


Love the
"Left, right, left, right" from our fans when the Alabama player fouled out.

Takes me back to 'The Light'


Canes beat Bama 73-66

Dem Canes!!!


I am an old Cane and I will not budge on these principles that made us successful for 25 years.

If you lose you gotta go. No questions
Love is shown by putting the player in the best position to succeed. The standard of our success is having a game plan that gives our guys the fastest opportunity to success. Getting up field or contesting the line of scrimmage. This has not happened since Al has been here.
We play the game to win, not to get the best stats or get guys in the NFL. The only reason we are not successful on the field and off the field is because we have not been winners on the field. We will not get a team that plays to win until we make the decisions on the field that lead to winning. We do not need to always have the best talent to win. But we need smart guys who are given the opportunity to make plays in big games. We havent even been close to playing in a big game. lol


Sorry to hear about the end of the blob...I'll miss it. My field club seats are gone, too. Field box? 4 seats at $10,000 each...bye, bye season tix!

Sarasota 'cane

Is this for real? Give the blog to somebody else Soup! You've built the best blog on Hurricane sports, and you certainly deserve a break.

Grape Drank

It's the Space's swan song and clearly nobody cares.

That Go Canes wretch did irreparable harm to an already limping blog.

Sarasota 'cane

Let Ohio run the blog!


Living in Houston, this is where I came to read about my Canes. Luckily I found this page to keep informed after the ruining of the Herald and Sun Sentinel blogs. My last home game was the final game in the OB. I still attend an occasional road game, never left a game early but the final in the OB,and ND in Chicago were two I contemplated it.
Will miss the talking about the Canes, I even have a Canespace Tshirt, thank you for the blog.

NY Trooper

Sorry to learn that CaneSpace is ending. I laughed and got pissed as I checked it daily but I always appreciated the passion most of U had for the U. I am sure many Hurricane fans were just like me and did not post a lot but will miss the site tremendously. I live 1340 miles from SunLife but attend a couple games each year home and away. Good luck to everyone, especially you SOUP. Stay safe.


Soup. Quit playing dawg...


What's the difference between jsm and jelly? Anyone?


As much as I would have loved to have gone to a game, its hard with two playing softball almost every weekend through October (and now November), and a price tag of about $900 minimum for a weekend. We're going to miss the place. Soup thanks for a good, long run.



You know the Herb has been all about the defense since I've been on this blog but now it's time to go on the offensive.
This blog has been the best place for me to get info about my beloved Canes. Being up here in N. Carolina I rarely get any inside info about the goings on with the team and of course they are anything but the Hurricanes up here. This blog has given me hope about things to come and of course I love reading the positives and negative comments. I love being able to put my 2 cents into the pot and I have been reprimanded a few times for my comments. I realize some of us go to far at times but don't think for a minute that we all would love to say nothing but positive things, if things would ever start to turn around but for 10 years they have been stagnet and at times awful. Do we want our Canes to be great, yes, do we want them in the nat"l limelight again, yes, do we want recruiting to be better, yes, do we think DENO and Williams should still be coaching, No, should Al still be our head coach That's a question mark but probably not. I wish it would be nothing but peaches and cream, instead of us having to eat a crap sandwiche. I guess with the blog heading off into the sunset, some of us will be left in the dark on what goes on down their but I have enjoyed blowing off some steam, so I guess in parting love, peace and we still need a stud DT, Ha HA!


LMAO at that pic with Aqua and Ricky in it. Good People. Good times.


*sigh* where else but Canepsace am I going to win a Heisman???




Nice April fool. Soup is going to re-open the bog and call it swag space.


If this is truly the end, it's been an honor to post here, debate with some of you, and follow the rollercoaster of Miami sports.

If this is the end, I'll end with a quote from Peter Pan, which when you think of what the 1980s and early 2000s were, of what this blog has been - this quote will always be applicable.

"All this has happened before, and it will happen again."

