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September 17, 2015





This is a MUST win game!!!



Terrance Sullivan

#BeatNebraska Great article 86. Quick Edit we have beat our first two opponents by 69 points combined. 45-0 Bethune Cookman and 44-20 Florida Atlantic. Total it up that's 89-20=69. Can't wait to see the Canesspace FAM Saturday. Boom!




Terrance...thank U, fixed it!


Top 10 again.

58 Straight


Terrance Sullivan

U welcome Soup!

Go Canes

Can't wait!

Weather must cooperate for the first time this season!


"Back in the day, when I was a lot younger, had more energy and enthusiasm, and was a little bit more invested"

C'mon now, soup, that sounds like the lead-in for one of those testosterone cream commercials. lol j/k

But I do sort of disagree with something, though. I do believe you are heavily invested. People that aren't invested, don't buy tickets, or go to home and away games, contribute, or run/moderate a canes fans site, travel hundreds of miles, spend the moola, rent hotel rooms, etc etc etc. You DO A LOT!

If I may hazard a guess, here's what's happened, and this applies to myself, as well. As the years pass, we better control our emotional reactions to disappointment. We've had plenty of practice the last ten years. There's just no humanly possible to get so emotionally despondent after every loss, and stay sane. Believe me, I could mope for days and days after a loss. It was such a gut punch. We're just using common human emotional defense mechanisms, as we should.

But you still make the treks, spend the money, and cheer. A true fan, in my book.

I've also learned not to worry because I will always believe there's light at the end of the tunnel. Whether this season is a success or not, whether there's a new coach or not, I do believe a turnaround is coming just around the bend.

Canes 4eva!!!

Go canes!!!!

VA Cane

Big one feel it creeping up. Love that feeling knowing you got a big game. Even as a coach, I am up at 5 am when we play at noon, dressed, all my game stuff loaded, coffee, go to Waffle House eat, at field to see the little teams play....(our schedule is all 3 teams from our school Minors Juniors Seniors play their 3 at 10 11 12 at same field)....I get a look at my future guys early on....my guys their at 10:30 we get ready.....I feel like I am gonna be hitting someone. I am gonna hit Herbie husker Sat....over and over. damn like to be there, wish I could coach em up one time....I would do you guys proud....and I know our guys would die to play for me....I get them pumped up we go after people!!!

Go guys we can do it!!!!!


I smell a corn roast! Go canes baby.....lets serve a side of butt kicking with that corn.


Lurker...U are spot on!


You better believe my lunch on Saturday will have some grilled corn on the cob!


Just for those who said that they had never seen 86Cane, SOUP and 58Straight all on the blog at one time, well this blog is for you!


Posted by: SOUP | September 17, 2015 at 10:05 AM

My friend, we carry on the best we can.

We get knocked down, we get back up. But wiser.

With this coach, or with another, all the ingredients are in CG, the 305, and elsewhere, to make that good soup. It will happen again. Only a matter of time. With this guy or someone else, it WILL happen again.

Remember, the ingredients are all there. The chef just had to put them together in the right way.


college football runs in cycles. Texas is in much worse shape than the U

ML Alumni1970.

VA I love, love, love your gut wrenching enthusiasm. I am so used to losing, it's tough to get my hopes up. Remember, I graduated in 1970, way before 86. Those were tough years.
Hey 86,my dear friend. You are so right THIS IS A MUST WIN GAME. I am so nervous already. Can all you football geniuses give any perspective on Nebraska. I KNOW SO LITTLE ABOUT THEM, EXCEPT THEY ARE BIG AND STRONG WHITE FARMING DUDES. WE ARE FASTER, BUT.......AND, WHAT IS THE POINT SPREAD PLEASE.


We are going to live and die by the OL this weekend.....That's the only reason why I'm picking Nebraska to win 31-30.


^^^^^^This will be a true test for the OL. We are not playing FAU & Bethune anymore.


Posted by: ML Alumni1970. | September 17, 2015 at 10:16 AM

The most recent spread has Miami favored by 3.


You better believe my lunch on Saturday will have some grilled corn on the cob!

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | September 17, 2015 at 10:05 AM
barbecued corn, boiled corn, broiled corn, baked corn, sauteed corn, corn-kabobs, corn creole, corn gumbo, pan fried corn, deep fried corn, stir-fried corn, lemon corn, pepper corn, corn soup, corn stew, corn salad, corn and potatoes, corn pops, popcorn, & tums.


Posted by: ML Alumni1970. | September 17, 2015 at 10:16 AM

Nebraska is a pretty solid team all around. They have a good QB that can run and throw....he has a QB rating of 153 so far this season. Their running back is had 198 yards rushing last game, so he's also a decent player. Don't know much about their defense but they are usually solid!

Should be fun on Saturday! Can't wait!

