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March 23, 2015


Terrance Sullivan

Boom. Let's get this week started off right with a win in Richmond tomorrow night by our Men's basketball team. Go Canes!




Championships! Comraderie! Hyper dominance!


Dude on a Pale Horse





Who will step up?



Amen! Glad you're back.

Go Canes

Demetrius Jackson and Jamal Carter are my picks out of those players.

Go Canes

@CanesWarningFS: There is an incredible amount of recruits going to practice today!


I've been a fan of Carter since high school and honestly expecting him to be a full time starter by now. I hope the light comes on, we SHOULD have one of the best safety tandems in the nation.

I have a feeling D. Jackson will have a ton of balls batted down this year.


Somebody told me about this new blog site (canespace) so I decided to check it out for myself.

I'm liking what I see and hope it sticks around for a long time.

first time poster.....


Raizecane to da rescue! LOL


Ohio/UMike...I have a new blog scheduled to auto post tomorrow AM at 6. That's it for me this week, after that you will need to find something to post on Friday. Thanks!

SOUP is out...

J'Ville Cane

OPINION: Sun rising at The U

The most positive man in the world woke up early as usual the other day and could only visualize the sun rising over South Beach. You know this because at 6 a.m. your phone has buzzed if you follow Al Golden on Twitter and care about what he has to say.

"Waking up to this. #thebeautifulmiamibeach"

All you and Al see is the beauty of the Atlantic coastline, small waves majestically unfolding on the packed sand, rays of light creeping with glistening beams above the horizon.

Golden is not a fool, has to know he is hanging on to his job for dear life. There are hot seats and, after a 6-7 season in year 4, there is Al Golden's seat. And he wakes up at the crack of dawn with things clearly on his mind that he wants to share.

An hour and 22 minutes later, the phone buzzes again.

"To be positive & free or imprisoned by negativity. To live in the past or hopeful about future. It's a choice & only U can make it!"

Someone named JGordon gets credit for the thought.

Golden is using it to send a message to anyone who will pay attention.

To be positive. To feel free by it.

Golden may have 2.5 million reasons to choose positive and free as he navigates his next course each morning. And the alternative to being hopeful about the future isn't great when you already are a football coach whose butt is scorching six months before more games provide an opportunity to apply some ice.

Maybe his blind faith is warranted in some cases. Maybe he is a bit delusional in others. Either way, when they invented the Energizer bunny, they had Golden in mind. He keeps going and going and going.

Sometimes you might shake your head and wonder what the heck he is thinking, like when he loads up the next recruiting class with 3-star kids with nondescript offer lists before most of the country has even figured out who they are. Like when he blows opportunities to inject some fresh ideas and proven expertise and national recruiting mojo into his program that clearly is hanging on by a thread.

But there is no mistaking that Golden is out there grinding, continuously standing behind what he believes in or what makes him most comfortable, one Tweet at a time.

Miami football has never been tougher to figure out because of all of this. Some of the things Golden does just seem inexplicable. People who are supposed to be experts shake their heads in wonderment while every move gets celebrated on Twitter as if the Hurricanes have just won the national title.

Golden makes sense of what doesn't make sense while oil gushes through the holes the program definitely still must plug. It doesn't matter how much you think you know. He delivers his messages with such unwavering conviction that you can't help but have some self doubt about what you see and what you think.

You watch a scrimmage and you walk away unable to imagine how, for example, his defense can possibly be better in 2015 than it was in that disastrous season a year ago. And the first thing Golden compliments after the scrimmage is the defense.

You watch the offensive line unable to open holes in the run game, know those guys are nowhere close to ready to compete in September, and they get kudos too.

Practice might look lethargic, the team marginally interested at times. You have watched guys in uniform literally dancing to music on the sidelines. But you are told how much the effort has been amped up.

All of it is used as fodder to try to get people imprisoned by that negativity to just be positive for a change. There is no denying that the Miami program has been swallowed up by negativity for several years now, whether it has been earned with an exclamation point or not. As much as finding a replacement for Duke Johnson and hoping Al-Quadin Muhammad plays half as good as he looks, Golden's future on South Beach, waking up to those pretty sunrises, hinges a lot on getting people to simply feel good about what he is doing.

And believe it or not, through all the madness, Golden is not always the walking disaster many want to believe that he is. He may not get it done here, it doesn't look real good right now that he will, but he is doing some things well. His use of communication channels and social media is as good as any coach in the country in any sport. Miami seems so much more engaged in the local South Florida community right now than it has been since Golden arrived, even if it is reaching for some of these recruits making early commitments.

Nobody who really knows what is going on expects all of the 19 commitments on the Miami board right now for 2016 to stick next February. Some will drift away from Miami, like American Heritage receiver Dredrick Snelson and Lakeland DT Keyshon Camp already have. Miami will decide that a few are not as good as what might come into the fold later. But it will be kind of tough, for example, for an FSU coach to again go on Twitter and taunt Golden and his staff about the missing fence around South Florida when there are already 13 kids from the tri-county area on the commit list. In these environs, the prevailing thought will be that maybe Tim Brewster shuould step up his evaluations in his recruiting territory.

