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September 28, 2015



On the other side of the ball, I expect Miami to want to slow this game down. While Cincinnati averages 91 plays a game so far this season, the ‘Canes are running 70. " Expect Miami to try and control the game with heavy doses of Joe Yearby and Mark Walton, while allowing Brad Kaaya to spread the field and keep the defense on their toes. Braxton Berrios is expected to return this week, which helps the ‘Canes who will want to keep the chains moving on slow, methodical drives. Stacey Coley will be out, which does eliminate a potential big-play threat for Miami. " Sebastian's pub.com

Again, beware of the O/U. It's your typical sucker bet. Especially for the amateur general public gambling degenerates.

VA Cane

Stone Free Jimi Hendrix!!!!! Dont know how many of you are music fans...Just released about 3 weeks ago....Hendrix Atlanta Pop 7/4/1970.......nobody scorches the strings like THE MASTER! The man was the real thing....smoking hot!!!!

I think its a good game tonight....look at running the ball a lot, look for 3rd and short convertible downs which will mean success, look for TDs not FGs in RZ....got to happen. If we run well, we can pass...protect BK....convert 3rds, score TDs....we can keep time of possession on our side, their D on the field O off.

NoDPa has to have a plan...4/3....blitz often, pound middle where you can waste center and qb....they touch the bean guys....pressure pressure lots of confusion and hitting....hard knockout hits...contain. backers got to be aware, coverage will often be man and must be good. Pressure is key....make him chuck it quick....and get as many hits as possible on skill guys......I have no problem trying to put them out of game... low hard clean fast brutal relentless hits!!!!



" We caught a glimpse of just how good Miami can be against Nebraska. No, they did not play perfect, and eventually, failing to convert red zone opportunities into touchdowns as opposed to field goals will cost the Canes. But, that game was very, very close to being a 30+ point win against a solid power 5 conference school. Of course, you can’t ignore the 4th quarter, and that essentially sums up the Al Golden era perfectly. Nevertheless, the schedule turns to October, and a road game against an offensive-minded Cincinnati team. Make no mistake about this, there is a clear talent discrepancy favoring Miami. With the porous Cincinnati defense, the game plan SHOULD be to go at them early and often, with the expectation that the Miami defense will have more success than Cincinnati’s in stopping the opposing offense. Yes, this would mean lots of yards, lots of points, and generally perceived bad defense – but superficial numbers would not mean it was a bad defensive performance. I think it would also result in a rather comfortable Miami win of 14 to 17 points. But, that’s not the Al Golden way, where he feels the need to protect his defensive reputation, as well as that of the coordinator. He would much rather play the conservative, protect the defense 34-27 win than play for the big 52-35 never in any real doubt win, so that’s what we’ll see. One caveat – if Cincinnati wins the turnover battle in this game, I expect them to pull the upset. " Sebastian's pub. com

Miami wins, 34-27

One notion I can guarantee about tonight's game. Lowly Cincinnati will NOT win the turnover battle!!

Why? Because the Bear Kats defense is absolutely LAME.


Miami, Florida - 6 1/2

O/U 69 1/2

O/U has moved up 1.5 since opening 68, which indicates the wagering public is going with the Overs. Akin to go canes play. Go figure.


Christy Chirinos ‏@ChristyChirinos 3h3 hours ago

To get you prepared for tonight, some game day notes: What to watch for as Miami travels to face Cincinnati http://fw.to/UYhEFYb


Think this team has some nice maturity among its leaders on the field.

Hope that translates to more consistent good play, especially during the inevitable bad stretches that come in competitive games.

But like you said, we will soon see.

Posted by: Go Canes | October 01, 2015 at 01:04 PM
Agreee, Go, if we have that leadership we can hopefully put something together for a nice run.


I'd love to know what OGV is thinking right now.

I can imagine it would be a long-winded response that warned the confident fan to not buy into Golden and his "xx-xx" overall record as a HC, but I'd rather read his words. LOL

Go Canes

The post will also reference a sock puppet at some point, that's for sure.

