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August 07, 2015



Wtf? Lol


12%er everyday!


Something MUST be wrong with the blog? This can't be right?

ColdCane getting a FIRST 30 minutes after the post?




We have been hacked and blocked by OGV.

That is all...


Don't hate! Lol

Terrance Sullivan

LOL hahaha getting more excited for the Season as it draws even more close. 28 days 4 weeks from the day we will be tailgating and enjoying the Hurricane Walk, entering renovated Sun Life Stadium watching our Canes run through the smoke and lay the Smacketh Down on BCC Candy Arse. Go Canes! ColdCane what's good Brotha!




We have been hacked and blocked by OGV.That is all...Posted by: 86Cane | August 07, 2015 at 11:42 PM

Hey I stayed up late (9:30) to get a first and got cut off by welcane! Lol

Soup, OGV would never do that.

UMike, I met a Blaster/Painter from Soddy Daisy, he is one hard core hillbilly, said he got kicked out in 10th grade for smoking in
the girls room!

Dem Canes!!!




Native...I was just kidding about OGV. Wonder where that tall lanky dude is at these days?

Da U N Houston

If T Gray can secure the ball I think he's be nice at KO return


Yes that would be nice.


Gray gained GOOD weight this off season


Native...I was just kidding about OGV. Wonder where that tall lanky dude is at these days?Posted by: 86Cane | August 08, 2015 at 10:38 AM

IDK Soup, but he can produce enough decibels to throw off the snap count all by his self!

Then drink a pony keg and eat 4 pizzas, LOL!

Dem Canes!!!

The Dude

Trayone at KR is a VERY, VERY good idea. As O_C said, he's in really good shape right now at 215. This guy could be a superstar at Miami and in the NFL.


^^^^Oh and I think he could take DNo in a fair fight!


Yeah Dude, Trayones got the look, cant wait to see all our Canes live!

Dem Canes!!!


Anyone see Wilfork own this Redskins OL and RB? LOL!


VA Cane

Looking for TG to have good year get some PT. Chad Thomas and Walton as well. I like Walton....better than Yearby and Gus already...I have never been sold on either....not impressed.

We started this morning at 7...it was nice and cool. I have super depth, lots of speed good size on lines. Not hitting for week....tell my charges that ...they want to practice tomorrow!
We will certainly be in the mix again. I have more depth and talent than any team I have had in last 10 years or so.

VA Cane

Hope we can turn it around this year....has to happen. 8-4 will not do. Have to win big



"Some first impressions

There have only been three practices. Two have been in helmets and shorts, and one has been in shells. It's too early to have much in-depth analysis of the team. But there are certain physical things you can pick up pretty quickly. These are a few first impressions from the freshman class:

- Kendrick Norton is quicker and more explosive than I thought. I pegged him as a space-eater, but he has shown the ability to get off of blocks and make plays. He dominated the 9v7 drill this morning.

- Lawrence Cager gets in and out of his breaks very well for a tall receiver. Still needs to get stronger, though.

- Sheldrick Redwine and Mike Jackson pass the look test. Both guys tested well and have made an early impression on the field. Jackson looks to have smoother hips, while Redwine has flashed impressive ball skills (especially in the red zone).

- Ty Gauthier is strong. He is playing guard and looks to be the most physically advanced of the incoming OL. Excited to see him in pads."


LMAO! @ Charles Haley..."All this $h!t is green!"


Man, this blogs been very peaceful of late!!!

Terrance Sullivan

Let's keep it that way.

The Dude

Gee, I wonder why?


Duke Commander Independence Bowl on SEC network.

Dukes last game!

Dem Canes!!!


Not a fan of those Blowfly green helmets!

ML Alumni1970.

Good Morning Canespacers. Don't write very often, but Nobody loves the CANES more.
Special good morning to Tom & Maria.


Morning Spacers


Gee, I wonder why?

Posted by: The Dude | August 09, 2015 at 12:22 AM



Man, this blogs been very peaceful of late!!!

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | August 09, 2015 at 12:13 AM



Kenny Phillips signed with the Saints. One of my favorite canes

The Dude

Nick Roberts? Has committed to Miami.

