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March 25, 2015


Sarasota 'cane

Stanford out of the gate 14-0!


Go Canes! Get that NIT championship banner to hang at the BUC!


Grest job by the Canes. Bring home that NIT trophy!





Zach Moss visiting UM tomorrow

No hunch, no inside info, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him pull the trigger tomorrow. He's talked about committing for quite some time now and I would expect the staff to push him to commit as well.

Sarasota 'cane


Well that sucks!


Stanford now has a 46-45 edge over ODU with about 11 and a half minutes left.

Gutsy win by the U tonight, with neither team seemingly playing their best, and the U taking advantage of the fact that Temple is typically not a great shooting team. With Jekiri out for the championship game after sustaining a concussion tonight, the U will need to see a swarming D with some of the big men stepping up and hopefully a better shooting %. There hasn't been much O rebounding, with the team being more focused on a defensive mindset tonight of getting back and not giving up many, including a lot of one shot and done if Temple had the ball.

Nice run by the U in the NIT. Great to see them get to the championship game. Now, let's see Coach L find a way to pull this one out on Thursday. My hope for the opponent is that Stanford and ODU play into trip OT tonight. Seriously, ODU concerns me more in terms of their potential, but they're both solid teams, and the U can't expect to always come back after giving up huge leads early in the game. That being said, I've been impressed by the never say die attitude!

Okay, now ODU has a 49-47 edge with @ 9 and a 1/2 minutes left.

Dan Tana

Jekiri out for the NIT final. Damnit. Concussed vs, Temple.


Stanford is starting to try to stretch things a bit, now with a 5 point edge with 4:14 left in the game.


Here's hoping Sherman really steps up. He has a lot of potential, but still makes many freshman type mistakes. He's not as well-groomed as Jekiri had been, and this team is definitely missing a bunch of players it got through the season with due to injury.

Stanford is now up by 3 with @ 2 and a 1/2 min left after ODU hits two quick buckets to cut into the 7 point lead. 61-58, now make that 61-59 with 2:15 left.


under 1:30 to go, still a 2 point game in favor of Stanford. Stanford hits again, back to a 5 point game, 64-59, with 45 sec. left.


We play Stanford on Thursday night.


Quickie overview of Stanford, as they edge closer to a date with the U on Thursday.

They were weak down the homestretch, losing 8 out of their last 12 games prior to the NIT. They beat a then top 10 Texas, but lost to all other ranked teams played, including Duke, Ariz.x 2 and Utah x 2. They also lost to a bunch of mediocre teams, from DePaul to WSU to Colo to UCLA twice. They were pretty solid against most of the teams they should have beaten, but clearly a good but not great team in the PAC whatever conference, ending up with a .500 rec in conference.

Final: 67-60, Stanford wins.


Stanford isn't a great shooting team, but they rebound well and end up putting up some points typically. The U has to be ready to crash the boards on D, especially without Jekiri there, and still put up some points on O, something it hasn't consistently done in a while. I expect a tough game, but even with Rodriguez and Jekiri out, the Canes should be able to make a game out of it. We shall see.


FWIW, the 4/2 game is at 9pm. 'Night all.



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