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September 25, 2015



Happy Birthday fellas........

VA Cane

Mike Greenberg is an ass, he just says stupid things...as does Jemelle Hill. Greeny said a huge streak is about to end if GA ends up favored vs Bama...72 game streak in which Bama is favored.....what a foolish stat....just play dammit....Greeny shut up. Jemelle Hill said the kid from LSU should sit out next year then go to NFL. These journalists .....who never played and must not watch cause of the stupid shit they say....just need to go away. His and Hers is horrible show....they are both idiots.


Go Canes ----- You mean like how Michigan is getting all the love? I think Harbaugh love has something to do with it as well...


just need to go away. His and Hers is horrible show....they are both idiots.

Posted by: VA Cane | September 28, 2015 at 09:18 AM


Agree 100%. Never watch it....and there is a reason why.

The Dude

First off happy birthday to the Shark of Canespace (VA) and reigning Canespace Rookie of the Year (Epi).

Posted by: 1mg of Epi | September 28, 2015 at 05:33 AM

I don't want to give the impression that I'm upset we're 3-0... BUT... I don't see the improvements you're referring to. I see a sloppy football team and coming from a coaching background, (although not anything extraordinary) I know that what I'm seeing has to be fixed or the other shoe WILL drop, only a matter of time. I just don't see it with Al, the kind of obsession with excellence a coach needs to win at the highest levels. Now, Pete Carroll didn't fit the typical mold either and that guy had monster teams so there's hope. Al becoming excellent would be thr best case scenario for everyone involved with Miami football and there's absolutely no doubt about it. Miami would get to cash in on the risk they took when they hired a coach that really wasn't ready. However I don't believe for a second that if Al does get fired, Miami's in for a massive overhaul. I have given Al credit, despite what my detractors will say, on multiple occasions for his quality work in making Miami a real football program again. This thing was really broken when he took over from Randy who really was in over his head.

The Dude

^^^ I meant to add that our conference isn't world beaters this year so we may catch a few teams being as sloppy as us. FSU looks beatable but they did last year too. There's a chance. Maybe as the stakes get higher the team gets focused? But my concern is they're being taught the wrong things. As of now, I'll take as many wins as possible and an ACC CG appearance with a bowl win so that we can have some steam going into 2016 looking for a bid at the playoffs.

VA Cane

Thanks Dude,

I see your points, and l am trying to see if we progress. I want more as well, and there is only one way to see if this important season comes to fruition......play the games and see. I do expect to beat Cincy.....VT, Clemson, FSU, GT will be tough games. Don't know how good any of them are, but all will be a challenge for us. Play the games, give the guys dynamic sets and plays, learn from mistakes, keep teaching coaching developing, stay on the fundamentals, make adjustments and learn as a coach as, well.....be positive aggressive teach we ...give it all you got,.....Apocalypse Now!
Time will tell!

The Dude

Oh and about all the draft picks and stuff. Those guys are always wrong this early, NFL teams aren't even evaluating yet. There's a lot more NFL talent on this team than they listed. Burns, Elder, Bush, both Jenkins, Grace, AQM, McCord are all draftable players in the first 4 rounds. They still have 9 games to put some good stuff on tape, especially the pass rush guys that just need a little more coaching up.

The Dude

Posted by: VA Cane | September 28, 2015 at 09:57 AM

They say the best coaches are the guys that get teams to improve as the year goes on... 6-7 last year sure says a lot about Al if that holds true. But as a student of history I've learned history is only that, it's only a record of what's happened and doesn't mean very much as to what will happen.

Side note, you know how sometimes a color guy doing the game will use the yellow lines on tv during a replay to explain an excellent play call on offense or defense? I can't remember the last time some one did that for a Miami coach...

VA Cane

So many of these ESPN people are jerks....they have their agenda and spouse it. Greenberg says stupid shit always wanting to rank things as the best...when there is no clear cut best. Buster Olney Tim Kirtchen rating and ranking people by stupid formulas not facts....Olney given dumbass Bryce Harper a pass for loafing....those guys are boneheads....Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith.....phucking idiots....his and hers morons....Colin Cowherd....they got rid of him...jerk....and the worst....Kenny Mayne....and Lebatard and Papi.....horrible!

1mg of Epi

Thanks for the bday wishes guys....

Dude... We've had only one game to measure, but there's been improvement. Coley had a better game plan than we've seen, and D'no used the fronts we've been looking for. Not to mention better tackling. There are problems, obviously, but they took a Step in the right direction.

You're right to be skeptical, four years of the same garbage has made us all cynics. But we didn't even expect the changes we got, so who knows what may be in store. Emphasis on may.

VA Cane

I do not like the 3 4 set.....you have no Woolfork type in there, we get no congestion at the point of attack and on the 2 guys touching the ball...the center and QB.....these next games against good competition will be critical......and pressure congestion sacks tackling containment to's linebacker flow directly to the ball man coverage....will be very important. Unfortunately, NoDPa just does not do this, our D is my biggest concern. I never played D in my career playing or coaching by being passive backing off being nice and soft and letting my opponent punch me in the mouth. I just cannot endorse AlPas and NoDPas style of D.....its so wrong and off base. They are not good D coaches, always my biggest issue. Good guys bad defensive coaches.

The Dude

^^^ reminds me of my favorite blitz as a player and coach, right over the center.

The Dude

Ohio_Cane or UpNorthCane,

Where are you? I need a soccer explanation. Any soccer people.



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