The Dude


^^^ Nick Roberts, 2017 DB.

The Dude

Will someone post day 3 The Work?


**Day 3 of fall camp marked the first day of shells. Only the first 15 minutes of practice were open to media, so I was not able to catch as much action as yesterday, but here is everything you need to know about what went on...

**Defensive backs Ryan Mayes and JaQuan Johnson were in non-contact red jerseys for the 3rd straight day and Golden calls them “day-to-day”. Mayes is dealing with a hamstring issue and Johnson with a bone bruise. Both are considered minor issues. “They’re close…and they’re both in good shape,” added Golden.

**Golden was asked if he could get a sense of how well this team could tackle.

“I think it’s a team that’s bending really well. They’re trying to do the little things when we’re not in pads, which you can really develop bad habits. They’ve made a commitment to that and when they’re consistent with that you can give them more trust and not bang them as much. We’re tackling a lot in compartmentalized situations so we are safe, but the tackling is not where it needs to be right now,” he said.

**Golden on Darrion Owens:

“He’s big. He’s 240 now and strong. He has great output and really works hard. Relentless player.”

**Golden says that Trevor Darling has looked “better” at Left Tackle.

“He’s leaner. We have to challenge him to stay lean and stay quick. He’s stronger obviously than he was a year ago. He played a lot of football for us and sometimes we glance over that, but he was a starter and he returns for us…there’s a good competition between him and Kc,” said Golden.

**Depth at safety is something that I touched on yesterday with Paul Williams, and Golden alluded to it today as well.

“Rayshawn (Jenkins) makes a big difference with his health, his explosion, his range. He’s so much more mature than he was a year ago. I’m really proud of him. I can’t say enough about Dallas (Crawford) as a leader. Deon (Bush) is the most experienced. Jamal, Quan…it’s a good group and they communicate well, they’re tight.”

**When asked if there’s any chance Gerald Willis becomes eligible to play this season, Golden said, “I don’t think so. We are not counting on that. Just trying to get him indoctrinated and inclimated with what we want to do and how we want to do it.”

**Golden was also asked if there would be any more transfers in on the defensive line, and he responded, “I don’t know. Anything is possible, but I don’t think we are in the market there. We are pretty locked in there to be honest with you.”

--That was most likely in reference to the rumor of Florida transfer Jay-nard Bostwick possible coming to Miami.

**Much has been made about Stacy Coley’s disappointing sophomore season, but it appears as though he has put that behind him. With a renewed work ethic, Coley is now weighing 195 pounds. The junior wide out said that he played last season at 180-183 pounds.

--“I feel like I’m still at 180, but I feel a lot stronger and I can knock the DBs around a little bit,” added Coley.

--One of the major differences for Coley and the receivers group this season compared to last is the amount of work they have put in with Brad Kaaya while the coaches aren’t around.

“We did a lot. Ever since summer one started, we’ve been throwing with Brad doing 7-on-7s and 1-on-1s with the cornerbacks and doing routes. We try to take pride in that and do it consistently with Brad,” Coley said.

--Coley said that he is still going to be involved in the return game this season and hopes that the added weight helps with it. He added that Joe Yearby, Artie Burns, Braxton Berrios, Malcolm Lewis, and Herb Waters are also in the mix as returners.

**Looking at the linebackers group, Golden spoke about the leadership role that senior Raphael Kirby has taken.

“Kirby is the best at communication and preparation. I know we are in college, but he’s a pro. He’s a super vet. He’s a guy that does what champions do and he’s got to elevate everybody around him. He has help bring Grace a long way.”

--Jermaine Grace looks to have a big season, where he is up to 215 pounds and hopes to be at 220 for the season. Golden is pleased with Grace’s growth in the film room.

“He has really made a commitment to that side of the game and the smarter, more disciplined side. He was already tough, but I’m really proud of him. Great young man,” said Golden.

--Raphael Kirby is not the only backer taking a step in the right direction in terms of leadership. Junior Jermaine Grace is excited for his chance to shine.

“Last year I did a great job, and this year I’m going to do an even better job of leading the younger guys to be able to take my spot whenever I leave,” added Grace.
--As far as his increased weight, Grace knows it will only help him as a player.

