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October 02, 2015







1. Smart
2. Creative
3. Innovator
4. People Person
5. Motivator


How bad is the life of a hurricane fan these days?? So bad that this fan is going to the Florida vs Ole Miss game tomorrow.

I will be rooting for Ole Miss but at a very low level as I want to make it out of dullsville unharmed.

Terrance Sullivan

1. Have a Identity in all 3 phases(Offense, Defense, Special Teams).

2. Hire Competent Coaches who can teach that Identity in detail that is understandable.

3.Recruit Student Athletes who fit that said identity who have discipline, heart, and Football IQ,.

4. Put said Student Athletes in positions to succeed.

5. Be able to make adjustments, in preparation for a game, in game, and be amendable to see any mistakes U are making and own It.


Raize...answer the question above?


I am hiring TSully! That shyte is on POINT!

The Dude

1. A highly motivated person.
3. Obsession with excellence.


1) Longevity
2) Drive
3) Creating Togetherness
4) Fairness
5) Consistency

The Dude

This question depends on who you're asking. Are you asking players, fans, staff or admin?


Dude,,,,,he's asking you,,,,,the bloggers


Held off on posting over the last two days, but I took a quick scan of the last two boards. There's little most of us didn't already suspect. Golden and his staff have been suspect for a few years, in spite of all he was up against (ie Nevin, the cloud, etc,). Last year and this year were really his chances to prove that he was capable of learning and growing as a coach, as he had enough talent to have pretty solid seasons. We all know how last year worked out, and we have seen it this season plenty even before UCinci, with inconsistency vs. FAU and a 4th qtr. implosion vs. Nebraska. The game vs. Cinci was almost expected unfortunately. The coaching staff coached like they were entitled to win, simply doing dumb things repeatedly that allowed Cinci to move the ball at will during the first half, along with showing a lack of player preparation (anyone remember how to tackle?). O, D and ST strategies are insance, and the fact that they don't appear to adjust, not just in individual games but over the course of the season, shows immaturity, narcissism that is unjustified (not like that of Jimmy Johnson or Urban Meyer), and an overall low football IQ (not a good trait in a football coach at any level).

That being said, I'd likely consider keeping Beard because of his pedigree and short tenure, and even Coley if willing to accept a stronger role as a recruiter and a diminished role as an OC, as he has been consistently pretty bad, even though with occasionally nice calls. Why even bother with 3rd down though? This is the U, dang it!

The program isn't in a terrible place in terms of quality of player, but is in terms of development and planning. This is Zook-like, and with the right coach could be repaired relatively quickly, although with a priority of being able to keep the next recruiting class relatively intact. I know. Good luck with that. So, how does this happen?

First, if this staff has clearly been found to have lost this team, and the FSU game should make things clear, the U has to be ready to already be looking for a very good replacement. If necessary, a rapid firing and replacement, as in within days, needs to happen if during the season. There has to be something to be hopeful about going into the next recruiting class, and this season imploding and anticipating a firing at the end of the season would be even worse, imo.

Okay. I'm talking too much. Love the U, but can't justify spending all the time watching football games that really give me no pleasure any more. Even when they win, it feels like it was somehow luck of a few good athletic plays rather than being the better or evenly prepared team. When the U used to lose many years ago, they were either outplayed, made an occasional stupid run of plays , had a ref error (ie Cleveland Gary vs. NDU), or just had an occasional bad game. Now, their style of game is incredibly consistently, and no game ever feels safe with this staff. I truly didn't think the U had things wrapped up vs. Nebraska even when up by 23, hate to say.

Hate to say, but I guess the next good title for a blog might be coming up with the 10 worst games ever, as some brought up a few like the UVa loss in the last home game at the grand old lady. There are losses that are the worst due to being terrible games (UVa, Syracuse, '84 Maryland F. Reich comeback), and then there are those that were terrible simply because of outcomes (OSU championship game, NDU C. Gary "fumble" game, etc.). Losing to the Bearcats and being outplayed, coached and generally handled for the entire game was just gut-wrenching. The only time I felt like the U might finally start taking over the game was when up 20-17 and hitting the long pass that ultimately got reversed, but at first made me think we might have a 10 point lead. Once that happened, it was obvious the 'Cats weren't going away. Anyone here ever really not want the FSU-UM game to come? This would be one of those times.

