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May 08, 2015



The Jimmy Buffett Success Checklist from the University of Miami class of 2015 commencement ceremony.

1. Everything in moderation.
2. If you can make your avocation your vocation - your life can be blissful.
3. It is time to see the world.
4. Be Santa Claus when you can.

"Trust the Universe and Fins Up!"

- Doctor of Music, Jimmy Buffett.

Posted by: CaneRock | May 08, 2015 at 09:49 PM

Terrance Sullivan

Boom. Love the Lady Canes. Keep it going. Great article Soup.


Da ladies rock! Go Canes!

Go Canes

@MattSmithCFB: A very happy College Football Hump Day to all y'all. 117 days down, 117 days to go. #CFBHumpDay


Love my lady Canes tennis


KYcane, U are special. Your donation to my niece and nephew is appreciated more than U'll ever know. Thank U so much

Go Canes

Ohio I didn't know there was an opportunity to do that. Can you repost how it can be done?


Go, here U go. Anything is greatly appreciated and 100% going to the kids. After their fees, of course.


Terrance Sullivan

Our Lady Canes defeat Ole Miss to advance to Sweet 16. Our Canes baseball team clinches the ACC Coastal. OC I will donate to the fund next weekend Brotha

Go Canes

@CanesBaseball: It's OFFICIAL: @CanesBaseball are back-to-back ACC Coastal Division Champs! http://t.co/HIZtKG2OSg


@mattyports: In CLE, Duke Johnson talked abt his development. Said he might have gone 6/7rd if he didn't learn to catch/KOreturn. http://t.co/vZB22tGC6K


Congrats to the baseball team...and it's weird seeing Duke in a Browns jersey.


Congrats to the baseball team, but I'd still like to see them win tonight vs. NYIT, whom they defeated in football-like fashion last night by 26 and are presently tied at 1 in the 4th with both teams having only 2 hits thus far.


Ohio...my donation came though my business PayPal so it may say B & D Vacuums, LLC or Tim Wall..if so now you know who that is lol


Mike, thank U so much for donating. I forgot GoCanes real name, but I believe he donated as well. U both are wonderful human beings!


Ohio...just sent in my contribution. It may show up under "Tower Power Art" or my name, not sure which?



Thanks for the kind words. I've been thinking about this very unfortunate situation and the immeasurable pain your young niece and nephew must be enduring now. I wish I could have donated 100 times that much.

Even though there will be rough times ahead, it sounds like you, your wife and family will be able to provide a strong foundation for the kids.


86, I saw it. Thank U too for being VERY generous and donating. It's GREATLY appreciated. U are all very special people.

Go Canes

Keep posting the link from time to time Ohio, I will continue to give periodically.



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