“It feels great being able to take on blocks and move faster even though I’m bigger and being able to shuffle at this weight and do some things I wasn’t able to do last year is great for me.”

**Talking about the tight ends group, Golden seems confident saying, “We lost a great one (Walford), but we might be a better group.”

--Golden likened the position to “Noah’s Ark” and said, “We have two of everything now. Two Ys, two Hs, two move guys, two guys you can flex. With Chris and David doing what they’re doing and Jerome (Washington) has made the biggest jump with his quickness, his body control, and things slowing down for him. Jake (O’Donnell) has been having a great camp so far. I am really pleased with what he’s doing.”

**Junior interior offensive lineman Danny Isidora seems poised to have a breakout year as a leader of a young line.

“I like the guys that we have now. We are going to be really good. We’re just working to get better individually and as a unit,” said Isidora.

--Isidora singled out Tyree St. Louis, Tyler Gauthier, and Hayden Mahoney as young linemen who have impressed him.

--Isidora said that he practiced as a Right Tackle at times during the spring, but that he has not been asked to do that just yet through the first three days of fall practice.

**Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh have been two early bright spots from camp. Senior defensive tackle Calvin Heurtelou agrees.

“As a newcomer, Kendrick (Norton) looks really good. He’s really explosive and quick and he’s picking things up quickly. McIntosh as well.”

--Heurtelou noted that Courtel Jenkins has made strides since last season.

“I’ve seen him mature mentally and physically as well. He has become a better student of the game as far as watching film and different disguises, techniques, and blocks,” added Heurtelou.

**The junior college product Heurtelou also sees a difference in himself.

“Last year I was more sitting back and learning. Now I’ve picked it up from what guys taught me in the past and I’m applying.”

--Heurtelou pointed out Danny Isidora and Nick Linder as offensive linemen who have been dominant.

Here are a few notes and quotes from yesterday…

**One of the more interesting moves of the spring was sophomore Marques Gayot transitioning from the safety spot to the weakside linebacker position. Gayot’s switch could bring some speed to the LB spot. He explained the decision.

“I just felt like my body was getting bigger. I was gaining weight fast and one of our WILL linebackers left to go to the league (Thurston Armbrister) so I felt should move down and help the linebacker core out.”

The Park Vista Community HS product was more than willing to make the change, which has been something he says was coming for some time.

“My high school coach always told me that I was going to end up playing linebacker when I got to the next level, and it was actually my decision to tell Coach Golden to move me down,” said Gayot.

--Gayot added that his goal weight for the season is 220 pounds. He is currently at 218.

**Sophomore DE Trent Harris is up in weight to 245, about 15 pounds heavier than he played last season. Harris credits the culture in the weight room.

“We have rankings in the weight room and everybody wants to be top 3 so we all push each other. Everybody holds each other accountable,” he said.

--Harris feels like the mentality of this year’s group is different from last year.

“We’ve been getting off the ball a lot more aggressively, just trying to get at the quarterback.”

--Harris on freshmen Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh: ‘They are great players talent-wise. Really they have to stay in their books because that’s the key to our defense, doing your job and being in the right gap.”

**DT Mike Wyche made headlines last season during fall camp with is confident tone in interviews. This season, the mammoth lineman says he has made an adjustment.
“I don’t really want to talk about things anymore. I just want to go out there and get back to the player that I was,” said Wyche.

--Wyche credits “hooping” (playing basketball) as one of the reasons for his offseason

The Dude




Giff joins Howard and Dandy Don, RIP!

Go Canes

@DavidFurones90: Zack Moss, Michael Irvin II, Jack Allison and Sam Bruce today at U Day. https://t.co/kwGHNeXx7G

Go Canes

@mattyports: Going behind the scenes at Miami's 'U Day' recruiting event with 4-star RB Travis Homer: http://t.co/JKgnJq1owy http://t.co/Fx4WZoQaHw



GC, that youngin can fly!

Go Canes

@CanesInSight: The Work - Canes Camp #4: **Day 4 of fall camp is complete. Al Golden was not available to… http://t.co/8YEtESDSBv


Go Canes

How many fish did you catch?


Canes Camp | Day Four | Highlight


Cager with the nice catch at the end.