ML Alumni1970.

I remember how sick and deteriorating our beloved Canespace became during the past year. No wonder SOUP couldn't take it anymore. When you spend so much time studying, raising money for tuition, books,and board, the U becomes YOU AND YOU become the U. With becoming an alumnus, the journey with the U really begins.
I don't know what all the fighting on the blog was about. But, it sure was enough to ruin it for those of us who love the U. One can disagree without being disagreeable.
I want to thank Tom for everything he has done for all of us over these many years.
Mary Lou U Alumnus


Hadn't been able to look at CS the last few days, as was away. However, if you are truly done with it, 86, it truly is a sad day. The few who couldn't stop repeating the same negativity obviously grated on many, and when you're doing this with your own time and resources, who needs the burnout. That being said, CS over the years has been the best dang place to get Cane info and communication from the many who truly care to discuss all that is Canes. I hope CS somehow sticks around, as it has been great, in spite of some the garbage I've tried to read around. All of your efforts over the years have been amazing, and I think you may not realize just how appreciate they have been by the majority, and most are more on the silent side, as I am.

Unfortunately, your decision about CS is even bigger, but sadder, news than the U basketball teams (women winning vs. Wash and advancing to play 3rd seed Iowa) and men taking down Bama and advancing to the quarterfinals of the NIT. Also, the ACC hasn't yet lost in the NCAA, with NDU just beating Butler in OT. Even NCState took down a 1 seed in 'Nova.

This has been the best place on the net to learn and talk the U, and it has all been thanks to you, Soup. Whatever you decide or have decided, thanks for all that you have done. Also, to the likes of Ohio, thanks for all of the info. that you share about recruiting. I've always found your updates very interesting and informative. Best to all.

Dude on a Pale Horse

Looks like CS still has some life in her, lol. Breathe damn you, breathe! Happy to see new comments today.

Dude on a Pale Horse

And my CS tshirt is pretty bad @ss too.


Soup, thank you for all the work you put in for this Canes site. Canespace is my favorite site to read about our Miami Hurricanes.


Al Golden killed Canespace.

Go Canes

Yep. To all of it.

Especially if you can go easily and just don't.

And for the record, men's basketball, women's basketball and our baseball team all undefeated since the haters were silenced.


I'm just saying...


Jack Daniels at it again:



and then the Dwyer kid commits to UF-a shocker!!!!



Soup Thanks for 5 years of mostly good reading .Rember this........location ....location....location.
Fran in Debary
A note to Raisecane call me please 386-775-0648.
Fran in Debary

ML Alumni1970.

If you are lucky enough to have a CANESPACE T-SHIRT, they are now very special, very special indeed. I have mine in a special drawer with other CANES SPECIAL THINGS.
If the "jackass offenders" who ruined it for the rest of us are alumni, they all will get theirs. If they are cursing, nasty, belligerent punks, then I say PURGE THEM FROM THE SITE, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR SIGN IN NAME IS. GIVE THAT JOB TO THE PERSON YOU TRUST THE MOST, TOM, WHO'S BLOOD REALLY RUNS ORANGE AND GREEN.
P.S. I'm sure Maria is happy to have her man back.
Also, let your most trusted brother take it over for awhile, unroll the "PIED PIPER" leads them all to the Biscayne Bay, to drown!
I'm feeling better already.

ML Alumni1970.



I have been waiting for someone to say this is a joke, but I am very sad to hear this news. I am only a random poster and everyday reader. When I was living in Hawaii, this was my only way to stay connected to 'The U'. I have been attending games when I can since I was 2 years old! I have experienced the highs of the 83, 87 & 01 Championship games in person. I've also experienced the lows of the 02 Fiesta Bowl and the last game in the Orange Bowl in person as well. This could be on par with those disappointments! I hope that this is not the case, but if it is. I want to sincerely send a 'Thank You' to those who have kept it going for all of these years.


Its nice to see the blog is still alive.

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