VA Cane

Yes that line has to really step up.....dont let the past mistakes get your head down....learn from the first 2 games. Good stance, fire out as a group...ie a glove....drive block with shoulders in the gut, head up until whistle, reach block get there quick and keep driving, plays other way get down that field sprint!!!, pull throw that elbow and go, pass blcok hit them in the mouth , hold ground chop those legs hold ground dont back up be angry....dont shuffle those feet pick them up every play. If our big fellas do this, protect BK12, we will do well....and we credit them for a job well done. DL needs a lot of penetration, disruption, cause confusion and chaos.....and play as a group with passion aggression enthusiasm....we can do this.

Hope all is well with you Mary Lou, love your input and how you love the Canes! Go Canes Beat Herbie BAD!!!!!!!!

Go Canes

@CanesWarningFS: NEW: @samjacobsss talks about areas that Miami needs to get better to beat Nebraska this week: http://t.co/vl6e30Ul0o http://t.co/NJhzDXk5L2


barbecued corn, boiled corn, broiled corn, baked corn, sauteed corn, corn-kabobs, corn creole, corn gumbo, pan fried corn, deep fried corn, stir-fried corn, lemon corn, pepper corn, corn soup, corn stew, corn salad, corn and potatoes, corn pops, popcorn, & tums.

Posted by: 30CINCO | September 17, 2015 at 10:42 AM

I'd say tums will be a must there, Bubba

ML Alumni1970.

Thanks VA CANE for your kind thoughts. I don't know a lot about football, but I LOVE MY CANES, NO MATTER WHAT.. I must admit though, that I have turned the TV off during times when we,were slaughtered. I live in Michigan,and have the LIONS to root for. Enough said!
I'm waiting for test results on LYMES DISEASE. That is a horrible disease, caused from a freakin' mosquito. GO FIGURE. Maybe I will go back to UM Medical Center and see Dr. WRIGHT.


"This is a MUST win game."

Only up to the moment the game actually starts.

Because if the Hurricanes win (they better do), you'll hear from coaches and players how this was just another OOC game on our schedule and the upcoming ACC matchups are the ones that really matter.

If the Hurricanes lose (they better don't), you'll hear how this was just another OOC game on our schedule and the upcoming ACC matchups are the ones that really matter.

And the fans are not really invested in the whole affair anyway (see Soup's blog), so no one will consider spewing hate on sports blogs and/or talk radio or pay for flying banners if they don't like the result. Right?

Go Canes

Locally this is a pretty big game. Nebraska is still a marquee game.

I expect a big crowd.


Miami recruits cool about Golden's hot seat
Rob Cassidy
Recruiting Analyst

MIAMI - Waynmon Steed doesn't seem to be a believer in the whole win-is-a-win mantra. The University of Miami commit, like a lot of others in the city he calls home, watched the Hurricanes' 44-20 victory over FAU on Friday night.

The look on the junior linebacker's face a day later conveys an unsteady take.

Al Golden and staff continue recruiting well despite that toasty seat.
"We're gonna get it straightened out," said the Miami Central High School linebacker, wearing a headband emblazed with his future college's iconic green-and-orange "U" logo.

"You've seen the talent going in there and some of the young guys they have now with Joseph Yearby. All the things my class can do and the 2016 guys going in can do, it's going to be good."

Steed has a metric ton of confidence in the Miami machine. Whether that faith is in the current head coach Al Golden and his staff, or in what may come after its possible dismissal is a different question. Even that, however, isn't the most pressing query.

A 22-member recruiting class with a shiny No. 7 ranking listed next to it is not the work of a coaching staff in jeopardy of being terminated. Except for the fact that it is in this case. That's not even to mention the 14 prospects already committed to sign in the classes of 2017 and 2018 -- prospects such as Steed.

It's those facts that push the more obvious questions to the forefront - questions like:

How is Miami doing it?

Shawn Rose, one of the coaches of the influential and hyper-successful South Florida Express 7-on-7 team that boasts dozens of major college prospects every year, says there are two theories on that front. The first one, it turns out, is fairly straightforward.

"The coaches -- and not even really just at Miami -- are making these scholarship spots more exclusive," Rose said. "They're letting kids know that they are not willing to wait. These guys that want to wait until February are being told that the spots are exclusive and if they want a spot, they better get a spot now. That's working."

Theory No. 2 is more nuanced. It's more hypothetical. It's also more interesting.

"If Golden isn't there, I think the names that are out there on that short list -- whether it's true or not -- are intriguing to these younger guys," Rose said. "I think these guys do pay more attention to college football than kids did three or five years ago."

Steed admits that he's been told by people outside of the Miami program to stick with his commitment in the event of a coaching change because of the intrigue of what could be on deck. The rumors are out there and, true or not, they're not exactly quiet whispers.

"I've heard some stuff -- some names, " Steed said. "There's no way to tell what's gonna happen. That's why I need to concentrate on what we do when we get there, not what's happening now."

Waynmon Steed is all about The U, regardless of coach.
One of the names Steed and others have heard will be involved should a coaching change take place is that of Alabama assistant head coach Mario Cristobal. Those rumors are, of course, totally unsubstantiated. Nobody is going to comment on a job occupied by a colleague.