I'd also be interested to hear his thoughts, but after tonight.


Thoughts and Prayers to the folks at Oregon State. 10 dead / 20 injured per CNN......


It's sad times when we have to sweat the Cincy's of the world and even sadder when these announcers don't even mention us as stumbling blocks for the likes of Clemson, FSU and G. Tech. Yes we have become after thoughts. The luster has gone, along with our braqgadocious ways. I'm not celebrating 3-0 because we should be that and we should be 4-0 after tonight. In order for us to get out of this forever lasting lull, is by beating teams that are ranked, when the opportunity presents it's self.
For this year, we should beat FSU. They are not worth their high ranking but they do, at this point and time have more overall talent than we do or should I say depth of talent. Let's hope DENO doesn't screw this up because that's the only way I see FSU beating us.
Ga.Tech and Va. Tech, talent wise are not in the ball park but GT's system gives everyone problems and V. Tech, well they are just well coached but I expect us to beat them. Clemson is the only team this year, that should give us problems, not because they have more talent it's because we have played like dogs at home against them, in the past, plus Watson can play.
We have a youthful offensive line and our backs are young and we suck in the redzone and 3rd down effiency, not a remedy for success, this is where good coaching and execution come into play. From what I have observed, once we get inside the 20 we stop attacking and become to predictable and vanilla. If we need a yd. stick the dam FB in,who weighs 250 and let him get us a yd. Quit handing the ball off 3 yds deep in the backfield to 195 rb's. Quit trying to play not to lose. We also have a propensity of playing dumb with all these penalties.
These next 4 or 5 games will make or break Golden. I detest losing, especially the way we have been getting beat the last few years. Only Golden and a few of his cronies can hold us back. This is his 5TH year lets see if he has learned any lessons, the 4th QT. of the Nebraska game showed me he still hasn't. I'm torn, half of me wants him gone because that is the only way DENO goes, is if he goes but that also means we will be losing, which sux. The other half knows we have enough talent, with a lot of luck to go undefeated, highly unlikely but possible because of the ACC.


I'd love to know what OGV is thinking right now.

I can imagine it would be a long-winded response that warned the confident fan to not buy into Golden and his "xx-xx" overall record as a HC, but I'd rather read his words. LOL

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | October 01, 2015 at 02:09 PM


Ohio, I spopke to him after the NU game and you pretty much nailed it. He had me rolloing.


Thoughts and Prayers to the folks at Oregon State. 10 dead / 20 injured per CNN......

Posted by: raizecane | October 01, 2015 at 02:25 PM


CNN reporting that the shooter has been captured. Lets hope so


It's not Oregon State, it's a community college in Oregon, but it's horrible just the same.


It's not Oregon State, it's a community college in Oregon, but it's horrible just the same.

Posted by: Lur-ker | October 01, 2015 at 02:31 PM


I stand corrected. CNN was saying Oregon State. I should know better than to take their word.


Butch started year five at 2-3 and lost four games overall. Once the sanctions did their damage, he finally won the conference in his sixth.

Posted by: Go Canes | October 01, 2015 at 12:26 PM

You left out the facts that 3 out of those 5 games were against Top 10 teams, including #1 fsu and #3 psu. Our losses that season was to #1 fsu, #2 VA tech, #3 psu, and unranked ECU. But I'm sure that doesn't matter since it's the hated Butch we're talking about.

Hey also tied for 1st in the conference his first 2 seasons but hey....🐸☕

Go Canes

What a senseless tragedy, again.

Good God.


Sad. I don't have any answers , but I know what happens. Now the media will focus on this idiot, hopefully he's dead, thereby encouraging the next idiot to do something to get post mortem fame. It's a cycle, it seems like to me. Of course, you can't stop the media coverage, that's always going to happen. But now they saturate the airwaves, giving some other nut the idea to do this again.


Good post Lur-ker!


I'm sick of all these idiots and copycat idiots taking innocent lives!!!