The Dude

The Work - Canes Camp #4
by Peter Ariz Published on 08-09-2015
Has anyone notified the dudes at AATU-thework-jpg

**Day 4 of fall camp is complete. Al Golden was not available to media today due to his recruiting responsibilities with the day-long UDay recruiting event going on. Nonetheless, there was still some quotable material from speaking to players after the completion of practice. Note: Only the first 15 minutes of practice was open to the media.

**Rayshawn Jenkins has been an early bright spot for the Canes defense through the first few days of camp. Coach Golden has mentioned positive changes that Jenkins made in the offseason during his return from back injury.

“It was very hard as far as the consistency part to stay on top of it so that was my main focus. I didn’t want to have a setback. There are no problems right now and I feel really strong,” said Jenkins.

--Jenkins said the toughest thing he had to do during rehab was “planks”. Said his trainer had him doing a variation of different planks to improve his balance.

--The redshirt junior took last year as a positive experience.

“I had to look at it from a coaching perspective. I tried my best to be out there and coach, especially my young guys, but for the older guys too.”

--Sitting out a year helped Jenkins realize that the game of football is not just about the physical side. He explained the are of his game where he believes he most improved.

“Just development in my mental state in football. Last time I played, I was 19-years old and I was real immature and didn’t want to study. I wasn’t training like a pro. Now I take things serious and I’m a pro. I get here t 5:45 in the morning and stretch and roll out and do everything I need to do to be ready.”

--Much of the talk about the safety position early in camp has been about the health, depth, and experience of the current group.

“It can be really good. We push each other everyday. We get on each other. If we see each other slacking, we don’t ever let anything slide. We want to see the full potential out of each other so we can get that out on the field.”

--Jenkins has been impressed with freshman Jaquan Johnson, who enrolled early and participated during spring practice.

“He is going to be great mainly because he’s a hard worker and he doesn’t let anything get to him. For his age, he is very mature because he soaks in the knowledge from the older guys around him.”

**A not-very-talkative Mike Wyche addressed the media today, where he explained that he would not be answering questions about his weight this season when asked.

“I’m not really talking about the weight issues right now because I dealt with that all last year. I’m focused on winning the coastal and my team. I’m done with the weight issues and all that,” said Wyche.

--A reporter suggested to Wyche that he seemed to be more serious this year and Wyche responded, “you’d be serious too if it was your last year”.

**Nick Linder, a pleasant surprise as a freshman for the Canes last season, is expected to take a lareg role on this year’s offensive line unit, which loses three of its veteran starters from last season. Yesterday, Al Golden mentioned that although Linder is the team’s projected starter at center, he was still getting work at the guard spot; something that the St. Thomas Aquinas product is open to doing.

“Last year a lot of injuries happen and you have to move around and stuff like that so whatever gets me on the field, I’m more than willing to do. I’ll play guard, center, whatever,” explained Linder.

--Linder said that he sat down with team nutrionist Tony Musto when the season ended in an effort to help change his body. Linder added that he weighs about five pounds heavier than last season, but that his body fat dropped 4-5% to 27%.

**Sophomore linebacker Darrion Owens showed flashes of his ability last season. He brings a unique blend of size, speed, and length to his position and is looking to have a breakout season along with a number of edge rushers in a similar mold as him.

“I think the front seven will be a lot better because we’re a new team this year. We’ve all been working together and I just feel like the trust and accountability has changed, so a lot of people don’t want to let the guy to the left and right down,” he added.

--As far as what makes this current group of pass-rushers a threat?

“Everybody is fast, they’re strong, they’re long.”

--The return of Quan Muhammad is something that could give this unit a major boost, as Owens elaborated on.

“He works hard, he runs hard, and he pumps you up. It makes you want to work hard too so it’s nice to have him back….He came back like he never left.”

--Tyriq McCord was asked about Owens’ progress, to which he had positive comments.

“D.O. is another guy who I would say looks natural. I believe he played safety in high school a little bit, so he was natural at the position. I’m learning from him and we’re feeding off of each other because I’m playing across from him on third downs.”