Interested in people's thoughts as to potential hires (I don't see this U bringing back Butch ever, as he's damaged goods after an academic scandal). Have a nice weekend all.


I like accountability as a trait and planning/organizing skills also.

The Dude

Also depends on your definition of good is. I know what a winning coach has.


Dude...U are WAY over thinking it! Just the simple, clear, concise 5 traits of a head coach U would hire if U were the AD at UM?


not great quality post game comments from AG -


same excuses .......

The Dude

I'm not but I get your point.

Every great coach I played for was super motivated and pushed his players to the max. He made us embrace woking really hard. We knew we could outwork everyone. I think Al is super motivated. Leadership is being the alpha, the unquestionable guy with answers. I think Al can BS this to his players to a point. And the last point is an obsession with excellence to which includes a lot of things like being able to audit yourself and your team.


1. A knowledgeable and proven winner at the college level, that can develop an effective game plan and is able to make in-game adjustments

2. An excellent recruiter, especially in S FL & FL (also able to cherry pick outside the state)

3. A good fit for the 305 area/culture/high school/athletes/coaches. Knows his way around or can learn.

4. Proven developer of talent

5. Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills with players not only to motivate but keep them in line

The Dude

The last point I think Al severely lacks.


I think even Vegas will give up after last night -


The Dude

The next coach I hire will have all of those traits. He'd also know the recruiting landscape down in Miami so he can hit the ground running. He'd have been a HC before with some success and would be a professional through and through.


Lurker...excellent work there!


Dude...U are awful at this "bullet point" stuff. LOL

1mg of Epi

Posted by: Terrance Sullivan | October 02, 2015 at 10:47 PM

#2 #5
Two areas we sorely lack

The Dude

Each postbis a bullet. Lol. And blogging from my phone aint easy.

The Dude

^^^ my point is right there in the typo.

Terrance Sullivan

86 Great blog title and thought provoking stuff. I love it. Thank U Brotha for the kind words. Just my thoughts. We need this badly. Blake James these points we are making are critical for Our Canes to Rise Again and make Us all Proud. Go Canes!


Sorry, but I copied and pasted my post that was right at the end of the last blog, and it was a ramble.

To answer the above:

1. Recruit (we used to think that was enough, but Al has shown otherwise), which means knowing south FL with hs coach relationships, camps for kids, and so on.
2. Motivation
3. Player development
4. Good assistant hires, and being able to work with them rather than marry them!
5. Gameday prep with willingness to learn and adjust.


Al didn't have to be this bad. JJ came from Ok State, and everyone wanted to run him out of town. Jankovich made a great hire, it turned out. Al just isn't JJ.


A guy who understands Miami guys. Butch let the leaders of the team be the coaches and motivators of the team in practice.

Run a very aggressive defensive scheme...like JJs 4 3.

Get an o coordinator who has a small play book and focuses on speed and talent for the success of the offense. They master a few running and passing plays with different looks.

When they get on the field is is always full speed. In the games ..no matter if you are a starter or a back up your flying around.

Dont run the bad ass players off but harness that toughness.


Thank you 86.

While I'm not shocked about last night, I feel terrible for the players and our long time fans that put so much of themselves into the program, like yourself, Sully, and many others. So much skin in the game.

I'm hurt, dawg.

Terrance Sullivan

Yesss Sir Lur-ker.

Go Canes

IMO there is one guy I think fits all those characteristics that we will ever have a shot at.

Let's see how the season plays out.


I'm hurt, dawg.

Posted by: Lurker | October 02, 2015 at 11:26 PM

The depth of my pain is not measurable.


I had a battle with GOUT a year ago.

That ain't nothin.

This Hurricane pain is SEVERE!