They better be glad I'm not president


Where da game day blog at, doe!

The Dude

Stop f*cking shooting people!

Even a huge 2nd Ammendment guy like me has had absolutely enough of this.

What kind of a monster does this sh*t?

The Dude

And these idiots are going to screw up my ability to gain firearms. Unfortunately these yahoos ruin it for everyone.


or they just fabricate the whole story like the lady reporter that was supposedly shot by her old co-worker.



reporter shooting hoax....


slim32 you are a sick fuck

I hope you get cancer and die a horrible painful death or better yet die in a fire


Moderate this POS

Go Canes

Shooter is dead. Thank God these poor people will not have to endure the sham trial this piece of garbage would have gotten.


Canes to win a close one. It will be down to out talenting them.

I expect them and the crowd to be fired up. But AGs run 1st game plan will triumph.

Canes 38-27

warning, if Canes come out flat and Cincy get up early, this could easily end in a loss.

Go Canes

Posted by: WWIN | October 01, 2015 at 02:37 PM

I don't know why I keep answering. Really I don't.

I love Butch I don't hate him, at all. He was responsible for giving me some amazing times at the OB, he is a great, great coach and I wish he'd never left.

But he did, he's not here and will absolutely, positively not be coming back at 65 years old to turn this thing around

Sorry. I know in your fantasy world that's going to happen, but in real life, it aint.

And no I didn't fail to mention who Butch lost to that year he started 2-3 because it doesn't matter. They lost.

Anyone with any intellect realized I only mentioned Butch to further illustrate how a protracted NCAA investigation, probation, whatever you want to call it, can and does decimate every program.

Butch went from winning to losing by 50 to FSU and giving up 60 to Syracuse before he finally turned it all the way around his SIXTH year here.

Why? The NCAA.

It's the same thing Golden has gone through. Fewer scholarships lost, maybe but not really, because we self imposed. Plus our fate wasn't known for years after he got here. Practically from day one Butch could point to a finish line, 2 1/2 YEARS into this latest fiasco we could not.

And as far as the whole who Butch lost to argument you posted, you really, rally have to be kidding.

Two seasons ago the Canes lost to one unranked team and three ranked teams who went a combined 36-5, including National Champion FSU.

Sound familiar to what you posted?

Despite that, you were calling for his head before last season even began.

Why is that?

Don't know why I asked because I honestly don't care. It's two hours from kickoff and I'll have a house full of Canes fans soon, drinking beers and screaming at the TV every play.

Thursday nights don't get much better than that!

The point of it all is again, please, stop with your tired rhetoric.



Melvin Bratton


90 minute countdown


Das nice AF!!






On the AG/Butch comparisons.

Both faced significant sanctions and inherited broken/breaking programs. Both had limited success early but that where it ends.

Under Butch, even the bleak years, you could see something was building, the plan was going to work. The talent he recruited responded to his coaching. Most importantly, he coached Miami style football

Under AG, is anything building? Are we better this year than last? The talent is there but has it translated to anything approaching a good team let alone dominant? Most importantly, his teams take on his MO, apathetic, safe, non Miami football that has never won a game of significance.

Again, I truly hope AG proves me wrong. Nothing would make me happier. I've just given up on that occurring.

Anyways hope AG has a big night and we end up 4-0 going into Tallahasse.

Go Canes

Chad starting tonight, as well as Norton.

Both better pass rushers.


Too tired to think, or write, or post.


Wassamatta Soup, busier than TSully at the Pink Pusscat?

Dem Canes!!!




"you could see something was building, the plan was going to work. "

Those 15 year old goggles are showing you what you want to see NOW. Nobody, I mean NOBODY I know thought this, back then after year 4. Believe me, I was in the middle of it. The fan base was in an uproar and wanted Butch gone.

On to Cincy....GO CANES


Definitely going for the 1000


Fire Al Golden!!!


I can't breathe


If this dude is here tomorrow I'll die


I don't need mouth to mouth but somebody gotta resuscitate me

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