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August 07, 2015





Alf? Really? Seriously???

A blast from da past!

Terrance Sullivan

Boom. Hoping for health and the team to continue to bond and execute. Yesss I know it's cliches but I have feel we have the talent just need to play better and smarter and harder and our Canes can accomplish big things this year. BTW that's a fly Polo Joe Z Rocking. Gots to get me one and grab that hat to.


Yes sir! It's me






Gotta love this time of year. We're undefeated, optimistic, and ready to kick some ass. I'm trying to buy in and stay positive. This is going to be a special season. Go 'Canes!!!


zilla in the building!!!



Posted by: canezilla | August 07, 2015 at 06:29 AM

OK, NOW we can say it is officially FOOTBALL season!


Gotta love this time of year.
Posted by: welcane | August 07, 2015 at 08:35 AM

Actually, I don't like the weeks prior to the first game at all. The only substantial information we'll get is bad news (players injured, suspended or dismissed). And as an outsider, you can't verify whether the feel good stories (we'll be getting plenty of those, from each and every team out there) are real or just PR.

I can't wait for REAL football to start.

Terrance Sullivan

Canezilla is in da House! See U in 29 days at Sun Life Stadium Brotha.




Those practice jersey's are nice, especially the black ones. Nice step up from the Longest Yard mesh ones Nike used to give out.


Miami Hurricanes say receiving corps in good hands




Know I'm late on this. Chapel Hill is a nice town, but on game day it takes a minute to get in and out. If you have drinks be weary of check points.

I hope I will be at the game as well.




I think the weight loss was good for BK.

And is #75 Loftus, that kid's huge.


triangle...very cool, thanks! I don't drink so that is not an issue. I think we are going to stay in a hotel close by and leave out on Sunday. If you do get there let me know.


Will do UMike.


Manny Navarro ‏@Manny_Navarro 8m8 minutes ago

Golden on team's size: "We're bigger and stronger, more particularly on defense. And we're deeper. 80 scholarships." #UM

Peter Ariz ‏@PeterAriz 6m6 minutes ago

Golden says that freshmen DL Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh will be able to compete for time this season #Canes

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 6m6 minutes ago

Golden mentions first 2 days are a bit slower due to lack of pads. Well pick it up when shells and pads are added in coming days

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 6m6 minutes ago

We slow it down, we teach...it's all pocket passes basically, tomorrow it's run and play-action.. then we put it all together in Day 5 or 6

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 4m4 minutes ago

Golden says freshmen who will be able to contribute display themselves quickly

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 4m4 minutes ago

Golden says Kaaya ha gone from lesser to commander. Big difference in his eyes

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 2m2 minutes ago

Golden taking about the benefits of having lights on the Greentree practice fields. Says it's a big difference

Canes Warning ‏@CanesWarningFS 2m2 minutes ago

The team is scheduled to have 5 night practices. Weather can lead to more or less of them

Manny Navarro ‏@Manny_Navarro 1m1 minute ago

Golden said Stacy Coley is ready for his challenge. "he doesn't miss anything right now... He's going to have a great year." #Canes

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 1m1 minute ago

Golden says Mark Walton is "a really serious guy. A football guy". Mentions his ankle flexibility and ability to run with lean

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 24s24 seconds ago

Golden on Evan Shirreffs "we're preparing him to play. He's incredibly bright. Much stronger arm. His arm pops. We're excited about him"

StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 28s29 seconds ago

We all know Shirreffs won't play this year, but I like that Golden it's going to coach him up as though he were going to play tomorrow

Peter Ariz ‏@PeterAriz 38s39 seconds ago

Golden points out Mark Walton’s “balance, leverage, and physical presence” as his greatest traits #Canes

Canes Warning ‏@CanesWarningFS 10s10 seconds ago

Golden asked if he feels pressure this year "No, I don't." Calls this the best lead up to a season so far

David Furones ‏@DavidFurones90 17s18 seconds ago

Does Golden feel it's make or break right now? "No I don't.... It's been the best eight-month stretch I've had... I'm energized by it."


StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 12s13 seconds ago

Golden says he's not worried about wins or expectations. "My job is to have the team ready, and they're going to be ready"
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Manny Navarro ✔ @Manny_Navarro

Golden said he thinks freshmen Norton, McIntosh will be able to help immediately on the defensive line #UM


Walton =s Edge.


But, did the guys start flying around yet????


StateOfTheU.com ‏@TheStateOfTheU 49m49 minutes ago

Golden taking about the GPS tracking system to monitor players in practice. Let's you know who to pull back on and who to push

Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 49m49 minutes ago

The gps system has meant a lot to us. It's been awesome. It makes you think how you did it before, says @GoldenAl


5 practices under the lights!!! We should be prepared now for the night games!!!!



David Furones ‏@DavidFurones90 51m51 minutes ago

Golden is excited about contributions Demetrius Jackson, David Njoku, Kc McDermott, Marques Gayot and Juwon Young can make.
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Thirsty, I've been waiting for someone to say that lol




Susan Miller Degnan ‏@smillerdegnan 1m1 minute ago

Indoor facility remains at the top of .@CanesFootball priority list says AD Blake James. Ballpark of $20 million cost.


20 million?


Indoor facility remains at the top of .@CanesFootball priority list says AD Blake James. Ballpark of $20 million cost.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | August 07, 2015 at 12:28 PM


Time to get a car wash going......


20 million?

Posted by: canezilla | August 07, 2015 at 12:37 PM

Ballpark. Lol


@Mattyports: Blake James on new prez Julio Frenk, who starts his tenue in a couple weeks: "Dr. Frenk wants to win. I’ve learned that."


@flasportsbuzz: Blake James says new UM president Frenk "wants to win,... Is as committed to athletics as an (AD) would want president to be."


@AKuperstein: Miami AD Blake James asked if he's willing to fire a coach under contract: "If everyone feels the need for a change, we'll do what's best"



**The second practice of fall camp was fully open to the media, so we got to see some more things than yesterday. Head Coach Al Golden said that the first two days of camp just consisted of pocket passing, 2-3 step drops, and draws. Tomorrow, Golden says they will start to mix in run plays, play-action, and perimeter work.

--Golden on Brad Kaaya: “He’s not just a leader, he’s a commander.”

--Golden was asked what Stacy Coley has to do to avoid a repeat of last season and he seemed pleased with Coley’s mental progress, “He’s bigger and stronger…Mentally, he doesn’t miss anything right now. He’s sharp.”

--Golden calls the new Greentree practice field lights a “stress-reliever”. Said that he doesn’t have to worry about a morning or afternoon storm killing their practice time anymore since the lights allow the team to hold night practices.

**RB coach Ice Harris loves the versatility in his stable of backs.

--“I like the balance of this group. They are in a great position in terms of they can do a lot of different things. I don’t have to set up my system where each can only do one thing. We have four guys who are able to do everything, no matter what the size level is. I don’t have to rotate based on situations because they can all handle it,” said Harris.

**When asked about Mark Walton, Golden said, “He has great leverage, balance, and is a physical presence.” Also added that the freshman out of Booker T. Washington is a “shoulders-over-toes” runner, which creates more power for a ball carrier.

--“Mark is really a tremendous student-athlete. His work ethic is second-to-none. He trains well and pushes himself. I give a lot of credit to his high school coaches for really teaching the little details that got him ready for this moment,” said coach Ice Harris.

--Golden mentioned Demetrius Jackson and David Njoku as two redshirt players who could be ready to make an impact this season for the Canes.

**I posted in my pre-fall camp work that freshman Evan Shirrefs would be somebody to watch out for, and he definitely looked like a player in limited action today.

--He is incredibly smart and the arm pops,” said Golden.