Only time will tell who is right and who knows best. But I am not sure Golden could give a darn right now.

You can't replace the importance of the PR buzz that these commitments every five minutes have had for Golden and the program in general.

"Welcome to The U"

"The family is getting bigger."

Crisis in Miami? Ha. This program is well. The U is thriving. Yes, that sun is rising above the beach every morning and there is only one school in America where you can experience that.

The stench of 6-7 is as long-gone now as that nasty, putrid smell could possibly have vaporized. Golden is finding a receptive audience to his festival of happiness even though it is quite arguable whether he has really done anything to make his program any better and more competitive on the college football landscape in the three months since the last season ended.

A new September will come soon enough and nobody will believe Miami can win more than eight or nine games.

Some will wonder whether this is the least imposing of the five teams Golden has fielded since arriving in Coral Gables.

But right now it is March and spring practice is in full swing and there is a commitment frenzy going on in recruiting. Brad Kaaya is looking like a pro out there on Greentree and it is up to everyone else on the roster to keep pace and for the coaches to step up their game in the next six months so that program develops along with him.

"To be positive & free or imprisoned by negativity. To live in the past or hopeful about future."

You watch a smiling Golden hugging moms and kissing babies after practice and you make your choice. Will you stay imprisoned? Do you dare live in that dark past?

The Spring Game is on Saturday. The Canes Nation gets a chance to search for its own glimmer of hope that Al Golden sees when he wakes up to that sun rising.

"It's a choice & only U can make it!"

Al Golden has laid it out there on a gauntlet for you. You get to make your own call.

Just don't expect it to be an easy decision.


QB Malik Rosier continues to shine in spring football for Miami Hurricanes

Quarterback Malik Rosier said the offense won.

Linebacker Raphael Kirby said the defense won.

They both made their points Saturday on Greentree Field in the Miami Hurricanes’ second spring scrimmage.

One week before the spring game at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, the Hurricanes’ offenses and defenses went at it with varying degrees of success.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article15746921.html#storylink=cpy

UM men’s basketball team to face Richmond with sights on trip to Madison Square Garden

Once they realized their NCAA Tournament dream was shattered, University of Miami basketball players set their sights on Madison Square Garden. That is where the semifinals and championship of the National Invitation Tournament are being held, and the Hurricanes are one win away from getting there.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article16138751.html#storylink=cpy


With the amount of kids attending practice today, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a commit. Possibly just for 2017, but still would be some nice added momentum to our recruiting.

Go Canes

Who wrote that article? Just curious?

J'Ville Cane

Gary Ferman


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 30m30 minutes ago

Breathtaking week for nation's RBI-leader David Thompson: 2 dbls, triple, 4 HRs (2 grand slams), 13 RBI http://bit.ly/1CLOZqJ

Go Canes

@ChristyChirinos: Brad Kaaya threads the needle in traffic to Stan Dobard for a short TD during some short-yardage work. Lots of high-gives after that.

Go Canes

@CanesInSight: 2016 RB Rasul Goes in Depth: 2016 Coral Gables (Fla.) running back Amir Rasul has more than… http://t.co/1NIXSndCxI


247 reporting there are over 100 recruits at practice

Go Canes

@CanesWarningFS: NEW: Where do the draft "experts" have future @proCanes going to? @JustinFezz sums it up: http://t.co/70gbMN7wtY


Great job by this staff with Rasul. Kid went from "soft" commit and about to decommit, to solid and recruiting for us.


I wanted to take a brief second and apologize to SOUP for any comments and or bickering I was a part of. I also want to apologize to any blogger I may have went after in a not so nice way. Anyone know knows me (hell as TSully or SOUP, their on my personal Facebook) I am NOT a hateful person....Im quite the opposite. But years of the same thing from my beloved Canes followed by more excuses and little to no changes have took their toll. So please forgive me.


Posted by: UMike | March 24, 2015 at 12:26 PM


just divert that negative energy into postive energy. If eveyone does this, the whole blog experience will be much better off. People feed off of it so might as well be positive :-)


Good stuff, all, glad we're defending the blog and not packing our bags.

JW...what do you think the holdup was?

Posted by: CaneRock | March 23, 2015 at 10:46 PM
More the company he keeps than anything else.


Christy Chirinos @ChristyChirinos
The more I watch Malik Rosier, the more impressed I am. He looked solid again there at the end; can def see why they'll have plays for him.

Terrance Sullivan

A simple suggestion for our Friday feature it could be the Weekend sporting Canes games for the weekend. That way peeps can see what games are happening some weekends will be packed and some others want be as packed. Of course in the Fall the Football will headline each weekend, as well as tailgating, hotel stay options etc. If I ever figure this thing out I will gladly do it. Hurricanesports.com for the Calendar of events.