86, I compare it more with watching the games being like prepping for a colonoscopy, and the outcomes being like having the procedure done without anesthesia. The worst part is being equally excited about the scope and the games. :(

The Dude

Posted by: Go Canes | October 02, 2015 at 11:38 PM

No sir. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Record after 4 games, Points For, Points Allowed

1995: 1-3, 081 PF, 088 PA
1996: 4-0, 160 PF, 013 PA
1997: 1-3, 091 PF, 086 PA
1998: 3-1, 177 PF, 073 PA
1999: 2-2, 126 PF, 069 PA
2000: 3-1, 201 PF, 064 PA
2001: 4-0, 175 PA, 035 PA
2002: 4-0, 186 PA, 060 PA
2003: 4-0, 157 PA, 079 PA
2004: 4-0, 129 PA, 030 PA
2005: 3-1, 093 PA, 053 PA
2006: 2-2, 082 PA, 067 PA
2007: 3-1, 101 PA, 080 PA
2008: 2-2, 120 PA, 084 PA
2009: 3-1, 099 PA, 102 PA
2010: 3-1, 131 PA, 059 PA
2011: 2-2, 117 PA, 081 PA
2012: 3-1, 134 PA, 130 PA
2013: 4-0, 181 PA, 050 PA
2014: 3-1, 126 PA, 099 PA
2015: 3-1, 159 PA, 076 PA


2)Great recruiter for players/Ass.Coaches
3)A great day time coach smart w. strategies
4)A person of great integrity.
5)A real Student-Athlete's coach


Players have to trust and believe in the coaches on and off the field, and all season long. If this is lost again, coach has to go. Last year's excuse of blaming players for this was ridiculous.

Nice weekend all.

The Dude


^^^ Next coach wont be Rick Neuheisel.

Terrance Sullivan

TonyCane we were 2-2 after 4 Games last Year. We lost to Louisville, Beat FAMU and Arkansas State, then lost to Nebraska.

The Dude


^^^ From last year when Miami should have fired Al Golden.


You're right, typo.


I don't do bullet points well either. But let me just say each coach is different. Lets look at national championship coaches at UM.


1. Quiet confidence. He could say more with 5 words than most say with fifty.

2. Offensive genius at the time. He brought pro style offense to college ball.

3. Great recruiter. He brought kids here that UM never has before.

4. Assemble great staff. Gary Stephens was brilliant. Brought Earl Morral to help QBs.

5. Goal setting. Never set bar any lower than national championship.

Jimmy Johnson.

1. Emotional. Never seen a guy with better buy in between staff and players. Guys would run though walls for him.

2. Defensive minded. Guy brought an attacking U to defense and scrapped the passive 3-4.

3. Best recruiter ever.

4. Assembled great staff. Butch Davis, Norv Turner, Tommy Tuberville, Dave Campo, and Dave Wannstedt were a part of his staff.

5. Set goal of national championship each year. Never settled for less or expected less from his players.

Dennis Erickson.

1. Smart. Realized he was left a phenomenal defense and stayed with it.

2. Emotional. Dennis really cared about his players. It never felt like it was about him even while his schemes were innovative for college ball.

3. Great recruiter. He brought in guys like Wesley Carroll, Danyell Ferguson, Craig Erickson, Gino Torreta, Barrow, Armstead, Smith and made it work.

4. Assembled great staff. Bob Bratkowski was an excellent offensive coach. Sonny Lubick was also a great defensive coach for his time.

5. Goal setting. Nothing less than national championship was ever a consideration or acceptable with the talent level he had.

Butch Davis. I list Butch here because Coker won only because he had Butch's guys.

1. Discipline. Butch took over a real dumpster fire at UM. He emphasized personal accountability by players and boosters and kept the program clean when everyone wanted it shut down.

2. Quiet confidence. He never lost belief when the noise was loud.

3. Great Recruiter. Butch brought great players. Ed Reed, Edge, Portis, Shockey, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne etc. Also put Santana on track scholly.

4. Assembled above average staff. Chuck
Pagano and Larry Coker.

5. Goal Setting. He knew what the ultimate goal was even as he was unable to deliver it immediately because of sanctions.

The Dude

Jim Tressel is technically hireable.

The Dude

Uh, Butch's staff also included Curtis Johnson and Greg Schiano, I think Chud also. And of course Sol and Kehoe and Mark Stoops.


I want to hear what VA has to say about this.


Schiano only worked at Miami for 18 months. Johnson Kehoe and Soldinger were lifers who were screwed by Paul Dee. Chud was OC after Coker.

The Dude

Point taken. He still had excellent assistants.

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