**One of my biggest takeaways from today's practice was the work of defensive line coach Randy Melvin. Melvin is known as a great teacher of the position and I came away impressed from what I saw. Melvin was stressing the importance of his linemen using their hands. He is not much of a yeller, but rather pulls his guys aside to work with them.

--“These guys are all about business and making themselves better. It’s about the details of the position. It doesn’t matter if it’s football, life, or business, you have to handle the details before being successful and that’s all were doing,” said Melvin.

**Freshman CB Michael Jackson will be a player. In positional work, Golden seemed extremely upbeat with Jackson. At one point, he yelled "Way to be big!" after Jackson had a nice rep. His hip fluidity is a plus with his size.

**Golden also had some words of encouragement for Sheldrick Redwine, but at one point he pulled him aside for what Golden called a "teaching moment". Redwine stayed with the receiver running upfield, instead of leaving that responsibility to the safety behind him (Jamal Carter in this case) and this exposed an opening in the flat where the running back was then wide open. Golden told Redwine, "don't over rotate your hips" because his back was turned away from the player in the flat.

--DB Coach Paul Williams on Jackson and Redwine: “They’re good kids with good ability. They’re young, guys that we just have to develop. But they both came in early and had a good summer. They’re going to be good players.”

--On Terrance Henley: “He’s got a chance. I like these three. You’ve got to develop them, but they all add depth.

--On Robert Knowles: “He’s got ability, but he’s learning. Coming from high school compared to some of the stuff we run, you just have to take slow steps. But he seems like a smart kid and seeing things in the film room compared to doing it on the field are different things.”

--On JaQuan Johnson: “You see signs of it (being a leader). He’s a good kid, he’s a football kid. He’s fun and I look forward to seeing him develop.

--On Jamal Carter: “I think he’s ready (to take the next step). He had a good offseason and the safety position is really 5-deep right now that are competing.”

-- “We’ve never had experience and health at the same time…finally you’ve got an experienced group and some depth so it should be fun,” said Williams.

**The offensive line continues to be the biggest a question on this team. Today's first team unit for most of the day was:

LT - Trevor Darling
LG - Alex Gall
C - Nick Linder
RG - Danny Isidora
RT - Sonny Odogwu

2nd unit:

LT - Kc McDermott
LG - Hunter Wells
C - Hunter Knighton
RG - Joe Brown
RT - Jahair Jones

--The tackle spot is the biggest question. I like the interior with Linder at center and Isidora/Gall at guard. Darling is probably better suited at right tackle, so the hope is that McDermott takes over on the left side, but he looked a little behind speed today. Remember he is returning from a knee injury, so not worried about him just yet. Odogwu still looks like a monster, but you just wish it translated on the field.

--Freshman Tyree St. Louis is massive, but struggled today. On two consecutive reps, Demetrius Jackson and Chad Thomas manhandled him. I like St. Louis’ potential a lot, but there is work to do.

--Art Kehoe was ripping into Bar Milo and Brendan Loftus during the early part of practice in positional drills. These are another two who need seasoning. Milo needs to add strength.

**One bright spot on the line from last season was sophomore Nick Linder, who flashed a lot of ability in his limited time on the field as a freshman.

“Nothing is more confusing than freshman year of camp. To have those couple starts under my belt and picking up from the older guys really boosts my confidence. I know how to go about myself now,” said Linder.

--Linder is trying to mentor the freshmen just as he learned last season.

“They really don’t know how to go about things so it’s just the little things like telling them to rest when they have time during the day. Mental composure is important too because we will push them and they need to know how to react,” added Linder.

“It gives us a chip on our shoulder to know that the line we had last year needs to be the standard at which we hold ourselves to.”

**One of the things that defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio preached today was “winning” individual battles.

