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August 02, 2015



People on the BOT may throw names around among themselves, but the process is similar everywhere. Generally a search firm is hired (not always) and a committee is formed with the AD, president, some BOT members, etc. -- A search committee. It goes from there.

Posted by: Lur-ker | August 05, 2015 at 02:39 PM

Arizona State went the opposite direction. The AD hopped on a plane, met with Rich Rodriguez and hired him. No search committee.

Terrance Sullivan

Tony Cane U mean Arizona.


Al Golden isn't Urban Meyer or Art Briles. He's not going to take less and beat you or out think you. Al is more of a Saban or Pete Carroll or Butch in that he'll accumulate ten times your talent and beat you that way. Had Miami hired an established guy, we'd have more talent, but we went with the guy that didn't have as much name recognition so things are going slower. To his credit, Al basically had to rebuild and learn all of the local high schools because he didn't have ties down in Miami. He's seemed to have gotten that part fixed, but w/o wins, it won't last. A guy like Saban comes in, with all of his cred and Miami can be a powerhouse almost over night, just like Bama. A guy like Golden who is still building his cred and you have to hit a few stepping stones, like winning the Coastal a couple years in a row, then Al can put a chokehold on things. With the right coaches and scheme, I think Al could eventually have a dominant program, or with the position he's put us in, Miami could hire a guy that makes us dominant in a season.

Posted by: The Dude | August 04, 2015 at 02:49 PM


This is what I have been writing this offseason. Golden is not Art Briles, Gary Patterson, or David Cutcliffe. Neither was Butch Davis. And to an extent, neither was Mack Brown or Les Miles. All of the latter won by accumulating exceptional levels of talent and then overwhelming their opposition. Golden will win by:

1) Having a good year this season (that solidifies this recruiting class and gets the ball rolling)
2) Continuing to recruit and build up relationships with FL HS coaches
3) Maintain roster balance with good class after good class. Avoid having a high number of kids fail to qualify or transfer. Apart from the 2011 class, this has been the case.

Do all three, and Miami is set up for an extended run. Not guaranteed, but we're better off than we have been in a while.


Yep, you're right. Meant Arizona.

They were talking about Rich's hiring on the radio out here in Austin this week and how quick it was.

1mg of Epi

The buyout at this point will NOT be a problem. Assuming it has to happen.

Posted by: Lur-ker | August 05, 2015 at 02:05 PM

BJs comments weren't a shot across Als bow, they were meant to placate the fans. If you remember, after last season BJ tried to sell us some drivel about all the progress that was made... During a season that boasted all of 3 wins vs real competition. Obviously that went over like a fart in church. All BJ is trying to do is tell us what he thinks we want to hear so that we will stop complaining and buy tickets. BJ doesn't have to use the media to get Al a message.

Also, don't be so sure about Al getting the boot with another season like last. Their expectations are not in line with ours, and don't extend much beyond the program staying clean, players graduating and bowl revenue coming in. Up to this point Al has given them what they want. If he misses a bowl or two, then maybe he'll get the boot. They aren't going to eat the contract unless things go horribly awry.

BJ isn't going to shoulder any blame for whatever Al does. He didn't hire Al and he has no authority to unilaterally fire him.


Posted by: TonyCane | August 05, 2015 at 09:12 PM

Definitely agree. That's why I said that's not always done. But it is done often enough.


Also, I think that's how Miami will do it. The search firm is not 100% sure, but I think they would use it. I'll bet the mortgage on an internal search committee, though.

Also, I didn't know that's how Arizona hired RR, but that is pretty rare

1mg of Epi

They used the outside firm for the last 2 hires.


I'm back!!!!!!

My apologies for the absence, it's not easy defending the wall here in New England. Love the fact that we are exposing the NFL for what they are... A bunch of FRAUDS!!! FREE TOM BRADY!!!

In other news, just for hired to be the Assistant coach/ Goalkeeper coach at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI!! Excited to take this next step in my professional development. Ohio i'll be working with the women's program, it's a whole new beast for me man.

CANES going undefeated!!! 15-0 !! And in the words of the great Degeneration X of the Attitude era... If you aint down with The U going undefeated then i got two words for ya....... SUCK IT!!!!!!!!

P.S RIP MEEK MILLS what a damn shame smdh! Don't use the undertakers entrance theme and then throw a complete dud dude.

Terrance Sullivan

UpNorthCane Brought that Harlem Heat! Now Can U Dig That Suckaaaaaaa!!!!!!


Hahahaha Tsully i see you Brother!!!

The Dude

Everyone was wondering where UpNorth was. Good to see you posting.


Its funny that people think Drake is killing Mills. Mills ain't drop no Ether but Drake's dis was weak... RIP hip hop


UpNorth, congrats bro! That's awesome! Women ARE a whole different beast to coach. Takes some getting used to. Love my girls tho! Fun to work with! We've got our first scrimmage this Saturday. 2 games vs 2 diff teams.



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