Dude on a Pale Horse

It's hard to be positive when I have zero expectations for the season. I try to post about other things to make up for this, stuff about my other interests. While I may have regrettably engaged in personal attacks ☺️, I don't think any criticism I've levied towards Al Golden has been unfair. That said, in the interest of the new spirit of the blog, I'll be more careful on how I interact with other bloggers.

Go Canes

@PeterAriz: Miami has offered Mater Academy RB Zack Moss @D1_Zeezy #Canes

@PeterAriz: I wrote a story on Moss a little over a month ago - https://t.co/3UTunxvRnn


Canes Warning ‏@CanesWarningFS 6m6 minutes ago

Miami has offered 2016 RB Zack Moss from Mater Academy (@D1_Zeezy). One of the top backs in the state http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3119301/zack-moss


A combination of Frank Gore toughness and Portis speed


Talk about a buzz kill, ferman article. Appreciate the effort golden is putting in to fight negativity. That is needed. It is BS for ferman to say that this will be the worst team golden has fielded. To start, this is the 1st time golden has had a quarter back. The corp of receivers r solid. We lost a man in the DB, but it doesn't necessarily destroy the whole group. At worst, the LBs r ok. The DL looks like the best group he ever fielded so far. RB r still solid even without Duke. TE I think will be a pleasant surprise. & since Kehoe as been back, our OL classes have been solid. I would even call us OL U. We lost 3 good guys but a lot of other guys played well last year.
One thing he's right about is that Goldennis coaching for his job. I hope he puts up a good performance. Last was a great team with great players now heading into the NFL. The 6-7 record is as a result of coaching. The talent was good, they were prepared, conditioned. The problem was coaching.
What's my summary? I don't know. I can't say we r going to be good & I can't say we r going to be bad. But our talent is not as bleak as ferman is claiming it to be.


How/Why Bama let Rosier get away, IDK.


Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 4m4 minutes ago

[email protected]'s Tyriq the Freak returns to practice after knee injury; Trent Harris ready to eat. http://bit.ly/1C88hEV

Go Canes

@mattyports: Blog: caught up with Tyriq McCord, Trent Harris and Stan Dobard today: http://t.co/hmqaHEvcDW http://t.co/JqHSW8RoSF


AfriCane...I agree with Ferman on the OLine, might take awhile for Kehoe to find the right combination there. There's talent there though, I expect them to get stronger as the season goes.

Terrance Sullivan

Mobile is as close to Tallahassee as it is to Auburn or Tuscaloosa Rock. BTW AJ McCarron and others from Mobile have wanted to come to Miami just like players here in Montgomery that want to play for Miami, it's no different if a young man from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, or Tampa or Orlando, want to play for an Auburn or Alabama not every young man want to stay in his home state. Good recruiting by Coley my guess is if Coley was still at FSU Malik would be there its only 4 hours away. But glad to have the young man. Gonna need all hands on deck to win how we hope our Canes can win. We have the ability to win the Coastal, Win our Bowl Game, Win 10 games. Will that happen who knows.Buckle Up.


12% forever


We r in a win win situation. If golden wins, we r all good. If he looses, butch waiting behind the door.
Thinking about our predicament is a little depressing. How can a great program fuck up in coaching for so long?
Golden is excusable. He was well veted. And he was actually a up & comer in the coaching ranks. Plus he gave a hell of a presentation. But Coker & Shannon r desturbing. Imagine the Oregon coach becoming a failure after chip Kelly left? Well, it didn't happen to Oregon but it happened to us. Did Coker even learnt anything from Butch Davis? How could u fuck it up. And not only did Coker not learn anything under Butch, but Shannon didn't either. Two good assistants but werent head coaching materials.
I would actually blame this on Butch. One of the first I learned in my carrier as a manager is to teach and prepare the people under U to be managers. They could get promoted. If u leave, they could replace U. Or just help their carrier so they can get a job somewhere else. How did Butch not part his knowledge & skill on his assistants?


CR, point though is that Coker was his OC, that's a high position. Either Butch woul have picked him or not is not the point. Coordinators r expected to be good enough to take over. It's a different issue if the school goes with them or not. The school chose chip Kelly's successor not chip kelly.
But u r right. I made a mistake. Greg Schiaparelli worked under Butch not Shannon.

Go Canes

Timing is everything.

Schiano leaving for Rutgers left Coker as the only logical choice if promoting from within.

Sarasota 'cane

^^agreed^^ Schiano would have been a lock for the job and I'm sure it's one of the great regrets of his life.

Sarasota 'cane

C'mon canes, clip their lead!!!! You got this!!!


Looking foward to having some rum n cokes and watching me some Canes Spring Football!!!! Let's get this party started!!!


But years of the same thing from my beloved Canes followed by more excuses and little to no changes have took their toll.

So please forgive me.

Posted by: UMike | March 24, 2015 at 12:26 PM



Moving on...

Go Canes

What a comeback!

Sarasota 'cane

Hell yeah!!!! Final Four!!!

Go 'canes!!!!


Canes win!!!

Well done

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