**Al Golden said that the team looks “bigger and stronger, more particularly on defense”

**Something that caught my eye was how Quan Muhammad and Demetrius Jackson worked exclusively with the defensive line group, whereas Tyriq McCord and Darrion Owens mixed in with the linebackers for coverage drills and linemen for pass rushing. This would tend to suggest that we won’t see Muhammad and Jackson dropping into coverage as some fans have feared.

**Freshmen Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh had good days. Norton has some baby fat, but has an aggressive mentality and his teammates have been impressed.

McIntosh flashed his impressive feet in drill work today and does a good job of staying low. The former basketball player has versatility.

--“Kendrick and McIntosh will be able to compete and make a difference right away,” said Golden.

**At defensive back, Tracy Howard and Corn Elder were getting what appeared to be most of the 1st team reps, with Deon Bush and Dallas Crawford at safety.

**Rayshawn Jenkins looked very good today. He was extremely active and vocal. I was told by a source that his weight room numbers were eye-popping and that he is back to full strength. He reportedly put up a 38-inch vertical jump.

--“I was worried for a while. It was a long road back, but he made a lot of changes in the way he did things,” said Golden.

**Wide Receivers coach Kevin Beard is stressing the importance of consistency to senior Herb Waters, who has shown flashes of what he can do over the last three years.

“Something I say to the guys all the time is be consistent being consistent. I think that’s an area that Herb needs to dial in on. If he makes a big play, he needs to continue doing it throughout the game,” said Beard.

-- Beard on Rashawn Scott: “He’s definitely matured over the years. He’s always carried himself differently because he’s so talented and now we know he’s talented, so let’s get technically and fundamentally sound to make it easier to make that talent show. He has taken a professional approach and has taken care of his body and is getting proper sleep.”

**Lawrence Cager looks like he has a real chance to see the field early. He was constantly asking questions and seems eager to learn. Physically, he has the looks of an NFL prospect.

--Beard on Cager: “He will be a good one. If he continues to be consistent and dialed into the playbook, I think he will give us a real big boost this season. I’m staying hard on him.

**I had a nice chat with tight ends coach Larry Scott, who is very confident in his group.

“You can’t just pigeon-hole one guy into one thing. They are so talented as a group. You can use them in various ways, which is a great characteristic to have,” said Scott.

--On David Njoku: “He has come a long way from spring to now. The tight end position is complex. You are tied in to the offensive line and with route combinations, so it’s a room where you have to spend time to study and he has come a long way. He is focused and mature in that he knows he has to study in order for his talent to show on the field.”

--On Chris Herndon: “When you have a guy that’s 6-4, 255-pounds, and can run that way with ball skills and a skillset that makes you sometimes shake your head, it’s special. He is very cerebral and studies hard. He wants to be really good.”

--On Standish Dobard: “When he got here, we needed to improve his football IQ more than anything because he had all the other things. He’s really attacked it and now he’s at the level where he’s able to coach the younger guys. He values it because he had to work so damn hard to get to that point. He needed to get in better physical condition and get stronger. He wants to maximize his opportunity to be good and he has put himself in position to do that as a junior.”

**I will be dropping a few more tidbits and interviews throughout the day, so stay tuned for that.


**I will be dropping a few more tidbits and interviews throughout the day, so stay tuned for that.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | August 07, 2015 at 01:42 PM


Thanks for the 411.....much appreciated.


Darling can play LT. Long arms, stout at the point of attack, mean...He can get a bit overly aggressive, but He's got the goods for the position.


**Rayshawn Jenkins looked very good today. He was extremely active and vocal. I was told by a source that his weight room numbers were eye-popping and that he is back to full strength. He reportedly put up a 38-inch vertical jump.

Will make big difference having him back.


But, did the guys start flying around yet????

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | August 07, 2015 at 11:03 AM

That's comes in 2 days. Bet


As long as there are no upper or lower extremities injuries, we should be in good shape.


