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October 01, 2015





I've never been so glad to attend a softball practice in my life, missing everything after the score reached 14-3. The Lord was watching out for me!
I assume without asking we are all in agreement that Golden has to go. To those of you joining us, welcome! It doesn't matter when you made up your mind, you are with us now. And now we can all hope Blake James has some balls and makes the decision that needs to be made before the plane lands in Miami.
The beginning of something better is just around the corner. . .

Bring Back The SWAG !!!

Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury !!!



Wow, go f@ck yourself Al and your entire staff. I'm just at a loss for words. And f@ck you too Blake James. How f@ck do you lose to to this team? I need a drink.

hurricaneRic Machiavelli



Agree, zitis. The sad thing is how predictable the reactions are, anyone at UM who didn't see how this was going to turn out is stealing money from the school.


im not feeling too bad. ; )cut my emotional ties to a kids game a few years ago. Glad im not wasting 1-3 K a year on the tix.

Lurker... did you even watch the whole link of the the fake video? Na.. you probably just seen the 2 second clip that they showed on the mainstream media. Sheep

hurricaneRic Machiavelli

How long must we go thru this? how much is AL's buyout????


If they fire him before the next game I'll donate to the HC to help pay for it.

Da U N Houston

He has to go!

Golden is happy with field goals in a touchdown game. There is no emotion. Not balls. Don't go for it on 4th. Instead of lining up under center on 3 and 1 wit QB sneak, you go shot phuckin gun? Really? But you won't go for it on 4th. Other teams seem to be having fun, even when they are losin to us. US? We look like an NFL sorry as team. "On to the next" ok then, on to the next coach!

He doesn't make it past game 9.

Da U N Houston

We'll lose to FSU, VT, Duke and Clemson.

DallasTX Cane

I think that if CANES fans had been realistic about what they saw during the first three "games" tonight's outcome wouldn't be much of a surprise. Al & Co can't coach. Period. End of debate. He does seem to have done a good job restocking the roster as I believe there is legit talent on the team. That talent may continue to tantalize and at times overcome the lack of coaching which will only equate to more ups & downs - a good game here & there followed by bad games or the NB situation...great & terrible in the same game. Al is too stubborn to change and what he is doing doesn't work. Good luck getting another coaching job...


I went to a concert tonight,thank god for that. People here have being saying all along. Is was bout to happen, if not this week then the next.Golden can't coach, first lost to Cincy since 1943....put that into perspective


TonyCane...NO EXCUSES!

As far as your "This will probably be like 1997" comment goes, not even close. If Butch had the type of talent we had in 2014 & 15', in 97', a young Butch wins at least 10 games.

You must've forgot how horrible Butch's already severely scholarship depleted 97' team was...all we had on O was Edge, all we had on D was Starks, that team was PATHETIC!


This is a HS staff.

Coley's barely been an OC before UM...Beard is just coming out the HS ranks...this is Ice's 1st job...D'Onofrio?, PSHHHH!...Williams?, double PSHHHH!...Melvin?, mehhhhh.

C'moooooon man, damn ACCC's, ya'll really think this is a staff that can recruit & compete for NCs?!...PSHHHH!


The point I was making was that the FSU loss will probably be substantial.

No on Kliff Kingsbury. Too young and inexperienced.

I want Art Briles. Or Chud.


Agreed Dallas. The overall health of the program is better than when Shannon or Golden took over.

I think Miami's admin is at the point that Alabama was at in 2006. The next coach will not be young and inexperienced.


I agree Rock! There are NO excuses.


And no to Lane Kiffin.

Alex D

What's good Legion/Canespace? What a sad day to be a Miami Hurricane. We are now officially known as "Field Goal U" and "worst third conversion U"

The Dude

Posted by: Go Canes | October 01, 2015 at 11:28 PM

I seriously hope you read this comment burried under hundreds of others, as well as everyone else. Don't be sad, because the rebuild is close to done. 2 to 3 years with the right coach. Despite what some may say about me, I think Golden did some really good things at Miami. Rebuilt recruiting ties, got kids in shape and Miami's social media and ticket office have upped their game. Miami is a better program than it was when Al took over. I'm actually a little shocked, but it is. That said, I've been saying for a long time now, he's not going to finish the job because he is incapable of real self criticism. Now we need a winner. A guy obsessed with perfection on the field. Those guys are out there and if we make the right hire, we'll win sooner rather than later, but that's better than life in the dupster fire witn Al.

Posted by: The Dude | October 02, 2015 at 12:23 AM


Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 02, 2015 at 01:25 AM

They don't get it Sota! They think the only way to support the team is by acting like everything is rainbows and gum drops! Now if you're talking about phins... they HAVE ZERO problem holding Philbin accountable!!! Lol

The Dude

Posted by: TonyCane | October 02, 2015 at 12:43 AM

If Butch is available, you take him. End of story. We are in a situation now where we need a homerun. No projects.


It's sad that the UM administration keeps making this poor guy spend his money on these banners!

Dammit he told y'all last game they were getting expensive!!!

The Dude

The Canes Are Not Good

Your Miami Hurricanes suck.

Al Golden needs to go.

That is all.

Posted at 11:23 PM | Permalink

Uh, duh & that's what I said, like a bunch of times.


Dear TonyCane...

You can't just look at Golden's Miami years...you have to look at his Temple years!

