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September 28, 2015


VA Cane

Lurker and TC,
think you are right....idiots. Notice that no takk or advertising of Canes game....you would think we aren't even playing. That's ok.....lets just win.


Notice that no takk or advertising of Canes game....you would think we aren't even playing. That's ok.....lets just win.

Posted by: VA Cane | October 01, 2015 at 09:19 AM

There will be plenty of talk next week when we're undefeated and playing undefeated FSU at 8:00 or 8:30 on a Saturday night.


White on white today.



Notice that no takk or advertising of Canes game....you would think we aren't even playing. That's ok.....lets just win.

Posted by: VA Cane | October 01, 2015 at 09:19 AM

First, the Canes have to take care of business tonight. Then, being undefeated, the stage will get bigger with every win, starting with FSU.

Go Canes

Love his pregame stat roll:

@ByTimReynolds: 1- Miami has won its last 15 road games against unranked nonconference opponents (average score, 35-10). Last such loss: 1995 at UCLA.

@ByTimReynolds: 2- Pertinent-to-tonight Cane records in the Al Golden era: 10-11 on the road, 28-14 against unranked, 10-7 on the road against unranked.

@ByTimReynolds: 3- Corn Elder is the only Cane to get two team player-of-the-week awards this year - and he's done it at two positions. One on D, one on ST.

@ByTimReynolds: 4- Hurricanes are 21-2 in their last 23 games on Thursdays.

Per the ACC, they're 17-3 in ESPN Thursday night games. (I say 18-3. Whatever.)

@ByTimReynolds: 5- Going back to 2014, Brad Kaaya's last 7 TDs have gone to 7 different receivers. (Johnson, Dorsett, Dobard, Scott, Yearby, Herndon, Brady)

@ByTimReynolds: 6- A win tonight gives Miami just its third 4-game winning streak since 2006. (9 straight over the 2012-13 seasons, 5 straight in 2008).

@ByTimReynolds: 7- Beware the shootout: Over last 20 years, Miami is 22-49 when allowing 28 or more points. (Compared to 140-28 when giving up 27 or less).

@ByTimReynolds: 8- Canes had 155 penalty yards last year against Cincinnati. Over Miami's last 180 games, the Hurricanes have never been flagged for more.

@ByTimReynolds: 8a- Speaking of flags, does crime pay? Since 1996, Miami is 50-14 (.781) with at least 80 penalty yards; 112-63 (.640) with less than 80.

@ByTimReynolds: 9- Best Miami records vs opponents faced 10 or more times: Rutgers 11-0, Temple 13-1, Cincinnati 11-1, FAMU 9-1, WV 16-3, Duke 10-2, BC 24-5

@ByTimReynolds: 9a- Longest win streaks Miami has against an opponent: Boston Coll 15, Temple 13*, VT 12, Cincinnati 11*, Rutgers 11* (*- denotes current).

@ByTimReynolds: 10- And finally ... if Miami and FSU both win this week, Oct. 10 would be the 10th time they meet with unbeaten records. (Not counting 0-0.)


Former Miami Hurricanes' Quarterback Ryan Clement: Talks 'Canes Past, Present & Future



Per the ACC, they're 17-3 in ESPN Thursday night games. (I say 18-3. Whatever.)
Posted by: Go Canes | October 01, 2015 at 09:38 AM

Just when you thought night games might be a problem.


@ByTimReynolds: 5- Going back to 2014, Brad Kaaya's last 7 TDs have gone to 7 different receivers. (Johnson, Dorsett, Dobard, Scott, Yearby, Herndon, Brady)
Posted by: Go Canes | October 01, 2015 at 09:38 AM

Up next: Berrios, Njoku, Lewis and Walton.


2-0 so far in night games.



Good article on UM's training table: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article37136190.html


I just hope everybody is out of troll food.

Go Canes



That's hilarious!

Go Canes

@ChristyChirinos: ICYMI: Consistency has sometimes been an issue for the Canes. Can they put four good quarters together vs Cincy? http://t.co/yPNV3A2xOu


Who will the U be targeting in tonight's game?


CR, is that you?

Go Canes

Posted by: 30CINCO | October 01, 2015 at 11:08 AM

That was really funny.

Thought for a second it might be a Mack Jones but there isnt a single "and what not" in there so he's out.

Go Canes

Going to be a great atmosphere!