From the Buzz Column:

### What UM freshmen are most likely to make a difference this season from this 22-man class?

The three we’ve heard mentioned most often by players: running back Mark Walton, safety Jaquan Johnson and cornerback Sheldrick Redwine.

Linebacker Raphael Kirby cited Johnson and Redwine as the newcomers who have been most impressive.

Johnson, sidelined by injury Thursday, plays a position where UM is deep, but he’s smart and instinctive and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio says he’s “going to be a factor. He can impact our team. He’s done a really good job.”

Said Kirby: “He has a nose for the football. He plays with great leverage. He knows how to attack ball carriers, takes great angles.”

Redwine, a three-star prospect from Killian, could be UM’s No. 4 cornerback behind Artie Burns, Tracy Howard and Corn Elder – who are the only three corners with game experience. (Al Golden has said safety Deon Bush also might play some corner.)

“Everyone is excited about Sheldrick,” Golden said, before mentioning Michael Jackson and Terrance Henley, the other two freshman corners. “Sheldrick, like Jaquan, doesn't make a lot of mental errors. He plays thirsty.” (Or hungry, presumably).

Kirby raves about his technique: “I was talking to Brad [Kaaya] about him. Brad feels the same way. He’s a guy who will help us right off the bat.”

Walton, as Golden said, “has made his presence known this summer.”

Kaaya can’t stop raving about a player who ran for 1470 yards and 22 touchdowns and averaged 7.2 yards per carry as a senior at Booker T. Washington, and also caught 24 passes for 282 and four touchdowns.

“Great kid,” Kaaya said. “He already gets it. He just gets it. He’s a different mentality. Knows protections already. His lateral movement stands out.”

Among other freshmen who should be in the mix for playing time this season: offensive tackle Tyree St. Louis (“had a good summer,” Golden said); linebackers Jamie Gordinier, Charles Perry and James King (UM doesn’t have great depth there) and offensive lineman Jahair Jones (had some good moments this spring).

### UM players like what they’ve seen from freshman receiver Lawrence Cager, but it’s difficult to envision him cracking the Hurricanes’ top five, at least initially (Rashawn Scott, Stacy Coley, Braxton Berrios, Malcolm Lewis and Herb Waters).

Cager is “really tall, long, he has a wide catch radius,” Kaaya said. “He can go up high for it. He’s made some good plays one-on-one. We have to see during camp [if he can help this season]. A lot of guys look good in shorts and T-shirts.”

Said offensive coordinator James Coley: “He’s lean, fast, long, can avoid contact and avoid tacklers.”

### One of the more interesting stories is 6-5, 255-pound tight end Jerome Washington; UM offered him a scholarship after his club team in New Jersey mailed his highlight tape last October.

UM, Alabama and Nebraska --- among others --- then started recruiting him and Rivals.com elevated him to a four-star recruit. Washington is raw, which was evident in spring ball; he ranks behind at least Standish Dobard and Chris Herndon on the depth chart.

“Jerome still needs to make a lot of strides,” Coley said. “But you still see his athleticism. He’s so fast with his size. He’s got to keep learning.”

Kaaya said he’s already a “grown man” and “will be a good in-line tight end.”

### Because of UM’s depth at defensive end, there probably won’t be a need to rush four-star prospect Scott Patchan, who’s coming off an ACL injury last August.

UM has a good group of incoming defensive linemen: Patchan, Richard McIntosh (“a guy we have high expectations for,” D’Onofrio said) and tackles Ryan Fines and Kendrick Norton.


Like what I'm hearing about Cager...good route runner with excellent body control...=s Streeter.


My fav players on O and the D
Deon Bush
Herb Waters.


Good vibes about these two , feeling a monster year from both .

The Dude

Posted by: CaneRock | August 07, 2015 at 02:00 PM

He seems like an NFL RT right now. He's got some stiffness for a LT, whereas McDermott seemed smoother last year. We'll see though. He's certainly a starter, so is McDermott I think, great bookends whichever side they end up on.





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