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January 26, 2016



Yessss. Let's go #RichtEra

Sarasota 'cane



vs FSU
vs UNC
@ VT
@ ND


Sarasota 'cane

Man that is a tough schedule by any measure!!! October is going to be brutal!!!!

Go 'canes!!

Go Canes!

Another tough October


Only cupcakes I see on that schedule is FAMU, and maybe FAU. ASU ain't no cupcake.


5 days between UNC and Va tech, with the second on the road? Hope everyone in the ACC is so lucky.



1. October will be tough.
2. Sam Bruce is a Hurricane.
3. Mark Richt will go undefeated one season, but not in 2016.



orange 'n green in the vein

Wow, trying to cast the chokies as something other than a perennial never was and unc as not a home game against a basketball school.

Reality is the football team will be a favorite against 11 teams. Shitty qb play will again sink the season, defense at least will be back to going down swinging even if they aren't up to snuff from a talent standpoint. A couple of untimely injuries to opponents will go a long way to getting the dead weight team moving forward again but that can't be relied on for assistance. 2017 signing day can't arrive soon enough and the ink isn't even on the paper yet for this season. ..

Da U N Houston

So is Byrd, Richards and Williams all going to Tennessee this weekend? Bad or Good?

Da U N Houston

Stand corrected, looks like Williams went last week.


3. Mark Richt will go undefeated one season, but not in 2016.

Posted by: SOUP | January 26, 2016 at 03:33 PM

/kicked off the 12% bus....


So is Byrd, Richards and Williams all going to Tennessee this weekend? Bad or Good?

Posted by: Da U N Houston | January 26, 2016 at 03:44 PM

Byrd and Richards, and it doesn't matter for Richards for sure. Byrd worries me since his boy is committed there and going with him.

Still think we keep Byrd, though.

Da U N Houston

If we can bring in 25 who else?

1. Tyler Byrd DB
2. Travis Homer RB
3. Michael Irvin WR
4. Deion Jackson DB
5. Joseph Jackson DE
6. Dionte Mullins WR
7. Latrell Williams WR
8. Cedrick Wright ATH
9. Malek Young


Da U, a few things:

1. We can't bring in 25

2. Irvin is a TE

3. Deion Jackson isn't coming (grades)

4. Add Bruce to your list

5. UMike and I will be predicting who's filling out that list on Monday.

Terrance Sullivan

UMike Ya Boy Booked the Omni Hotel for the GT Game for 135 a night. Just a FYI!

Da U N Houston

OC #bringingknowledge

Good look!

Old Skool

Party in Terrance's Room: keg, barbecue and stogies


Dam, GT & FSU back to back...wont be able to do both this year like I wanted

Terrance Sullivan

I feel Ya UMike. I am going to miss UNC this year.


This is the year we beat FSU, and go undefeated in the Coastal. 12% for life.


GT, VTech, and VA will be rebuilding or have new system to learn; Duke had their 15 minutes of fame, so FSU is our only real challenge this year.


The App State game is only like 4 hours from me I think..migh do that.


The differences I see for next year's record are 1)the days of being outclassed as a coaching staff are over; 2) we will be prepared to address an opponent's strengths as opposed to whatever Golden thought was more important; and 3)we put weak teams away. We don't have the talent to go 12-0 yet and I wouldn't be surprised if FSU, ND, UNC, and/or Va Tech beat us. We aren't losing to Appalachian State, or Duke, NC State, UVA, FAMU,or FAU. I got no idea what to expect from Pitt or Ga Tech. I see 8-9 wins, if some of the incoming freshmen are exceptional I'll revise it upward. But the season isn't going to be nearly as chaotic as what we saw every year recently. 2017 is when we see what Richt can do.


When I saw Tyler Byrd play, everyone present could easily conclude that he is really good - much better than the three-star ranking he had. Byrd was the impact player that made Naples relevant in the playoffs. Fils-Aime is good but not as good as Byrd, and could not break the Canes rotation at RB.

I would love to get that Niceville duo, but would settle for Finley if we get him.

I really like the players Richt is targeting. There are no reaches. Having seen many of them play in HS, I can verify that the Canes in this class all can play. In yesrs past, I could only verify a few per class, while others had potential or were marginal. If the Canes get who I think they will, I guarantee that the Canes will have more future NFL players from this class than Tennessee, South Carolina or Alabama.


Richt will win 10 games and play in the ACC title game. Vault that!


Tennesee is a state that doesn't produce enough recruits to fill Volunteer jerseys, so they must recruit nationally to be relevant. I am sure they hired Scott to get s foot in the door in South Florida. The Canes may not have won much, but they produce a lot more NFL players than Tennesee.