@TomGroeschen: #UC sellout watch: Just under 650 tickets left for Thursday game v. @MiamiHurricanes, AD Mike Bohn said.
Nippert record crowd expected.


trolled by a bearcat. smh..


Posted by: Go Canes | October 01, 2015 at 11:13 AM

No chance it's him.

No misspellings, bad grammar, missing punctuation, and general lack of rational thought.


But it is pretty funny we're being trolled by a pussycat. When you have a rich football history and your name is synonymous with great football legends, you tend to troll other fan sites. Am I right?


There is a 27 game win streak at the Nipp against non-conference opponents. The last loss was in 2002 against Miami.. of Ohio.


Penalty yards. I agree.


Posted by: AfriCane | September 30, 2015 at 05:06 PM

I appreciate your passion and respect for Miami, Florida Hurricane football and Coach Golden!! However... Golden has surgically removed that NASTINESS FACTOR which U and Cane fandom desire to see again. Matter of fact, the beloved Golden stated in his initial presser that the CULTURE of Miami Hurricane football would change ( Emhapsis on CHANGE in a dramatic fashion. ). And one tangible which could be associate with Cane football... was that NASTINESS factor!!

Yes, the beloved Golden will continue to win. Yet being the lone WACKO in the wilderness of oblivion. I seriously don't believe the winning will lead to consistent Top 10 or Top 5 final rankings or being one of the FOUR play-off teams. But that just me playing the lame fool and what not.


" Golden dealt with reduced scholarships, negative recruiting, a fraction of the athletic budget compared to other big time programs and inferior facilities just to name a few, "


Miami dealt with all the factors this Cane fan mentioned above and was WINNING conference championships and playing in NC games. Chit, the Hurricanes happen to win a few of those national championship games.

Also, Mr. Davis dealt with a more SERIOUS scholarship reduction than what the beloved Golden inherited.


White on White for the canes thats all day boys!!!!.

we got a secret weapon and he's known as TSULLY. the blogs very own FRANK WHITE!! no one rocks the white on white like TSULLY.

All these pussycats trolling the blog, lame ass fans we might not be the CANES from more then a decade ago but we will definitely look like those CANES of the glory years when were lighting that ass up tonight!!!!




Definitely gonna tap those pussycats - all night long


Why I don't believe the totals will go over the OVERS tonight!

Turnovers: Hurricanes are second in the nation in taking the ball away from it's opponents. And that trend will continue tonight!!!

Pace factor: Cincinnati loves that ' run and gun ' style of pressing offense. See their 91 plays, or more, on offense. And because of the high octane pace factor. I believe Golden will rely on the running attack more than previous. Simply because he should want to BURN CLOCK and give the defense a BREATHER.

My suggestion for those wagering on the O/U. CAVEAT EMPTOR bUbba's, caveat emptor.


Cincy 56
Miami 42

Posted by: LETS GO CATS | October 01, 2015 at 11:56 AM

You wouldn't happen to be related to Mr. go canes?

I ask that because this dude, go canes, believes the final score will go over the current 69 O/U and your wayward prediction is in that realm of possibility.


Yearby runs the ball for over 150 yards tonight. And his sidekick, Walton, goes for at least 85 yards tonight. If not more rushing yards.


Hurricanes get three turnovers, or more, tonight.


Walsh to Perriman

Go Canes

Posted by: TheeMackJones | October 01, 2015 at 12:08 PM

Yes they did win a championship. Seven years later.

Not during or right after.

Butch started year five at 2-3 and lost four games overall. Once the sanctions did their damage, he finally won the conference in his sixth.

It took him time. Painful, stressful, banner flying, uncertain, brutal time.

Go Canes

And I like the over because I expect us to score 40-50 tonight.


Davis won several bowl games. A factor which the beloved Golden hasn't achieved at either Temple or Miami.


The beloved Golden didn't have to deal with the loss of " 33 scholarships " and the DEGREE of negative recruiting which Coach Davis dealt with at Miami.

Mark from Atlanta

Game on baby! This is not going to be easy. ..but, please young CANES give us 60 minutes of Us vs the World. ...and we come out on top! Run it until they try and stop it....be damn aggressive. ...show each other what it means to wear that uniform! Rotate that Def line and keep them fresh! Don't let them dictate pace....have them saying tomorrow. .."I don't remember eating Corn?"...."where did that Corn come from? "....God bless you and Go Canes!! Get some, tonight!