**Senior linebacker/defensive end Tyriq McCord has been a leader on the Miami defense for some time now, but he said he feels even more comfortable in that role now. McCord gave his thoughts on some of the younger guys early in camp.

“Scott Patchan is getting better. Jamie (Gordinier) looks great. He looks very natural at the SAM position. I’m proud of D-Jax, hes stepping up and really doing great. He’s doing an awesome job and he’s coaching so that takes stress off of me…I’m just embracing the role of trying to lead guys and leave my mark.”

**McCord feels like the freshman all over the defense are already making strides.

“It falls on us because if they aren’t getting the coaching from us, we aren’t leading right so that’s our main job…They’re learning, really at every position. Redwine at DB, Norton is doing an amazing job, so all of them are doing great. They’re doing better than I was doing my freshman year to be completely honest with you.”

**Kc McDermott said that he has played “maybe three plays” at Right Tackle, but other than that he has been splitting reps with Trevor Darling at Left Tackle.

--The sophomore lineman explained that Brad Kaaya and his high football IQ have been a help to his position group.

“Brad is always helpful, whether it’s calling out different coverages, whether it’s calling out different blitzes. We watch film with the quarterbacks quite a bit nowadays and we talk to him and he gives us a lot of insight. He’ll say ‘hey if we’re in this play, I’d like for you to do this’ and it works.”

--McDermott said he believes watching film with the quarterbacks is a “new thing”, and added that it was something barely done last season. He said that it is a daily routine now to meet with the QB group and offensive coordinator James Coley.

--McDermott said that sitting out with injury helped him to learn technique from Ereck Flowers, Jon Feliciano, and his brother Shane.

**Some buzz from around camp:

--Stacy Coley, Braxton Berrios, and Rashawn Scott have separated themselves early in the receivers group. Braxton Berrios looks like a new player and could be more of a deep threat than people realize this season.

--Tyler Gauthier has a chance to be good. He has great strength and a tough attitude. Sunny Odogwu has made some improvements since spring. Ideally, he becomes the swing tackle.


Swing tackle?


I believe that's one who can play both. Bunche could do it


Hunter Knighton’s temperature hit 109 degrees on Feb. 24, 2014.

His brain swelled. His kidneys and liver failed. He had seizures. He fell into a coma.

That the 6-6, 295-pound University of Miami offensive lineman was alive Sunday to tell his story is a miracle in itself.

That he is destined to play football this season for the Miami Hurricanes is what drives him.

“I wouldn’t really be complete if I wasn’t able to do this,” Knighton, a redshirt sophomore backup center, said after a two-hour practice Sunday afternoon amid temperatures that soared into the mid-’90s.

“Football is my favorite sport in the world. Every moment away was hard, and finally getting back to this moment feels really good.’’

Knighton spent 12 days in a coma at UM Hospital after collapsing from heatstroke during an outdoor offseason team workout in February 2014.

“Three drills and then blackness and then it kind of felt like a dream for 12 days,” Knighton, 21, said.

“The first question I asked the doctors when I woke up: ‘How long am I out?’”

Knighton was cleared to practice for the first time this past Thursday, the start of fall camp. His mother, Southwest Airlines flight attendant Carole Knighton, told the Miami Herald by phone Sunday that she has been asked endlessly, “How could you let him go back out there?’’

Carole Knighton, who along with Hunter’s father, Jeff, flew from their home in North Coventry Township, Pennsylvania, to stay by his side in the hospital, knew she didn’t have a choice.

“He told me when he got out of the hospital, ‘I came to Miami to be a player, not a patient, and I’m going to play.’ So as a mother, I had to do everything I could to make sure he could.

“Prayer, faith and hope, that’s what has gotten me through from the moment I got the call and got on a plane and prayed that he’d still be alive when I got there, to now.”

Hunter’s mother said his rehabilitation, some of it at the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut, “was gut-wrenching.

“When he first got out of the hospital, he couldn’t swallow, couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, couldn’t talk,” she said. “The recovery was excruciating.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article30577203.html#storylink=cpy

Go Canes

Very interesting take by Saban:

@MrCFB: Saban: A classic NT like Terrence Cody would be in a limited role "in 12 of the 14 games we played last year." http://t.co/nNhAuAOZkN

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