I liked Larry Scott when he was here and thought he was a good coach when he was here, but I comes up completely empty with our recruits.


I hope Scott comes up completely empty with our recruits


We should of beat fsu this past year when they had 8 new starters on offense and 5 on Dee but we choked again just as we have for most of our meaningful games. We have to learn how to win the big games, whether they be home or away. N. Dame will be our toughest game. Va. Techs Dee is always tough but we have no excuse not to win the coastal. We caught a break by not having a return game with Clemson. Until we get depth of talent on Dee, we won't be no ship contenders and to even have a chance we probably need to be in the 16 to 20 points a game points allowed. Richt just didn't have enough time but this class will be good and better if we get Richards and Byrd. The secondary needs some influx of talent and speed.


Ray Lewis' other son (Rayshad) committed to Utah St


Crootin' rumor from CIS

Latrell Williams dropped? Rumor from another site...

Another site had a post that was quickly removed from someone close to Williams saying he was told there wasn't room left in the class today. That because he visited UTenn and didn't reaffirm his commitment with Dugans yesterday that he no longer has a spot. Apparently he wanted to wait until signing day to announce and the staff was having no part of it.. Hopefully its just a false rumor because this kid can play..


FSU is our only real challenge this year.

Posted by: MDCane | January 26, 2016 at 06:19 PM

And UNC and Notre Dame?


If we learned nothing else from the Clemson debacle, it is most apparent that we need more and better linemen. Let's hope that deficiency is addressed soon, or else our record next year won't be a whole lot better than this year - despite the new coaching staff.


Nemo...I can tell you this: We are going to up the intensity of our tailgate game next season so that it can spill over onto the field!


At worst, Canes go 10-2 in regular season. But we can go undefeated. This season Sunlife will be renamed the Kayaa Dome.


This season Sunlife will be renamed the Kayaa Dome.

Posted by: TonyCane | January 27, 2016 at 12:00 AM


"The Canespace Coliseum"


I like that even better.

Terrance Sullivan

Canesspace Coliseum Baby!

Dude on a Pale Horse

We should be 4-0 going into FSU and I think 5-0 isnt out of the question. The Dude is firmly on the bus.

1mg of Epi

10-2 really should be the floor. If Richt can't pull out one of UNC/FSU/ND then I'd be very disappointed. Putting UNC on that list is a stretch.

We shouldn't lose to anyone else on that schedule.

1mg of Epi

total scholarships we can have at any given time.

25 is the max you can take in any year.

EE's go towards the previous year. Example: If you took 20 guys in 2015, you can take 5 EE's in 2016 because they count towards 2015 numbers AND don't put you over the 25 max for any given year

I believe this year is the last year we're short, and it's 1. So we can carry 84 this year.

Posted by: Ohio_Cane | January 26, 2016 at 12:19 PM

Thank u sir... And mike, dude and go

Dude on a Pale Horse

Posted by: 1mg of Epi | January 27, 2016 at 01:24 AM

10-2 is solid, 9-3 better be the floor.


Here's Barry's breakdown of where we stand:

I'm looking forward to seeing what UMike and O_C will be putting out on Monday.

Personally, I think we need more guys at DL and OL. These are the positions where players don't come in ready to play. Some may need two years to get to the level where they are impact players in college, despite the talent they might have. So we should bring in the guys now who are supposed to raise the level of play in 2017 and beyond.


Posted by: SinisterCane | January 26, 2016 at 10:42 PM

GOOD! if true. UM should never have to wait on pins & needles for no freakin' 2*! Kudos to Dugans for not lettin' this kid try to show us up on NSD, those type of props go to kids like Bruce & Richards!!!

Go Canes!

From unknown 2 Star, to getting an offer from the freaking U to ending up spending four years as a decoy and blocking for some running back all game at Tennessee.

Welcome to the big time Latrell.


I'd be more worried about Byrd.

The William stuff seems to be a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors even though he did take the Tennessee visit.

I'll say this about Richt, doesn't look like he's playing . I get the sense that he's not going to be dykked around by a 2-star.


Lurker, I agree. I also like the fact he wont load up on 2-star projects to try and fill a class (or so it seems). Better to work on better recruits for the next cycle.

UGA Classes according to Rivals..

2015 - #6
2014 - #7
2013 - #12
2012 - #12
2011 - #5
2010 - #15

Total 2-Stars taken in those 6 classes, 6.

Miami's total amount of 2-Stars taken in the same time frame, 13




Peter Ariz

Latrell Williams
I know there was a rumor circulating that Miami had "dropped" him after his Tennessee visit. That is not true whatsoever. He is still in the class and Miami feels that he will stick ultimately.

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