Still, people talk. The South Florida football community is a relatively small one. And Rose, who is as plugged in as anyone, has heard the same buzz.

"I'm just going to go down the list of guys I think could be a coach at Miami," Rose said. "Cristobal would be one. Lane Kiffin would be too because I think this is his last year at Alabama. Even Ed Orgeron would be on the list because I think he's ready to be a head coach again. I think these names excite some kids because they do pay attention now."

And that might be why Steed is adamant that he will sign with the Hurricanes in February of 2017 regardless of the coaching situation.

"Yeah, I'm going no matter what," he said on Saturday.

Of course all of this talk could be moot. Golden could lead Miami to a successful season and remain the program's head coach for years to come. In that case, he'll likely retain the bulk of his touted recruiting class led by four-star wide receiver Sam Bruce, who is expected to sign with the Hurricanes should the current staff remain in place.

And so a city that's said to be unlike any other city on Earth is fittingly home to a football program that seems to be accomplishing what few other schools can. Sure Miami's recent recruiting success gives the Hurricanes plenty to lose. But, more and more, it's starting to seem as though those losses may never occur in full.

It's why ignoring all the hot seat talk and all the replacement buzz is the chosen course of action. There's no need to put recruits at ease if they aren't worried in the first place.

"They never talk to me about their future or any of that," said defensive end Joshua Uche, a Miami commit in the class of 2016. "They pretty much ignore that stuff."

Uche takes what is now becoming a familiar approach. He seems to be of the opinion that the situation will simply work itself out. Worried? Not in the slightest. Asked if he would prefer the Hurricanes' coaches address the possibility of a coaching change head-on in an effort to put concerns to rest, he delivers a verbal shrug of sorts.

"It doesn't really matter to me," he said. "I really don't care."


Normal white helmet, orange jersey, white pants, orange socks, new cleats for Nebraska.




Go Canes



That mp4 is pretty... uhh... basic. LOL!

Still, love the uni combo!


LMAO! @" Even Ed Orgeron would be on the list because I think he's ready to be a head coach again."

Go Canes

Some people need to be careful what they wish for.

Old Skool

barbecued corn, boiled corn, broiled corn, baked corn, sauteed corn, corn-kabobs, corn creole, corn gumbo, pan fried corn, deep fried corn, stir-fried corn, lemon corn, pepper corn, corn soup, corn stew, corn salad, corn and potatoes, corn pops, popcorn, & tums.

Posted by: 30CINCO | September 17, 2015 at 10:42 AM

Expect a lot of yellow floating around in the bowl after that

So why is Nebraska football named after corn? because it comes out hard, turns into crap and if it winds up in a bowl, it gets flushed.



Hadn't heard that in a while, but it's still good

Old Skool


Posted by: Ohio_Cane | September 17, 2015 at 12:32 PM

For some reason, the green spots on the socks remind me of shingles.


TC love your stats, you are a great fan...

As a HS college player, and sandlot, HS, college coach....I am qualified to tell you that....we never ever got nothing....it just does not work like that for champions....and I've been one at every level...that's why we are where we are.....12 years of we got this!
Great teams know you ain't got shit til you settle it on the field.....so let's say we feel good, and gonna go out and stick to the plan I stressed earlier....and we are gonna give it all we got to come out on top.

Reality....what a concept....something champions are well versed in when taking the field.

Posted by: VA Cane | September 16, 2015 at 09:43 PM

You're absolutely right VA, and as a coach you are imminently more qualified to speak on that than me. Perhaps I should preface what I said this way...for some reason I am not anxious or worried about this game at all.


I liked the socks they wore against FAU...like black socks is the only way to go with black cleats, so is white socks with with white cleats. White socks on black cleats is OK, but I CAN'T STAND! black socks on white anything!


What do you guys think of the rant by the Florida HC on his running back last weekend. Does that help, hurt, or have no effect on recruiting?


CaneRock you right! Those are fashion no no's lol

When it comes to pants, socks, and shoes... you shouldn't mix black and white together!


OAN, that 30 for 30 on Chucky Mullins was very good. Amazing the impact He had on that community.

Go Canes

@TheUEqRoom: Soles by Sir has landed at The []_[]. http://t.co/gi6xsTU5gy


I don't see how that strong correction by McElwain hurts recruiting, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get through.

Go Canes

Good Lord, is it ever going to stop raining down there?


Correction is one thing, he went overboard. It's about knowing when to stop, and then taking it up in private. In my opinion he crossed that line. It went on too long and went into beratement territory. Even Taylor's father, who supports the coach, was WTF.

Like I said before, he was either making a show of it in front of the cameras, (look at me, look at me, I'm getting this sh*t locked down) and in the process humiliating the player, or he was genuinely out of control. Either case, it's a bad look for him. I mean, he was forced to apologize wasn't he?

When it's in practice, out of public view, is where you should handle that business.

I say this being a huge advocate of strong discipline, I'm definitely not a bleeding heart. But there are ways, and then there is grandstanding.

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