Sure it looks good that he won 8 games and 9 games there but you have to read the fine print! He had THE MOST TALENT in the MAC and NEVER played for a conference title... he only beat teams that finished the season with losing records...he NEVER beat psu and coincidentally now that he's gone Temple beat psu this year... despite winning 9 games NO ONE even invited him to a bowl game! All should have been RED FLAGS. Does any of this SOUND FAMILIAR???

So does this sound like it was a ncaa cloud issue or more like this is just who Golden is??? Now if you're cool with winning 8-9 games every once in awhile then Golden is your coach...but if you wanna win titles or gotta go in a different direction!

The Dude

^^^ But I still love you 86.

The Dude

Lol WW.

Sarasota 'cane

I gotta go to bed. Can we all agree that even if Al were to win the Coastal he should be fired? And if he loses both the FSU game AND the Clemson game he should be fired immediately?

If they want to get me excited they'd fire him tomorrow!

Good Night Legion!!

Grrrrrrrrrr 'canes!!


I forgot whichever blogger said it tonight...

But you're right, I said this a long time ago too... we have been cursed ever since WE TRIED TO SELL BUTCH DAVIS SHORT!!!

The only way to unbreak this curse is to hire him back!!!

The Dude

Night Sota. If he wins the Coastal, he'll stay...

The Dude

I think we should move to a quasi-spread offense with our next staff.


I'm done, wake me when we have a new coaching staff. I expected this after FSU or Clemson, but Cincinnati? We really just to Cincinnati? My life has too much going for it and too positive to let my emotions get the best of me and get pissed at something I know I should just not be surprised at. I'm hurt dawg! I hate changing coaching staffs all over again, but I'll be damned if I support this one by paying extra money every month for the sports channels just to see us get embarrassed. Pffffft...sigh...

The Dude

Here's a name for you guys, Brian Harsin. He's a really smart guy, Chris Petersen coaching tree.

Terrance Sullivan

Total agreement on Blog Title and what all have said above. Smdh. Total Embarrassment.

The Dude

I wish they'd fire Al in the morning, but the fact is that there's too much on the line right now. Miami will wait until they have to fire him. Basically, when the Coastal is out of reach. I expect Miami will lose to FSU and Clemson giving them 2 losses in the ACC but not out of the Coastal race until around GT. That said, if Al loses his next 4, the writing will be on the wall, unless of course, Miami is cool with it.

The Dude

I fully expect the team to check out on Al again. My guess is that if we lose to VT, and we're 3-3, that's the end and Clemson will drub us. So all of that said, Al could be fired as soon as after the Clemson game or after the season is over.

The Dude

I don't expect him to be coaching here in 2016. I would think Butch is the lead candidate right now. He has experience and connections and will be the right price. He's also a rock solid coach with a hell of a resume that the fan base can rally around. He was exonerated by the NCAA in the UNC scandal, and if you've followed some of the latest information coming out of there, it seems as though it was an administration issue that gives Butch reasonable doubt. It predated Butch by 15 years.

The Dude

Miami ranks 126th out of 127 for 3rd down conversions. This staff really sucks.


Dude, agree. Its time to cut losses and get ahead of the search for the next guy. IF Blake James would grow a pair we wouldn't even wait until the end of the season.


Oh Al, you blew it man.


How about Al for AD? Lol


I have refrained from commenting on this coaching staff but that is over now. I fear for the players on this team. lord help them to survive a less than mediocore coaching staff.
I am literally sick with watching good kids placed in the hands of incompetent coaches.I will not watch any more of this and hope changes can be made.
Fran in Debary


I honestly feel like the university should sever ties now. Run with an interim until the year is over by December have a head football coach, one that is good at x' and o's and hire some top notch recruiters and coaches. You can say so many good things about Al but the bad will always out weight just what he is... in over his head and just not the guy. We SHOULD have blasted that QB all night, they had no innovation to their offense and it made their QB look all word again, without Bush and Carter back the the defense mainly the front 7 should have picked up that slack. Instead their best 19 had a solid game.. jenkins is off or on most of the game and Crawford is God awful. Brad while I think is a smart young man over thinks and it''s showing greatly, coley once again gets cute with his play calling. Shotgun all night ? Pistol ? Brad shouldn't thrown the ball more than 30 a game, we should be a triple headed monster but choc never sees the field. It's a shame. I'd take butch in a heartbeat, lane kiffen and ed o as well.. some true coaching. Only coach that's worth anything is coach ice everybody else kind kindly leave or be thrown out


"The Canes Are Not Good
Your Miami Hurricanes suck.
Al Golden needs to go.
That is all."

Excellent blog SOUP! Says it all... short, and sweet.

It's time.

Lots of good from Al, but WAY too much bad. He's in over his head, and he just doesn't know it, or believe it. These guys would get outcoached by most Pop Warner coaches...

Sure wish we could get a marquee, ESTABLISHED winner in here.

"Al Golden needs to go.
That is all."


1mg of Epi

Hey Soup... I'm a little late but here are my picks:

Legends of the FAIL:

Offense: Coley
Defense: D'no
Special Teams: Golden



1mg of Epi

I'm so glad I didn't renew my season tix after last season.


Listen to Butch on the radio - he still has the passion and really knows how to play aggressive football - let's not overcomplicate this - fire Al's pussy self, and hire Butch!
Ps under Butch i think coley is manageable. At this time they are giving Kaaya way too much leeway in changing plays


Proposed message for next week's banner:

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