Hurricanes have arguably speaking the worst 3rd down conversion rate in major college football. Also, Miami has a below-average Red Zone conversion rate. Taking these two tangents into play, the Hurricanes are HIGHLY UNLIKELY to break the 43 point barrier!

But the key factor is Golden's track record ( There's that past performance factor again. ) of playing it CONSERVATIVE with a healthy lead. Especially on the road.

And if the Hurricanes have a double-digit lead going into the fourth quarter, which I expect to see happen, Golden will sit # 15 on the bench and go with Rozier.

Again, CAVEAT EMPTOR with the O/U.


FREE Cane Rock!!!

Go Canes

Bowl games?

Took over perhaps the worst program ever in D1 football and you're talking bowl games? 2-31 the prior three years and it's bowl games now?

Way to change your narrative.

And yes the way Butch dealt with the 24 hour news cycle, instant availability of information, a dozen recruiting websites, countless fan blogs and social media was awesome.

Oh wait...

None of that existed back then. And Butch's punishment was known almost immediately, while the Shapiro scandal lasted almost three years. Butch could recruit with a known end date, this time we couldn't for a long, long, excruciatingly long time.


Beamer Ball lost the service of their All-American CB Fuller due to torn knee ligament.

So now there's absolutely no excuse for Miami to finish at least 9-3. Because only FSU, Clemson, Duke and the Rambling Wreck are left on the schedule, which would provide difficult games.

In other words, the beloved Golden should coach the players to at least one win against the latter quartet.


Is it just me or does it seem we can run the table in the Coastal?

Duke is Duke.
GA Tech does not look as powerful as last year
VA Tech seems on a slow decline
Virginia is always dangerous (to us), but we clearly have more talent

North Carolina seems to stick out as the danger point for us.

Maybe it's because it's late, but just a thought.

Posted by: TonyCane | October 01, 2015 at 01:59 AM

Tony, All of those games could go either way, that is the frustrating part. And I don't mean they could go either way in the philosophical, any given day bullshat manner. On Paper, we have more weapons than all of those teams. But, can we play up to our potential on offense, every week? We don't do that typically. Is Our Defense the one we saw that dominated parts of the FAU and Nebraska game, or the one that got steamrolled by the same teams in other parts of the game? We'll see.





Posted by: j.w. | October 01, 2015 at 12:53 PM

With the beloved Golden it's always Jekyl and Hyde. U never know what performance you're going to witness from the Canes. Enter FSU last season and Nebraska, for example.


" Two things for the Hurricanes to watch though coming into this game: turnovers and red-zone chances. Last week, the Hurricanes had eight chances in the red-zone, scoring on seven of them. However, five of those scores ended up being field goals from kicker Michael Badgley, including three under 30 yards. Getting points on the board is crucial but Head Coach Al Golden would certainly like his dynamic offense to get it into the endzone instead of only field goals. Furthermore, going up against a proven offense that can score in Cincinnati, Miami might have to put up points to come away with the win. But, with a Bearcats defense that that is giving up 32 points per game, the Hurricanes could have several chances Thursday night.

Secondly, turnovers have been a real issue for the Bearcats, as they already have nine interceptions and five fumbles on the year. With the Hurricanes coming off a three interception performance of their own, defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio will be looking to create a scheme that could replicate that same performance. " theacc.com


I believe I mentioned the above two tangents earlier and suggested that's two reasons why the final score wouldn't go over the O/U.

So much for not having a ' rational ' notion or two. Eh lurker!!

Go Canes

Posted by: j.w. | October 01, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Think this team has some nice maturity among its leaders on the field.

Hope that translates to more consistent good play, especially during the inevitable bad stretches that come in competitive games.

But like you said, we will soon see.


Shoot, if Goldie gets a 24 point lead, he'll panic and go into conservative mode then reference "Brick by Brick" even though 13 of those bricks went pro. []_[]

Posted by: 360Cane | September 29, 2015 at 05:50 PM

Literally LOL!!

Again, it's in the beloved Golden's coaching DNA/RNA to go conservative and what not.


Bearcat, Tommy knows how to end player careers. His own, that is.


Actually, Great-great Grandpa Coach Snyder took over the WORST major college football program in rustic cowtown Manhattan, Kansas.

Terrance Sullivan

UpNorthCane U Rock My Canes Brotha. Thanks for the kind words. My Prediction for tonight 59-34 Miami Wins and goes to 4-0 Rocking the White on White Baby.

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